November 25, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith (11) paces the sidelines during first quarter of their game against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) started the game instead of Smith. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Alex Smith Trade: Dreams Crushed, Hope Found

Last week I told everyone that despite speculation that the KC Chiefs might be interested in Alex Smith I was going to ride the “Geno Smith to KC” bandwagon until the wheels fell off. With it now all but certain that Alex Smith will be the next KC QB it appears that my bandwagon ride was short lived. This trade not only caused the wheels to fall off the bandwagon, it likely burnt the whole thing to the ground.

As regular readers may know, my outlook is usually a positive one. I like to take enjoyment out of following the Chiefs (despite their recent efforts to make that impossible) so I don’t usually like to dwell on the bad or the frustrating. There are usually enough voices out there spelling out every misstep the team makes anyway. That having been said, I want to take a second to explain why this trade initially upset me so much.

It’s NOT that I don’t think Alex Smith can be a good NFL starting QB.

It’s NOT that they gave up their #34 draft pick for him (although that does sting).

It’s that the dream of seeing the Chiefs draft a QB that turns into a star and leads them to a Super Bowl has been crushed. I’m 35 years old and have no memory of Todd Blackledge as a Kansas City Chief. The first QB that I remember is Steve DeBerg. That means that in my entire lifetime as a Chiefs fan I have never seen them commit a high draft pick to a QB. I have watched year after year as other teams drafted QBs that eventually led them to championships. I wasn’t thinking that KC would land the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in this draft or even the next Andrew Luck or RG3, but the next Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, or Joe Flacco seemed at least possible.

That’s what drafting Geno Smith #1 overall would have been for me. It would have opened the door to the possibility of that dream coming true for the team I loved. Was I confident that Geno would turn into that guy? No, but I was willing to chance that for a shot at greatness. In my opinion the best way to win a Super Bowl is to hit on a big time QB and you can only hit on one if you’re willing to try. This trade meant that for the foreseeable future KC is not willing to risk it. They’re going to play it safe. The realization that this dream is now dead took the wind out my sails. To be honest, it was probably two full days before I even started reading any Chiefs related material again because it was just too depressing for me.

I’d love to sit here and say that I’m over it now. That I no longer feel that way and that I’m now 100% convinced that trading for Alex Smith was the right thing to do, but that would be a lie. I still feel bummed about the loss of possibility that I saw in Geno Smith but now that my “I don’t want Alex Smith! I want our OWN QB!” hissy fit is about over the rational part of my brain is starting to see the possible upside in Alex Smith.

First, Andy Reid and John Dorsey went to the combine and took a really close and hard look at the QBs that are available in this draft. They reportedly met with 8 different QBs while at the combine (Barkley, Bray, Dysert, Glennon, Manuel, Nassib, Smith, and Wilson). After watching these guys on tape, seeing them throw up close at the combine, and meeting with them face to face they went straight back to KC and traded for Alex Smith. That says something to me. Despite all the potential that “I” see in Geno Smith, the Chiefs weren’t interested. The Chiefs would rather have Alex Smith.

The “hissy fit” throwing emotional part of me says that the reason they want Alex over Geno is that they are playing it “safe” and are scared of what might happen if Geno didn’t pan out. However, as days go by the rational part of my brain has started to jump in with a Lee Corso-esque “Not so fast my friend”.

Is picking Alex Smith over Geno Smith really the safe and easy choice? These guys are taking over a team whose fan base flew banners over the stadium in protest over the old regime. This old regime’s #1 crime against the fans was sticking with a QB that they traded a 2nd round pick to get. The fans wore black to the games and left the stadium half empty for most of the season. These fans, the people whose money pays for their multi-million dollar operation are SCREAMING at the top of their lungs for these guys to end the 30 year drought of not drafting our own franchise QB and they still went straight home from the combine and traded for Alex Smith.

These guys aren’t stupid. They had to know that the average fan that was screaming for Scott Pioli to get fired would see the parallels between the Cassel and Smith trades and freak out. They had to know that trading for Alex Smith and having it fail would infuriate the fan base 100 times more than drafting a QB that failed would. Playing a rookie QB would actually be “safer” for their job security because people wouldn’t expect the rookie to be good right away and if he never panned out they’d still get credit with a lot of fans for at least trying.

That tells me that this isn’t about playing it safe. It says to me that these guys honestly believe that Alex Smith has a better chance of leading the Chiefs to a Super Bowl than Geno Smith or any other QB in this draft does.

