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Tyler Bray Currently Chiefs' Fourth QB

The Kansas City Chiefs brought in three new QBs this offseason and while Alex Smith and Chase Daniel appear to be locked in as the No. 1 and No. 2 options, there figures to be a pretty intense training camp battle between former Iowa Hawkeye Ricky Stanzi and former Tennessee Volunteer Tyler Bray for the third, and likely final, QB slot.

Stanzi was drafted by the previous regime, led by GM Scott Pioli. Despite absolute turmoil at the QB position over the last two seasons, Stanzi was never given the opportunity to take a single NFL snap. Even with their jobs on the line, neither of Stanzi’s NFL head coaches (Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel) gave Stanzi a chance. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Stanzi can’t play in the NFL, but it is telling that he couldn’t beat out Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn or even Tyler Palko.

New GM John Dorsey has brought in three of his own QBs and it appears Bray, who was undrafted, could be the favorite to make the roster as the No. 3 QB. He was hand-picked by the new regime and processes all the physical tools of a traditional franchise QB. Maturity issues and coming out of college too early contributed heavily to Bray’s draft slide but there are many who think, if given the right coaching, he could be a viable starting QB in the NFL.

As of now, however, Bray is on the bottom of the QB depth chart.

From Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star:

Perhaps deferring to the veteran, the Chiefs are using Ricky Stanzi as their third quarterback while rookie Tyler Bray is getting few snaps as the fourth quarterback. Hard to say if that will change any time soon, but Bray has better ability to make all the necessary throws than Stanzi does. While the Chiefs — with Smith as their starter and Chase Daniel as the top reserve — need to be in no hurry to develop Bray, he has already displayed enough skills to earn more work.

Bray may be last in line right now but it is only May. Once training camp rolls around, if Bray can impress coaches, he’ll likely get the chance to show what he can do in a couple of the Chiefs’ preseason games.

As for Stanzi, it appears to be now or never in regards to his career with the Chiefs. If he can’t convince Dorsey and Reid that he has developed in his two years as a backup, he could be looking for a new team come September.

What do you think, Addicts? Who will win the QB battle? Bray or Stanzi?

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  • chiefridgy


    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah, I have to agree. Unless Bray has some behavioral issues or something.

  • Manhattan_Wildcat

    Probably just want to see and evaluate Stanzi themselves before letting him go.

    • cd3382

      I agree, eventually i think they will end up releasing him anyway. I would have thought by now we would have seen some
      potential flashes from him as well, Guess not…maybe Haley and RC got it right by not playing him, and maybe they saw something in Stanzi where he needed more room to flourish as a NFL QB.

    • freshmeat62

      That is probably right. Who cares if they’re 3rd, 4th now. See what each can do, and what they have to build on.

  • ArrowFan

    Depending on our situation on the practice squad It wouldn’t surprise me if the 4th QB ends up with some kind of injury to a non essential part of his body. OR he will just get cut.

  • berttheclock

    One flaw from scouting reports on Stanzi kept standing out. Mechanical foot problems. The word was he could drop back quickly, but, then, had trouble adjusting his footwork with his reads. As a result, if he had to throw quickly on his second read, the alignment would not be there and his throws were not accurate. Due to the Chiefs, at the time, only having Bowe as a 1st and, usually, only read, this caused difficulties for Stanzi. Remember when Bowe was Palko’s only option? Zorn must have told his superiors that Stanzi was not ready. I have read where Aaron Rodgers spent countless hours working on his foot, hand and eye coordination to the point it became automatic, no matter what the read, even third, fourth or fifth.
    It is hoped that David Culley, who has spent many years with AR working with receivers can fix the second or more option problem, especially, with Baldwin. However, this still leaves Stanzi with his problems should they still exist. By dumping Tanney, it may mean Stanzi has shown improvement. However, as an Oxbow type horse player, I would put my money on Bray in the long run.

  • Travis Forsyth

    I’m giving Bray the edge over Stanzi…
    1.Alex Smith
    2.Chase Daniel
    3.Tyler Bray
    Stanzi gets cut…..

  • Calchiefsfan

    What are the odds either one really makes it in the NFL, slim and none. Bray has all the tools, this has been said countless times about QBs that ended up never doing anything. The mental aspects of the game are just as important as the physical tools so that puts Bray in the long odds category. I wish them both well and hope they both have great careers but I think even Daniels is a long shot at this point.

    • superman_25_58

      How does being immature translate to not being able to take the mental aspects of the game? I believe IMO that Stanzi will get cut bc Bray has more upside and a bigger cannon. Think Joe Flacco type IMO

      • Calchiefsfan

        Think Jamarcus Russell as the most obvious, of course he was also lazy and I’m not saying Bray is lazy. There is Marinovitch back in the 90′s with Oakland. Phillip Rivers would be an elite QB except for his immaturity, so he is just very good. That’s just off the top of my head. The thing is, Bray has to mature first before he becomes an NFL ready QB. He has to lead. Can he do that? That’s the question. I’ll say it again, the mental aspects of a quarterback are just as important as the physical tools. A good NFL quarterback needs both.

