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Chiefs' 2013 Schedule: 16 Quick Takes

The Kansas City Chiefs finally have their 2013 schedule.

I’ll be breaking down the schedule in more detail in the coming days but for now, here are 16 quick takes on the matchups.

Week 1. @ Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Chiefs couldn’t have asked for a better game to start the Andy Reid era. This isn’t meant to be offensive to the Jags. The Chiefs were terrible too last year. Still, this is a winnable game that could get KC some confidence, something they desperately need after 2012.

Week 2. Dallas Cowboys 

The Cowboys are a weird team. They can play very, very well or they could come to Arrowhead and lay an egg. If the Chiefs and their new-look defense can rattle Tony Romo, KC could steal this one. If the pass rush fails, then so too will the Chiefs.

Week 3. @ Philadelphia Eagles 

Andy Reid returns to Philly in primetime. The Chiefs need to show up for their coach and show Chip Kelly the NFL ain’t college.

Week 4. New York Giants 

This will be a tough one. There is perhaps no better-coached team in the NFL than the Giants. This game could tell us a lot about the 2013 Chiefs.

Week 5. @ Tennessee Titans 

Road games aren’t ever easy but if the Chiefs have improved, they have to win this game.

Week 6. Oakland Raiders 

I mean, it’s the Raiders at Arrowhead. The Chiefs need to protect their home stadium in their first AFC West game of the year.

Week 7. Houston Texans 

This one won’t be easy but at least the Chiefs are at home. The Texans make a living off beating teams like the Chiefs in the regular season. This one could come down to JC vs. AF.

Week 8. Cleveland Browns 

Don’t sleep on the Browns. The smacked the Chiefs around last year and have a lot of young talent on defense. Still, this is another game the Chiefs have to win.

Week 9. @ Buffalo Bills

The Chiefs play the Bills for like, the 30th straight season. Buffalo has embarrassed the Chiefs the last couple of years. It is time for KC to return the favor.

Week 10. BYE

Week 11. @ Denver Broncos 

If Peyton Manning hasn’t gotten inured or anything, this will be a tremendously tough game for the Chiefs. The KC defense will need to step up because I don’t see Alex Smith beating Peyton in a shootout.

Week 12. San Diego Chargers

KC gets the Chargers at home. Save last season, the Chiefs have shown they can beat the Chargers at Arrowhead. This is a big division game for KC.

Week 13. Denver Broncos 

If the Chiefs want a shot at the AFC West, they have to find a way to split their series with the Donks. If KC is winning, Arrowhead will be rocking for this one.

Week 14. @ Washington Football Team 

A road trip to visit RG3 and the team from Washington. If RG3 suffers a sophomore slum, KC might have a shot in this one.

Week 15. @ Oakland Raiders 

The only think better than beating the Raiders at home is beating the Raiders in Oakland. KC needs to steal this one as they enter the home stretch.

Week 16. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck comes to Arrowhead. Indy was improved last year but they were far from dominant. KC can and needs to find a way to win their last home game.

Week 17. @ San Diego Chargers 

The Chiefs have been awful in San Diego recently. Can the Chiefs take advantage if the nice weather and get a win?

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  • Michael Shaw

    Looking at this schedule I say either 9-7 or 10-6. I think we can sweep both Oakland AND the Chargers this year. I am not sure if it is possible, but I believe we could split with Denver, so that is at least 5-1 in the division. If we go 10-6, then we will either tie with Denver or we will be 1-2 games behind them and still make the playoffs.

  • Jacob Monteer

    I can smell relevance…

  • gjrchief

    We need to be sitting at 7-2 on our bye week to have a shot at the playoffs… the funny thing though… I think that is totally do-able. The schedule is laid out nicely for a team with a new coaching staff and a new QB… the meat of the schedule comes after the qb and wr timing will be in synch, and all the players will have a full understanding of the playbook by the bye for sure. If we can’t win 3 of the last 7… well we wouldn’t do much in the playoffs anyway… so I say 10-6, wildcard appearance and a playoff win.

