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John Dorsey Says Alex Smith Is ‘Better Than Advertised’

The Kansas City Chiefs have a new QB in former 49er Alex Smith and according to GM John Dorsey, Smith is “better than advertised.”

Speaking with Kevin Kietzman of 810 Sports Radio in Kansas City, Dorsey was asked for a revised scouting report on the QB he traded two high draft picks for just a couple of months ago.

Dorsey didn’t hesitate.

“Better than advertised,” Dorsey gushed. “From a leadership standpoint, he ‘s a natural leader. Guys gravitate towards him automatically and that’s a very true sign. ”

Aside from Smith’s leadership, Dorsey also pointed out that the QBs smarts are a huge asset as he learns head coach Andy Reid’s offense.

“Intellectually, he’s absorbed this playbook as fast as anybody I’ve seen,” said Dorsey. “As coach (Reid) would say, ‘I can load him up with anything.’ And he can dissect it. If he makes one mistake, he learns from that mistake.”

Smith has long been known as an excellent practice QB. Until recently, however, he had not been able to translate his success in practice to live games. During Smith’s resurgence in San Francisco over the last two years, the QB was extremely accurate and efficient, however there seemed to still be a tentativeness to push the ball down field. Ready any scouting report on Smith and you aren’t like to find “deep ball accuracy” listed as an asset.

But listening to Dorsey, it sounds like Smith’s deep ball may be better than advertised as well.

“His pass to 20 yards, deep throws are as accurate, if not more accurate than I had originally thought,” said Dorsey. “I always knew he was a good athlete. He has more than enough arm-strength. Now it comes down to a timing thing. It comes down to timing and understanding this new offense and what he has. Getting timing with his weapons, in terms of receivers and tight ends. Understanding the impact that the running back will have in the passing game and how it will open up different lanes. It’s just about getting a broader sense of how this offense can help him succeed if he just kind of follows through.”

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  • Jason Seibel

    Just like I thought…

  • Bosco Cletus

    Deep ball accuracy is a nice bonus considering about all you need to do is just get it in the general direction for a jump ball with Bowe and Baldwin, I’d take them over any corner in the league in a battle for the ball.


      I would think Alex will have a very nice amount of time to get the ball out with our O-line for those deep passes. I’m hoping it will be similar to the great line we had for Trent Green

      • ArrowFan

        JC was thinking the same thing.

  • Danny W

    No big deals until he proves it on the field for at least 16 games please and thanks.

    • Patrick Allen

      Agreed. I am glad everyone is feeling so good about Alex. Like always with the Chiefs, I will be cautiously optimistic until they show me something on the field.

      I really want to see a strong preseason of polished football…not the shitshow we’ve seen since Vermeil left.

      • Calchiefsfan

        For my money it’s the coaches that have to perform. We saw what good coaching, Charlie Weiss, did with a less talented offense then what we have now. Charles, Bowe AND Matt Cassel went to the pro bowl in 2010. We won the AFC West!

        We have the talent, now it’s up to the coaching. I believe we have a good offensive guy with Reid. The unknown is Sutton, but I do like his aggresive style. Can’t wait for pre season to get a glimpse of what kind of team we have.

        • steve james

          Here Here coaching absolutely! I was just thinking something similar earlier today.

        • Patrick Allen

          The team was also way more disciplined in 2010. That was the big thing. They were careful with the football and they got turnovers. Last year they were one of the sloppiest team I’ve ever seen.

      • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

        Well said Paddy. I can only remember one pre-season game (Arizona last year) where we looked sharp.

  • Carlos Nevarez

    I’d take him over Geno everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • antony555

    Well anyway I do believe they are on the right track, last year we didn’t even have enough position coaches, and our offensive coordinator was a nation wide joke.
    Rom should have stayed on the defensive side of the ball, and we should have hired Len Dawson as QB coach two decades ago!

  • antony555

    Actually liked Geno maybe it was the media, but the young man, or the media out of New York has painted a arrogant and know it all picture of him with the comments coming out of the Jets otc’s.

    • Troy Utt

      I agree the media has way over-played the Geno-card,BUT… It’s not like he didn’t help fuel that fire! The stupidity began when the NFL turned the draft into a TMZ RED-CARPET event! You can see which kids are there to play football, & which are there to look good…
      Point is it’s all behind us now… I could not be happier with our QB situation, as we wound up in the best possible senario! It should work out well for years to come!!!

      • ArrowFan

        And Bray might just be our QB of the future if not Smith.

        • Troy Utt

          I am glad to hear he (Bray) seems to be coming around, as I feel the team is in more than capable hands with Alex Smith. I believe Reid & his hybrid WCO is just what the doctor ordered for us & Smith, and he will make a good mentor for Bray… That would give us a a few years to develope him if necessary, as Smith is only 29, and we will know long before then, not to mention that with the core of our team will be right in the middle of their prime playing years!

  • ArrowFan

    If he takes us to the play offs he is worth every bit of what we traded for him. Really we got a steel if that is the case. Honestly I would much rather have AS than the Kercraptic kid San Fran is banking on. Not that the kid isn’t talented but all one needs to do is ask Vick what life is like as rushing QB in the NFL. You do your team no favors when you are on the sideline.