        Flacco is a good comparison in that he needed time to really grow into the NFL. He was considered a boom or bust guy when he was drafted. That being said he still went in the second round. Bray went undrafted so I’m not the only one who questions the mental side of him. I’m hoping he is hugely successful for the Chiefs, it’s just going to be a long shot.

        • Rich

          flacco was rd 1

          • Calchiefsfan

            Your right, my mistake. If I recall correctly he was predicted to go round 2 then got drafted earlier, 18, and everyone felt that Baltimore had reached for him. Another coup for Ozzie Newsome.

        • superman_25_58

          Bray was an UDFA who was projected to be drafted between late 1st round to the 3rd round. I believe UDFA have a better % of making it in the NFL than any other round of the draft but Round 1 (I believe I read on one of the many football sites I look up lol). Point is time is all he needs and time is what he has with Alex Smith being 29 and the QBOTF for the next 3-5 years. Dorsey sat AR behind Favre for 3 years with a clip board for taking notes before he saw any actual playing time in the NFL. Bray can hold a clip board behind Smith just like AR did behind Favre to watch and learn the game while maturing at the same time. Jamarcus Russel’s problem IMO is that he was pushed into the starting role to early and couldn’t handle it mentally. Since Bray isn’t going to be forced to come right in and play as the day 1 starter in his rookie year at 22 yrs old I believe he has the time to mature and has the potential to pull a Aaron Rodger/Kaepernick and take the leaque by storm. Smith has proven to be a pretty good teacher considering Kaepernick sat behind him and learned before ultimately taking over and succeeding quite well after Smith suffered a concussion. Bray is younger than Stanzi and more talented and by the time Smith will be done Bray will be around 25-26 years old and will have sat long enough to mature and be the real QBOTF for the KC Chiefs.

          • Calchiefsfan

            Yes I think this a perfect situation for Bray. If he’s going to make it in the NFL the Chiefs are perfectly set up for him with Smith and Reid to bring him along slowly until he’s ready.

  • unclejesse40

    AR likes to flip backup QB’s. Which one of these QB’s has more potential to be flipped later for a draft pick? I say Bray, as long as they can keep his immaturity under control and people think he has a ton of tools, I could see him playing a couple of years in KC taking some preseason snaps and then being traded to some desperate team, thinking Ryan Mallett. I just don’t see that in Stanzi, but to be honest I dont see anything in Stanzi because you can’t see someone on the sideline all the time.

  • freshmeat62

    I like the fact that the Chiefs now have quality coaches judging the talent of each player. If they do like what they see in Stanzi over Bray, it’s not like they have a lot invested in Bray, that they wouldn’t cut him.

  • Ron White

    Stanzi = Camp arm….nothing more.

  • Jim Harper

    Early reports are that Bray is working hard. He learned a hard lesson by coming out a year early. He thought all he had to do was show up, but that did not work so well. Not being drafted had to be a serious wake up call. He could work 2 or 3 years behind Smith like Rodgers did behind Favre then be really ready when his number is called. This should placate all Chief’s fans. We will have our project QB that can be home grown, and a solid QB in Smith in the meantime.

  • KCMikeG

    Many are excited by Bray’s big arm. Isn’t that what got Croyle to KC? How did that work out?
    Tyler Bray “Million dollar arm, two-cent brain” Built his stats vs. weak opponents lost his only bowl game appearance and was not a leader during UT’s worst record in school history. Ouch! His UT teams went a combined 16-21 overall and 5-19 in the SEC.

    Stanzi put up big numbers in the 2010 season with a 157.6 quarterback rating along with 25 touchdown passes, plus 2 rushing TD’s and just 6 interceptions. Stanzi ranked 3rd in the nation in passing efficiency. Over 3,000 yard, 64.1% completions and was 3-0 in the bowl games he played. Stanzi’s numbers are just as good if not better than Bray’s. He is smarter, more mobile and has lead his teams to win the big games leading the Hawks with a 26-9 record as a starter.

    Don’t be so quick to write off Captain America! Go Ricky!

    • chiefdeorty

      I liked it when KC drafted Stanzi and still have hope for him however with Bray’s arm that might be the thing that gets Stanzi”s job. Ricky did have a fine career at Iowa, the team was not to good without him. Andy may choose his guy and I don’t think it will be to flip him later because of the talent level of Bray will see.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Bray staying at the bottom of the depth chart at QB could prove to be the motivation he needs.