Alex Smith Is The Starter, According To Andy Reid

The Kansas City Chiefs introduced QB Alex Smith to the media today out at Arrowhead Stadium and head coach Andy Reid did not hold back in declaring Smith his guy.

As some questions about the future of former Chiefs starter Matt Cassel were thrown out by the media, someone asked Reid about whether or not Smith might see any competition from recently acquired former New Orleans Saints QB Chase Daniel.

“I’m going to speak with a little bit of a forked tongue here,” said Reid. “I’m gonna tell you, every position we try to present competition because we think that brings out the greatness in the player. I just think that makes you a better football team. But I’ll tell you, Alex is, he is the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Some folks had questions just what KC’s plans were for Chase Daniel in the wake of the information being released that Daniel’s contract is fairly generous as far as backup QBs is concerned. Still, the Chiefs gave up a very high draft pick (possibly two) to acquire Smith and there isn’t a chance, at least at first, that he won’t be starting when the season kicks off next September.

For Smith it was probably nice to hear Reid declare him “the guy.” Smith was having a terrific season in San Francisco when he was injured and eventually replaced by his own backup in Colin Kaepernick.

So for better or worse, Addicts, Alex Smith is our guy. Let’s get behind him.

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  • Michael Tavis

    No surprise here but im sure it was music to Alex Smiths ears.

  • Justin Jones

    lets support our team! go chiefs! time for all the hating to end.

    • GDL40

      Agree ! …… as much as I hated the move, it’s done and he”s our guy now, and there’s no looking back. Lets give him a shot at it at least, instead of turning on him before even playing a snap for us !

  • Mark McDaneld

    I think Alex will do some good things in KC. Just heard the Donkeys landed Wes Welker. That’s not so good. Having to play the Manning-Welker hook-up twice a season is gonna wear out the secondary.

    • Michael Tavis

      You forgot about Eric Decker and Thomas as well.

      • Mark McDaneld

        Just saying he didn’t need another WR the caliber of Welker.

        • Michael Tavis

          I agree but I still dont think the Broncos got that much better. WR was already a strength so its not like they filled a need. If they sign DRC I will be worried.

          • Mark McDaneld

            He would just stretch the field more than they do now. Manning will find the open man and he doesn’t need a crap load of time to do it. DRC needs to sign with KC. I was living in Arizona when DRC was drafted by the Cards. The man can ball. I agree that if the Donks sign him, might as well hand over the AFC West.

          • Mark McDaneld

            And when I say “stretch the field” I know a safety would have to account for him underneath, opening up for Decker or Thomas.

          • Michael Tavis

            OR a Nickel corner. Also sorry to say but DRC signed a 1 year deal with the broncos. I am not handing over the AFC West until I know whether the Chiefs are getting a quality CB or not.

          • Mark McDaneld

            Dee Miliner.

    • shayaan

      arenas shut down welker when we played the pats in 2011. 2 catches for 22 yards. thomas is still a much bigger concern.

    • Jim Harper

      Yeah, that move hurts. We really need to get Brent Grimes, Sean Smith, or DRC

  • Adam Sherman

    We are supporting our team! Yaay it’s our favorite team!

    We can doubt whatever decisions we want (made by GM/HC) and praise others. Everyone has OPINIONS, and even if your opinion is that Alex Smith starting for your favorite NFL team is the stinky ass turd of all situations, the fact that you have an opinion on that, and care enough to spend some your free time blogging about it on chiefs websites, means that you love the team. That being said, of course there is nothing we can do but get excited to watch chiefs games on TV again and sit back and watch what happens on the field. and do keg stands while watching what happens on the field…. especially when AS throws an INT… and if his INT’s exceed 30+ yard passing completions for any given game….and when AS is chucking it around instead of Jamaal getting the ball…

    • Jason Seibel


      • Michael Shaw

        I was going to say the same thing so What the HAIL are you talking about Raider fan???

    • Jim Harper

      You are right that everyone has OPINIONS and mine is that you sound like a first class jerk.

      • Jason Seibel

        I was understanding him until the part about keg stands.That’s where it got a little fuzzy for me.

        • redchiefs

          A keg tends to make alot of people fuzzy on the brain.

    • chiefridgy


    • Joe Myers

      are you bipolar ??? .

  • shayaan

    there’s a glimmer of hope in me that says alex smith, with the experience he’s gained, will respond favorably to andy reid’s coaching and passer-friendly offense.

  • Jim Harper

    Absolutely! Alex is the face of the Chiefs now and deserves nothing less than our full support. Personally I can’t wait to go to camp and see him up close. Go Alex! Go Chiefs!

    • steve james

      Me too! Any info on dates yet?

    • Joe Myers

      I don’t know about you Jim you seem some what stuck up . Could I be wrong ??? . No one tells me to get in line I’ll send Alex to the the shacles just because every one tells me to fallow suite grab your pitch forks !!!!! . No but really I dont like Alex smith he won’t a SB and we are going to be stuck with almost for the next four years . I dont like that HAVE to route for Alex just because he’s our guy im go into support the chiefs . I hope Alex does win a SB with the chiefs or just a playoff game to start with . I dont think you can honestly tell me you really think Alex smith will take to a SB and win it !!! .

      • Joe Myers

        Wow I slaughter grammar in this comment bahahahahaha

    • Doug McD

      I can’t wait until they get on the field! Welcome Alex! I hope you are as excited as we all are to have you here!

      I still want another secondary player. Especially with the news about the Donkeys yesterday. We could use another piece of physicality at the line for the slot. I’m sure the Pats will work overtime to kill the Donkeys next year. Can’t wait to see that game, I see that as a Monday nighter.

  • Ron Gotti

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  • Michael Shaw

    Okay did anyone see the look and smirk on Alex’s face when the moron asked if he looked at the playbook while waiting for the trade to be finalized??? That was freaking funny. He looks really excited to be on our team.

  • Mark McDaneld

    This FA period looks like a chess match between the Donkeys and Chiefs. If our boys play to their potential, this should be a hell of a season for us. Buuuut, as long as the Faders suck, I’ll be content.

  • Billie Cabral

    Agreed. Time to look to the future and not dwell on the past. Scott Egoli and the softies are gone. Now it’s time for the Chiefs to buck up and show them donkeys who runs the West! Hmm. We still could use a starting cornerback opposite Flowers though and a reliable ILB opposite D.J

  • Tom Antrim

    “Alex Smith Is The Starter, According To Andy Reid.”

    Of course he is.

  • oldchiefsfan

    Ok then. Let’s go Alex! Win us some games!!