Dolphins Have The Ammunition To Move Up To No. 1

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The Kansas City Chiefs hold the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t trade the pick for the right price.

And according to Miami GM, Jeff Ireland, the Dolphins have enough “ammunition” to pay that price.

Speaking recently with the Palm Beach Post, Ireland said his team has the tradign chips to make a move to No. 1 but he doesn’t think his team will make the move.

“I’ve got enough ammunition to get to the first pick if I wanted to, but I don’t see myself doing that, personally.”

The Dolphins and Chiefs have been linked throughout the offseason. KC is rumored to be willing to trade LT Branden Albert and the Dolphins are in search of a tackle after losing Jake Long in free agency. It has been suggested that the Dolphins might be interested in trading for Albert.

Miami picks at No. 12 in the draft and there is a pretty good chance that the top three tackles, Luke Joeckel, EricFisher and Lane Johnson, will all be gone before Miami’s number is called. If The Dolphins wanted to move up to secure a tackle, they almost certainly could make it happen.

But I doubt they’d need to move all the way up to No. 1.

There is a lot of gamesmanship that happens this time of year. I am not sure what Ireland’s play is here. Mentioning that he has the chips to move up but that he probably won’t. It may be that Ireland is trying to let the Chiefs know that the current asking price is too high.

Chances are price KC is asking for the No. 1 pick will remain high until the draft begins. At that point, the Chiefs may let it be known that they will deal it for a little less. We likely won’t ever find out exactly what goes on behind the scenes but the rumor mill should remain fairly busy over the next couple of weeks.

What do you think, Addicts? Do you want the Chiefs to move back?

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  • chiefridgy

    Not all the way to 12

    • Donkeyhater

      You have to evaluate the talent in this individual draft without comparing it to other years. There aren’t many players in this draft who would be sure top-ten picks in most years so we won’t miss out on much by trading back. Also, there is an abundance of talent from the mid-first through late 2nd rds. Many of these players would be solid 1st or early 2nd rd picks most years, so it would be in the Chiefs best interest to accumulate picks in this area of the draft. We’ll be better off with 2 or 3 really solid players filling areas of need than 1 good/great LT, especially when we already have a good 1.

      • chiefridgy

        I definitely don’t want to draft a left tackle.

        • Donkeyhater

          Exactly, and unfortunately for the Chiefs 3 of the top players in this draft play that position, which is why I would like to trade down even if we can’t get the return we might in most years, as long as it’s reasonable.

          • chiefridgy

            Just because three of the top players in the draft play that position doesn’t mean you have to draft one of them in the 1 spot.

          • Donkeyhater

            Right, but with Reid and Dorsey claiming they will take best player available it will likely be a tackle if we are stuck at 1

          • chiefridgy

            Right, at this point everyone is just guessing

          • Donkeyhater

            Just wondering, who would you like to see us draft?

          • chiefridgy

            I like Dion Jordan

          • Donkeyhater

            Our pass rush would be pretty sick with him, Houston and Hali all on the field. Do you think he can play any ILB?

  • Donkeyhater

    I would much rather trade down for extra picks than take a LT #1 and trade Albert for what may be only a 3rd at this point. If we traded down to Miami’s spot and got say, both their 2nds and a pick next year in the top 3 rounds I think this would be a good trade. There isn’t a big talent gap after the top 10, and we can still get an impact DL like Sheldon Richardson, ILB or OLB such as Ogletree or Jarvis Jones, a guard in Warmack or Cooper, or maybe a RT like Fluker to fill Winston’s spot. You then have the 2 2nds to fill any remaining holes. This would make up for what we gave up in the Alex Smith trade and we won’t have to use the top pick on a position we already have filled.

    • Kyle ferguson

      It sounds good but I don’t think they’ll give up 2 2nd round picks to move up. You would have to think if that happened they would be all in on the a&m tackle wich I doubt when you have two other good lt’s behind him and a pretty good rt as well. But I do like the options at 12 you listed. I would be ok with swapping 1st round picks getting a second at a next year 3rd. Sounds fair to me

      • Jim Harper

        That makes much more sense, but if you trade down to the 12th pick then you better hold on to Albert. My personal preference would be to trade Albert for their 12th pick in round 2, but don’t trade down for anything past the 8th pick, because if you trade Albert you have to be able to draft one of the top 3 tackles.

  • Don Quijote

    If we trade back, we keep Albert and get Warmack or cooper. We need a LG and these two can be there for the next 10 years with many pro bowls under the belt. I think Fins need a LT and will part with their second for Albert. Albert needs to take the 6 or 7 million a year and close the deal. Cady turn down 50 million from Donkeys and now he will not get that in market. Albert will fall in same greedy trap.

