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Chiefs Must “Get Better, Faster Than Anyone Else”

They say you can’t properly evaluate a draft class until three or four year have passed. However, we may be able to hold the current regime to their own standard.


By considering this aristocratic goal and evaluating the Chiefs efficacy in the 2013 NFL draft, there’s an eerie Scott Pioli-type-feeling that ascends.

I recall being connected to the TV and the PC as if I was connected to an I-V… four short off seasons ago on draft day and hoping for the best. Devoid of a second round pick… expectations for the “other” handful of Chiefs’ selections was, to say the very least, intensifying.

Unlike four years ago, the first pick in this draft was seen as a huge success. Score one for Reid and Dorsey (with a backwards assist from Scott Pioli for leading the Chiefs to the worst record in the league thereby granting this regime the first overall pick).

The rest of the draft feels like a deja-vu-vian recapitulation all over again all over again. The problem with touting this point of view is that it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Four years ago the Chiefs had needs everywhere.

This year, the Chiefs had a few holes to address going into the draft and if they came away with two or three starters they could reasonably expect to consider themselves a playoff ready team.

Andy Reid and John Dorsey’s mantra “make the team better” has been sounding all too similar to Scott Pioli’s “the best 53.” So, what’s the real problem?

The Chiefs actually did make themselves better over the weekend. But, ask any of the other 31 flavorful teams in the league and they’ll tell you they taste better now too.

The Chiefs motto, maxim, war cry or goal… simply cannot be… “to get better.”

The Kansas City Chiefs must… get better, faster than anyone else… in the NFL.

Otherwise, what’s the use?

If Clark Hunt “settles for” one GM/Head Coach tandem after another to come to town and proudly tout they will, “Make The Chiefs Better”… then what’s the use? In that case, the Chiefs will never see a Super Bowl much less a playoff victory or even a division crown.

Case in point: drafting ILB Nico Johnson at #99.

There’s an old saying about purchasing real estate:  “Buy the worst house on the best block.” The problem is… it’s a faulty precept when it comes to acquiring players in the draft. However, that is essentially what the Chiefs have done with Nico Johnson from Alabama.

Here’s what was being said about Nico Johnson before the draft:

NFL.com    …player who hasn’t yet shown great playmaking ability. Lacks straight-line speed to recover once behind a step in coverage or juked at the line of scrimmage, will also struggle to get angle on backs before they turn upfield…. 64.7 grade

Walterfootball.com     …flows pretty well in the direction of plays and is able to get on some perimeter runs. There is no hesitation in taking on blockers…Johnson does not look like the best of athletes. He is not a fast linebacker that can cover a lot of ground. His instincts and awareness seem to be a little slow as well. If he improves his ability to read his keys and shows better instincts that could help make up for a lack of foot speed.

Rotoworld.com    …Many NFL teams reportedly view Alabama LB Nico Johnson as a two-down linebacker who will have to leave the field on nickel downs. In the pass-happy NFL, the nickel has essentially become a base defense. So not being able to defend the pass is a huge negative. Johnson failed to do so effectively in college, and continued to struggle at the Senior Bowl.

CBSSports.com    …Isn’t the intimidating striker that his physicality might lead you to believe. Doesn’t often leave his feet and explode through his hips as a hitter to knock ball-carriers to the ground. Instead, he latches on and ‘rassles them in a manner that may not appear as aesthetically pleasing but gets the job done, nonetheless… Doesn’t play as fast as might appear in workouts. Limited awareness as a pass defender. ~ Rob Rang

nfldraftscout.com    …rated Nico Johnson the 148th best prospect overall.

Coming out of Alabama, Nico Johnson has 163 total tackles, 2 sacks and 2 INTs in four years. He played in 51 games. When Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson left the University of Texas he had 458 tackles, 10 ½ sacks and 9 INTs in four years. DJ played in 50 games at UT.

The most glaring difference between DJ and NJ: Derrick started 40 out of 50 games at UT and Nico started 20 of 51 at Alabama. Nico started 17 of 39 game from his sophomore-senior seasons, while DJ started every game in that same period.

What appears most problematic is, Nico Johnson started only 5 games out of 13 in his senior year.

It may be unfair to compare a “Mike” and a “Will” linebacker. It can also unfair to compare a 15th overall pick and a player who was the 99th pick in the draft but, it should also point out what Nico Johnson is… and is not… capable of.

Judging from comments made the day Nico Johnson was drafted… Chiefs fans are hoping that Nico Johnson (NJ) will step in and take over for Jovan Belcher at the Mike linebacker position and be the running game “Stop Sign” the Chiefs have long needed in the middle.

