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Is Chiefs' Jamaal Chales A Top 100 Player?

Is Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles one of the top 101 players in the NFL?

Not according to our friends at Pro Football Focus. Not in 2012, anyway.

I wanted to point this article out because I think the argument is interesting and that we should rehash it here.

The basic story is that PFF released their top 101 players of 2012 and Jamaal wasn’t on the list. There was outrage from Chiefs fans to the point where PFF actually released a long article explaining why Charles didn’t make the list.

Here is a bit of that:

Charles topped 1,500 rushing yards last season, but did you know that 42% of them came on just 19 carries? The only player to have a higher Breakaway Percentage was Adrian Peterson who amassed a frankly ludicrous 40 runs of 15 yards or more and gained 1,184 yards from that set of attempts. I’m not trying to suggest that being a home-run threat is a bad thing by any means, but I am suggesting that outside of those runs, Charles was doing less than some other runners who did actually make the list.

If we put those runs to the side for a moment, Charles averaged 3.3 yards per carry on everything else. That’s not a terrible number, but Marshawn Lynch was able to average 3.6 yards per carry when his breakaway runs are taken away, so was Alfred Morris, and Frank Gore 3.7 yards per attempt.

PFF makes some good points but some readers in the comments also point out some pretty interesting flaws in the argument against Charles.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read the entire PFF article. Then report back here and tell us what you think.

Did Jamaal have a top season in 2012 or is PFF correct that he should be excluded from their list?

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  • [email protected]

    Its ridiculous that our star RB finishes in the top 4 rb’s this past year and had a couple of 200yd games w/ a team that went 2-14..i would of thought n-brainer..but again its like kc players have to bust there ass to get recognized by the nfl…kc gets over shadowed way too much..An this is a prime example

    (Already drinkin an bbq please excuse my rambling lol)

  • steve james

    I think it is nuts they would take the big runs out of the equation to begin with. You gonna take the homeruns out of the rbi stat in baseball?

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah. Also, Jamaal’s game isn’t breaking tackles, it’s outrunning guys, beating them to the edge and turning on the jets.

      They give a lot of props to the line but I think Jamaal makes them look good, not the other way around.

      It seems like any back they plug in for the Texans does well (line) but in KC, no back has had the success Jamaal has.

      • KCMikeG

        Did they not notice that those other backs they compared JC to were all playoff teams with functional passing attacks. Why don’t they add a weight for the number of times the RB’s faced stacked boxes. I seriously thinking of taking Charles as my #1 pick in FF this year. GO CHIEFS!

      • steve james

        Not a relevant comment but I wanted to let you know the disqus system is not showing new replies for me. It has however showed some from weeks and months ago as new replies in the last week.

        • KCMikeG

          Me too. Got 18 old messages in one day.

    • Jim Harper

      Excellent point!
      Also if you take Peyton Manning’s TD throws away then he was just an average QB.

  • Josh Michaels

    Take away every players longest runs and see how they do. PFF is great at what they do, but for Jamaal to not make the top 101 is absolutely ridiculous. None of these lists truly matter but this is just dumb

    • Mark My Words

      Pro Football Focus is not very well focused! Take away the “ro ootball ocus” from their name and you have PFF!! What does that spell? Poof, and they disappear, just like their logic.

  • Chief Hokie

    This is a great example of where PFF falls short in their grading system. Charles is a top 3 back.

    • Justin Jubby Perdzock

      Top 3 debatable but definally top 5

  • obrien5

    3.6 yard runs are far better then 70, 80, or 90 yard touchdowns. I see your point!?!? Is it PFF or WTF?

    • Matt Walker

      Exactly! It’s like they put more emphasis on YPC without big runs than they do on the big runs themselves! What the f kind of logic is that???

  • Jason Taylor

    PFF is stupid, plain and simple.

    They just lost every bit of credibility. Only a moron justifies a top 5 rusher not being in the top 100.

  • Dustin Massie

    Charles ran for 1500 yards even though everyone on the planet knew he would be running the ball. The chiefs had zero passing threat to take the heat off of Charles and he was coming off a knee surgery and still hit 1500 yards. I’d like to know how many running backs in history could get 3.3 yards a carry against a season full of 8 in the boxPFF simply missed this one, its a matter of perspective, and they don’t have the right one. I’d like to see who the qb is for the rb’s that made the list. Think they would have done as well with cassel or quin and a patchwork interior O-line? When you consider that, Charles might be the best back in the league. But what do we know, we’re chiefs fans.

