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Chiefs Select Nico Johnson In The Fourth Round Of The 2013 NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs have selected ILB Nico Johnson with the 99th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The pick came after the Philadelphia Eagles jumped ahead of the Chiefs to select QB Matt Barkley. There was speculation, according to NFL Network, that the Chiefs were going to select the QB with the 99th pick.

Instead, the Eagles gave up a seventh-round pick to swap sports with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Instead, the Chiefs selected Johnson, who can help fill a need at ILB.

Here is a scouting report from

STRENGTHS Assignment-sure pounder between the tackles who plays with attitude. Usually responsible for taking on fullback and lineman blocks in the middle to free up teammates, but can use his hands to hold them off (when not sliding under) and shed to make plays. Shows enough speed to test guards’ quickness on blitzes. Relatively light on his feet in his coverage drops, can stay with tight ends and running backs in coverage. Good hustle, will chase running backs to the sideline and plays 10-15 yards downfield after coming on a blitz.

WEAKNESSES Lunch-pail player who hasn’t yet shown great playmaking ability. Lacks straight-line speed to recover once behind a step in coverage or juked at the line of scrimmage, will also struggle to get angle on backs before they turn upfield at the next level.


What do you think, Addicts? Would the Chiefs have taken Barkely? What do you think about the pickup of Johnson?

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  • jesse

    loove the pick. alabama linebacker. johnson and johnson.

  • Danny W


  • Tyler Alexander

    His strengths sound perfect for a SILB in a 3-4. Good pick

  • NathanaelL

    This is a good pick love it.Good pick at good spot. ok so starting to get back on the dors wagon again.

  • KCMikeG

    Good run stopping thumper which has hurt us up the middle. I would have preferred AJ Klein from ISU though. Will create good competition at ILB with Jones, Jordan & Diles.

    • troy utt

      Yes…This certainly helps with the residule of the Kniles pick I am still trying to digest??? Despite his off the chart combine numbers, I was kind of lost on that one. But will hold out hope they can fix issue’s or see something all else missed! Nico is blue collar & never misses work, so that should bode well… How was the Draft Party?

  • Pealvin

    I like it! Our roster is such that we only have to add depth! That is a luxury. The core will have to lead us this year.

  • berttheclock

    Very Nice. He tackles very well.

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    Sounds exactly like Jovan Belcher, and last year even when he was still alive and on the team we were talking about the need to replace him.

    • Chief Hokie

      Sounds like a slightly faster Jovan Belcher

  • sidibeke

    “Can stay with running backs and TEs in coverage.” Ah, that would be nice.

  • steve james

    I like the pick and don’t want any of this years qb’s any way.

  • Billie Cabral

    So glad they did not get Barkley. Now its Johnson and Johnson Co.!

  • jesse

    was once considered a 1st round prospect.

  • Anthony Carlos Jr.

    I’m happy with the pick.Fills a need.

  • Roger Mihalko

    think with a little work an leadership from Derrick, Tamba, and Justin, this nico will blend right in and fill the need we have. Good solid pick.

    why in gods name would we need to pick up ANY Of the qbs from this draft? tanney and Stanzi are better than most of the ones on the board (in the sense they will all be 2-4 years behind a main starter, if they ever get a chance to start, but more than likely career backups.

  • mattU

    Solid pick…Was hoping they’d go for Barrett Jones here and pick up AJ Klein in the 5th though.

  • cyberry

    The Chiefs have been missing that ..”put the wood on you” intimidating player in the middle of the Defense.. I love that Reid/Dorsey are bringing in physical, “mean streaks”. ..tougher attitude players to the team. Last year when they started to lose..if you looked at the sideline..a lot/most had a dazed faces..kinda here it goes again..almost..lets get this over with.. They need to get pissed and fight

  • Brody Hall

    Stanzi… the dude is dumpy end of story. Tanney we
    know NOTHING about but I would rather have him over Stanzi and anyone
    who is not Geno, Emanuel or Barkley in this draft. However with that
    said Im glad we selected this kid who looks like a monster and has a total mean streak (doesn’t hurt he comes from the tide either) Someone below said he is just another Belcher… well the difference is that he has not even stepped foot onto an NFL field yet so if that is his starting point when it comes to on field skill… I’ll take it.