NJ may not be the tackling machine many fans are expecting him to be but, on the other hand, he might be capable of setting Derrick Johnson up… to do his thing.

In 2011, Josh Looney of KCChiefs.com wrote a piece called, “Belcher is KCs Thumper” and makes the point that Belcher isn’t there to be a tackling machine but, he takes on offensive linemen so DJ can get a clear path to the ball carrier.

Looney says,

“Belcher handles much of linebackers’ dirty work. Part of that duty includes the elimination of lead blockers so Derrick Johnson can use his rare athleticism to make plays.”

Looney also quotes Derrick Johnson,

“Probably half of my tackles come from Jovan blowing somebody up and I’m scraping over the top. He’s not a selfish guy. He knows what he has to do in this defense to allow certain people to scrape over the top for tackles. Sometimes in the 3-4 defense you have to be a sacrifice guy.”

If these Chiefs expect Nico Johnson to be the “sacrifice guy”… it might work. Maybe. He’s got the body for it at 6-2, 248. Don’t forget, Nico didn’t start half the games he appeared in for the Crimson Tide so at best he comes in as a developmental player. Which also means his body is more well preserved than we may have previously thought… and that’s a plus.

When the Chiefs selected Nico Johnson with the 99th pick in the draft, the players still available were:

  • S Shamarko Thomas (88 tackles, 2 INTs in 2012, taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers 12 picks later, a player with starting capability who could have filled a need for the Chiefs)

  • WR Quinton Patton (a 6’ wr with 4.4 speed ranked 58th overall by nfldraftscout and taken by the 49ers)

  • DE Alex Okafor (ranked 57th overall by nfldraftscout)

  • S Phillip Thomas (ranked 64th overall by nfldraftscout)

  • C Brian Schwenke (ranked 80th overall by cbs sports)

A round later, in the 5th, the Carolina Panthers took the so-called “next best available ILB” — A.J. Klein from Iowa State — who had 117 tackles as a senior with 5 INTs for his career. The BleacherReport says, “A.J. Klein spent the last three years at Iowa State making a name for himself as a consistent middle linebacker.”

There are other good examples of prospects taken later than Nico Johnson which makes you question the Chiefs evaluation/selection process and decision makers.

While the Chiefs may have gotten “better” at the MILB this off season by drafting Nico Johnson and signing free agents Akeem Jordan and Frank Zombo… you can not say they have gained any ground on the competition at that position. Even the lowly Raiders took a better LB, Sio Moore who could play ILB or OLB and ranked as the 68th prospect overall (although it was earlier with the 66th pick).

However, it’s clear the Chiefs didn’t get better faster… this off season at linebacker… than their own division foes (think Shaun Phillips to Denver and Manti Teo’ to San Diego).

And that, should be the goal. Drafting a player who was ranked 148th overall, with the 99th pick in the draft tells us the Chiefs were not gaining “value” but instead, that they were disposing of value or more appropriately put… giving value away.

The “value” being referred to here is not just a cash investment. It’s talent. When real talent is gained, that talent can be exhilarating and galvanizing to everyone around… on the field and in the stands. When lesser talent is brought in, true talent is displaced. The squandering of that kind of value cannot be measured. Nor can it simply be replaced in free agency.

Here’s what Chiefs head coach Andy Reid had to say following round seven of the draft on Saturday,

All right so, uh, really we’ve finished uh, um… the draft picks here… so, um, uh for this draft… and uh… uh we feel good about it, we’ve, we’ve filled some needs … uh, not that that’s the way we went in thinking … but, uh the way the board fell… it… it allowed us to fill… fill in some spots where we’re a little bit short on, on numbers and uh at the same time give us good football players uh that we think we were able to get uh for at a good value where they fell in the draft.

“We’ve filled some needs” is the first point Reid, perhaps mistakenly, reveals following the draft. I’m less sure now than ever before that Andy Reid and John Dorsey were actually attempting to take the best player available.

The Chiefs draft has drawn mixed reviews.