  • BigMark901

    JC Great Player > PFF Dumb List!

  • William Campbell

    Pro football fakes.. to punish a back for being a real homering threat? Dumbest thing I ever heard. The young man had the worst passing attack in the league last year and defenses keyed on him and he still hit 1500..absolutely insane.

    • Lenny Lieurance

      Damn well said.

    • Matt Walker

      Not to mention his team didn’t hold a lead for the first half of the season which is not very conducive to a stellar rushing attack.

  • thabear04

    Chris Johnson did not have a great year last season was he rank higher then Charles? Probably so….

  • RepOurChiefs

    But you cant take it away,because the runs actually happened!! So charles is being penalized for being..elusive??!! Thats the biggest crock of sh!@t Ive read thus far. Thats like saying a month of productivity of your life doesnt count because two weeks of it was effortless. The results happened..bottom line!

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I don’t see why it’s a bad thing if Charles got 42% of his yards on 19 carries. Who cares, how many carries it took? The box was stacked every game because our passing game was not respected. Last year only Adrian Peterson did better than Charles. Not to mention that Charles tied the record for most runs of 80 yards or more last year.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Let me start by saying I love PFF. I think they are an amazing sight that can give you insight into the game that you can’t get anywhere else. That having been said, I think in this case they are over thinking things. How did the other KC backs look when Charles was out? Not good, is the answer. If all JC did was hit wide open holes that any back could run through then the other KC backs should of had similar success when they were on the field. They didn’t, that points to those “home run” plays as being made by Jamaal’s special abilities. There are only a handful of players in the entire league that bring that special game changing big play ability. That special ability and his use of it last season easily make him one of the 101 best players in the NFL. Period. PFF’s refusal to acknowledge that is simply them over thinking things and trying to come up with statistical metrics that define the game. In this case that metric clearly didn’t pass the eye test. Anyone that watched Jamaal run last season could see how special he was.

  • Justin Jubby Perdzock

    I don’t know bout u guys but I think being 2nd only behind future hofer ap is justification for at least a top 80 spot if not higher

  • BWrangler

    At the end of the day, WHO CARES!! Chiefs fans know what we have in JC. I don’t care if anybody thinks he’s the worst player in the NFL. I know that he’s going to go apesh*t on some defenses this year and rack up some some serious yardage and score some touchdowns.

    I hope he breaks Priest’s team TD record. Both of them are class acts and damn good running backs.

  • ArrowFan

    PFF simply forgot about Charles because he is a Chief then they said owe crap we can’t say we forgot about someone so they made up a bunch of BS just to save face.

  • Nico Marquez

    Is this a real question of course he is a top 100 player

  • jimfromkcj

    It is hard to make a mark when you play for a team that is as bad as the Chiefs. Each year the Chiefs draft someone with a high pick with high hopes and much fanfare and then watch another year of mediocre play. Where is the game changing play of Dorsey, Albert, Flowers, Jackson, Magee, Berry, McCluster, Arenas, Asamoah, Moeaki, Hudson, Houston, Poe, Allen, Stephenson. These are the players the Chiefs have picked in the first 3 rounds of the draft the last few years. these are the players who should have a good chance of not only playing, but playing at a high level and making a difference. It is a good example of why Charles is not looked at as a top 100 player. Football is a team sport and as we can see by the wins that are put up each year, the sum total of these draftees doesn’t equal a team, Can Reid and Dorsey stop this trend? So far their first draft doesn’t go very far to reassure me. Hope has to rest on some sort of base we can believe in. I just don’t see it yet.

  • Max Jones

    If you take away 20 of anyone’s top plays, they don’t make the list. I think Jamal is a top 30 player, let alone 100

  • Da Menace

    It’s bad enough the media, and of course ESPN starfucks every other team but the Chiefs, why not do it to its star players as well. What the hell will all the haters do when KC wins the Super Bowl…

  • allen h. dean

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the fact that jc accomplished what he did last year despite the fact the coaching staff had no idea how to properly utilize him and his abilities. What about the games where he only touched the ball 5 times and when crennel was asked why, his response was ” I don’t know ” if Adrian Pederson had games where he only carried the ball 5 times he wouldn’t of even come close to breaking the record.