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Dwayne Bowe Compares Alex Smith To Steve Young

Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe told reporters yesterday that he would lead the NFL in receptions and touchdowns in 2013 but he also had some praise for his new QB, Alex Smith.

“Just watching Steve Young back in the day, he’s that kind of guy,” Said Bowe on Wednesday. “He’s not too vocal about it, but when he’s in the huddle, he makes his presence known. He’s demanding guys speed up — I mean, I never had a quarterback like that.”

Wow. That is pretty high praise.

Bowe isn’t the only player heaping praise on Smith. Despite being early on in the process, the players seem to be warming to Smith as their new leader. Two of those players are WRs Dexter McCluster and Jonathan Baldwin.

“He’s a great quarterback, a guy that’s mobile, a guy that knows how to read defense and take advantage of mismatches,” McCluster said. “He’s definitely confident. As a quarterback, you need to be confident. But knowing him, he’s never shaken.”

Baldwin noted that he is already developing a rapport with his new QB.

“We communicate all the time. We text back and forth, talking about different things we see, different things we want to do,” said Baldwin. “He kind of understands where I’m going to be, and I understand what he’s thinking, and the more you have a relationship with your quarterback off the field, the better it is on the field.”

For Baldwin and McCluster, Smith could be just what the doctor ordered. While McCluster has had a bit more success, both players have failed to meet the expectations that come along with being taken in the first two rounds of the draft. Andy Reid’s offense, combined with Smith’s accuracy, could be the combination that finally helps McCluster and Baldwin get to the next level as receivers.

What do you think, Addicts? How big of an impact is Alex Smith going to have on the Chiefs’ offense?

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  • Jarad

    I believe he will have a huge impact. You can’t go from the worst quarterback play in the league to at least middle of the pack without a drastic improvement. Alex Smith is not a perennial Pro Bowler, but he’s efficient and capable of moving the chains. Hes in the best situation possible. On team where any decent QB play is welcomed, has a HC that thrives in getting good QB play, he’s surrounded by a young talented roster w a great running game, and he gets to play in (hopefully) a packed Arrowhead 8-10 tines a year!! This franchise has needed a spark for a long time now. Hopefully Reid, Alex and an aggressive Defense is the formula to create it.

    • Suzi Conger

      Jarad, Alex Smith was #1 draft pick for a reason; he’s way above average.. AS was cast into and endured 6 years of SF’s chaotic and horrific management/coaching staff. NFL ratings, ARodgers and DBowe know what they are talking about; ASmith is easily at the top of the QB pack. Consider ’12 SF season; NFL ranked AS #3, #1 ranked for accuracy/completion%, MVP and ProBowl Nominee (at time of concussion), Broke SF franchise record for most consecutive passes with no interceptions (surpassed SYoung), Offensive Player of the week; 154!! rating, 20+% greater success in RedZone than CK7, 10+% greater success 3rd down conversion than CK7. All these accomplishments with a 26TH ranked o-line protection; 7th highest sacks/rushes/pressure; least amount of time to execute the pass/play. Just think what AS can do with decent protection and good receivers.

      Sorry, I’m gonna agree with DB and other Chief teammates, ARodgers ( unless you consider SYoung “middle of the pack”) . Chris Ault has stated that AS is perfectly capable of executing his ‘pistol’.. A recent article accurately describes AS’s QB tenure with SF (even ’11/’12 ) as ‘placed in a straightjacket”; not allowed to play to his maximum capabilities.
      ASmith is definately a perennial ProBowl QB.

      • Jarad

        Just because you’re drafted #1 doesn’t mean you perform to that level. Plenty of #1′s have busted. That’s a FACT. And i said AS would have a huge impact did I not??I think he’ll do well. I guess the “middle of the pack” pushed a button. Haha. And C’mon, perennial ProBowler?

        • Suzi Conger

          C’mon Jarad, “worst QB play in the league”…. are you still in the ‘dark ages’ and referring to AS’s first 6 years with SF?? I thought everybody that knows anything, knows that story, ha ha: AS endured 6 years of SF9er chaotic and horrific Management /CoachingStaff ( VDavis was benched also, ha; great coaching, huh? ). “middle of the pack’ did not push a button, but rather is inaccurate; again, I’ll agree with all of the above previous mentioned sources v.s. your opinion/statements. Hey, but don’t be discouraged, I do agree with you that AS11 will have tremendous impact.

          • Jarad

            Oh geez, “worst qb play in the league” was referring to the Chiefs 2012-2013 season. Haha

      • Jarad

        Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Manning is the top of the QB pack btw. But don’t let that discourage you, he’s an efficient QB. He’ll do well

        • Suzi Conger

          btw Jarad, sorry, I’m going place much more credence and credibility with NFL ratings, AReid and JDorsey’s opinions, and DBowe/ARodgers/VDavis and many talented players that ASmith is most excellent, if given the opportunity,,, Oh yea, I’ll trust C Ault’s opinion over yours as well. But don’t let that discourage you :-D

  • ladner morse

    If AS is any where close to being what SY was… then not only will two second round choices be a great deal for the Chiefs but, the franchise will have turned a major corner for the next 6-8 years. Go Chiefs!

