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Todd McShay Updated NFL Mock Draft 2013: Chiefs Select...

ESPN draft expert Todd McShay has updated his 2013 NFL Mock Draft and finally, we have a different name at the top for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now that the Chiefs have locked up LT Branden Albert, McShay thinks they will go with the dreaded defensive lineman pick.

And that lineman will be Star Lotulelei out of Utah.

From McShay:

Analysis: Most people will have OT Luke Joeckel going to the Chiefs, even after they franchised OT Brandon Albert, and I think that’s a viable option. But I’m also convinced that Lotulelei is very much in play for the Chiefs at No. 1. First off, the Chiefs have handled their business on offense with the trade for QB Alex Smith, the re-signing of WR Dwayne Bowe to a five-year deal, and placing the franchise tag on Albert. Don’t be surprised if the focus shifts to defense in April’s draft.

The Chiefs, under new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, will continue to operate out of a base 3-4. By adding Lotulelei at DE alongside former first-round picks in NT Dontari Poe and DE Tyson Jackson, it would give them a tremendously talented young front to build around. This group could become a brick wall versus the run, with Poe and Lotulelei capable of exploiting some one-on-one pass-rushing opportunities as Tamba Hali and Justin Houston grab extra attention on the perimeter.

McShay has a point but we know Kansas City fans are sick to death of defensive lineman. Still, if KC let’s Glenn Dorsey walk in free agency, snagging a top defensive line prospect might be the best way to go.

It should be noted that McShay still doesn’t have a QB going in the top ten. If that scenario would play out, it is possible teams could try to trade back in to the late first round to get their guy. The Chiefs, however, would have a hard time doing that since they reportedly sent their second-round pick to the 49ers for Alex Smith.

Unless the Chiefs somehow acquire a new second-rounder via trade, KC won’t pick again until the top of the third round.

Do you want the Chiefs to select Star?

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  • Michael Shaw

    ONLY if his heart issue is a NON issue. But, like I have been saying for about a month now, I would rather we get Milliner with our #1 pick or trade back or draft Chance Warmack at #1!!! I would be happy with any of those moves. Of course if Philly does let Nhamdi Asamoah go, then I say PAY THE MAN!!!!! Then we could draft either Warmack or Star #1 and I would be ecstatic!!!!!

    • cpachecoiii

      My fantasy pick would be us still trading down a few picks, and then drafting Warmack. Then we would have Asamoah, and Warmack at guards, Hudson at center,and Albert and Winston at tackles. Not too shabby! Also, I totally agree with you on Nhamdi Asamoah at CB. That would be awesome!

      • Steven Swaggerty

        The Chiefs RELEASED Winston, EINSTEIN!!!

    • john woodley

      Don’t think Andy would want to go down that overpayed road again

      • Michael Shaw

        There is one major difference with his old team and his new team. His old team had an offensive coach trying to play defensive coordinator. His NEW team has a no shit Defensive Coordinator in Bob Sutton. Plus, Sutton just left a team with Darelle Revis, so I am betting if Nhamdi becomes available, they could easily take a shot at him. He is a man to man corner that was asked to play the wrong scheme in Philly. Here in KC he would be asked to shut down the side of the field opposite of Flowers! My mouth is watering thinking about how many sacks our defense will have next year if they make this move or get Milliner with the #1!!!

  • chiefridgy

    I don’t know anymore!

    • tm1946

      I am with you, We will have to trust Dorsey//Reid to get a guy that fits their plan. Heck, it may mean Geno for all I know anymore.

  • Da Menace

    I think Star would be a fine pick, that would make a solid d line for sure. I’m hoping for some offense later rounds like Burkhead from Nebraska, or a QB like Landry Jones

  • dominicscarlatti

    If his heart checks out okay, then he would be a terrific choice.

