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Earning Their Arrowheads: Chiefs Who Impressed The Most This Offseason

The Kansas City Chiefs are all finished with their offseason program and that means we’re about to embark on a six-week stretch that here at Arrowhead Addict we like to call “Living Hell.”

The offseason, in general, isn’t that bad. Once the season is over, which for the Chiefs is usually sometime around Halloween, the mock draft talk heats up. We ride a wave of fun through free agency and the draft. Once the new players are all added, we are able to turn our attention to the offseason workouts, OTAs and minicamps.

But that is all over now.

As much as we’d like the NFL season to be year-round, at some point they have to give some of the players some time off.

The next six weeks is that time off.

Luckily for you, the folks here at Arrowhead Addict, everyone except me, of course, have no lives. We’ll still be churning out daily Chiefs content for you until late July when, mercifully, the Chiefs kick off training camp and the 2013 season really begins.

As we prepare for the team to enter training camp, I thought it would be fun to revive our tradition of passing our Arrowheads to various Chiefs players and coaches. During the season, we award Arrowheads to players and coaches that did a good job during games. Last season, there were precious-few Arrowheads to give away.

But it is a new day at Arrowhead so let’s get generous.

Here are some Chiefs we think earned their Arrowheads this offseason:

Eric Fisher

Fish became one of the few non-QBs in the last decade to be selected as the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. That is damn impressive.

Dwayne Bowe

Bowe managed to convince the Chiefs that he was worth the investment.

Jamaal Charles

Charles deserves an Arrowhead merely for existing. He also is being rewarded for reportedly flashing some solid receiving skills in Andy Reid’s offense. Charles has found a way to make himself even more dangerous, which is just remarkable.

Donald Stephenson

Stephenson is sure to be a backup at the tackle position with Branden Albert and Eric Fisher on the roster but the lineman has reportedly had an impressive offseason. Reid has mentioned him by name on more than one occasion and it is possible that Stephenson could end up starting at one of the guard positions. Reid has said he will get the best five offensive lineman on the field and it sounds like Stephenson may force his coach’s hand. At the very least, Stephenson is demonstrating some serious value as a swing-man.

Demetrius Harris

Harris played basketball and not football in college but that hasn’t stopped the 6-7, 230 pound TE from impressing his coaches this offseason. Signed as an undrafted free agent, Harris is trying to force his way onto the Chiefs’ roster. The early returns are positive.

Tyler Bray

Bray impresses Andy Reid this week with not just his arm strength, but also his hard work and ability to soak up information. Bray is looking to pass Ricky Stanzi on the depth chart to be the Chiefs’ No. 3 QB in 2013.

Nico Johnson, Akeem Jordan

The Chiefs’ two new ILB both deserve a tip of the hat in this column. Johnson has been working very hard and has impressed his coaches this offseason. Jordan, along with veteran Derrick Johnson, has been helping to coach up the rookie, despite the fact that Nico could end up stealing his job.

Tyson Jackson

“Tin Man” had a couple of strong days this offseason and drew praise from his coaches. Is this finally Jackson’s breakout year? AA staffer Big Matt certainly hopes so.

Justin Houston

OLB Justin Houston was named the 49th best player in the NFL by his peers in the annual NFL Top 100. Houston is on track to have his biggest year yet in 2013.

John Dorsey

The Chiefs’ GM has earned his Arrowhead this offseason. It remains to be seen how his draft will turn out but Dorsey did a terrific job in free agency. He re-signed Dwayne Bowe and didn’t give away Branden Albert to Miami for a bag of magic beans. Good for him.

Andy Reid

Reid truly does seem to be totally focused on coaching the football team, while allowing Dorsey to handle personel. Despite theories by the media upon his hiring that Reid would want total control of the Chiefs, Andy seems to be content to take a team approach to turning KC into a winner. Reid gets an Arrowhead for showing the ability to learn from his mistakes and to adapt to the ever-changing NFL.

Bob Sutton

Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton is a huge unknown but I am giving him an Arrowhead for having the guts to make the Chiefs’ defense more aggressive. The most dominate units in the NFL are known for being aggressive and the KC defense will never realize its potential playing Romeo Crennel’s “bend but don’t break” style of D. Here’s hoping it works.