    • Doug McD

      Can’t wait to see what kind of offense Reid puts on the field. Hopefully the other WR’s or TE’s can pull some doubles off DBowe. AS should have plenty of time with the OL we have. Hope BA gets a long term deal done before July.

      • Chowder

        Both sides need to give a little on the contract talks. Imagine an OL like this for several years.

        • Doug McD

          I just saw Doug Free cut his pay in half to stay with the Cowgirls! 3.5mil instead of 7. I hope BA and his agent take note of this!

  • berttheclock

    If only the Chiefs could have found a QB who, last season, completed 18 of 19 (the one drop was to a wide open receiver) for 232 yds, 12.2 yds per catch, 3 TDs, one of which was a 47 yarder and hit another WR for 3 for 72 yards, zero INTs, while taking 4 sacks.
    But, it is not easy to find such as Alex Smith who had those numbers against the Cards, last season.
    The real key to the success of Bowe working with AS will be whether or not Baldwin can prove he can get open. He has never been able to take double teams away from Bowe. Of course, Avery may play far better than his dropsy days with the Colts, last year, but, then, he was coming off a very long injury layoff Should the other wide outs and our new TEs be able to take pressure off Bowe, this should be a very interesting season.

  • berttheclock

    One other comment about Steve Young. So may forget his early days after leaving BYU. Signed by Klosterman for the LA Express for $40 M, but, never received the money, taken by Tampa Bay as the first pick in the supplemental, then, failed behind a terrible line and was cast out, only to be placed on the bench in SF to watch and learn. Long way to become a HOFer. Steve Young was an early scrambler who really learned how to play quality QBing in the NFL. I would rather see a young man really develop with hard knocks and rise to the top, than, some Pretty Boy who ends up disappearing in the NFL. Mirer, Couch and Carr had it very rough, but, never recovered. Steve Young and AS survived and became far better.

  • Brady Jones

    I like to hear this kind of development between our guys. A commander in the huddle can make all the deference to help gel a team.

  • ArrowFan

    It is like this is the first true QB Bowe has ever played with, in the pro and college. Wait, I think AS is the first true QB Bowe has ever played with in the pro’s and college.

    • cd3382

      Agreed! it is actually.

    • P Heitman

      Hahaha totally.

    • Lenny Lieurance

      Well to be fair, college Jamarcus Russell was pretty productive. But you know, it was still Jamarcus Russell, bleh.

  • oldchiefsfan

    I am beginning to get excited about Alex Smith. I have watched every you tube video I can find on him and if he is anywhere near what those videos show and what the coaches and players are saying he’ll be really good for us.

    I keep seeing it said by many that he’s not a Pro Bowl QB or he’s middle of the road, average, a slight improvement etc…

    My question is how does anyone know this? Is that not just conjecture and basic wild ass guessing coupled with a bit of pessimism that makes people say things like that? How does anyone know any of this? We have never seen him play behind this line. We have never seen him play with Jamaal Charles in the backfield. We have never seen him play with these receivers and we have never seen him play with this coaching staff. There is also a certain intangible present and that is how much does Alex Smith, as a man, feel he has to prove after the treatment he was given in SF? If he is the man I think he is that intangible could very possibly be the most important of all.

    Personally I am going to avoid such conjecture,wild ass guessing and pessimism and wait and see how he does in a Chiefs uniform. In the meantime Go Alex Smith, tear em down and prove the naysayers wrong.

    • Kyle ferguson

      I totally agree with you, I think if smith would have played all year last year he would have been considered for a spot in the pro bowl (that is if he wasn’t playing in the Super Bowl)

      The NFC qbs last year where Rodgers, Ryan, and RG3. To me the NFC has better qbs than the AFC (more quality qbs i should say) Matt Schab grabed the only real open spot on the AFC roster behind manning and Brady

      So the question you have to ask if you want to know if Alex smith can play at a prowbowl level is do you think he can play at the level Matt schab did last year?

      And another thing to remember is even cassel made the prow bowl as an alternate one year

      • Suzi Conger

        Alex Smith was a MVP and ProBowl Nominee ’12 (at the time of his concussion).

        • Kyle ferguson

          Yes I know I was making the argument for Alex, I think Schaub is an ok qb but I honestly think Alex is better, idk if he is an MVP caliber qb but if this offense thrives with smith under center this year you would have to strongly consider him for it after how bad the offense was last year, but I have no doubts that he can be a pro bowler, to me he is the second best in the division and should be able to have a career year with the aid of the running game, three reciving tight ends, some good recevers on the outside (I know everyone is calling Baldwin a bust but I think he’ll step it up look at what andy does with receivers) and then he has speed in the slot with DMC Avery and I really like Wylie second year guy out of Fresno look up his college highlights if you haven’t yet the kids pretty elusive

          • Suzi Conger

            Yep thanx,, we are on the same page for sure. Didn’t know if you knew that AS11 was already a nominee for both achievements. Speaking of college highlights, check out Ute v.s. Pitt Fiesta Bowl ; AS very impressive with the ‘pistol’/spread 35-7 Ute. C Ault made it clear that AS is very capable of spread/pistol variation strategy and that he’s already shown his capabilities. I’ll look up Wylie thanx.

