September 23, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour (92) gestures during the fourth quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Steelers 34-31. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs Need Richard Seymour

The 2013 Kansas City Chiefs roster is probably almost finished. At this point free agency has pretty much come to a stand still. The draft is over. Undrafted free agents have been scooped up. At this point the pickens are pretty slim out there. The most likely additions to any team’s final 53 man roster will come after teams have to start trimming their roster and veterans lose their jobs to younger, cheaper players.

That having been said, I still think there is one move that KC could make that would have a real impact on their roster. I think they should sign Richard Seymour. Having read that, I’m guessing most of you reading this had one of two reactions. You either went “YES!” because you recognize Seymour’s name and know him from his Pro Bowl caliber days in New England several years back and think adding any “big name” player is exciting. Or…You rolled your eyes and thought “Come on, that guy is way past his prime and isn’t worth the money he would want.”

Let me start my argument for Seymour by saying that I didn’t set out to write this piece. I was originally going to do a piece predicting KC’s final 53 man roster this fall. During the process of putting it together I was working on who I thought might make the team on the defensive line and I was reminded of just how little pass rush presence the team has from its down linemen. Going into the draft I was sure they would take someone to add some push up the middle, even if it was just a developmental guy. That didn’t happen.

The Chiefs have some young guys they’ve brought in. Maybe one will pan out, but if KC is counting on Risean Broussard, Miguel Chavis, Rob Lohr, or Brad Madison to be a key pass rusher this season I think they are setting themselves up for failure.

The Chiefs currently have eight defensive linemen on their roster with NFL game experience. Here are those players with their career sacks and games played.

Tyson Jackson: 5/59
Mike DeVito: 2.5/85
Marcus Dixon: 2.5/22
Allen Bailey: 1/26
Daniel Muir: 0.5/46
Anthony Toribio: 0/17
Dontari Poe: 0/16
Jerrell Powe: 0/10

That’s a combined 11.5 sacks in 281 games played. That’s 0.04 sacks per game as a group. If you’re wondering, that means that as a group they average a sack every 24.4 games.

Let that sink in.

Of those eight players only Jackson and Dixon are averaging more than one sack per 16 games played, Jackson at 1.36 and Dixon at 1.82. Dixon isn’t even a lock to make the team (although I wouldn’t be at all surprised after looking at this list and knowing he played in the Jets system). If Jackson and Dixon both play all 16 games their career averages say they will COMBINE for 3 sacks. Thus far in their careers, that’s the BEST KC has to offer.

Under Romeo Crennel’s gap control 3-4 system you could at least make the excuse that it wasn’t the down linemen’s job to rush the QB in the base package. However, new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton is supposed to be making the change to an attacking 3-4 scheme. If that is going to work they are going to have to do a better job of applying some pressure from the defensive line.

Jackson showed some flashes last season. His 3 sacks last season were more than he had in his first three seasons combined (2). Still, we’re only talking about 3 sacks. Former first round pick Dontari Poe MUST improve his push up the middle if he is ever going to live up to his draft position. His development is probably the most vital piece of the success of this entire unit. Allen Bailey was supposed to be an interior pass rusher on passing downs, but one sack in 26 career games doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of hope.

This is where Seymour comes in.

Now, the fact that Richard Seymour has 57.5 career sacks compared to the 11.5 combined sacks of the eight DL currently on the KC roster says about all that needs to be said. However, it doesn’t really address the concern that Seymour is 33 and his best play is behind him.

Seymour only played 8 games last season, so injuries are a concern. However, when he did play he still registered 3 sacks in his half of a season. In fact, in his last three seasons he’s recorded 14.5 sacks in 36 games. That’s 0.4 sacks per game or 6.44 sacks per 16 games. That’s still more than all of the current KC DL combined. All of that coming in his 30s.

