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Jamaal Charles Busy Signing Autographs

Kansas CIty Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is having a busy day signing autographs.

The Chiefs star has taken to using the social platform Vine recently. If you aren’t familiar with Vine, it is a sort of Instagram for video. If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, it is a sort of Twitter for for photos. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, it is a sort of Facebook for lazy people. If you aren’t familiar with Facebook, it is a sort of Myspace for people who realize it is no longer 2003. If you aren’t familiar with Myspace, it is a sort of Friendster for people that no longer think it is 2002. If you aren’t familiar with Friendster, it is a sort of AOL Instant Messanger for people with more time on their hands. If you aren’t familiar with AOL Instant Messanger, then, well, good.

Kidding aside, Charles has been posting some pretty funny “Vines” recently. His latest shows him presiding over a very long table of Chiefs-related memorabilia he is expected to sign.

Gotta love Jamaal.

This raises an interesting question. How do you Addicts feel about autographs? Do you think they are a sort of old-fashioned, pointless fan pursuit or do you still seek to get your favorite Chiefs gear signed by all the players.

I’ve only ever gotten two autographs that I can recall. The first was from WWF (eat me World Wildlife Fund) wrestler Lex Lugar when the Lex Express came to the Eastwood Mall. Lex signed my orange t-shirt. Then looked down, then looked up and tried to sign it again before I could walk away.

The other was from WWF (eat me World Wildlife Fund) “Diva” Sabel. She came to the Trumbull County Fair when I was in high school so me and my buddy Matt went up to stand in line with the other rednecks to ogle her. Matt had some WWF (eat me World Wildlife Fund) mag he was going to have her signed and I was just going to have her sign my shirt ala Lex. By the grace of God, however, some guy offered up to me his copy of Playboy that Sabel recently graced the cover (and pages) of. Nothing like being 16 years old and having a grown woman with fake breasts sign a magazine for you in which she is photographed in the nude. I had to hide that magazine from my parents until I got to college but it was totally worth it.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. Autographs. Yay or nay?

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  • chiefridgy

    I could be wrong but when a player signs autographs in that multitude doesn’t it devalue the autograph a bit

    • steve james

      Yes but why do you get the autograph to begin with? I don’t have many but the ones I have I have gotten myself and I am not getting them as an investment I am getting them as a fan and it connects me with my favorite team.

      • chiefridgy

        Absolutely. But everyone likes to think that their signed memorabilia might be worth a couple of bucks.

  • Shelia Chatman

    i definitely think an autograph is time honored way to remember and memorialize someone. Technology could never replace a personal autograph.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I agree. An autograph of a cherished player will always be valuable to me.

  • chiefridgy

    I could be wrong but when a player signs autographs in that multitude doesn’t it devalue the autograph a bit

    • Darkwolf1414

      To me, personally, it does. I want to be there when the item is signed, as Jim and I said above.

  • KCPauly

    I would still seek autographs if I was around people that I wanted their John Hancock, Shelia nailed it you can’t replace them…Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Harper

    I don’t know if bulk signings like that devalue it, but personally for me I prefer to be in front of the person who’s autograph I am seeking. Chief’s players have always been very gracious and willing to visit a little and for myself that means everything.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I agree. Even when I didn’t know people on the team; most Chiefs players have always been very gracious about talking to you instead of just signing and telling you to move on. They may have a huge line but they spend that one on one time with you and that makes the signature that much more.

  • Darkwolf1414

    Patrick, first of all, Hell yeah (eat me World Wildlife Fund)! I don’t think we would ever get the two organizations confused if they were both still WWF.
    Secondly, I like autographs and would still get Chiefs’ autographs if I lived in KC. People go to book signings, I have as well, and that’s just an autograph. I have tons of Chiefs’ autographs from before my move to Atlanta in 1994. I have a helmet and a hat covered in autographs by members of the 92 – 93 team and I got each one from the individual players. Those are precious memories right there.
    I vote Yea.

  • Gavin Dininger

    A few years back the Chiefs came to Cleveland to play the Browns (I live in ohio so that’s basically the only time I get to see the chiefs) and it happened to be the game right after our miraculous monday night win over san diego. Right after warm ups hanging over the tunnel, I caught then attention of Mr. Brandon Flowers. As he was signing my hat I said “you guys kicked the chargers asses!” He replied “we had to man!” Hands down best day of my life, my wedding and childrens births are close…but not quite as amazing!

  • Jamie Denton

    One cool thing about the Chiefs organization is I started a non for profit organization Called C.L.A.W.S. and our mission was to raise money with benefits and auctions to build a NO KILL Animal Shelter for our town that only had a city dog pound that killed the animals they caught after 2 weeks. And the Chiefs Charities Organizations we always supportive in our auctions, and I am sure still are today! Every year I would fill out the proper forms (online) and they would send us a Big sized Autographed pennant every year for auction! And they were signed by Tony Gonzalez and many other greats! Even the KC Wolf would send us a few autographed photos of himself for a drawing for the kids! And also back in the day I created a set of cards with current stars at that time coach vermeil, and coach strahm and sent them to the stadium in care of each player or coach and sent coach strahm’s to his house and there were 20 sets all together, and believe it or not each player and coach signed all 20 of their cards and sent back to me for the CLAWS auction! I also sent individual cards to the stadium in care of the player and a return envelope and 9 times out of 10 got the card back signed. I don’t know if they still do that or not But what a giving team and organization! I have saved each of them cards as those were for my personal collection, and not a one of them will ever be found on Ebay not even my Montana!!!

  • Dan

    Autographs = Yay!
    Sable = Yay! Yay! Yay!