  • Mel Kiper graded the Chiefs draft as a C- grade. He said, “what Andy Reid and John Dorsey did was underwhelming.”
  • USA Today- “Hard to argue with T Eric Fisher at the top, nor the trade of their second-round pick for QB Alex Smith. Fourth-round RB Knile Davis could more effectively assume the battering ram role behind Jamaal Charles … Nico Johnson (Round 4) might start…GRADE: A-
  • RotoWorld- Selecting workout warrior running back Davis over Johnathan Franklin was one of the worst picks of the 2013 draft. If Davis’ college tape means anything for his NFL future — and I believe it does — he won’t be long for the league. Johnson is a two-down role player and special teamer at best. Commings has been billed as a physical press corner, but I watched his tape and found him to be allergic to contact. Grade C-
  • FoxSports- the grades from three writers, Floyd Engel- Grade B, Alex Amrvez- Grade B and Peter Schrager- Grade B- (their analysis was based on the Chiefs  first selection).
  • Bleacher Report- Grade B-
  • CBS Sports- (Rob Rang)- …tight end Travis Kelce and running back Knile Davis are definite gambles … I like the physicality and size of defensive back Sanders Commings and linebacker Nico Johnson… the Chiefs gambled too much on upside throughout much of the rest of their draft. Grade C
  • Sportingnews.com- Overrated Arkansas running back Knile Davis was a wasted third-rounder. It wasn’t exactly a “worst to playoffs” weekend for the Chiefs. Grade C-

You may be asking: at other positions, have the Chiefs gotten… better faster? Positions like QB, DB and TE? Some would argue that Alex Smith is not a great upgrade over Matt Cassel. I think he is. What about the defensive backfield? Some are thinking Dunta Robinson, Sean Smith and Sanders Commings are more of a “throw a lot of players at the wall and see who sticks” philosophy. If the Raiders first round draft pick, cornerback D.J. Hayden, is the same player he was before his heart threat, the Chiefs may have lost ground there as well. If you haven’t heard the D.J. Hayden story, it’s one of inspiration that could even touch Al Davis’ cold dead heart. On second thought….

What is clear is that the current incumbents are going to take action and if a player doesn’t work out, they’ll move on and make a move for another player. Those are positives to be admired and it distinguishes them well from the previous sovereign reprobate.

However, one must question if a team vision has become clearer now that the draft has completed?

Consider the drafting of the Chiefs 96th pick RB, Knile Davis from Arkansas.

In his post called, “KC’s 2013 Draft: Not Flashy But Much Needed,“ Lyle Graversen defends the selection of Knile Davis,

“I hear people HATING on Knile Davis like he was the worst pick in the history of the NFL draft. The man is 230 lbs and runs a 4.3 forty! If they can fix his fumbling problems he can team with Charles to just wear defenses out.”

Please note that Graversen begins his third sentence with the word “if.” That is precisely why Knile Davis is not a pick to assure that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to get better faster than anyone else. Davis is an if.

As a sophomore he ran for 1,458 yards with a 6.5 yards per carry average. He was out in 2011. In 2012, Davis returned with 534 yards and 4.3 yards per carry. You also have to question if Davis will ever come back from his ankle injuries. The Arkansas Traveler reports,

“…the broken ankle was the fifth major injury he has suffered in five years. Davis has also broken both his collarbone and left ankle twice.”

Knile Davis comes with more than one if.

Have the Chiefs gotten… better faster… this off season than their division foes? The Broncos drafted Montee Ball at RB. Ball has a long history book of successes and holds the NCAA record for TDs (79)… plus no dropsy issues.

Better faster? We won’t know the answer to that for months… perhaps years. But, it’s not looking good from the cheap seats.

I just hope “what” Andy Reid and John Dorsey really mean… is that they’re wanting to get better, faster than than anyone else.

Doesn’t that have to be the real goal?

Because in this draft, the Chiefs had at least a couple of picks with genuine caveats and caution signs.

What do you think Addicts? Are you all in bliss with this draft class? Or, maybe I’m just having a bad day cause I stepped on a nail.

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  • Danny W

    I think you and I align in thought on the later rounds in the draft. I think the first two picks show some promise but the bottom third pick down left me scratching my head. I think a draft board becomes compromised once you change your plan of action from BPA to filling needs suddenly. What were they afraid of in the bottom part of the third by drafting Matt Barkley? The guy would have been a great value at that point and I think the best player available, and would have been quarterback competition. If you want to take a chance on a running back take one on Lattimore. Boom or bust he’s your guy not Knile Davis especially if you want to wear defenses out. People are already saying he’s gonna beat out Grey and Draughn and it’s ridiculous not to think so, Davis drops the football and can’t stay on the field! JUST STOP IT! He’s a sixth round draft choice at best and we grabbed him in the third. I hope he’s the next Priest Holmes but I doubt the guy stays on the field. Why? Is it because I’m not a good fan? I thinks it’s because it’s what history has already shown.
    Nico Johnson is a block eater that will free up DJ. Why not just draft a good 3-4 DE at that spot then and put him back there? Why not put a nose tackle in there? A block eating linebacker! People who tend to lack objectivity about their favorite things in life may change for a season but lessons learned permanently are something different appartantly. Good piece of work as always.