  • Killerdoctor27

    NO, NO, NO, and NO!!!! You do NOT take a run stuffing DT in the top 5 let alone #1 overall!!! Maybe 10 years ago you would entertain the idea. But it’s now a passing league and the only D line men you should take in the top 5 are guys who can get after the passer. You need guys when push comes to shove vs the BEST QBs in the NFL can get them on the ground. Why do you think the Giants have been so successful in the playoffs? They know that in this league you need great pass rushers to get after these great QBs. Unless you play the Vikings every week I see no way you can justify taking ANOTHER run stopping DT in the top 5. The value is no longer there. I would try to trade Albert for another 1st round pick and draft Luke Joeckel #1. Then with the 2nd 1st round pick go after the best playmaker on offense or defense left on the board at that time. If you cant trade Albert I would still take Luke Joeckel because he is the best player and can open so many options for this Chiefs Oline. He would be a very valuable commodity to help protect your new QB.

    • Michael Shaw

      NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!! Spending a #1 on a LT after “securing” Albert for the year is about as dumb as using your #2 to get Alex Smith and then drafting Geno Smith with the #1 overall. It doesn’t make any sense. Albert won’t move to LG since he has been a LT his whole NFL career and if you draft Joeckel to play LG you might just as well go ahead Warmack instead as he will be a better LG than Joeckel could ever dream of being!!! As for trading Albert, not gonna happen. They have basically said they want and need him on the team. I doubt they are even thinking about a T in this years draft. Donald Stephenson did a great job in relief last year for Branden, so we really don’t need another back up to Albert. We need a starter at LG, which I am fine putting Jeff Allen there as I think he also did a great job last year, but I think Warmack will be another John Tait, Will Shields or Brian Waters!!!

      • Killerdoctor27

        When comparing a LT and a G it obvious that a LT is by far the more valuable player. YOU DO NOT TAKE A GUARD # 1 OVERALL!! Think about it like this…. If Albert were to go down would Warmack be able to fill in at LT? I think not! Joeckel has the athleticism and talent to play guard if need be but Warmack would be killed going up against the likes of Von Miller on the outside. Joeckel is obviously the more valuable player and would open more options to the Oline if someone was to get hurt. Now that Winston has been released it seems the Chiefs have their eyes on Joeckel with that #1 pick.

      • Steven Swaggerty

        John Tait was a Left Tackle!!

    • Outback Chief

      YES,YES,and YES You are correct the Chiefs ESPECIALLY need push up the middle and if all you get for the first pick of the draft is a run stopper well I’ll sacrifice myself for brain trauma and do it for half the price. cuz my ass will plug that gap even if I have to back in. Even if they say Star’s heart is ok do you really want to spend a 1st pick on guy that had to be medically cleared.
      I’d rather take a physically gifted Cance Warmack OG with the 1st pick than Star ‘The Heart attack Kid’ Lotulelei

  • Joe Myers

    so after Glen Dorsey , tyson Jackson you really think they will use a 1st round pick on a dt in a draft that’s full of dt and CB and db …. I dont think so I think they will try hard trade down if not take a CB of still take luke

  • Jim Harper

    All depends on his heart. If it is clear then absolutely!

  • Lenny Lieurance

    Actually doesn’t McShay have Geno going to Arizona? Thought I saw that on espn earlier.

  • Ron White

    Only if they sign a FA corner. Then this pick may make the best sense. Although I would be leaning more towards a penetrating DE that can create some havoc on any down. As long as Sutton turns them loose….

  • Carlos Nevarez

    You can make an argument for about 6-8 guys for the first round pick. I can’t wait for April!!

  • freshmeat62

    As long as they get a difference maker, I don’t care who they pick #1. Lotulelei would be fine as long as the docs say his heart is OK. Until Winston got released, I thought they might try to trade Albert for another 1st round pick, replacing the 2nd rounder they gave up, but now I don’t think so. Almost every day they do something unexpected. This is better than “General Hospital”, and “As The World Turns”, etc.

  • Steven Swaggerty

    I have a really hard time understanding the thought process on this blog. The Broncos 10-6? They will go 5-1 at the worst in the Division. So your saying they are only going to go 5-5 against the rest of the League? Seriously?

    • Michelle Greenway Osborne

      How do you know that they will go 5-1 in the division? It is the NFL anything can happen. Say the first game Manning goes down for the year, oswiler comes in sucks it up and they are picking top 5 next year. All i am saying is anything can happen. You say denver goes 5-1 in the division I say its at least 5-2 cause we are going to beat them twice ;-)