If I look at the current KC roster the number one hole I see is that of an interior pass rusher. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that of the players available that Richard Seymour is the best player to fill that hole. Now, if Seymour wants to be paid like an every down Pro Bowl player, then it won’t ever happen. The Chiefs just don’t have that kind of cap space, and even if they did Seymour isn’t worth that kind of money anymore. However, at this point it should be clear to Seymour that he is no longer a hot commodity around the league. If he would accept a lesser contract and rotational pass rusher role I think it could be a win/win situation.

The Chiefs don’t need Seymour in their base 3-4. The front of DeVito, Poe, and Jackson should be just fine at stopping the run and freeing up the LBs to make plays. However, in the nickel and dime Seymour would instantly become their best DL. Not having to play every down would preserve his body and help him stay healthy. He could conserve his energy and possibly be even more effective in pass situations. I think this could extend his career another couple of years.

He would also bring more veteran leadership to a young team, as well as a very competitive (dare I say “nasty”) attitude that has also been lacking in the recent past. I really feel that adding Seymour could help catapult the KC defense into one of the best defensive units in football.

Andy Reid is obviously known as an offensive coach. However, when the Eagles were their best under Reid between 2001-2004 going 48-16 and advancing to 4 straight NFC Title Games and one Super Bowl they also had a great attacking style defense under legendary defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. The defenses during those four seasons ranked 2nd, 2nd, 7th, and 2nd in points allowed and 7th, 1st, 9th, and 2nd in team sacks. Yes, Reid is great with quarterbacks, but when Johnson passed away and the defense dropped off, so did Reid’s win totals. Without a greatly improved interior pass rush the KC defense (although talented) will not be able to approach the level of those great Philly defenses. I think singing Seymour at least gives them a shot.

If John Dorsey and Andy Reid want to field the most competitive team possible in 2013 they should seriously consider bringing in Richard Seymour. In my opinion it would fill the one remaining glaring hole on this roster. What do you think Addicts? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Seymour and the KC pass rush in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!

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  • Rob

    Is he even a free agent if so hell yea

  • htmn74

    I coveted Star Lotulelei in the draft So to me… this a no brainer. We need Seymore.

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      Lotulelei is a run-stuffer not a pass rusher anyway.

  • steve james

    You make a strong and compelling argument. I’m sold, go get him Dorsey!

  • GDL40

    Agree 100% !!!! …… we NEED a strong aggresive front seven, which we dont have right now. I feel good about our LB’s and DB’s, but that line worries me. Like you said though, at the right price, it’s a no brainer to me !

    • scomstock55

      we do have an aggressive group…the scheme held them back…we will see a marked improvement in sack and pressure numbers running this new, more aggressive defense…we dont need Seymour…we need to pay our draftees and watch to see what DLs get cut…surely there will be younger cheaper semi-veteran candidates available in August.

    • ArrowFan

      I disagree regarding our front seven in fact I think we will have one of the better front seven in the NFL. The only players that will change from last year will be ILB and DE both of whom where not world beaters.

  • Ribs61

    Not needed. A more aggressive scheme will increase the sack totals, not adding an aging veteran with health concerns. The defense will get more help from the coaching staff than they will with player acquisition.

  • Adrian M. Favor


    • Michael Shaw

      Dude, no need to yell, we aren’t deaf! LOL!

  • Tyler Alexander

    I’m not against it but it would take some pretty creative book work to find the cap money to do it. The Chiefs still need to free up money to sign the rookies. Also keep in mind there are a certain number of unsportsmanlike conduct penalty’s you’re certain to deal with.

  • Patrick Allen

    If they can find a way to afford him it is a win/win. He would be a good mentor for the younger defensive lineman and could really make an impact on passing downs. Even and old Seymour is better than most of the defensive line depth the Chiefs have.

  • Bosco Cletus

    Nice argument, I guess I hadn’t realized Seymour was even released, but I’m reading that he has, and still wants to play according to Steve Wyche. I agree with your assessment of Tyson Jackson, he played really good the last 8 games of the season.