    • ladner morse

      Thanks Danny…. firstly, I have been a Knile Davis fan for years. Plus, I know he’s a good guy. I’d be thrilled if he worked out but to take him at this point is a risk when there were many other choices that had no risks involved.

      • http://www.facebook.com/james.mcdonald.35110418 James McDonald

        Yeah, but think of the guys Reid has drafted that left people scratching their heads only to have them kill on the field. Have faith. The only way I’d have been more pleased is to get Dungy or Belichek out here.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      You can’t put much stock into the language Dorsey and Reid use to describe the process. It’s always going to be ambiguous. Raising expectations before players even put pads on is a quick way to create an unforgiving fanbase. I don’t care about the rhetoric, I care about results.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.cunningham.3158 KCPauly

        Amen Bro…Go Chiefs!!!!!

      • Suzi Conger

        Well said….I dislike too much negativity based purely on speculation…GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Guest

    First off, Mel Kiper is underwhelming! He is one of the most arrogant, talking heads from the National Sports Media “Experts” that has a bigger mouth than mind! I have seen him, over the years, draw much angst from the Pro Personnel Mgr’s that are actually doing this talent evaluation for NFL teams.
    I still believe in our GM/HC hire as being a very positive step in the right direction, because of their reputations and past success! Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but, so far, I will trust these 2 to make the Chiefs Personnel desisions, over the Nat’l Sports Media Circus that never gives us any credit, even when it’s due. Especially Mel “Super Gel” Kiper!
    So far, I have heard good reports from a lot of analyst’s concerning the Chiefs Draft.
    I am going to “keep the faith” in our new GM/HC, as I really thought this was a smart move by Clark Hunt to hire these two, well-respected NFL tandem!
    I hope that nail you stepped on isn’t going to “pop” my balloon of faith that this was a very good move to put the Chiefs in the right direction to turn our team around, Ladner! But, I do wish you a healthy, speedy recovery from your flesh wound!
    I actually hate rating Drafts so soon. It is all so much smoke & speculation.
    I so want to see our Chiefs become competitive, successful, and respected again that I am going to keep a positive outlook on this house-cleaning, until proven otherwise!

    • ladner morse

      Yea.. the Kiper quote… I could take i tor leave it… but since I was quoting so many other media sources I wanted to include Mr Talking Head himself. Plus, I think his comment about the Chiefs draft being “underwhelming” is closer to the truth than believing blindly that it’s fabulous.

      The point of this piece is more to show that there’s a flaw in the motto “make the Chiefs better”…. If the Chiefs can’t show that they are getting better, faster than anyone else… through the draft………. then when are they going to show it?

      • Guest

        I guess, I am just saying that it is not Blind Faith and rose colored glasses, concerning the improvement we will see (or won’t), I just trust
        The 2 guys in charge of making these choices, because of their reputations more than myself, or any other pundit, fan, writer, or “so called” sports media experts.
        And I also believe that judging a Draft, right after it occurs is pure speculation! Let’s give the real experts show what they can do first…..

        • Danny W

          I’ve got a degree with a major in Biology and a minor Chemistry. I’ve taken a lot of hard college courses. So whats my point? These guys were talking about that are evaluating talent aren’t from MIT brother. They’re glorified gym coaches. This (player evaluating) is far from rocket science. You don’t have to be a MENSA member to do it. Give yourself more credit. Trust your own research if you do it. You may be surprise that what you suspected all along is in fact true about some of the talent chosen.