  • Danny W

    Nice analysis. Plain and simple if we can’t sweep Oakland this year who essentially had to cut people on a mass scale just to get some cap space and save the franchise then this team is a wash again this year. Oakland should draft number one overall and no later than number five. I hate predicting the season based on schedule alone I like to wait until the preseason.

  • Justin R Groth

    LOL. In that picture I see this;

    Dorsey: We are going to trade our starting LT and draft a LT

    Alex: (IN HIS HEAD) WHAT!!!! Your going to protect me with a ROOKIE!!!


    @Patrick Allen for the smile on my face…. THANK YOU

    • Billie Cabral

      LMAO, You’re right how funny!

    • ArrowFan

      And the other side will be a wash up FA or a rookie as well.

  • jimfromkcj

    I would like to remind everyone that we will be a better team this year than last year, but none of the teams in the NFL are standing still. They are doing their best to get better too. Plus, some of those teams that beat us last year are a year older with some games under their belts this year and are going to be better too. The Browns and Indie for instance will be much better. I would suggest that I see us being all the way from a 5 and 11 team to a 9 and 7 team. It all depends on injuries and luck. We could stand a minimum of one and a maximum of the other.

  • Don Quijote

    Someone explain how did Donkeys get the easiest schedule according to NFL. We finished last?

    • ArrowFan

      They want Manning to win another super bowl badly.

      • kmon

        Elway went under the desk’s of all the scheduling committee and earned them the easiest schedule lol

        • ArrowFan

          Not with those teeth!

          • kmon

            I know ouch! lmao

      • KCMikeG

        The great news is that no matter how great manning or the donkies are it won’t count because they have the softest schedule in the NFL.

    • shayaan

      because they play in the weakest division in the NFL. SOS is based on last year’s records, though – the teams with the easiest projected schedules don’t always end up that way at the end of the season.

  • ArrowFan

    We will need to win 7 of the first 9 then after the bye if we can go 3 and 4 and I would be happy ending with 10 wins. But the last half is defiantly the brutal part. If we make the playoffs we will most likely be limping at that point. I do like the position of our bye week this year. It seems like in years past our bye has always come to early.

    • KCMikeG

      I think playing good teams down the stretch will make us more prepared to win in the playoffs.

  • kmon

    We need to step up and play like men against the Bills, there no way we should allow them to dominate us 3yrs in a row

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Tough schedule:
    *3 of the first 5 on the road
    *3 of the last 4 on the road
    *First 3 in just 11 days (two away)
    BUT…This is the NFL. Suck it up and let’s go win this division!
    Looks like 9-7 right now.

  • tm1946

    Not real sure how anyone can pick the record yet. We have not seen what Reid will do in any phase of the game. First year and no clue what this team will look like.

    Just win at home and catch a team or two sleeping on the road, then you have something.

    • jgwindsor

      defense will have to be good and the OL gelling with a #1 overall will have to be accomplished for that 10 win season….nose to the grind stone so to speak…as a niner fan i am highly interested in dissecting the KC team overall just to verify my thoughts about your new QB…I suspect he will be solid but like any QB at times he will frustrate…..will be interesting to see how AS handles a steady diet of inclement KC weather…if there is such a thing…

      i understand the KC team is suppose to have a good running game and the defense is better than average and no idea about the special teams….if KC can control the field position game with a great kicker and return men then i believe you have a QB that can move the sticks and pretty much always get you into FG range with a smattering of TDs (not sure if the reid’s prediction of blowing up the scoreboard is realistic but if it does sort of happen it will also verify my thoughts about the niners play calling coaches)…the one thing niner fans sometimes lose sight of is that the coaching staff of the niners came in pretty much intact and so there was already synergism going on between the coaches….be interesting to see if KC coaches mesh together that well that quickly…..and how effective will the coaches be in getting the timing of the offense in sync….

      yep i will be pretty darn interested in your team