All right, Addicts. Those are my offseason Arrowheads. Who gets yours?

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  • steve james

    Alex Smith for coming in and taking command & being a leader. He left a situation that could have made a lot men just coast & be perceived as weak.

    • Patrick Allen

      I totally meant to include Alex. Whoops. Thanks!

  • Jared Watson

    Good write up. My arrowhead goes to Alex Smith. The way he has handled everything from being shuffled down in San Fran to grasping Reid’s offense and taking the reins and the way the team has rallied around him. Alex, in many ways, has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other end almost seemlessly.

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah, he was a class act all the way. I’d of been so pissed if I got benched the way he did.

  • KC Claussen

    I’ll give mine to Clark Hunt, he deserves a little love after last season.

    • Jason Seibel

      Thanks for saying this, KC. I was going to say, even though Clark owns the Arrowheads, I would gladly give him mine for going out and getting the men to put finally right this train. He got the ball rolling and I think the team is finally headed in the right direction.

      I also echo the others who say that Alex Smith definitely gets an Arrowhead. I think he will be the leader of this team and take them as far as he can!


    • Patrick Allen

      I also meant to include Clark. Dangit. Oh, well. Better to leaves some for you guys!

  • Shelia Chatman

    shout- out and kuddos to Rico Richardson (WR). (Fingers crossed) Looking forward to seeing him play this season with the chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Patrick Allen

      We need help at WR quite badly. Always pulling for the young guys to step up!

  • Darkwolf1414

    Okay, I keep seeing this nickname of “Tin Man” attributed to Tyson Jackson. Why? Are you insinuating that he has no heart? Considering his position, the defensive scheme he was in and what coaches have said I would have to say that’s inaccurate.

    • Patrick Allen

      Nah. We call him Tin Man because he is slow and stiff. Though he is getting a bit better so I am hoping that the Tin Man nickname becomes a positive. We’re really big on giving out nicknames around here.

      • Darkwolf1414

        Okay, that makes sense. I was just wondering where the nickname came from. I’m big on nicknames myself.

  • Kelby

    I’ll give it to Berry for assuming a leader position in that defense of Sutton’s. Getting a couple of picks off our proven quarterback is a great start in a new defensive scheme. Can’t wait for him to get comfortable back there.

    Offensively, I’ll have to go with Alex Smith, GO UTES, for pushing the offense and the defense to get better everyday through his performance. It’s refreshing to have a quarterback that can walk the walk just as much as he can talk to talk. I can’t wait to see adjustments at the line! Receiver progressions and smart decisions that doesn’t cost the team the possession. Chiefs are going to be great and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see double digits in the win column. GO CHIEFS!

  • Jim Harper

    Damn Paddy! Not much left after you took all the good ones or at least most. One serious Arrowhead you missed is Alex Smith who by all accounts has taken control of his team and embraced the system. Even more importantly he has the entire team believing in him. He will no doubt be elected Captain. Next would be Brandon Albert who after swallowing some pride is now completely on board. I also think Tamba has new life and probably feels like he no longer has to carry the entire defense. Look for a big year from Hali.

    • Patrick Allen

      I considered Albert but I feel like making up for somewhat unsatisfactory behavior (though I feel he mostly got a bad wrap) isn’t worth an Arrowhead.

      In total agreement on Alex. Love the way he has come in and taken ownership of the team. Hope it translates to victory.

  • jesse

    Dontari. From what Ive heard, hes excelling in this new defense, a defense that his athletic ability and mountain sized build is made for. can you imagine the possibilities? a huuuuge athletic NT with elite linebackers and secondary backing him up… gonna be a loooong 6 weeks waiting to see it all unfold.

  • Suzi Conger

    ALEX SMITH ; Teammates, AReid, JDorsey, all coaches have raved about AS…

    Patrick, have you read “Breaking Down Alex Smith; from a doubter to a believer’ ? A Terrific awsome, factual, Unbiased read… Enjoy :-)