          • Guest

            I’m impressed! Before I became severely disabled, I almost had my EEE Engineering Major and was a Process Engineer for John Deere & Co.
            I would not lump ALL the players in this draft as “glorified gym coaches”! Give me a royal break there Einstein! With all due respect, if you are indeed a Chiefs Fan, a lot of these players chosen are very cerebral! I know for a fact Eric Fisher did his homework and has an Engineering Major. I would not call that even close to a “glorified” PE teacher and even Educator’s have to study and get their sheepskin, before they can be qualified for a Teaching and/or Coaching position! I happen to know several High School and College Teachers, Professor’s, and Coaches!
            You make it seem as though they are custodians or Janitorial Engineer’s.
            It’s unfortunate that a lot of this countries Teacher’s, Coaches, or Educator of any kind are not getting better salaries, because they are the one’s that dedicate their lives to teaching and coaching and DO NOT get paid what they are worth, but still do it, because they LOVE their job! Nothing wrong with that, is there?
            I’ll bet you even learned a few thing’s from a Gym Teacher or High School Arithmetic Teacher that had a profound impact on the course you chose to take in life……..?????
            All I am saying is, especially in light of the Chiefs recent acquisition of 2 NFL Professionals, John Dorsey and Andy Reid, who are both highly respected, seasoned veterans of Pro Football Talent, I would trust these men, before I would trust an MIT Grad, for the jobs they are performing. And, just maybe, for once, KC can have a solid foundation of LEADERSHIP to gain respect and maybe win a playoff game or 2 and turn this mediocrity around for the DIE HARD CHIEFS Fans, who are tired of waiting for it to happen!
            I am sure you are spoken of highly in your NFL Fantasy League, but Managing and Coaching in the NFL is a whole LOT more than bragging about the Sheepskins you have framed behind your desk in your cubical!
            Sorry I had to take the conversation this far, but intelligence is not always something to be so boastful about, unless it is tempered with COMMON SENSE and MUTUAL RESPECT for your fellow human being, BROTHER!

          • Danny W

            Okay wow. Feel better? I hope so because I was
            seriously not trying to belittle anyone especially you. All I was saying was is that you don’t have to trust R&D (Reid and Dorsey), that they’re not geniuses. In no way did I implicate any players teachers, or coaches! I see your an Engineer so that makes you good with numbers, but you didn’t do a good job of READING MY POST! Let me take you through it.

            I would not lump ALL the players in this draft as “glorified gym coaches”! ……
            Well good I wouldn’t either and I didn’t say as much so below here I’ll give you my exact quote try and READ IT CAREFULLY!

            “These guys were talking about that are evaluating talent aren’t from MIT brother. They’re glorified gym coaches.”

            So since when did player evaluators become the players themselves?

            There are some GMs in professional sports who use number guys to make average teams better by the way. (Billy Bean)

            Heres some more of what you said……….It’s unfortunate that a lot of this countries Teacher’s, Coaches, or Educator of any kind are not getting better salaries, because they are the one’s that dedicate their lives to teaching and coaching and DO NOT get paid what they are worth, but still do it, because they LOVE their job! Nothing wrong with that, is there?

            Did I disparage teachers anywhere in my remarks? I said talent evaluating is not rocket science. It’s not biology it’s not math, or engineering its watching film and making a judgement that any can do. A glorified gym coach can do it too! Someone who is handicapped can also do it as long as they aren’t vision impaired. A guy with a useless Biology degree or some idiot who watches film all the time can have an educated opinion on a college athlete.

            How in the world did you get that I hate teachers or gym coaches out of this? I’ll have you know I subbed for teachers at my local school district while in undergraduate college so how couldn’t I have respect for the good ones? But I’ll tell you many gym coaches are less educated than most teachers and are dick heads. Not all gym coaches are the same as the ones you know!

            Where did I leave this conversation disrespectful at? Were did I leave the conversation with out MUTUAL RESPECT for my fellow human being?

            IF YOU ACTUALLY READ MY POST again I was trying to encourage you to trust yourself not blindly trust in someone else. Did you not learn anything from the whole IN PIOLI WE TRUST? Are you just too lazy to have your own opinion about a player? If so you deserve to look silly when they bust out by saying Oh I’ll just trust R&D same I guess as you did Pioli and Co, just rinse and repeat?

            I think you did a fine job of being disrespectful and I think your a hypocrite calling foul while calling names and trying to evoke an emotional response from me Einstein. Sheepskins on my wall? What is that? Maybe your a rageaholic hence the name. I hope you get help man. I’ll tell you what I’ll save us both the trouble and not post on you again. #trydeepbreaths

          • KCMikeG

            I got what you were saying. The “experts” are wrong way more than they are right. Many of the “evaluations” of players are just regurgitations of what they read from another “expert”. Great advice to educate yourself on the players which goes well beyond football.

          • Guest

            Come to think of it, I DO feel better, after reading what a BIG BRAIN you have and then blather crap like…..”You may be surprise that what you”…. and at least know that commas & apostrophes are actually used to communicate! Broken sentences, such as, “I’ve got a degree with a major in Biology and a minor Chemistry.”
            All you for real? Maybe you should figure out that I’m NOT your brother(He’s the one married to your sister.) And that the point of your arrogant, albeit your highest achievement, is on the top of your, rotation of the Earth effecting, colossus thing attached to your, obviously, RED neck!