            Yes I’m hoping the same for Baldwin; I know Baldwin speaks glowingly of AS and coupled with AS’s dependability/accuracy and BigRed’s expertise, hopefully Baldwin will ‘cook’.

            Come what may, It’s fun to feel excited, yes? Go Chiefs!

    • Suzi Conger

      oldchiefsfan; Well said.

      I addressed those issues with Jarad.. virtually all the people who post negative comments ” not ProBowl quality….average QB….not very good QB , etc ” never state their facts/stats to substantiate such fallacy statements; because there are none (’11/’12 ).

      ASmith was a ProBowl and MVP Nominee at the time of his concussion. Chris Ault claimed recently that ASmith is VERY capable of executing his “pistol” ( I already knew that cuz I’ve followed AS’s QB stats very closely (like Coach Big Red , lol) Did you catch ‘ Chris Ault hired by KCC as Consultant” Chris Wesseling… great read involving AS’s QB talents and that he (AS) was in a ‘straightjacket’ situation that did not allow him to ‘fly’ in SF. Thank goodness that Big Red is the coach to encourage Alex’s talents. Go Alex * Go Chiefs!!

      • Jarad

        You def are a AS fan. In my previous post, I didn’t have a single negative thing to say about your MVP. And saying ‘middle the pack” qb play isn’t a slight on him. AS supporters get so bent out of shape when someone says he’s not a perennial ProBowler. He can make one here or there, but look up the meaning of perennial. Its about other QBs in the conference too!! Brady Manning are all but locks, then it’s open. Luck, Schaub, Big Ben, Flacco, Dalton. So think a little before you claim Perennial ProBowler

        • Suzi Conger

          Jarad, (sigh) please don’t get so bent out of shape when someone disagrees with you…shucks, are you having a bad hair day, or are you always like this?, lol

          So, I’m going to agree to disagree with you, cuz I’m bored with your sarcasm and bickering… suggestion; have Fun, lighten up!

          Go Chiefs!

          • Jarad

            This whole topic was hilarious

      • Jarad

        “Stats” for his MVP caliber season he was having last year. He was on pace for 2800 yards, 21 tds 8 ints. That will never win an MVP. I like AS in a Chiefs uniform, but until proven otherwise, he’s an efficient QB and capable of winning games and making a few probowls

  • Stacy D. Smith

    That’s quite the compliment. I understand the overexaggeration though. Alex Smith is the best quarterback most of this team has seen in a Chiefs uniform. I’m excited to see what kind of confidence he’ll inspire. This team had ZERO fight last year because they knew they were outgunned at the quarterback position. We can’t undersell the importance of the mental edge that having a guy like Smith gives this team.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’d guess there may have been 1 or 2 seasons where he’s had a QB with a passer rating above 90.

    • Danny W

      How dare you say that! We had Tyler Thigpen and Tyler Palko. Oh and at one point the most accurate quarterback ever. Trick Shot Tanney, ever watch Youtube bro? SMH

  • Danny W

    Hopefully his play is such but Steve Young is an imbecile. His commentary is just blabbering on and on about stupid useless idiotic crap.

  • Troy Utt

    Dictionary word for the day…”Exponentially” Meaning: to inflate… This year come’s with high expectations from top to bottom, starting squad to practice squad, offense & defense, & probably more-so on Reid & Dorsey. It came with a price more costly than the 2-14 record would indicate as if you are a Chief’s fan you have endured much longer! We have paid with pride which is now decades old, and we are ready to cash our check!!!
    Make no mistake Clark started writing checks this year!!!
    But Bowe with his brazen predictions, (knowingly or not) along with Charles, Alex, DJ, Hali, and all our boys on the battle-field will be issuing them.
    Pay to the Order of: JOHN Q. CHIEFS FAN
    I know a SB is not going to happen over-night… But brother does it feel good to be able to hold my head up high! This season is going to be GREAT!!! WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • chiefdeorty

    I think Alex has something to prove and I believe he is super hungry and will be prepared and the team should feed off of that. This going to be a year, I say worst to first, I said it and believe it, WATCH OUT DONKEYS

  • Gene Yuknis

    what i read and see in all this is confidence. knowing what to expect before it happens. honestly, it’s fantastic to hear these players talk about their new qb like this. i’m getting excited!!!!

  • Suzi Conger

    Mega big positive

  • Ian French

    BOWE SHOW! gonna wreck it this year with AS. Great hype.. love hearing da Bowe is back to his optimistic savvy.

  • David Blanchard

    Alex Smith is better than Joe Montana…