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Chiefs’ Branden Albert Will Report Monday

The Kansas City Chiefs and LT Branden Albert have yet to work out a long-term contract but according to head coach Andy Reid, Albert will join the team on Monday.

“He’ll be in here Monday,” Reid said of Albert. “Branden will play the left side for right now and Eric will play the right side. I think that gives you two pretty good bookends right there. We also know we have Donald Stephenson, who is also a good football player.

“He’s very eager to get going. He’s very excited.’’

That has to be good news for Chiefs fans, many of whom (at least on this website) have said they just want the drama to be over with.

The Chiefs aggressively tried to trade Albert ahead of the 2013 NFL Draft. It appeared they were close to dealing him to the Miami Dolphins but the two sides were never able to agree on compensation. Since the draft, it appears the trade market has gone dry. As such, the Chiefs have reportedly began trying to sign Albert to a long-term contract.

Inking Albert long-term would help give the Chiefs some much needed salary cap relief, depending on the contract. Albert reportedly wants top dollar but the Chiefs may be able to structure his contract in such a way that balances out Albert’s big pay day with other high-paid players already on the roster.

The Chiefs and Albert have until July 15th to work out a deal. If they can’t, Albert will be forced to play the 2013 season under the franchise tag, which will pay him a little over $9 million for the year.

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  • redchiefs

    This is very good news. BA signed his tender, has a new Head Coach, new OC, a new offensive system, and some new teammates, showing up for voluntary work is the right thing to do. It’s the right thing because of the new coaching staff and the new offense being installed, but mostly it’s the right thing because he signed his contract, Holding out was like telling your good friends you’ll help them, then just not showing up.

  • KCinTX

    The Chiefs aggressively tried to trade Albert ahead of the 2013 NFL Draft. I don’t understand this trade being described as aggressive on the Chiefs part. 1) BA was allowed to test his asking price with only 1 other team. I would think an aggressive move would be to increase your trade partners not restrict them. 2) The Chiefs terms were always reported as a early 2nd this year and an additional pick next year. Not really being aggressive by refused to lower the asking price.

    Everything has a selling price but asking a high price and refusing to barter usually supports someone is unwilling or reluctant to trade.

    • KCMikeG

      Exactly how I have viewed this Albert situation. Dorsey was smart to let him test the market to establish his true value. I’m thrilled he held his ground on Albert’s value. This establishes the parameters for a reasonable contract. Albert has always been a team player, has always said he wants to be here and never complained even though people have constantly criticized him and suggested moving him from LT. With Albert and Fisher we have the bookends of a really great line.

    • christian rajkovic

      Are you retarded? You have 2 points and both of them are dead wrong. In regards to your first point, the Dolphins were the only team that showed interest in Albert, and that’s why they were the only ones given permission. For your second point, the Chiefs wanted a high second and an extra pick, then they wanted a high second, and then they were willing to take the 52nd pick from Miami. That was a late 2nd round pick. So my question to you is, are you retarded?

      • KCinTX

        Am I retarded?
        I have read you are who you hang out with.
        Adding in that I keep finding myself in conversations with people like you. One could conclude that I may need to get that checked out.

        • christian rajkovic

          So instead of explaining why you made up a bunch of stuff, you write something that I can’t even understand. I guess you really are retarded.

          • P Heitman

            “For your second point, the Chiefs wanted a high second and an extra pick, then they wanted a high second, and then they were willing to take the 52nd pick from Miami. That was a late 2nd round pick. So my question to you is, are you retarded?”

            How do you know that they were willing to take the 52nd…there’s no possible way you could know that. So really, YOU are making things up.

            It’s okay when you do it though, right?

            PS – I’ve said it before, but the Dolphins BLOW.

          • KCinTX

            LOL you just called me retarded and then implied I wrote something that was beyond your comprehension. Now i understand why you have to call me names. You should take a self esteem class. Building yourself up is a lot easier than pulling the rest of the world down. Just saying.

            Anyway the Fins were allowed to contact BA’s agent. that was reported and confirmed by the Chiefs, Fins and BA’s agent. Everything else you or I have said on this subject has been reported but not confirmed by any of the parties involved. In today world speculation is somehow considered fact and is reported as news. We both fell into this trap when discussing the compensation the Chiefs were seeking.

  • chiefdeorty

    I like it that Brandon is coming in I would like it if he is on the same page as the other players when the season starts. Also we all know what can happen to players who hold out, they may not be in good as good of condition when the season starts and then there is a greater risk of injury.
    I hope he wins the job out right and not have it given to him. I know he wants it now lets hope he gets it because he earned it.

  • Jim Harper

    It is good he is reporting. Right thing to do. Now tell your agent to give a little and get the job done if you want to be a Chief, because I guarantee you if you just play out your franchise tag they will let you walk as they should. Also consider what if you get hurt this year? Then there are NO guarantees and your value drops. Be smart Brandon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Vandesande/1692334818 Larry Vandesande

    Thanks to new Chiefs management for doing the right thing and not giving away a quality NFL left tackle! With the draft and free agency, Chiefs could have their best O-line this year since the heyday or Will Shields and Willie Roaf in 1997. Now they need to finish the process and sign Branden Albert to a five-year deal.

    You live for now in the NFL, not tomorrow, and trading Albert for less than he is worth would have been a fatal error, weakening the team this year and perhaps next year. Chiefs should have learned their lesson trading Gonzales for a 2nd round pick and giving away players like Bernard Pollard and Brian Waters. You never get ahead giving away your better players.