Chiefs Could Deal Branden Albert For 2014 Draft Pick

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs may not have been able to trade LT Branden Albert for a 2013 NFL draft pick but that doesn’t mean they can’t deal him not for a pick in next year’s draft.

From Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports:

The long-discussed trade of Albert from Kansas City to Miami never materialized, even though the Dolphins were willing to meet Albert’s contract demands. Miami general manager Jeff Ireland indicated that everything was pretty much dead on the deal on Friday, but that doesn’t mean the teams won’t somehow revisit the idea later. The Dolphins have tried to leverage the fact that Kansas City doesn’t need both Albert and draft pick Eric Fisher. The Chiefs are figuring that they eventually will get some interest from teams that didn’t fill their left tackle needs in the draft (Detroit, San Diego and Arizona are still in that mix). Look for Albert to eventually move for a second-round pick in 2014.

 It would make sense for the Chiefs to still want to deal Albert. They owe him $9 million this season and if they really aren’t willing to give him a long-term deal, trading Albert now at the height of his value would be ideal. If KC doesn’t trade Albert, they will be forced to either play him at RT or play Eric Fisher at RT. Putting Fisher at RT could slow his eventual development at LT and putting Albert at RT could get messy, as he has gone on the record as saying he has no plans to play any position other than LT.
It will be interesting to see if the Chiefs can create a bidding war now between teams that did not fill their tackle needs in the draft. It will also be interesting to see what the Chiefs seek for Albert. It was reported that the Dolphins were offering the 54th pick in the draft. If that report is true, then the Chiefs must have wanted more. Now that the draft is over, I wonder if KC will raise or lower their asking price?
According to the Miami Herald, Dolphins Gm Jeff Ireland said that trading for Albert could still be a possibility.

Mando: Why not do the trade with Kansas City for Branden Albert instead of drafting cornerback Jamar Taylor in the second round?

Jeff Ireland: “Because I didn’t think it was the right thing for us.”

Mando: Why?

Jeff Ireland: “Well, I’m not going into that because I’m not so sure it doesn’t work it.”

Mando: You mean down the road?

Jeff Ireland: “Yeah. Again, I never say never. I don’t want to get into the details of that trade right now when it could or couldn’t happen done down the road.”

Mando: The moment during this draft you said, ‘Dang it, I wish I hadn’t done that?’ Was it when you traded out of the 82nd pick and then had to trade back in?

What do you think the Chiefs should do with Branden Albert, Addicts?

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  • steve james

    Man I know picks are worth a lot but my feeling is keep him this season & trade him next year. We can still tag him again if need be.

  • tomflex

    Miami really screwed us up and in the process screwed themselves. They are going in with no left tackle and that is unacceptable business practice for an NFL GM. I’d up the ante now. 2nd round next year and maybe a player we can use this year.

    • Guest

      Totally agree, Tom!
      Jeff Ireland is a moron. I’d be surprised if he lasts the next year as ‘Fin’s GM. Maybe a second round next year and Dion Jordan. (Hey, I can dream right?)

    • Patrick Allen

      I think Ireland is on a pretty short leash. It will be interesting to see if he survives after this season. If he doesn’t have protection for Tannehill, he is a goner.

      • e_racer

        Their owner is an idiot too. It is deeper than just Ireland.

      • Guest

        He is both a loser and a goner, by the end of this season.

    • Danny W

      I just knew the trade up was for Lane Johnson but no this idiot goes and get’s his pass rusher there. Then doesn’t budge on giving us his other second. Guy should be fired for not protecting his quarterbacks blind side.

      • Spencer

        or we didn’t want his lousy 2nd rnd pick (of which i doubt we wanted) he tried to bully us into taking a pick he likely wanted to give us (didn’t want to give us his high 2nd so offered his 3rd so we could meet in the middle, then forced this into the “only” way since he traded the high 2nd away for Dion…if anything i ask for a 1st nxt yr…idc if its overpriced….there is literally no quantity of this product we are offering other then the 1 we have stock…and he is pretty high quality as well…we have no reason to get rid of him…other then to make it “easier” on the team to fit the budget, but it isn’t a oh no we have to get rid of him right now issue…

  • Chris Tarrants

    Stop with the BA trade crap! Pay the man what he has earned, we don’t really know what he wants so we can’t be judgmental. He earned a nice payday and having him could really help fisher get acclimated and give us one of the better olines in the nfl.