I may not like that answer, I may not want to agree with that answer, but that’s the only logical explanation that makes sense, and this is coming from a guy that was in a full blown “I WANT MY GENO!!!” hissy fit just a few days ago.

The other thing that the logical part of my brain has started to pick up on is how it’s not just about them not liking the rookie QBs, they actually must see something in Alex Smith that they like. Why you ask? Because John Dorsey and Andy Reid have direct ties to other QBs that I’m sure could have been had for the same deal that they gave San Francisco, those QBs being Matt Flynn and Nick Foles. I know the Eagles have said that they want to keep Foles, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t fit Chip Kelly’s system and had KC offered them the #34 pick they could have taken a QB like EJ Manuel for Kelly to develop behind Mike Vick. Dorsey helped draft Flynn in Green Bay and saw him up close when he was there. Reid drafted Foles just last season and knows what he’s capable of. Despite these personal connections the Chiefs went after Smith. That tells me they see something in him that they think gives them the best chance to win.

So what could that be?

The emotional and ticked off part of me says that it’s to come be a play it safe, game manager, who will just hand the ball off to Jamaal Charles and whose personal contribution to the team will simply be not turning the ball over.

But then that pesky logical side of my brain starts sounding like Lee Corso again.

“Couldn’t they have trained a rookie to hand the ball off and not throw risky passes? Why give up valuable draft picks and enrage the fan base for that?”

I mean they couldn’t possibly think that Alex Smith could actually contribute to winning games, could they? Clearly Smith’s success in SF was all about Jim Harbaugh, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, and their defense.

That’s what I was thinking until yesterday. Then two things happened, I read THIS blog post from a 49ers fan stating that Alex Smith’s improvement actually started the year before Harbaugh got there when they fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye (who KC fans know all about), and then I got an email from my step brother/fellow Chiefs die hard, Cory Zellers (props on the excellent info). The email included some numbers that he had crunched. Here’s a direct quote from his email explaining what he did.

I dug into his (Alex Smith) stats and settled on the last 2 seasons (including post season) plus 2010 after he returned from injury in week 14. This gave me a nice round 32 games (2 seasons).

Ultimately I wanted to take his best play (last 32 games) and ratio the attempts (and remaining stats) up to the average # of attempts for an Andy Reid offense. I know Smith was a “game manager” in SF and Reid has had pass first offenses his whole career. I knew there was going to be a big difference in number of attempts, but I was a little surprised at the results. I pulled together all of Reid’s seasons in Philly and threw out his first year (Pederson and McNabb) to come up with an average season’s passing stats.

I then ratio-ed up Alex Smith’s avg season from the last 32 games from 416 attempts (per season) to 562 attempts (Reid’s avg season). The results were not earth shattering, but I would be pretty happy with a season like that out of Alex Smith.

Here are the results. If you take the completion percentage (63%), yards per attempt (7.5), and percentage of TD passes (4.8%) and interceptions (1.3%) that Alex Smith has had over his past 32 games and increased the attempts to the typical Andy Reid season you get a season that looks like this:

354-562 (63%), 4,189 yards (7.5 YPA), 27 TDs and 7 INTs.

That’s a pretty good season by any standard and that’s what I believe John Dorsey and Andy Reid think they are bringing to Kansas City. For a basis of comparison, the closest QB numbers to that from last season are probably Matt Schaub’s. Schaub went 350-544 (64.3%) for 4,008 yards (7.4 YPA), 22 TDs, and 12 INTs. Would you have been okay if the Chiefs traded their 2nd round pick for Schaub?

I know what some of you are thinking: “Lyle, the reason Smith was able to put up that kind of completion percentage and protect the football is because of the San Francisco run game and defense that their team was built around, if you take them away and put the ball in Smith’s hands 562 times, he’s going to fail!”

