Grade Alex Smith To Chiefs Trade

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The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly completed a trade for 49ers QB Alex Smith.

The trade can’t become official until March 12th but reports indicated that the Chiefs may see Smith to be more than a one or two-year stopgap.

The trade is reported to be for a 2013 second-round pick (#34 overall) and for a conditional mid-round pick in 2014. Some reports indicate that based on the conditions, the 2014 pick could become as high as a second-rounder.

Fans are…not happy. We’re not saying all Chiefs fans hate the deal but most of the reaction we’ve seen so far has been overwhelmingly negative.

The picks are so high that it seems like the Chiefs are planning to commit to Smith long-term. Smith has two years left on his contract and is scheduled to make around $7 million per-year. There are no indications of whether the Chiefs will ask Smith to restructure his deal to extend for more years.

If I had to guess, the Chiefs will likely pay Smith this season and evaluate his play. If he plays very well then they will probably try to redo his contract and ifhe plays poorly they can consider going in another direction.

Now it is time for you to weigh in. Grade the Alex Smith trade.

What grade would you give the Alex Smith trade?

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  • Aaron

    I give it a C based on the fact we gave a 2nd rd pick for him.

    • Tysaiah Franklin

      You would think one pick alone would be good I felt like we just traded away revis value smh

    • Mark T

      WHY??? Why do the Chiefs ALWAYS take other teams cast off players or
      players who aren’t good enough to start for the team they’re on????
      This trade is horrible for the Chiefs. Great for the 49ers! Now THEY
      can trade that same 33rd overall pick for a pro bowl game changing CB.
      While Alex Smith will be out of football in 2 years. IF not, he’s a
      “game manager” at best. Why pay so much? There is no upside hope.
      Harbaugh put lipstick on a pig and KC bought it!! Did any one learn
      anything from the Cassel deal? What about the Elvis Gerbach deal, the
      last time the 49ers shafted the Chiefs???

      My hopes for new
      management are gone, completely gone. They have shown me nothing.
      They’re bringing in mediocre 2nd string players to “compete.”

  • Chase Riley

    The decision will be based on the coaching staff. We have the team that will carry Alex Smith for what he is. Hopefully this will turn out good for us. I gave it a B

  • Tysaiah Franklin

    I really hope it’s just a rumor about this yr second round pick, n I pray it’s a third that they get instead, only march 12 will confirm.

  • Zack Daddy

    Having an average quarterback doesn’t sound so bad. Haven’t had that since Trent Green. If he is anything more, it’s a bonus. Giving up a 2nd rounder in this draft doesn’t seem to be too costly given the depth and mediocrity I’ve heard said available.

    • ArrowFan

      Unless you account for the player we would have gotten with that pick.

    • toperspective

      And unless you realize it’s the 1st pick in the 2nd round. And then you pile on a conditional pick. It’s idiotic.

    • shayaan

      there may not be much elite talent at the top, but this is actually a very deep draft class, with lots of starting talent available in the 2nd round.

    • Steve Blank

      how the f do you give this guy an average grade over the last two years….the only two years he played with the same O coord?

  • Priest4Prez

    I graded for a “D” only becuase If you’re going to get this guy…don’t give a SECOND PEOPLE!! A Third at most, with a conditional fourth next year. I hope and pray this isn’t a debacle waiting to happen

  • nathan82

    It is hard to grade until all of the details are released. If say it is a swap of 2nd round picks, that makes it a very different story. As it stands, I say C.

  • Jesse 23

    Don’t forget who are coach is if he can make the NFC Championship game with McNabb then he can do it with Smith!

    • Derek

      Don’t be delusional

  • Justin R Groth

    Well we suck again.

    • Chief Hokie

      That’s exactly what I said to myself when I saw the headline.

  • john

    I’m thrilled Alex (not Geno) Smith will be the QB for the Chiefs next year.
    I am disappointed it took their second round pick to do it. I would have thought they could have got him for a third. I’m not so concerened about the conditional next year. If “he” meets those conditions, that’s a good thing.
    I was hoping they would still draft a QB with the second round pick, but they may still be able to do so with their third…see: Russell Wilson. Or, maybe someone wants to jump into the first and they can pick up some more picks. We’ll see how it shakes out.
    Many things still to come.

    • Jim Harper


    • Mark T

      They have too many needs to take QBs with 2nd (Alex) and another with a 3rd round pick. They aren’t going to do that. It’s Smith, just like Cassel, they’ll have to sign him to a fat contract with huge up front money and it’s 4 more years and another regime later. Dorsey, like Pioli, was not a GM. Dorsey is a college scout and now first time GM and he, like Pioli, wiil be out in 4 years doing TV, if he’s lucky.

    • Steve Blank

      maybe bray in the third?

  • Chiefswatch

    What a joke. I am seriously done with the Chiefs. There is no good that can come from this. A second round pick? Seriously???

    • Chelsii.

      Please don’t post anymore than.