    • Guest

      Chris, I wish I could agree with you, but man, he is definetly worth a second round pick. I sure hope we can unload him. He is becoming a HUGE distraction, no pun intended, and a cancer to our team. The $10 million dollar, selfish, Baby-Huey! I really wish I didn’t feel this way, because I have always respected his no nonsense, nose to the grind stone, attitude! But it is apparent that, either by influence from his agent or pure self-centeredness
      , but it is apparent he won’t be a team player! He has even hinted sitting out the season, instead of playing RT! If he hadn’t already opened his mouth an went public with his intentions, I’d totally agree with you. We have rough (although young) depth to let Eric play LT and someone else fight it out for RT!
      Fisher is the REAL thing and I think we are going see it right away!
      I love this new regime, we are lucky Clark Hunt is tired of mediocrity and think we are definitely headed in the right direction!
      Just my humble opinion…

      • Lenny Lieurance

        So, because Albert doesnt want to move from the spit he has played for the last 5 years, he’s a cancer? Because he wants a contract instead of a tag, he’s a cancer? Lots of cancer in this league by your definition, as in every player that’s ever been tagged, ever.Hell, even See Breed held out a couple of years ago, real cancer that Drew Breed.

        • Lenny Lieurance

          Drew Brees, lol. Damn my phone.

        • Guest

          Lenny….. All I was trying to say is, for $10 mill for this one year, the least he could do is be a little flexible.
          I guess, I don’t see that as being a huge deal, to man up for a year and be all about TEAM, not ME. $10 mill isn’t anything to sneeze at and the longer he won’t flex to be a team player, he WILL be a cancer (detriment)

        • Jim Harper

          Who the hell are you talking about? Who is Breed? If you are referring to Drew Brees there is a big difference. Brees was a free agent. Albert is under contract

          • KCMikeG

            Sorry Jim but Brees was an exclusive franchise tag player that no team could negotiate with at all.

        • KCMikeG

          Agreed. Beside the fact that it doesn’t really matter where a player wants to play as last I checked the coaches made those decisions. One of the reasons Fisher was our BPA over Joeckel is because of his versatility having played RT & RG in addition to LT. I say let the best man win in camp. You know – competition.

      • Chief Hokie

        This whole “Albert is a cancer” meme has gotten so overblown.

        • Chris Tarrants

          Exactly, he didn’t tag himself! The brass did that, he just wants a long term commitment from the boss! 5 years and work on a contract that is team/injuryfriendly and have two good tackles for years to come. I grids I just don’t understand the whole idea of cutting loose of a first rounder who plays like one for draft picks when he is already proven himself

          • 417chiefsfan

            I agree! We could have the best O-line in the league if we can get a long term deal done. I am also tired of hearing all this cancer talk about Albert. People were saying the same thing about Bowe last year as he sat out through camp on his tag. But now that they got a long term deal done with him everyone loves him again and acts like it never happened. If we get the deal done with BA it’ll be the same thing and everyone will be talking about how happy they are we didn’t trade him.

          • Mark Lynch

            He wants to be paid as much as Jake Long except he can’t hold Long’s jock – THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!! Dorsey doesn’t think he’s ANYWHERE NEAR WHAT HE WANTS – and neither does any other teams – so KC has no choice but to (1) tag him this year and try to trade him or (b) let him go after this year and take the comp pick. You CAN’T just sign players for whatever they ask for – that’s moronic.

          • KCMikeG

            Except you are completely overlooking the fact that the Fins let Long go and they wanted Albert and how much money he wanted wasn’t the issue as it was the same Long wanted around $8M a year – it was which round pick we wanted for him.

        • Royal Chief Fan

          He is hurting the team. Being tagged probably sucks but being payed like the top 5 players at that position when you are maybe the 25th best is worth it

    • Patrick Allen

      The problem is that he could lose his value. If the Chiefs move him to RT, it could greatly decrease his trade value. If he plays left and plays poorly or gets hurt, KC will get nothing for him.

      • Jim Harper

        Thank you Patrick! Finally someone understands how it works.

        • KCMikeG

          Sorry boys but I have to disagree with you all! What “value” would we lose? Our best offer so far is a 3rd round pick which is what we would get AFTER having his services this year via a comp pick.

          We will be stronger with him than w/o. We can sign him long term during the year depending on Fisher’s performance, Stephenson’s development and Alberts performance/attitude/back. Otherwise we can tag & trade next year or let him walk for a 3rd round comp pick. I wouldn’t be adverse to an open competition for all the OL positions in camp if Reid, Pederson & Heck can do it w/o tearing the unit apart. I would think the players who believe they are the best would want the BPA next to them and the guys who aren’t “starters” now would play their hearts out to be one of them rather than knowing they will be a back up rotational type player. Raising the level of competition can only make us better.

        • e_racer

          Give me a break.

          There are three options. One, Branden Albert plays out this contract. If so, the Chiefs will dictate where he plays. I believe they will make Fisher compete against Albert. Albert actually has an advantage, and should beat him out this year. However, the Chiefs really want Fisher to start at LT, and stay there. If Albert is not going to return next season, they certainly are not going out of their way to install Albert at LT.

