Chiefs’ Branden Albert To Sign Franchise Tender

Michael Hickey-USA TODAY Sports

According to USA Today, Kansas City Chiefs LT Branden Albert will sign the franchise tender the team offered him for the 2013 season.

This means Albert is guaranteed to make over $9 million in 2013.

Albert signing now means we are unlikely to see him sit out training camp like WR Dwayne Bowe did last season. Bowe waited to sign his franchise tender and because he was not under contract, he could not be fined for missing required practices.

The Chiefs and Albert can still work out a long-term deal. They have until July 15th to sign Albert to another deal. If the two sides can’t come together by then, Albert will have to play the 2013 season under the franchise tag.

Now that Albert has signed, he can also be traded. Any team trading for Albert would want a guarantee that he will renegotiate his deal. Otherwise, the trading team would be taking a gamble on a play that it might only be able to retain for one year.

Funny enough,’s Peter King reported earlier today that the Chiefs would listen to any team interested in trading for Albert. The timing of Albert’s signing his tender could be a coincidence but I can’t help but wonder if a trade is in the works.

If the Chiefs did have a deal on the table and the team offering the deal was a team Albert wanted to play for, Albert would need to sign his contract with the Chiefs before being dealt.

Or Albert may just want to get signing his tender out of the way.

What do you think?

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  • Priest4Prez

    I don’t Lucy…something sounds funny to me

    • Patrick Allen

      Who is Lucy? ;P

      • KCMikeG

        Lucille Ball. Think that was a Ricky Ricardo quote?

        • Priest4Prez

          yes sir

  • Don Quijote

    Now that Miami lost LT Long, I think they will trade up to get Luck L and reunite with QB Tanny and Sherman. Also, if we draft Luck then I would trade Albert if he does not want to play Rt. Long got 36 Million for 4 years from the Rams. I think Albert would get 27 Mil max on the market for four years.

    • ArrowFan

      and why is long that much better than Albert?

      • Michael Shaw

        Only reason I can think of is younger maybe?????? Or were they in the same draft together?

        • Spencer

          Long will be 28 this season, Albert will be 29 (they will turn these ages during the season)…Long has been ranked 21st and 49th the last 2 years overall as a starting LT in the passing game….Albert had been top 5, Albert is already a better run blocker (last year he was admittedly bad in the stats performance, BUT look at our gameplan and the 2 years prior, 1 yr without McCluster he was the best to the outside and 5th up his ally, year before WITH Charles was 3rd to his left and 12th up his ally….damn good run blocker…

          LONG is a PRODUCT of his name and draft selection, not skill….extremely surprised he got such a nice deal by the Rams….good deal by Miami to let him walk…even though they did want him back

    • Michael Shaw

      What lineman is named Luke L????

    • berttheclock

      The ESPN crew of AFC West believes Miami for one of their 2nd round picks will be the deal. But, signing the tender means more cap restructure if he is not traded

    • Calchiefsfan

      and why would the Chiefs pay someone, who is an above average LT, $9+ miliion to play right tackle?

  • Francisco Quezada

    I dont like the idea of trading BA unless
    1: They trade him to clear cap space & sign a RT and a ILB in FA
    2: KC can draft a LT in the draft…
    3: & get more draft picks

    • Danny W

      Exactly. I honestly think there are three LT better than Albert in the draft. If we could get some more picks out of him then great.

      • ArrowFan

        Until proven there are no LT in the draft better than Albert. It would be stupid to trade away a proven one for a hypothetical one.

        • Calchiefsfan

          Thank you

        • Danny W

          I’d rather take a risk on someone younger who’s going to be cheaper and grades out better out in college than a guy whose already said he will refuse to move to guard and will probably never make the pro bowl or crack the top ten in LT”s in the league who also has a back injury that’s a giant question mark right now.

          • ArrowFan

            I’m sorry but I believe he only gave up one sack this year but hey who is counting. I don’t have a problem with drafting a guy to maybe replace him next year. Again it is stupid to trade him away now and replace with a rookie who in all likely hood will not preform as well as Albert would this year. Of course unless we are not planing on competing this year then the move would make sense.