I thought so too before I got the email above. I started thinking about Reid’s offense. Reid is often criticized for not running the ball enough, so it’s safe to say that Smith isn’t going to be following the same “run the ball and play defense” mentality that they had in San Francisco. He’s going to have the ball in his hands more. It got me thinking about another QB that switched teams under similar circumstances at a similar point in his career. This QB was seen as a solid starter but was let go because the team had a young QB that was seen as having a greater upside. In his two seasons directly before leaving he averaged 450 attempts per season, about 3,368 yards/season, had about a 65% completion percentage, and averaged 7.5 yards per attempt. Those numbers are pretty similar to what Smith has done over his past 32 games played. This QB went to a new team with a chip on his shoulder and a coach that built his offense around his abilities and his attempts jumped up to 554 in his first season with the new team and he threw for 4,418 yards which was over 800 yards more than his previous career high. Overnight he went from being “just an average NFL QB that lacks the elite talent to win Super Bowls” to one of the most prolific passers in NFL history, and eventually a Super Bowl champion. That QB is Drew Brees.

At this point I have probably lost all credibility with some of you who are now laughing at what an unbelievable Kool Aid drinking homer I am. Let me be clear, I am not saying I think Alex Smith is going to turn into Drew Brees. I’m not even saying I think Alex Smith will be successful in KC. I’m saying I think Dorsey and Reid think Smith will be successful in KC. I’m saying that I don’t think they are bringing Smith here to be Matt Cassel 2.0 or to just be some “play it safe” place holder who can help KC float around .500 while they wait to find the REAL franchise QB that they can win playoff games with. I think their plan is to make Alex Smith KC’s version of Drew Brees as apposed to KC’s version of Brad Johnson or Trent Dilfer.

I don’t know if this will work and we’ll win a lot of games with Smith or if he’ll go down in flames like Matt Cassel did.

The idea of Alex Smith becoming the next Drew Brees is probably just a dream, crazy talk. But is it any more unrealistic than the idea of Brees becoming one of the most prolific QBs in NFL history when he left San Diego? Wouldn’t most experts have said that Brees wasn’t capable of doing it? Wouldn’t they have said that his success in San Diego had more to do with Norv Turner, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Antonio Gates than Brees’ ability to play QB? Is Dorsey and Reid’s plan of building a Super Bowl winning team around Alex Smith any more crazy than my dream of them turning Geno Smith into the next Aaron Rodgers?

Look, I’m still bummed that they won’t be drafting Geno Smith with the first overall pick. I’m still stinging from the loss of that dream (and the #34 pick). I still have my doubts about Alex Smith being a QB that can take KC to where they want to go, but once I came to the conclusion that Alex Smith was not brought here to be the next Matt Cassel (a QB that the team had to work around) and that John Dorsey and Andy Reid must see Alex Smith as a QB that they can build around it at least made the future a lot more interesting. Once again I’m back to waiting anxiously for the next breaking Chiefs news to hit so I can see what else the team has planned.

That’s a start. It’s certainly an improvement over the “hissy fit” I was throwing a few days ago.

So where are you at Addicts? Still in “hissy fit” mode like I was? Excited to see what Smith can do? Taking a wait and see approach? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jason Seibel

    Fantastic post! I have been on board with this trade from the start (though I would have like to see Geno at #1 as well.) I think Smith is even better than what his 49er numbers show and I think with a fresh start we’re about to see exactly what he can do. I’m cautiously optimistic about this season. I guess we’ll see what happens!

  • Mike Ross

    I never wanted Geno to begin with… at least not w/ the first overall pick. Being the best QB in a TERRIBLE QB draft class does not make him a good QB by default and therefore worth the 1st overall pick. Reaching for a QB out of need is a mistake. Look at Miami an Jacksonville.

    • micah stephenson

      At least Miami and Jacksonville are trying. If at first you dont suceed then try again. Chiefs aint scared to keep drafting Dlinemen in the 1st rd even tho there picks have been questionable. Would you rather swing or miss on Joke-OL Geno or Star Lutui?

    • Jake

      Actually Tannehill is working out so far. But I agree.

      • micah stephenson

        Yea and it aint like Jacksonville loaded up on talent for Gabbert. Gabbert was a true reach. Geno is at least rated as a top ten player.

        • Michael Shaw

          He is a top ten player in this years QB class only. I see good things in him and some things that worry me at the same time. He does have good touch most of the time, but he seems to get flustered easily and is too hesitant to use his legs when the play breaks down. He is so adamant about being a pocket passer that he may hold on to the ball too long and we had enough of that with Matt Cassel. Bottom line he is not and never was, worth the #1 pick overall. I think someone like Oakland, Arizona or Buffalo might reach too high for him and they will likely regret it for the first couple of years. Geno needs to hold the clip board like Aaron Rodgers did in GB. That is the only way this kid makes it big in the NFL, buy learning from a pro.