          The other option is a trade to another team. I don’t imagine Miami will be a suitor. Arizona may be an option. None of the teams will be in a hurry to trade. They will want to see if what they have is good enough first. Albert is a pro. He won’t take much time to get ready. The third optopn is the CHiefs sign Albert to a longterm deal. I don’t see that happening.

      • Mark Lynch

        Come on, that’s ridiculous. He won’t play for a team that will put him at RT. There is NO WAY Miami is going to say “we’d have given you a 2nd for him if he played the 2013 season at LT, but since it was RT, it’s a 4th” That’s absurd. He won’t even talk to a team next year unless they play him at LT.

        • e_racer

          The Chiefs are under no obligation to play him at LT. I think LG is a better position for him than RT. Playing RT would be very difficult. Branden Albert has already played LG for the Chiefs, and he did it pretty good.

          Albert really cannot do much about it. He can be disgruntled, but that would only hurt his potential to get the next contract. He is already being labeled as such.

          I think it will all blow over. I do not think the Dolphins will sign him. Ireland said he would keep his options open. However, he brought in Bryant McKinnie.

          I think Ireland will wait until training camp to see if Martin can handle LT. If he can do that, then he will try Dallas Thomas. I think Thomas will end up a Guard, but that is how I see it.

      • Da Menace

        Yeah but we can still nab a high compensation pick for him..better to hold on and have a pretty stellar oline.

  • ArrowFan

    Let Fisher and him battle it out during camp for the starting LT. The looser plays RT.

    • Chief Hokie

      Exactly. The LT spot is Albert’s to lose.

  • Guest

    Wow, I remember the 6 million dollar man, Steve Austin, from the 70′s. He would play RT for less then Albert, no doubt! LOL…..

  • Lenny Lieurance

    I’m sorry, but what the Hell would be wrong with starting Fisher, a D-2 product, off at right tackle and bringing him along slowly? And what would be wrong with actually having 2 top notch tackles instead of just one? Sure, trade Albert if the right deal comes along, but theres no reason to get ahead of ourselves here, why not just enjoy a truly dominant line?

    • Patrick Allen

      The thinking is that Fisher is the No. 1 overall pick in the entire draft and should be able to step in at LT from day one and play very well. I think if you move anyone, it should be Albert.

      • Mark Lynch

        worst case, who ever wins the spot at LT gets it. But I agree, I’d rather see Fisher go straight to the position he is most comfortable with, which is LT. Albert has no leverage. If they tell him to sell popcorn, he has to get his fat ass into the stands or kiss his $9MM tag money goodbye.

        Last week Albert said nobody from KC ever talked to him about playing RT or G for KC. Either he’s lying, or a whole sh*tstorm was created over nothing. I say Albert RT, Fisher LT and rotate Stephenson in at RT to see if he can step in next year if they let Albert walk – either way, that’s a pretty solid line that will give Smith more time to throw. Ireland waited for Dorsey to blink, and he never did…I love it…

      • KCMikeG

        The difference is that Fisher has played RT & RG already while Albert hasn’t. We have just recently seen him become a pretty good LT after moving him from LG. Makes no sense to put him out of position when another year at RT won’t hurt EF’s development.

      • Lenny Lieurance

        If Fisher earns it sure, but don’t hand him the job over a 5 year vet, what kind of message does that send? And I just truly don’t believe a rook is gonna beat Albert for the left spot.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Central Michigan is a D-I program.

      • Lenny Lieurance

        I was guessing, hard to Google something in the middle of a post lol.

    • Royal Chief Fan

      Sorry Albert is not top notch. Not even close. And not worth 9 mil a year against our cap.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen! I 2nd the motion!

    • Colton

      They need all this extra money to make our back up qb a millionaire. I couldn’t believe it when I saw what we pay daniel

  • Gene Yuknis

    tough situation… i say play him this year, let him prove that he’s worth 9 mil to the other teams….

    • Royal Chief Fan

      What if he hurts his back again!!!!!!

  • Danny W

    I think Ireland has screwed himself over big time. I’d be willing to bet they don’t get a quality left tackle and the Miami Dolphins are at the very bottom of the NFL pile this year.

    • chiefridgy


  • e_racer

    We should not trade Branden Albert to the Dolphins, especially now. If there is another team, then it may be a consideration. I believe there may have been some collusion between Albert and the Dolphins. He has been training in Miami. I believe they believe Kansas City cannot afford to keep Albert, and will release him before the start of training camp. None of that can be proved, but it looks to me as if there was some interference. I say keep him and ride him on the pines if he does not want to play. Fine him if he doesn’t show for training camp. The Chiefs will get a compensatory pick in the third round in 2015 if they lose him. So, burn Miami. They deserve it.

    • Jim Harper

      They can’t do that! The franchise tag is 100% guaranteed.