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.cunningham.3158 KCPauly

        Hey Laddie, we immediately got better when Crennel and Dumbo Daboll walked out the door and soon after peehole left, we got way better than anybody way faster, I normally like your reads but you must have a bucket of nails spilled out by your bed, because lately you have been quite the Negative Nelly, step off the other side of your bed tomorrow and right something positive about our team…don’t you think the last 5-8yrs. of negativity is enough?….GO Chiefs!!!!!!!

        • ladner morse

          I wasn’t aware that I’d written anything “negative” lately… even this piece is more meant to be a commentary on how the current regime is making decisions based on a motto to “get better” when it should be “get better faster than anyone else.

          I’ll write some “Upside” pieces about players coming into the organization in the next few weeks.

          Thanks for the feedback.

          • http://www.facebook.com/paul.cunningham.3158 KCPauly

            right on Bro, keep it coming..Go Chiefs!!!!

          • Suzi Conger

            Hi Ladner, Alex Smith is the most underrated, criticized QB in NFL by many sport writers ( especially TV ‘analyzers’ )…. AS was an immediate ‘get better faster than anyone else’ addition to the Chief’s…

            .Please consider the following; ’12 season; AS = #1 nfl QB Completion%/Accuracy…. #3 nfl ranked/rated QB….Broke SF franchise record (surpassing S Young) for number of consecutive passes with no interceptions….Offensive Player of the Week, rating of 154!!!….Achieved MVP and ProBowl Nominee list (at time of his concussion)….AS’s Wonderlic Exam score = 40 !!!…( CK7= 37, P Manning=28, A Rodgers = 35 )…RED ZONE; .AS had (contrary to popular belief ) substantially Superior success in RedZone compared to CK7..(see http://www.espn “Closer Look at Where 49er QB Fell Short”…great comparisons CK7/ASmith and JFlacco/CK7 ) Another great article = ArrowHeadAddict “The Alex Smith Effect”

            Harb/CK7/SF accomplished an NFL FIRST IN HISTORY:;; A Superior rated/ranked QB ( AS ) was demoted/replaced by an Inferior QB ( CK7 = only 16TH ranked…..DID NOT achieve TOP 5 PlayOff rated QB’s )

            FOR ALL U A SMITH DOUBTERS::: CHECK OUT http://www.arrowheadpride.com “Breaking Down Alex Smith; From Doubter to Believer”

            Alex deserves forthright ‘up-side’ reporting and recognition for his earned QB talents.

            Thanks Ladner…. GO CHIEFS!!!

          • Suzi Conger

            PS. Ladner….forgot to mention that AS was also inducted into nfl Hall of Records in ’12…(accuracy/completion%)

      • http://www.facebook.com/james.mcdonald.35110418 James McDonald

        The draft is just a segment, Ladner. You have to look at the complete picture. They did great in FA. They had some solid draft picks. They brought in an amazing coaching staff.

        Unlike Pioli, Haley and Crennel all of these guys have a pedigree. Pioli didn’t do squat in NE. Haley and Crennel were already failures as HC but excelled in smaller positions.

        And these analysts… you have to stop listening to them. They’re not journalists. They’re not top tier scouts or coaches. They’re the national enquirer of sports writing.

      • Suzi Conger

        When?…ON THE FIELD Ladner….time will tell the story; just have to wait til ’13/’14 season ( notice I included ’14 ?… :-) )

    • Chris Tarrants

      I was in aww last week at how amazing Mel sounded! I was like this man is lagit! Then it turned out to be Frank Caliendo bwahaha

      • Guest

        Love it Chris…………… LMFAO at the moment!!

    • Huscarl132

      Mel Kiper is the biggest idiot ever in regards to the draft. Year after year he shows his ignorance, and year after year he retains his job. Back when I had the free time to do it, I would create draft boards. Mine always kicked the crap out of that hacks boards. Yes, I just said I could do his job better.

  • tm1946

    Well it is over and done with, I am ready to head for St Joe.

  • chiefdeorty

    Are we going to start a bunch of negativity already? Why don’t we just wait and see what else happens before running the train over the cliff!
    I remember reading on the star all the negative things the so called fans were writing on those blogs, however they turned out to be right I will admit. But can’t we just step back for a moment and give this group a chance before we get the mob together and run them out of town?