          • ArrowFan

            That is why getting A Smith is so important because now we can get Geno with out needing to start him right away.

          • Chris Tarrants

            omg if that happens then my faith with be firmly with the new regime but if we just settle with Alex then they have to earn my trust and faith because the last group of tards forever destroyed my faith in our managment

          • Michael Shaw

            Then you must be expecting them to trade down, right?

          • Derek

            ONLY if they do this will I care about the chiefs this for the rest of the off-season…unless they get Alex tanney up to nfl speed. Otherwise I wash my hands of this irresponsible franchise.

          • micah stephenson

            Geno is better than Tannehill so in last yrs class he wud b a top ten player.

    • micah stephenson

      Wasnt Alex Smith one of those terrible QBs in a weak QB class? The same weak QB class that produced Arron Rogers. Wasnt Matt Stafford the best QB in a Terrible QB class. Wasnt Cam Newton the best QB in a terible QB class? Wasnt Matt Ryan the best QB in a TERRIBLE QB class? Geno is rated as a top ten player.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I think what happens over the next seven hours will say EVERYTHING about how much they expect from Smith. Are they going to bring one of the 10 best left tackles back to protect his blindside? Are they going to bring one of the 10 best wide receivers back for him to throw to? That will tell me whether or not he’s really “their guy” or just an alternative to a QB class they aren’t fond of.

    • Patrick Allen

      I think Bowe comes back on the tag and Albert is allowed to test the FA market. Chiefs likely think there will be too many tackles available to pay Albert.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        If it’s purely a cost-saving measure, they should replace them both. This draft has quite a bit of wide receiver talent as well. Tagging Bowe again means paying him 20+ million guaranteed. I’m gonna guess that’s probably more than half of what he would’ve wanted on a long-term deal. That further lowers the chances that he’s back with this team next season. If neither of them figure into your future plans, let them BOTH walk.

        • berttheclock

          The second tagging of Bowe would be an one hundred and twenty percent increase from his $9,515,000 of last year.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            That’s over $11m. So between last year and this year they will have guaranteed $20 million to Bowe. If you don’t want him here for the long haul, let him walk. It’s silly to guarantee half of what could be a new contract…without actually having a new contract.

          • Jason Seibel

            I agree. But, as I just said in the franchise tag post, Bowe put up great numbers (Top 10?) with the horrible QB play we’ve had since he came to KC. Imagine what the guy could do with a QB that completes 70% of his passes. I wouldn’t be offended if we paid him a bit more than he’s worth.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I’m not a fan overpaying players. Give him a fair market deal and let him decide if he wants to stay. The market always tends to overspend. Bowe realizes that, but I wouldn’t let that force my hand.
            I’m not against bringing him back. I just think they should go or get off the pot. Franchising him means you’ve guaranteed him $20m over the past two seasons. Get the deal done or let him walk. Don’t guarantee half of a contract he’ll never sign.

          • jimfromkcj

            Stacy, I would like someone to check the numbers of passes caught after the game was actually lost and teams were in a prevent and just keeping everything in front of them. I seen ti recall a lot of games where Bowe did really well in the last half after the game was lost by halftime.

          • dominicscarlatti

            I think we really need to bring Bowe back, given the lack of any other credible WR threat, but what you’ve stated here makes a lot of sense. Sign him up to a long-term deal, but as you’ve noted, Bowe has to be willing to settle for a market-rate deal. Paying 11 million a year for a new contract, no doubt with a large amount of guaranteed money, would be excessive.

            Maybe the allure of a more than competent QB and Reid as HC will weigh heavily in Dwayne’s decision.

    • micah stephenson

      Man I hope the tag Albert. That will b less of a chance of drafting Joke-OL and more of a chance of draft Geno!

  • berttheclock

    Career changing in 2010, eh? I wonder if any of the following had anything to do with that? First, Jimmy Raye gone, so, no more “Gore up the middle on both 1st and 2nd downs and no more 3rd and longs for the QB? Secondly, Joe Staley back from injuries and Iupati and Anthony Davis added to the O-line. The solid play from Bass and Wragge at center and Chilo Rachal at guard, so, the Niners, finally, had a solid offensive line. Plus, Crabree getting into rhythm after his first year hold out and trying to learn the system. Vernon Davis back into becoming what he had been at ND. Ted Ginn, Jr added. Funny how a decent OC, an excellent offensive line and more than one offensive weapon can do for a young talent as Alex Smith happens to be.
    Now, get back to the John Madden system of building in the trenches and give AS a great offensive line and the Chiefs will see the glory days of the Don Klosterman built Chiefs of the sixties. Plus, add a second receiver who can get open and take double teams off the primary.
    However Jason “Into the air Junior Birdman” Seibel sais it best when he gave you your deserved kudos for your article.