    Poe on the other hand did have 38 tackles and played every game, your comment about improving his up the middle push isn’t correct in my opinion. He was double teamed nearly the entire season, every time I kept eyes on him alone, there wasn’t much to watch because he had two guys swallowed up, which I’m sure makes 91 and 50 REAL happy.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I agree that Poe did a nice job of occupying blockers, but to warrant the #11 pick he needs to occasionally beat those double teams and wreck havoc in the backfield a la Wilfork and Ngata.

      • Bosco Cletus

        Here’s to hoping a much improved coaching staff will help players like him and Baldwin come out of their shell.

      • clay simester

        I think the fact that Poe does occupy blockers has been overlooked a bit. Even if he doesnt make the tackle or sack, the fact that there needs to be 2 people blocking our one, frees up our lb’s to make the play. I dont think its a coincidence that in Poe’s first year, we have 3 pro-bowl lb’s. Not saying this is all due to Poe, but it certainly helps out the lb core immensly

      • KCMikeG

        Agreed and IMO we will see that development this year. His push up the middle did improve some last year as the season came to a close. It is a total wild card on how any of our DL will respond going from an occupy linemen to attacking the QB but I think it will make them all better as pass rushers. Jackson improved too as you mentioned. I still have hope for Bailey.
        All that being said – GREAT POST Lyle! I believe you have convinced me on Seymour. Man is a beast, has that nasty attitude that we have lacked and R&D have focused on adding already plus I just LOVE watching an EX-faider stick to his old team! I blew many a gasket watching Marcus Allen inflict pain on them. I bought bags of salt for him to pour into their wounds – especially Al Davis.

  • ArrowFan

    With or with out Seymour our D lines sack number will grow, most of them on your list haven’t had any real playing time yet. Also simply changing systems will increase our D lines sack total as well. However at the right price I would love Seymour for all of the reasons you mentioned.

  • Justin R Groth

    Sorry off subject but bowe made the top one hundred players.

  • Adam Schwartz

    I have been crying to have Seymour in KC since OAK got him, he basically defined what it is to be a 3-4 NT while in NE under Crennel, and even if we use in passing situations, imagine how valuable this guy could be for the wealth of inexperienced young guys on the Dline, he would help Tyson and Poe learn to be better 3-4 linemen that can actually get to the QB and be gap stuffers, it woule be crazy in my mind for this guy to just watch from the couch instead of being in KC, he is there, why not make him an asset to the team

  • Adam Schwartz

    not to mention that Seymour single handedly crushed out playoff hopes when Crennel took over for Hailey with his two blocked field goals in that game against OAK, and instead we all watched in disbelief as Tebow led the ponies into the playoffs, yeah it really seems like a bad idea to give this guy a little $ to come help us out???? what are we waiting for, lets get it done

  • Adam Schwartz

    Although I’d like to see a FA ILB come in to play beside of DJ, I think Urlacher still has something left in the tank, even if for a 1 year deal, I’m not all up in arms to have Urlacher, I just think that Johnson was down in the 4th round for a reason, guys picked there are usually not day one starters, and that will be a glaring hole in our base 3-4 and Urlacher has a nack for picking off balls coming over the middle when he hangs around in zone coverage

  • Stacy D. Smith

    We could definitely use a DE with a passrushing skillset in the fold. I was hoping the Chiefs had interest in Freeney (before he signed with SD).

    • Lyle Graversen

      Freeney would be an edge guy like Tamba. We need an interior guy.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Freeney can play with a hand on the ground, no? Who do we have that can rush the QB from the DE position on third downs? Bailey? Poe? Toribio?

        • Lyle Graversen

          Hand on the ground on the edge, yes, but we have Hali and Houston on the edges. No way could Freeney do it on the interior, he’s like 250 lbs.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I thought he was closer to 265? I’m not thinking about OLB. I think we have a good rotation there with Hali, Houston, Zombo, and Catapano. I’m thinking about who can get to the quarterback on the defensive line (from the outside).