    • Danny W

      Reason and rationale are good things as is hope. When a lemming is a lemming though isn’t it a lemming?

  • BigGil

    I think Nico’s immediate floor will be “Belcher”. I wouldn’t get hung up on the starts. Nico acknowledges that Saban preferred playing CJ Mosley in passing situations. Further, he seems pissed that people saw that and assume(s/d) that Nico is/was completely useless in coverage and has no hope of getting better at it. I’m convinced that he’s motivated and will do everything he can to improve that portion of his game. But back to my original thought: I wouldn’t place too much on the starts as if Saban started out the game expecting pass, Mosley would’ve gotten the start; doesn’t mean Nico didn’t play plenty. Also BPA rankings on a big board doesn’t mean Dorsey and Reid’s perception of BPA weren’t vastly different, and that they couldn’t view their picks as value selections. In other words, BPA perception for a general NFL team is likely much different than a specific NFL’s team’s idea of BPA for THEIR team (sorry about the caps, don’t know how else to emphasize without italics available).

    Most of the players coming in seem to have a chip on their shoulder, feeling like they got something to prove and being more than willing to put in the work, take to the coaching and help this club win games. That’s a good attitude this team can use, and I’m intrigued to see how this will all play out.

    • ladner morse

      You make a good point about these players coming in with chips on their shoulders. I’m sure that Reid and Dorsey are aware of those players who feel that way too and could feasibly be the primary reason they drafted them aside from the fact they have incredible top side potential. Those are great stories too — players who have great top side potential and overcome to get there. I sure hope that will be part of the story for the Chiefs this year. With all the changes this off season… there’s going to be at least one player some where within the organization who excels and becomes the story of 2013. It’s obvious Reid and Dorsey are steering this ship in a different direction and by the end of next season… it will likely look 90% different thant it does now.

    • KCMikeG

      Great points especially what is the BPA overall and the team BPA. Besides who died and made these “experts” rankings God’s word? I would love to see their long term success ratings. Every year there are the sure thing busts like JaMarcus Russell and the “how did everyone miss this guy” success like Alfred Morris.

      R&D know what they want/need to win. They conducted exhaustive research on the player, his health and how he fits into their system. That’s the biggest problem with the “experts” ranking players and their/our ranking of the drafts. The “experts” don’t nearly enough take into account how a guy fits the system, the effect of who he played with or the changing of coaches/systems over his time in college – just who had the best stats basically. If you are running man coverage should you take the overall BPA CB if he is the best ever in zone coverage? Forcing a square peg into a round hole rarely is successful and why some highly touted picks bust.

      Hell the “experts”, or we fans, don’t even know for sure what our offense or defense will be like other than what Reid’s WCO was in Philly and what Sutton did in NY. Those systems change with new coaching staffs and are heavily influenced by the players available on the team already, in FA and in the draft. Everyone is scratching their heads today about the Arenas for Sherman trade. Especially after we drafted a FB and already have DiMarco who showed potential as the year ended. Don’t you think that it makes more sense that Reid loaded us up with TE’s & FB’s for a reason or does it make more sense to you that they just blew the whole thing and stumbled into their decisions without a plan? I read about the importance of the TE in Reid’s system setting the routes for all of the WR’s which helped me to understand the Kelce pick. Reid has already said that Kelce can be moved out as a WR as can Moeaki. Do you think that may have been why we didn’t draft a WR? Or maybe it’s that they think we already have what we need at the position on the roster. With the horrendous QB play we have experienced it is unclear what can be expected from our young WR’s.

      Most want to question Nico Johnson while ignoring that he is a better SILB than Belcher ever dreamed of being and what DJ said about his direct effect on his Pro Bowl level of play. I loved AJ Klein as an ISU Homer but R&D took NJ instead for a reason. Once Sutton unveils his system with Gibbs and Thomas influences we shall see the wisdom in this pick.

      Don’t you think that they have done due diligence on Knile Davis’ health and have a plan to address the ball management issue from last year? Don’t you think that the fact that we din’t have a RB over 205 pounds might have weighed into the decision to add a RB that is 25 pounds heavier and still has 4.3 speed instead of Franklin at 205 = JC = Gray = Draughn? Hasn’t one of our many issues been the inability to get the one or two yards on 3rd and 4th down to keep drives alive??