    • Jason Seibel

      “Into the air Junior Birdman”??? I like it even if I don’t know what it means! LOL!

      • berttheclock

        That was a ditty sung about the US Army Air Corps of old, usually, by ground pounders to spoof the glory boys. Of course, when, those same flyboys ended up strafing German troops with their P-47s and P-51s, that singing ceased and cheers were heard by all. But, a Malmstrom brat, eh?

  • calciomoti

    I am literally in the same boat with you Lyle (age and memories) and have moved from the full blown “hissy fit” mode into one of complete numbness. I guess we will find out today if we will be keeping at least one of our top FA’s in Bowe or Alberts…or maybe we won’t franchise either of them and watch them both walk, in which case I will be too numb to throw any type of “hissy fit”. Honestly, at this point the only thing I can hope for is that we would return BOTH Bowe and Alberts and trade the #1 pick back to Buffalo, or someone like that and gather a couple extra picks in the deal…then maybe, just maybe we will be able to draft Dee Milliner this year and he becomes a perennial all-pro across from Flowers. That is about the most optomistic I can be at this point…but I’m so numb to the Chiefs atm, my brain is barely thinking about what they are doing. Maybe that’s a good thing…

    • chiefridgy

      I like your thinking. Retain Bowe and Albert and trade the number one pick for more draft picks.

  • micah stephenson

    My Geno dreams still have a slight chance to come true! Chiefs cud still pick him #1. If they dont I will have very lil hope for this team. I want to try to b positive about the situation but thats hard to do when I think A.Smith will get us 8-9 wins a yr a mayby a 1 & done in the playoffs. O and not having a shot at the best rookie QB for a long time without having to trade a bunch of picks to move up SUCKS!

  • Jake

    What has Alex Smith done to make anyone trust his ability. He hasn’t put up numbers since college.

    • Jason Seibel

      He took the 49ers to the NFC Championship game…

      • Jake

        And then he was replaced by essentially a rookie that went to the Superbowl. He was on an elite team, it was his only year of success in his ENTIRE NFL CAREER, and he had no yardage or TDs , just tried not to lose it for them, was never asked to go win. Cassel has had two seasons better than his one, and better career stats. I’m not a Cassel fan but if Cassel is close to this guy, do you trade the 34th and more for him, from one season?

        • Joe T

          Alex Smith passed for 18 TDs in 2009 playing in only 9 1/2 games. In 2010, he started 10 games and threw 14 TDs. Last season he had 13 TDs before suffering a concussion and was replaced in game 9. In 2012 even before being benched he had to divide time with Kaepernick. Smith is fully capable of throwing 25 TDs if we scale those numbers up to full season and take the average.

    • berttheclock

      His 104.1 QB rating last year was not exactly “Not puting up the numbers”.

      • Jason Seibel

        And 70+ completion percentage.

      • Jake

        You gave me a QB rating on a guy who was replaced, you gave his half a season rating? He has NEVER had more than 18 TDs in a season, Cassel has thrown 27. Lol. And Cassel has thrown for more yards, less INTs, more TDs and has a better QB RATING. it’s an overall body of work, you can’t just pick the stuff you like.

  • micah stephenson

    If the Chiefs need to fill in alot of holes, I dont see how let n Albert go and creating a new hole just to fill in that newly created hole with your 1st rd draft pick helps. Wudnt you want to keep yo LT and use the 1st pick on breaking yo 30 yr spell and drafting the best QB 1st rd

    signed: Confused fan

    • Jason Seibel

      Why would you use the #1 overall pick to draft a QB when you just used your 2nd round pick to do just that?

