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5 Chiefs That Must Step Up In 2013

The Kansas City Chiefs are a few weeks away from training camp so we thought we’d take a look at five players that must step up in 2013 for the team to have success.

Let’s do this.

1. Jonathan Baldwin

The Chiefs picked up Donnie Avery in the offseason but he has been sitting out with a high ankle sprain. Baldwin is too big and too athletic to not be an asset in the passing game. If Baldwin can finally being to live up to his potential the Chiefs could be extremely tough to stop on offense. If he continues to struggle, however, QB Alex Smith could have trouble moving the ball down field.

2. Tyson Jackson

It appears as though the Chiefs want to keep Jackson on the field more in passing situations. Should they decide to go that route, Jackson has absolutely got to improve his pass rush. With Tamba Hali and Justin Houston applying the bulk of the pressure, if Jackson can even become an average pass rusher, it could help make the Chiefs dominante on defense.

3. Nico Johnson

It may not be fair to ask a rookie to step up but the Chiefs need Johnson to step in and start right away if he can. Should Nico not be up to the task, Derrick Johnson could suffer. DJ needs Nico to keep him clean on first and second down so he can flow to the ball carrier. If Nico whiffs, DJ could get swallowed up by blockers, leading to more big runs up the gut.

4. Knile Davis

Another rookie. The Chiefs need a durable back to spell Jamaal Charles. Davis has the speed and the bulk to get the job done. He should be able to step in an contribute right away. A strong running game will be very important to Alex Smith’s success. Running backs are often able to step in and contribute at a high level right away. Davis could pair with Charles to make the KC ground game nearly impossible to stop.

5. Rodney Hudson

Hudson got injured last season and missed most of 2012. The center position is probably the biggest question mark the Chiefs have on the offensive line. Hudson needs to shake off the rust fast and show he can perform at an NFL level.

All right, Addicts. Those are my five players who must step up in 2013.

Who are yours?

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  • KcNdaRock

    1. Shaun smith- amazing this one isn’t on the list after terrible cb play since we lost B.carr.
    2. Eric berry- yea he’s one of my favorite ball player on the team. Amazed me he made the pro bowl in 2012 after a horrendous start in 2012. He needs to strike fear in receivers coming across the middle while making bone jarring hits on the running backs. He needs to start 2013 how he finished last year.
    3. Tony moeki- great hands but is injury prone. Has he played a whole season since coming into the nfl. We need him to play all 16 games or it’s time to move on from him. I like him alot but we gotta have te that are dependable. Wish him the best of luck in 2013
    4. Interior o-line- we know we got Albert and fisher on the edge but I keep hearing about the improved o- line but it is unknown who actually will be starting day 1 at guards Hudson is unproven the only 1 I would say is a lock is JA at guard. I bet Stephenson plays the left guard and wouldn’t be surprised if Schwartz get moved to center just a thought.
    5. Brandon Flowers- I know y’all are thinking I’m crazy but it’s time for him to make the next jump to elite with the beefed up secondary he should become the star of it and be invited to his 1st pro bowl

    • Jim Harper

      Moving Schwartz to center is an intriguing idea if Hudson does not work out.

  • Jarad

    I think Berry has to be on this list. He has been a good run supporter from safety , but this team needs big plays. He needs to be a ball hawk in this defensive system! The Chiefs are going to blitz and the CBs are a talented group. The only thing missing is that hawk in the secondary that QBs have to be aware of.

  • Calchiefsfan

    I would probably replace Kniles Davis with Jeff Allen/Geoff Schwartz on this list. I feel that is the big unknown on offense other than Jon Baldwin. We need the o line to be solid this year. Everything else I’m in full ageement with.

  • martymas

    My four guys are Alex Smith, Travis Kelce, Dontari Poe, and Nico Johnson. Alex is a given so you didn’t mention him, I guess. If Dontari lives up to his physical potential that would be a big help to LJ and the defense. We agree on Nico. I am in love with Kelce, he seems to have it all.

  • Jared Watson

    Before clicking the link I thought about 5 guys. Baldwin (first to cross my mind), DMX, Moeaki, Kendrick Lewis (though I doubt he will) and Jeff Allen. I didn’t even think about the rookies lol. I was thinking more about who has been around that finally needs to step up.

  • Billie Cabral


  • Stacy D. Smith

    Alex Smith, The Chiefs need him to make good on the compensation they gave up to acquire him. Kansas City needs Smith to continue to improve and elevate this offense.

    Donnie Avery, The Chiefs cannot afford to be reliant upon Jon Baldwin becoming a legitimate #2 WR. Avery needs to duplicate his performance efforts in 2012 and help give Alex Smith an option for stretching the field.

    Dexter McCluster, The diminutive WR needs to give the Chiefs’ offense a third option (beyond Bowe and Charles). McCluster will be key in the short and intermediate routes this offense specializes in. We need DMC to provide a spark to the Chiefs passing game.

    Anthony Fasano, The veteran tight end needs to give us the durability the team has lacked at the position since Gonzalez left town. Having another big target to throw to in the seams keeps defenses honest and prevents them from keying on any one offensive player.

    Eric Berry, Kansas City needs Berry to complete his return to form and give this defense some attitude. The Chiefs will be an aggressive bunch and could use the added intimidation of a young, hungry defensiveback looking to de-cleat a ballcarrier.

  • Brandon

    Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith and Alex Smith

  • kmon

    1. tamba hali- one down yr is enough he needs to get back to the old tamba.

    2. Daunte Robinson- slacked off in coverage dramatically last yr compared to 2011.

    3. Kendrick lewis- I don’t like him but he’s on his way out if he can’t stay healthy.

    4. tony moeaki- I’m really pulling for him this year, he stayed healthy last yr but poor qb play caused his production to stand still.

    5. Geoff Swartz- if he can adjust to playing LG then I think we will be set at O-line. he’s not going to beat out Fisher
    at RT or Asamoah at RG. I doubt Jeff Allen is the answer at LG

  • paul pace

    After reading this article and reading some of the posts I would agree with most that Baldwin is one of the key players that needs to show us he is worthy of being a first round pick. All the other players that have been listed are important too, but if Baldwin steps up this year successfully the Chiefs will have two talented big wr (s) which will make this offense dangerous!

  • tm1946

    Moeaki…..hands down favorite. Availability is the minimum any team can expect from any player. His history is he will not complete the season and Reid cannot tread water every year to keep him.