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NFL Free Agency 2013: Unofficial Kickoff Open Thread

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As we told you earlier today, the unofficial start of NFL free agency is tonight at midnight east coast time.

While players cannot sign contracts until Tuesday, agents can begin negotiations on behalf of their clients. So while the Chiefs can’t call up, say, Wes Welker, and invite him to KC tomorrow for a visit, they can call Welker’s agent and offer the receiver a contract. The sides can then agree “in principle” until they are allowed to put pen to paper on Tuesday afternoon.

Since this has never happened before, we here at Arrowhead Addict and FanSided aren’t sure exactly what, if anything, will go down at midnight tonight. Agents and teams could immediately start leaking rumors to the press or nothing could happen at all until tomorrow afternoon. One thing is for sure, rumors and reports will emerge this weekend.

And we’re going to be ready for them.

Some of the boys here at FanSided are staying up late tonight just in case any news hits the Twitterverse.

Thus, I present to you the Arrowhead Addict Unofficial Start of Free Agency Open Thread. This post exists for you to chat it up with other Addicts throughout the night, to leave comments about things your seeing or hoping will happen or just to generally talk any and all things Chiefs. If any of you actually bother to drop a few comments, I’ll be checking in throughout the evening to chat and answer questions.

If none of you do take advantage of this thread, well, congratulations on having a life. Good for you. ;)

Enjoy an GO CHIEFS!

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  • chiefridgy

    Congratulations on having a life…..hilarious!

    • Patrick Allen

      Ha thanks!

    • sidibeke

      And alas, here we are…

  • Jamie Denton

    I think there are some good FA aquisitions out there for the Chiefs to take advantage of, that could really help out our team, and thus leave the draft to really build for the future of the organization! But with that being said and all of the contract signings and things the Chiefs have done recently I am really confused on where we stand on the Cap? I heard releasing Winston only saved us $700,000 on it. So does any one out there actually know if we are over or under and if so how much?

    • Patrick Allen

      It depends on who we cut. If Cassel goes that covers Alex Smith. We also get some relief from Dorsey leaving. Of course, that leaves us shirt an end. Keep in mind the Chiefs are allowed to carry over unused cap from last year.

      • calciomoti

        Paddy, I figured we would have heard something about Cassel by now, I thought he was/is a stand up guy, and would be given the same classy treatment as Winston was. Unless we are looking for a trade partner?!?

        • PunjabiPete

          Or they talked to him and he is OK being a backup or they told him they are gonna let him battle Smith for starting duties in camp? I’d be OK with letting him prove he deserves another chance or that he is a backup and then making that decision early on… Im tired of worrying about player’s feelings or any of that stuff. I want the best QB on the field,and I don’t care if his last name is Cassel, Smith, Quinn, Stanzi or Charles.

          • calciomoti

            indeed, this is a business, but damn Cassel would be an extremely expensive backup…just sayin

    • micah stephenson

      Where did u hear cuting Winston only saves 700,000 becus wen i say that i get people saying its 3.5?

      • Jamie Denton

        Micah I have read this on several different stories posted about Winston! I have also heard the 3.5 as well this is why I am confused as I know Winston didn’t play that well last year, and he was definitely a BIG MOUTH, although I do like the fact that our players stand up for each other although I would rather see it taken out on the other team on the field (like the good ol days) rather than leashing out to the masses of fans for a few fans mistakes, but to cut the guy to save only 700,000? Doesn’t sound like a smart move to me and leads me to believe there is more to it than what is being said!

  • Chris Tarrants

    I for one am really confused on what we are doing, and what plan they are executing. We tag Albert and then can Eric “mouth” Winston? What does it really mean? Would we really use the first over all pick on a guy that will play RT? With a couple glaring holes that are still unsolved I just don’t get it! What QB will be our back up? Do we go after a FA cb or draft milliner?

    • calciomoti

      Donald Stephenson maybe? Or maybe a 3rd round pick, we have 2 right? Oh…my head hurts trying to figure these guys out! So, we have heard nothing about Glenn Dorsey then?

