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Chiefs’ Mt. Rushmore: Did They Get It Right?

Pro Football Talk has been running a very interesting series this offseason in which they have fans vote on which players would appear on a theoretical “Mount Rushmore” for the organization.

The Kansas City Chiefs were up last week and so I thought it would be fun for us to take a look at the results and debate them right here on AA.

Let’s take a look at the group the fans chose:

Hank Stram, Len Dawson, Tony Gonzalez and Derrick Thomas.

This is a pretty good mix, I think, as it works in both some of the most well-known Chiefs of yesterday with two of the more popular players from the modern era. Now I know some of you old-timers will get up in arms but I think a Mount Rushmore started today should be half old school and half new school so I like this configuration pretty well.

That said, I don’t think you can have a Chiefs Mount Rushmore without Lamar Hunt being on it. I think it makes sense then, to take either Tony or Derrick off to add Lamar. Personally, I would remove Tony because he left whereas Derrick Thomas was a Chief for life.

The PFT crew also put together their version of the Chiefs’ Mount Rushmore. Florio picked Hank, Lenny, Derrick and Willie Lanier.

The well-produced video of the reveal is below. What do you think, Addicts? Who would you put on the Chiefs’ Mount Rushmore?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    No Lamar Hunt? Foolishness.

    • Troy Utt

      I find it hard to see a Rushmore without Lamar! Then again… I also get torn as to my final selection as I always want to slide Joe Delaney in there!

      • Rich Cooper

        He is a true hero in my eyes. Cannot disagree about wanting him up there too. A hell of a player. So much potential stolen away. Should retire his number. The ring of honor will not be complete until he is included.

        • jimfromkcj

          Joe, was a fine player, but you have to use longevity in the equation and Joe is best known for his heroic act off the field.

          • Rich Cooper

            Actually the Chiefs put him in the ring of honor a while back. So I will retract my statement. Great job out of the Hunt family and the organization on honoring Joe. I also looked into the retiring of his Jersey. Although it has not officially been retired, it seems it must be almost agreed upon to not reissue 37 to another player. The number has not been issued to my knowledge since his tragic death. I am happy to be wrong in this case. The ring of honor is obviously more about honor than stats. I may be in the minority here, but that is awesome in my opinion. Joe Delaney brought more class and honor to the Chiefs in his short career and life than any fan could hope for or expect.

  • GDL40

    I was thinking Lamar Hunt, Len Dawson, Hank Strahm…… and couldnt decide between Derrick Thomas or Tony G ….. Thomas is the MAAAN !!, but Tony G is IMO the best EVER at his position …. I would a Mt. Rushmors with 5 faces on it !

  • Austin

    Must have Hunt! I like Hunt, Strahm, Dawson, Thomas. with special consideration for Lanier and Bobby Bell wouldn’t hate to see Will Shields either. as much as I love Tony G for all the great years, you can’t have a non-chief on a Chief Mt Rushmore..

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    PFT does not know Chiefs history. Lamar Hunt is the most important figure in our history. Any Mount Rushmore that does not have him on it is a fraud.

  • Kyle Hershberger

    No Lamar?! Lamar Hunt should be on the Mount Rushmore of the NFL let alone the Chief.

  • Rich Cooper

    Hunt, Stram, Dawson, & 69 Defense. Without the Chiefs 69 defense there is no SB win. Period. The 69 Chiefs defense is rated as No. 4 all-time defense on NFL Network. I love Tony, DT, Priest, etc at least as much as anyone, but SB wins trumps all else since. If we can’t symbolize the 69 Defense then my vote goes to my favorite childhood Chief WILLIE LANIER followed closely by BUCK BUCHANON! Asolutely love that 69 team and that defense in particular. An awesome group of players. Love Lamar for bringing me my team and bringing us a winner in the 69 season and SB IV. Never forgotten by us Chiefs fans who saw it happen. Because of this 69 season, I will remain a Chief fan as long
    as I am alive. Every loss is a dagger to the heart, every win is unrivalled exhaultation…..GO CHIEFS! Bring your legion of fans a second Lombardi Trophy and enter the pantheon of past beloved Chief’s Legends!!

    • berttheclock

      That 69 defense was led by Curly Culp, whose play at NT changed it into a 3-4 which really stymied the Vikings.

      • Rich Cooper

        Yep. The Chiefs were on the cutting edge back then. Curly freed up the monster lbs to do their thing because he required a double team if not more. Back then a noseman was a relatively new concept in the NFL. Just like now d-line does the dirty work and the linebackers get the tackles and the glory.

  • Jim Harper

    I am in complete agreement Paddy. Lamar Hunt has to be on it because without him there is no Chiefs., and also remove Gonzales for the same reason as you point out.

  • Nick Weisbeck

    I agree with Florio. I leave Hunt off because just being the owner doesn’t mean everything. These players gave there bodies and lives for this team. And len and willie did it for peanuts. I’m thinking team here and lamar was behind the scenes.

  • berttheclock

    The most forgotten man who really found the talent for that great team of the sixties was Don Klosterman.

  • ladner morse

    For me it is… Hunt, Lenny, Derrick and Willie Lanier.

    If you didn’t see Willie play… then you probably can’t understand.

    Gonzo wanted out… plus… he has spent one-fourth of his career in Atlanta and he’s about to give them another year.

    • Rich Cooper

      Willie was an absolute beast and seemed to always be in the right place. The front seven on the 69 team was a pretty frightening group. Willie was my favorite too tho.

  • jimfromkcj

    the 4 that I would pick and the reason for picking them are:
    Lamarr Hunt owner of the Chiefs, founder of the AFL.
    Hank Stram, winningest coach in Chief’s history and winner of our only super bowl with 124 wins.
    Len Dawson All time leading QB, hall of fame and super bowl winner.
    Bobby Bell, top player by approximate value in Chief’s history at 149av. From Pro Football
    I am sure that you all can find a lot more reasons for this group.