          • Lyle Graversen

            But in passing situations the Chiefs sub package uses Houston and Hali on the outside. They are essentially the DEs in passing situations with 2 DL rushing on the inside. Those interior guys are the ones not getting the job done. There’s only two edges for edge rushers, we’ve got those covered.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            You don’t think Freeney can play inside at 265-270?

          • Lyle Graversen

            I assume you meant Freeney, and no, not at all. Freeney has always been known as an edge guy who is weak at the point of attack. KC has ran the ball right at him in the past. He would get pushed around inside, IMO.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I did mean Freeney, sorry.

  • Jason Taylor

    You guys supporting this concept…. Really?

    He’s a old defensive lineman with health issues and… Here’s the best part… You guys are supporting the idea of bringing in a KNOWN dirty, cheating asshole of a football player.

    Are you so desperate for wins you would have us become the Raiders….

    For shame…. For shame.

    • Jason Taylor

      Oh and to the author of the article…

      Find a picture of the guy as a Patriot next time… Unless it is a picture of the player, in said Raider uniform, getting destroyed by a Chief via in-game action…opening up my beloved Arrowhead Addict and seeing a player in a Raider uniform is about as sickening as it gets. :)

      • berttheclock

        I believe any sickening part would be part and parcel of both Allen and Asamoah viewing the photo as he was known to wreck both of them. Neither of them can pass block against large and very strong defensive players.

      • Lyle Graversen

        There weren’t any in the database we use. Also, if a former Raider can make us better, sign me up. Marcus Allen anyone?

    • Patrick Allen

      Shaun Smith is a known dirty player and we all love him. I’m down with it. Until we have half a dozen defensive lineman on the roster better than Seymour I see no reason not to rent him for a year.

      • berttheclock

        This article ties in with John Clayton’s column, yesterday, at ESPN about bargains being found in the latter part of FAcy. Realism sets in with those not grabbed ASAP and a team can pick up a need for less money. Of course, Freeney was able to get more due to the recent injury to Ingraham with the Bolts, but, Seymour could be picked up for less. He has a $13 M dispute ongoing with the Raiders over getting paid for last season, even though, he missed a great part of the season. This would not affect his signing with the Chiefs and he would add muscle.

      • Jason Taylor

        Not all. Don’t have any love for a man who tries to grab another mans balls in an attempt to cause damage, never did and never will support that type of behavior.

        • clay simester

          Perhaps you arent aware of just how many of these “dirty plays” actually take place during any given play in the nfl. There are tons of players that do the exact same thing while at the bottom of a pile-up. Some get caught more than others, and you can bet Seymour has the refs eyes on him at all times because of his reputation. They all do it,they always have, and always will. And as far as the Chiefs signing him, i think it’d be great, but only if the price is right. At a minimum, i think he could light a fire underneath Poe’s ass and teach him how to be that dirty,nasty SOB that nobody wants to line up against like Seymour used to be

    • Lyle Graversen

      That old guy with health issues was still a much better pass rusher than any DL on our roster.

      While I don’t condone stupid penalties I’ll take a little nasty attitude over the no heart lifeless play I’ve seen at times the past couple seasons.

    • KCMikeG

      So did we become raiders when we brought in Marcus Allen? Hardly. I would rather have a player known as “dirty” because he will fight for his respect or even lay on a late hit than a guy known for grabbing players by the twig and berries.

    • antony555

      I never heard that cheating stuff before, if the ref did not call it, its not cheating mean yes cheater no!

  • Austin Wagner

    I could see that as a move like bringing in Vrabel, he might not be what he was at an earlier time, but an experienced veteran can give a boost in the maturation of a defense

  • Roger Mihalko

    I Don’t think they need Seymour, I think the new scheme under sutton is going to allow the line to do more. Give them a chance to get it implemented and for them to get comfortable and see how it goes.