      Bottom line the draft – just like FA or players under contract playing in a new offensive or defensive system – is a gamble. Look at the dramatic way players rose and fell in the rankings without a single down being played. Our #1 pick was not even on the radar until he blew everyone away at the Senior Bowl. We keep wanting to see into the future – to know how all the pieces will fit together to base our expectations of the entire season. The truth is we know very little for sure and only the future will tell. I’m seeing some of the logic in the moves R&D have made and will take a deep breath and remain cautiously optimistic.

      • BigGil

        Hey, Mike, how you been? Per usual it seems we think quite alike. I would add that Fisher was somewhat on the radar pre-Senior Bowl (on the radar of those looking for sleeper picks anyway). He just didn’t draw mass media attention until then. Looking at “sleeper pick” articles from back in December, Fisher can be found. Counting him among the sleepers (as he was once labeled such) that means the only player R&D drafted that may not be found on such a list is Wilson. Everyone else (though not necessarily drawing mass media attention) was drawing attention from those with a keener eye of what to look for. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how everyone pans out. As for Davis specifically, I was wary until I checked out his 2010 play again. My ceiling comparison to him may very well be Jamaal Charles. If there’s anything better than one JC, it’s two. Oh how I hope such a ceiling exists and is realized…

        • KCMikeG

          Life is good – thanks for asking! Hope all is well with you too. True about Fisher not being totally off the radar. Isn’t it just goofy how the experts spend all that time runing guys up and down the board based on NO additional football play. Look at Star Lotulelei going #14. He was supposed to be a potential #1 overall pick in many mock drafts until the LT’s shot up the board.
          When we picked Davis my 15 year old son jumped up off the coach and proclaimed “that guy was great in 2010″. He’s much bigger into NCAA than I am and remembered watching him in beast mode. I looked him up and wow if he is healthy he could be THE sleeper pick of the year as Lattimore is looking like PUP for the 1st 6 weeks with the potential of being held out completely this year by SF. Agreed he has a similar ceiling to Charles plus he is so much bigger!!

  • Da Menace

    Damn that was a tad depressing PA lol. I feel where your coming from though. We need greatness at every corner to be great and yes that means the draft. There are a few picks that could pan out, ill just have to wait and see to throw punches at this new regime.

    • ladner morse

      Knile and Nico may indeed offer the Chiefs the opportunity to gain greatness at every corner… I hope that’s the case. As for now… it doesn’t look that way. Hoping that things pan out is different than felling strong about every pick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.mcdonald.35110418 James McDonald

    I give as much credence to Mel Kiper and half the other analysts’ opinion of the NFL draft as I would to my 9 year old nephew on stock tips. My draft grade for Kiper is F- since he was so completely wrong. I picked the first 5 draft picks. Mel Kiper had like 3 the entire draft?

    There’s a huge difference between now and before. We have a real coach. We have a quarterback with both high completion and high football IQ.

    I agree we need to get better faster. However we were a lot more behind than our chief problem area, the bronkeys. The Johnson/Belcher combo is what we have now except for one significant change. Nico Johnson will both open up holes for DJ AND cause a RB to faceplant into the ground. And in the system he was in, you can’t actually figure out what he’s capable of.

    Nico has already stated he’s got a huge chip on his shoulder and is determined to prove himself. That alone leaves me open to seeing what he’s got.

    • Suzi Conger

      Right on James….GO CHIEFS!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1387073453 Phantom’Da Rhymocide Spade


    You don’t get better drafting players you don’t think fit what you are doing, and try to plug them in because the media better storys on them. You draft guys you feel comfortable coaching, and you think they’ll give a arm for the team if it meant a superbowl. Nick can be every bit the Mike Jevon was, or better. He played his role on a Champions team. Saban vouched.

    I think we got better by getting “nastier”. We just picked up a lot Shaun Smiths.

    I love it!!!!

    • KCMikeG

      Couldn’t be more right! Much respect for Saban.
      Every single guy we picked is described as mean and nasty. Same with the FA’s we added. We have a serious need for that as we have been pushed around long enough. That attitude is contagious and I look forward to some snot knocking contact from these beasts. WE the fans need to do our part and get out there to drown our competitors in the Sea of Red!

  • jimfromkcj

    My first impression of this draft is disappointment, so underwhelming is not out of the realm for me. I still think it was a big mistake to draft Fisher ahead of Joeckel. Now there are those who think we should start him at RT. the thing that bothers me more than the picks, is the inability of Dorsey to finalize a trade into the 2nd rd. It seems to me that was the underpinning of the whole draft, and they were playing catchup with their board the rest of the draft, and not very well at that. Caught between trying to stay with best player available and still trying to fill holes. In other words a classic cluster fk.