    • Patrick Allen

      If we do pick one I am leaning Milliner.

    • Bill Jones

      I believe we draft Joeckel and let him play RT. He gets accustom to the speed of the game and then moves to LT next year. I don’t think we are going to work a long term deal with Albert. He is here for this year and then I believe he walks. Hopefully not. I think his injuries might be scarring the new leadership for a long term deal. At some point either in the later rounds (for spot duty and learning) or through free agency ( can you still contribute) we pick up a RT that is cap friendly. I think our QB of the future will be next years find. We will get a free agent QB and sit idle for this year in that position. I have nothing to offer for the defensive side of the house. My crystal ball is foggy. I am not mad at the moves so far because after last year…anything is better. It is all up from here!

      • calciomoti

        I hope it’s up…because it sure as hell could be parallel :O

        I gotta say it…who the F has ever heard of drafting a RT first overall? If a CB has never been drafted #1 overall, then how long will it be before banners fly overhead again, asking for heads to roll? I sure hope it is Friday, the day after the 1st round…that is if they do something dumb like you mentioned Bill.

        • Spencer

          the Vikings did^^, got a hall of famer out of it…forgot his name, something like Yemery or something like that

          but to be fair…he was supposed to be a LT…just wasn’t good at LT so he moved to RT where he became a hall of fame caliber tackle…

          • calciomoti

            well, Dorsey did say that he wanted an HOF player with this pick….I guess that would be fine by me!

          • KCMikeG

            Ron Yary?

  • Jesse Obrien

    I like the Wes Welker idea. Can we expand on that!

  • Jason

    I wonder what they plan to do with cassel? IMO since its taken so long I expect to see that they restructured his contract. He would be one of the best backups in the league if he stuck around.

    If they do cut him I guess they want to make sure the trade for smith is official?

    • Jason Seibel

      I think they’ve got him packaged for a draft day trade.

  • [email protected]

    The thing everyone keeps forgetting is….this is fun i’m having a blast. This confusion and uncertainty, its exciting. I can’t remember how long its been that I haven’t had any idea in the world what this front office has in super for us.the only thing I do know is this is a roller coaster ride, I can’t wait to see what’s next…GO CHIEFS!!!!!

    • [email protected]

      like I said we just signed dunta robinson cb Bravo!!!! Big pick up

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Chiefs made a splash already in signing CB Dunta Robinson to a three-year deal.

  • Syn

    ESPN reporting Chiefs & Dunta Robinson agree to 3 yr deal … Not really sure if that completely fills the CB hole or not though if true

    • Erik Hild

      Anything is better than letting areanas and Jalil brown be our starters

      • Syn

        True true … Just I’ve always kinda looked at Dunta as an up and down player

      • Spencer

        not true…Jalil can develop and get better, Arenas is a good slot cb…not so much outside (everyone knows that) anyway…Route wasn’t exactly better then either of the two soooooooo^^

    • Spencer

      Dunta will be 33 at the end of the deal, didn’t have a great season last year LOVE it as a depth move…not so much starter….
      here are some stats for him

      Robinson considered over valued…gave up a 66% catch rate in his 3 years with Atlanta…as said…a good rotation/slot cb (good run stopper for the cb) not a very good coverage guy….maybe a safety…but if this is our solution to the cb opposite flowers then this is basically a Route IMO

  • Richard Comstock

    We got a good cb! Daunta robinson is physical! I hope they go after another one but atleast we got one!!

    To tired to go into te stats on my phone… Anyone awake to go into this?

  • Patrick Allen

    Chiefs make contact with Sean Smith of the Dolphins. Post on the main page.

    • Richard Comstock

      I knew it!!! Smith and robinson wtf!!!! Go chiefs! I love it

      • Patrick Allen

        Would be pretty cool.

  • Patrick Allen

    Looks like the Chiefs stole Dunta from the Donkeys

  • Nico Marquez

    So far fa looking good I would like to see one maybe two more positions being filled Inside linebacker and tight end. I would really like to see chiefs try and push for the great TG

  • Michael Tavis

    Jets and Chiefs have contacted Rodgers Cromarties agent.