      • e_racer

        First, they can do that. He signed to play for the Chiefs. He will be fined if he does not show up to the team practices. The next year, they do not have to sign him again. Then in 2015, more than likely, the Chiefs would get a compensatory 3rd round selection.

        Second, it is not truly 100% guaranteed either. There is a little clause. If the player is not fit to play, then the team may terminate his contract (article 10, section 2 of the new CBA). There would probably be a lawsuit, and a third party physician would have to check him out. However, the rule is there. If his back is not fit to play, they can blow up the contract, and Albert would be out of luck.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Doesn’t the round of a compensatory pick depend on the average per year salary of the free agent contract signed with the new team? If so, then maybe BA doesn’t get his 9 million a year, signs for a little less, and we get maybe a 4th rounder.

      Unless Ireland is willing to part with 2nd and 4th round picks in the next draft, I’d try to find another suitor. Maybe the Bolts or Cardinals are game.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Trade the man for the future R2 and be done with it. He doesn’t figure into your future plans.

    • Guest

      Stacey….. My sentiments, exactly!

    • sidibeke

      What does KC do at right tackle? FA? Donaldson? Other? What do you think?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I think it’ll either be Jeff Allen or Geoff Schwartz.

        • e_racer

          I actually think it will be Donald Stephenson. Jeff Allen and Geoff Schwartz are currently taking turns at LG. Schwartz can play RT, and so can Allen. However, Stephenson has better footwork.

  • redchiefs

    If Albert holds out, can he be fined daily to add up to 9.83mil by the end of the season?

    • Guest

      I hope so!

    • BigGil


  • Lyle Graversen

    Nope, Miami’s out of luck now as far as I’m concerned. The second their 2nd rounders were gone so were my hopes of trading Albert to them. I was all in on dealing him for a 2nd because I knew they could get a player that could make a major impact this season. Now dealing him just creates a hole.

    Even if he just walks after this season we’ll still eventually get a 3rd round comp pick for him. So in the long run dealing him now for a 2nd only improves our compensation by one round and we miss out on having him this year. Not worth it for this coming season. I want to win as many games as possible THIS year and if we can’t get anything back that will help us THIS year then the Dolphins can kick rocks.

    • chiefridgy

      Kick rocks marsupials!

    • KCMikeG

      We will be stronger with him than w/o. The Fins wouldn’t give a 2nd for him so screw them. We can sign him long term during the year depending on Fisher’s performance, Stephenson’s development and Alberts performance/attitude/back. Otherwise we can tag & trade next year or like you said, let him walk for a 3rd round comp pick. I wouldn’t be adverse to an open competition for all the OL positions in camp if Reid, Pederson & Heck can do it w/o tearing the unit apart. I would think the players who believe they are the best would want the BPA next to them and the guys who aren’t “starters” now would play their hearts out to be one of them rather than knowing they will be a back up rotational type player. Raising the level of competition can only make us better.

    • Danny W

      Nice post

    • David Fritch

      Wow nice post It never even occurred to me we would get a third round comp…

  • DEChiefman

    for $9MM, play him where ever we damn well feel like playing him, who cares about what he feels. I like the guy, I really do and I’m pissed at Pioli for not signing this guy a year and a half ago and putting us in this position. But this is the business season of football and we need to do what’s best for the Red/Gold.

  • Mark Lynch

    Ireland is one of the most incompetent GMs in the league. BA for #42 and a sweetener would have been a much better deal for them. I LOVE the fact Dorsey stuck to his guns. Worst case, BA at LT (or RT) and Fisher at RT (or LT if he can beat out Albert at LT). Albert is being paid $9MM – he signed the contract; he plays where they tell him or he doesn’t get paid. They DON’T have a problem on the line, and now they can try (again) to sign BA since it’s clear he was asking too much. Until Albert signs for what he wanted in Miami, the money is still an issue. Stooge Ireland can say he’d pay him, but it’s meaningless since he knew damn well he would never be paying Albert a dime since he was never going to give KC what they wanted in trade. It makes zero sense, and is as stupid a move as would ever have been made to refuse to sign Jake Long for what he wanted, then turn around and trade for a much much lesser LT and give him the same amount you WOULDN’T pay Long. No way.

  • Michael Shaw

    Go to hell Miami!

  • Jamie Denton

    If Albert thinks he deserves top 5 money for his position then let him prove it! have him and fisher go head to head and the better man gets the LT position and the worse of the 2 get the RT position. That would put Albert in a put up or shut up situation, then his asking price to these other teams just might go down after that or we could re-sign him and play him at RT or at least play him this year at RT, or teams might even be more apt to make a trade with a lower asking price! As always just my opinion!!!!

  •'defer='defer' defer='defer upperturion

    All this speculation, and no one mentions Fisher playing LG. Dudes an animal by all accounts and could really elevate the potential of this O-Line and the spread offense…just sayin

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