            On a side note why is everyone still convinced that Albert would make a good guard? He has never played guard in the NFL? Also last I checked I didn’t think we had a glaring hole at the guard position? I thought what we had was a couple of young guys who where improving steadily and to replace any one of them with a rookie or say Albert who would play like a rookie at the position will only set our line back, not improve it. I want a dominate O line as bad as the next guy and I also feel like that is the true secret of any RB, WR, and QB’s success in the NFL. But I believe we have one in the making and we only need to give our younger line a little more time to develop not keep messing with them.

        • Doug McD

          Unless you know that you won’t have him next year no matter what you do. You trade to get value out of something that could become nothing. Kinda like trading a car in when you think it might have a bad transmission. Just saying.

  • Danny W

    Yeah I think he’s getting dealt. I see the Chiefs drafting some stud O linemen.

  • KCMikeG

    I’ve been wrong one other time in my life ;-) but with Albert saying he wants to play here, him signing his tag and our front office saying they are working on a long term deal I find it odd that all it takes is Williamson to say “I THINK” and suddenly the “word” is that the Chiefs are entertaining trading him. This is just like Mayock saying there are NO QB’s worth taking until the later part of the first round and then Geno’s pro day over rules 4 years of performance and film and Mayock says he is a top 10 pick & Shazzam he is one now.

    • KCMikeG

      Plus why would we want to be without a starting LT & RT? Are we going to draft them both in the first round? with our #1 & the #1 we get for BA? Doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Jim Harper

        I’m with Mike on this one. I cannot imagine why we would trade him and then draft two tackles as the starters. I don’t care how much upside they have you don’t start rookies at your most important positions on the offensive line. Especially when they are responsible for protecting your new QB.

  • ArrowFan

    I would like to think he is just a stand up guy and wants it signed so that he can get off on a good foot with the new leadership and show up for all of camp.

  • Michael Shaw

    I am thinking he is signing his FT now to show he is a team player to leverage more money in his long term deal. I really see no reason for the team not to get him long term. He is a great LT IMO and would set us up to be real good if we get Joeckel to play RT. That way if Albert goes down with a back injury we have one of the best college LT’s to come out this year to back him up and Stephenson could handle RT until Albert comes back from injury, should he get injured of course. I wouldn’t want that to happen, but it would be best for the team if they planned for that scenario given his issues the last couple of years.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Good deal. The team has said they hope to sign him long-term. I hope they do just that. I think that might even give them some additional cap space.

  • berttheclock

    Albert lives in the Miami area during the off season. The logical trade would be for one the two 2nd round picks Miami has to trade. Then, should some team crave Geno, we might be able to pick up another fairly high 2nd round pick as well.

    • micah stephenson

      Wow! U cheap! Most teams want a 1st rd pc for they franchise player. And you wud trade down for a 2nd wen everyone else wants 2 1st rounders and mayby more.

    • calciomoti

      I thought a franchised player was worth two first round picks if they were to negotiate with another team…so why would we go for two second round picks?

  • berttheclock

    The year Brady Quinn entered the draft, the fans Cleveland were screaming for Savage to take him. BQ was a local product who had done well at ND. However, Savage, wisely, took Joe Thomas, the LT, instead with their first pick in the first round and BQ much deeper in the first round. Joe Thomas is a solid rock. BQ is BQ is BQ. Only the ladies were upset in the Cleveland area when BQ departed.

  • micah stephenson

    I dont think anybody is giving up a 1st rd pk for him with 4 or 5 good OTs looking for a job. Besides why get rid of both OTS? L.Jokel might b good but he aint that dam good wur he can play LT and RT. I wonder if the Chiefs think Stephenson can start at RT and will they draft GENO SMITH!

    • Michael Shaw

      Yes Stephenson can handle RT and NO they aren’t drafting Geno. I do love your persistence though!!! LOL!

  • Francisco Quezada

    Somebody better give a 1st rounder for BA or no deal..

  • redchiefs

    Out there in Free Agency are still both Sebastian Vollmer and Andre Smith. How were they rated as OTs last year? Surely they’re half the price BA is due under the TAG? Sign one of them (if they rate out) Trade out of #1, then draft one of L Joekel, Eric Fisher, or that Johnson kid from OU at # 7 or #8?

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