    • Spencer

      you ever hear of Schwartz??? he has even said he would rather be a LG….why draft a guy when you have 2 possible starters at that position (schwartz and Allen) rather then get a RT (Johnson) and have Johnson start at RT (Alex smith’s blindside) and stephenson will be the swing tackle, with Jeff Allen being the swing guard…thats a lot of good depth along the line….rather then have 4 guards and forcing Schwartz or Stephenson start at RT (Stephenson not yet being ready and Schwartz being better suited for the guard position)….

      • steve james

        Why do people think Alex is a lefty? His right side is not his blind side

        • Chelsii.

          Both of your sides must be blind because he is clearly a lefty. Zing!

          • chiefridgy

            He may be a lefty, but he throws with his right arm. Zing!

      • Jim Harper

        Alex Smith throws right, so the left tackle covers his blind side.

        • Spencer

          forgive me:(, i was sleep deprived (had the late night shift, and was just thinking oh he’s a lefty soo….):(, anyway yea, but still the point is stll valid, Schwartz is known as a better commodity at Guard then Tackle and do you really want Stephenson starting at Tackle??? Yes he showed flashes but I would rather him be adman good swing tackle back up, have Schwartz/Jeff Allen fight for the starting LG spot and the other can backup both guard spots…then drafting a for say Johnson really complete the line and gives us damn good depth, having Warmack just makes us play Schwartz out of his more natural position and leaves him playing worse hen he could at G (where is has stated is where he wants to play at)….either way, it also gives the team an insurance policy on Albert basically

          • Chief Hokie

            I agree. Guard is probably the last position on the OL we need to worry about. We need a backup center.

          • Spencer

            that ol Center position, if Lilja comes back we are good, if not…then hopefully Barret Jones falls to us in the 3rd, great depth and possible starter if Hudson doesn’t look so hot, or if he just plain beats him out for the starting spot…which is highly possible, but i doubt Jones falls out of the 2nd rnd…dude can play nearly every position on the o-line and do it respectably at least…if it weren’t for his injury i wouldn’t be surprised if he is a late 1st…still could be actually…i’m crossing my fingers thou that he falls to us^^

        • Chelsii.

          Why do Chief fans want to make him right handed? It’s so late in his career much less his life to learn to use a different hand.

      • dominicscarlatti

        Maybe Dorsey/Reid brought Schwartz in to start at ORT. Maybe they believe Stephenson is ready to compete to start at ORT. Getting Lane Johnson is impossible unless the Chiefs trade down in the first to somewhere in the range of the 5th through 9th picks, and it doesn’t appear right now that those teams are interested in trading up to our top pick.

        • Spencer

          you didn’t read what Don said, my reply was based on Don saying that we should trade back and get Warmack, if we trade back I would rather get Johnson (reading comprehension or reading what I was replying to would help you in this place, one or the other was lacking),

          I am assuming from what Schwartz said (that he would prefer to play Guard) that he obviously wants to play guard, and an assumption of my part that Reid and Dorsey have probably talked to him about playing guard (often players repeat what their coaches said, so he could be under the impression of himself starting at guard)

          Stephenson I don’t mind at starting at RT, but Johnson brings in a few things if we do TRADE BACK and get him, 1 he brings a ton of depth, with Johnson starting at RT, Stephenson can be the designated swing tackle, and either Schwartz or Allen could move to RT as well if another injury either to Albert or Stephenson himself happens, (Allen having played tackle in college and Schwartz with his past at RT as well)-if Albert and Johnson both go down, we still are looking good, with Stephenson at LT and Schwartz/Allen at RT, and Allen/Schwartz at G-lots of depth here people

          If we don’t trade out, I want Jordan personally…I like the idea of Jordan playing a hyrbrid 3-4/4-3defensive end (we/I have been hearing/reading a lot about us playing a hybrid set so it makes some sense, adds in pass pressure and our defense gets a lot better/dangerous at getting to the QB, Hali and Houston can’t do it all^^, then Stephenson starts at RT and maybe get a swing tackle in the later rnds…blablablablabla, anyone want a cookie?

          • dominicscarlatti

            There is virtually no chance of being in a position to draft Johnson if we exchange 1st rounders with the Fins. I would have thought you were intelligent enough to figure that out for yourself, as DQ clearly was. And clearly I was wrong about you, Dumbo.

  • Adrian Morales

    I dont think Albert is being greedy hes playin for 10 mil its the coach and gm hanging him as bait hes a proven LT and has been the best and consistent lineman on the team and i think hes top 4 LT

    • Chief Hokie

      I agree except I’d say he’s closer to the 7th or 8th best LT, but he does have the potential to break into the top 5.

  • Guest

    Not all the way to 12

  • big chief

    So this is a story about somebody not wanting our pick. Nice.

  • cyberry

    At pick 12 you can think about ILB Alec Ogletree (which could give us the best linebackering core in the NFL)..S Kenny Vaccaro (to pair with Berry to be become one of the top secondarys..or even Sheldon Richardson… so many different options but give an extra pick for Tyler

  • RepOurChiefs

    Fine! You dont want #1,we dont want you to have it. Good luck with that tackle situation buddy. “Thumbs up” lol

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