  • Erik Hild

    I think you make some valid arguments but I think he is going to want more money than he is really worth

  • levi decker

    romeo was in charge of our defense for 3 seasons. meaning 48 games of lackluster pass rushing. statistics can be scary to look at, but doing too much at once can be the end of you also. i dont really think that bringing a guy at the end of his career who also has to learn the new style of defense that sutton is trying to install is going to revamp the pass rush any more than playing without him.

    i had a great time watching dontari poe last season and will be interested in watching him actually come after the qb this year. to add to that, the chiefs linebacking core could be the most talent enriched position on the chiefs roster. we already have plenty of viable defensive weapons at our disposal. the chiefs have ONLY lacked leadership over the past few seasons. yes, we even saw an efficient matt cassel at one point.

    so to say that a 33 year old defensive tackle is your only shot at making this defense(who sent 4 players to the pro bowl last year!) comparable to a championship caliber roster, in my opinion, is way off.

    • KCMikeG

      Good points. Poe will definitely be even better this year.

  • freshmeat62

    If the Chiefs think he would be an improvement fine, but I would rather they wait and see who gets cut while teams are getting down to the “right 53″ before committing valuable cap space to someone as old and beat up as Seymour. Apparently the new regime sees something in Jackson, since they had the perfect opportunity to cut his big contract, and didn’t. I’m looking forward to seeing Poe this year. I thought he showed improvement toward the end of the season. I think he may be good at 3-4 DE, but from everything everyone was saying last year about how hard it is to learn the 3-4 D, that probably won’t be practical, or did the difficulty factor, pertain only to Crennel’s bend-don’t-break philosophy, where everyone had his choreographed position to be on the field. W/ Sutton’s attack mode maybe not so much.

  • Lyle Graversen

    To all those saying the scheme change is all we need, I STRONGLY disagree. Jackson, Poe, and Bailey all played a LOT in nickel and dime sets where their job was to get to the QB. You act like they 2 gapped every down and that’s just not true. They probably played in the sub package about 50% of the time. Yes, some of those snaps they had to maintain gap assignments, but on third and long they were “attacking” and didn’t get the job done. The scheme may create an occasional mismatch that helps create pressure, but it’s not going to turn a bad pass rusher into a good one. Mike DeVito played in this same attacking scheme in NY and has 2.5 career sacks.

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    You convinced me.

  • davon

    I agree with u 100% was thinkin the same we do need seymour

  • P Heitman

    I’d also love to see Seymour turn from the dark side.

  • antony555

    I liked Seymour when he was with New England and he kicked our but when playing the haters, blocking two field goal attempts. I really think the dude has still got some gas in his tank for what we need him for. Agreed!

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    A big, mean DE who can reak havoc on the qb from the end spot. Sign him up if it is on the cheap

  • twaddy

    I’m glad you teach music and not math. The only way to conclude that the current group of Defensive Linemen contribute one sack in every 24.4 games is to conclude that each of those “games played” constitutes an entire game played. The correct statistic would be to take the “minutes played” and divide by the entire time the defense is on the field. If you assume an even split of 30 minutes on offense and 30 minutes on defense you can begin to draw some conclusions.

    Even by this corrected use of statistics, Seymour is considerably better than anyone we currently have lining up even if you only consider his last couple of years as opposed to his entire career.

  • Jamie Denton

    I am not sure which way to go on this as I am sure there will be some good players released during training camp that will be younger and maybe even better than Seymour. But in Seymour’s defense if there is no one better released I feel he would make a great player for the Chiefs in passing situations! And as for the whole dirty player thing and the ex – Raider problem I look at it like this. When he played for the Patriots I don’t remember him being that dirty of a player, I think it’s the whole thing of leaving one team and becoming a Raider I think it changes your whole mind set, plus if I remember right Seymour was not happy at all when he found out he was becoming a Raider! And as for the other I myself love taking players from other AFC West Teams and using them against their old teams to beat the CRAP OUT OF THEM TWICE A YEAR!!!!! As always just my opinion! GO CHIEFS!!!!!