  • berttheclock

    Posters at the Star and here grouse that the Chiefs refuse to take a QB in the 1st round and develop him into becoming a franchise QB. My first attendance at a Chiefs game was in November, 1963, just after being honorably discharged from the US Army Artillery from West Germany. In the ’64 draft, scouts were raving about the USC QB and hero of the past Rose Bowl as being the best QB in college football. A NFL team drafted them as the 1st pick in the NFL draft. The Chiefs drafted him as their Number One pick and Pete Beathard was supposed to be the heir apparent to Cool Lenny. At one point, he had to fill in for Lenny and there was a QB controversy among fans about which QB should be the starter. However, PB was traded to the Oilers and took them to the playoffs. But, his career began a journey through other teams, including coming back to the Chiefs in ’73, but, ended up playing minor league football for two other teams.
    So much for the usual hype of the so-called “Best QB coming out of college”.

  • berttheclock

    Alex Smith led the 2011 Niners to a 13-3 record and came within a muffed punt of taking them to the SB.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I’m right there with you lyle, I’ve never seen the homegrown qb out of KC either but they wouldn’t have brought in Alex Smith if they didn’t believe he gave us the best chance of winning. So here’s to hoping that this works out for us. And plus with Alex Smith starting the Chiefs might actually have a decent Madden rating for the first time in a good while lol

  • chiefridgy

    I too wanted the chiefs to pick a QB #1….I have chilled out a bit on the smith trade and can’t wait to see what happens this coming season.

  • ArrowFan

    First of all the report that a A Smith trade had been made came out before the QB’s even preformed at the combine. Second we still need another QB. You can all just say I’m in denial but I think they still draft a QB, because we need one. Now seeing how they have traded our second pick away I don’t see us getting anyone in the third that we could possibly see as a qualified back to A Smith any more than Palko was a qualified back up. Therefore we will draft a QB somewhere in the first round. Even if ALbert walks we have Stephenso who is more than ready to start, so I don’t see a LT as a lock for our #1 over all pick. I see our #1 over all pick as Geno Smith. Or maybe a trade back in the first round and we pick Geno there or someone else. Either way we all still get our 1st round QB of the future.

    • berttheclock

      “more than ready to start”, so, you mean the 26th rated LT in the NFL (Stephenson) of whom many conclude is very weak in his upper body should supplant the 13th rated LT in the NFL (Albert)

      • ArrowFan

        Did you notice a drop off when Albert was hurt late last year? I din’t and 26 the rated will and should improve.

  • Michael Shaw

    Ok, I have seen a lot of posts of people wanting a QB drafted by our team high in the draft. What do you folks consider high? I think if a QB is drafted in rounds 1-3 that would qualify. Am I wrong with that assessment?

    • ArrowFan

      I think in this years draft up to our second pick and we could have gotten one that I would consider high, but that is the limit. I don’t see anyone setting around when our third comes around this year that will be anymore impressive than Stanzi has been.

      • Ron White

        It would almost be impossible to have one be LESS impressive that Stanzi…..

    • berttheclock

      No, as in some of the finest hours of Niners football after the Niners drafted Montana in the 3rd round and had him sit behind DeBerg and learn. DeBerg had been a 10th round Cowboys pick. Another was trading a 2nd and a 4th to Tampa Bay, where their Number One pick in the Supplemental, Steve Young was going nowhere. Even then, SY had to sit behind Montana for a while. The Packers traded a Number One to the Falcons who had drafted Favre in the 2nd round the year before, but, their “Tickets for Elvis” HC refused to play him. Not all great QBs have been Number Ones by their winning teams and developed by those teams.

  • KCNJ

    It seems like Chiefs fans were more enamored with the “idea” of a top draft pick for QB than the reality….it’s not over, Chiefs fans. And there are drafts ahead yet to come. Let’s all back away from the ledge, like Lyle has, and let this thing play out before we all “flame out” prematurely. There’s a long way and a lot of work between now and Game #1.

    • Derek

      The issue is we just gave up next years high pick and I personally don’t expect to be in the position to draft a star qb next season because we won’t be as bad. We’re still going to suck of course but probably 7-9 so good drafts will not be in our future. This is the one shot we get. If we pass on geno it’s over for this “new regime” and we will forever be the joke of the NFL

  • Scott

    Here’s my take Lyle. I watched the Chief’s greatest game in 1970 when they won SBIV and then since have watched over 40 years of Chief’s football wondering how in the hell a team could go soooo long without a return trip. Yes, a few teams went 13-3, one started the season 9-0, and came tantalizingly close with Joe Montana in ’93. But all those years there was always a feeling this franchise had a curse on its head. I can’t shake the feeling that something happened after the SB win that is still affecting the team. I’m not superstitious, but I did read somewhere that the team failed to give tickets to a nun along the way so maybe that’s it. In any event, your skepticism is well placed as is my own. But as disappointing as each season has been with one and done playoffs (way too few at that) or 2-14 records since 1970, I too seemed to be cursed, since I cannot bring myself to root for any other team. The excitement I felt last season (it should have been fantastic with 6 pro bowlers) will not be duplicated this fall. I will watch and hope as usual, but will likely ask my friend who is a Saint’s fan to borrow the brown paper “bag” if disappointed again. Maybe the Chief’s should track down that nun and give her season tickets for life!

    • Canad-Ian

      If that nun is a Chiefs fan then she’s the only nun who’s been getting screwed for years.

      • Derek

        LMFAO! Well put

    • dominicscarlatti

      Maybe we’re still recovering from the loss to Miami in the 1971 AFL Championship game. I know I still am…!!

  • Jason Ray Brawn

    I personaly would like to see them franchise Albert and try to get a deal done with bowe before the new season starts. That would give us one year to see if Alberts back is good to go before we give him a long term deal. Also that means if we let D.Bowe walk if fa we need to go hard on either Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings in fa and mabye a WR in round 4 or so (a Kenny Stills from OU or a Conner Vernon from Duke or even a TJ Moe from MIZZOU in the 5th-6th range) And i too would like to see us draft and develop our own QB to lead us to the playoffs. I dont think it happens in the first round im hoping we trade with either Buffalo or Arizona( first round picks plus a 2nd round this year and mabye a 2nd round next year) then grab EJ Manuel QB from FSU to learn behind A.Smith for 2 years with our newly gotten 2nd round pick or (wishfully thinkin) with the first pick in the 3rd. I also like the possibility of grabing Renfree the QB from duke in the late rounds. And if we trade our first round pick id like us to grab Dee Milliner the CB from Bama or Eric Fischer from CMU or Lane Johnson from OU in that order depending on who is available.

  • Nemoi

    As long as Geno Smith doesn’t go on to become a franchise quarterback with the Raiders, I’m good with the path we’ve taken. That would be the only sin that would be unforgivable!

  • Joe Myers

    they knew before the sb was over they where going to go after smith . I’m not convinced they took a hard look at the QB in this draft . I think they need to be careful not to tread on the fans . We all know next year is the year to draft a QB im sure no matter what if they dont draft a QB next year a prospect their will be a revolt . A revolution and possable cival war jk (im just being dramatic) but really I feel like we as fans can’t afford four more years of playing it safe in football non the less . We really dont have anything to lose if they dont do every thing they can to draft a top tlrated QB next year well then it all but over .

    • dominicscarlatti

      No, of course they didn’t look at any QB’s in this draft – after all, they are idiots, right, and you’re our resident genius! Now you’re firing warning shots in their direction and predicting “revolution and possbAle civAl war.” Oh, okay, you’re admitting you are a drama queen of the highest order…! The rest of your comment is hard to opine about because it’s difficult to understand exactly what you’re trying to communicate. By the way, what is “tlrated” – is that an English word?

  • Don417

    This is how I see it. Reid and Dorsey went to the combine, evaluated the talent
    and came away none too impressed by what they saw. The showers at Lucas Oil
    stadium were barely dried out before they made the move to trade for Alex
    Now assume for a minute they dont trade for him. And what was everyone
    talking about before the combine? Taking a QB in round two. So here are the
    choices…take a questionable rookie in round two that nobody knows
    how would pan out OR take a proven winning vet with the same pick. Guess what,
    they made the smart choice, imo. Smith isn’t fancy but he wins, has playoff
    experience and rarely makes mistakes.
    Bottom line is they didn’t LOSE or
    waste a 2nd round pick like so many are gnashing their teeth over

  • KCFan11

    I had the same feeling such as Lyle Graversen. I’ve been a fan since Montana. A memorable season was with Steve Bono, i still have his jersey. I too was hoping Geno Smith was going give us that small chance even if it was small it was going to worth it.
    I accepted Alex Smith right away because i don’t study football nor work in football so I would rather let those that have that knowledge decide for me. I can only hope that their choices will benefit us. Alex Smith is much better than most available options.

    I will continue to keep on eye on Geno Smith, hopefully it doesn’t bite us on the butt.