    • Jim Harper

      Bye Bye then!

    • Joe Myers

      forget thies morons the chiefs have wasted our money loyalty time . The rest of you can follow blindly like sheep . But they should be ashamed of them self’s it February and the deal is already done !!!??? I think Clark rushing out to get Reid was the right move . Rushing out to get a QB has proven bad for us I give them one year probation period . If they dont do every thing they can to get a QB a franchise QB next year it will be a cold day in hell before I ever support them or any team for any sport!!!!…….

      • dominicscarlatti

        Maybe they are morons, but at least they aren’t illiterate…

        • Joe Myers

          dont be a female and nit pick . But I notice non of you reacted to the points in my post . This is about the future of this franchise we need to invest long term in a QB all most all teams that have it has paid off for them .

          • dominicscarlatti

            Literacy is important if you want others to be able to understand what you’re attempting to communicate to them. However, I’m not surprised you do not comprehend this. And just to clarify for you, gender has nothing to do with intelligence and education. Nor does it have anything to do with language usage.

            You only made a single “point” in your original post, and it was that the Chiefs should have acquired a franchise QB this offseason. Where exactly would they get one from? Even Flacco, at a cool 20 million or so per year, may not qualify as one, despite his stellar postseason. There do not appear to be any such QB prospects in the draft, either, and that is by universal acclaim. Look, I really like Geno but he at this point, he’s merely the guy at the top of a rather short and unimpressive list.

          • e_racer

            It was too much below our intellects to respond.

        • smhwhyamIevenafan

          thats fine. but that sure didnt stop romeo from being a head coach in kc

          • Derek

            LOVE THIS NAME!! Lol. Why is the thought on every persons mind this morning lol

      • Chelsii.

        You promised everyone you were done as a sports fan. You didn’t make it long. How can we take you serious if you don’t keep your word?

        • Joe Myers

          I promised nothing and trust if their going to wait till next year to draft a qb I’ll give them one year if they don’t draft a qb with their first pick then then I will be all but done . But let’s be real as a fan its hard to walk out on your team to walk out on the chiefs is something else I mean Lamar hunt thought of the super bowl . Bottom line we have to at some point in history draft and develop a top rated prospect .

        • smhwhyamIevenafan

          oh shush.

  • kcmike11

    I feel like we might have traded those 2 picks and got maybe at least their 2nd and one of their thirds, The going price for our second would have been their 2nd and both their 3rds, which basically means we would have gotten Alex Smith for a 3rd and a conditional next year. If we win the division and lose a little position or basically a second and a third I’m good with it. If it’s Smith for a Second and a high second next year not so much. Here’s hoping Bray drops to the Third.

  • Brody Hall

    Are reid and dorsey freaking high?! A 2nd round this year and next year?! The Niners are sitting back laughing right now because they know they just robbed us blind! I thought it couldnt get any worse last year feeling out of it but week 2 but i was wrong. I feel out of it now and the official season has not even begun yet! I lost all faith in coaching already. I feel like they are senile to be totaly honest. I feel the entire would is laughing at us already. This is god awful, we are doing exactly what we did with cassel and guess what people…. Kc will ot be drafting a QB who is worth a shit now. No Geno… No Emanuel… No Wilson… Just once I wish i could feel good about my chiefs but i dont think it will ever happen in my lifetime… Or even my daughters for that matter… these people are nothing but jokes.

    • toperspective

      Yep. All the excitement about a new regime and a new season is completely gone.

    • Joe Myers

      man they are laughing at us bad really really bad over 4k comments of people laughing at us . All of them they know we got robed . Shame on you Clark!!!

  • Jim Harper

    It is impossible to grade a guy that has yet to put on a Chiefs uniform. I would have given it an A except for the 2nd round pick, but I would venture to guess that there is more involved than that. Reid and Dorsey do not do things just for the hell of it. They may very well have a trade partner involved for the top pick that will give them a lower first round pick and a lower 2nd. Just sayin anything is possible. It is way too early to be grading this.

    • toperspective

      It’s not too early if the terms are correct. The top pick in the 2nd and a conditional that could also be a high pick is way too much.

      • Steve Blank

        if the conditional is a high pick that means he did very well….which means he was worth it in the first place…

    • Doug McD

      Absolutely – Way too many haters on this trade/Alex Smith thing. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

  • Jim Harper

    Also remember that espn is reporting that the terms have not been made available yet! And if they had you can bet espn would have reported it.

  • oldchiefsfan

    Oh no we suck again!!!

    • smhwhyamIevenafan

      yeah the concern goes with multiplehigh picks being what gets you out of sucking.

  • Shawn Patterson

    This makes the Chiefs legit for 2013. Smith is a vetren QB who is in his prime who was playing at an elite level, yeah I said it, over the last 2 seasons b4 being benched because Collin Kapernick is a BEAST, not because of poor play.

    • toperspective

      Chiefs were fleeced again

  • Justin R Groth

    I gave it an F because when I saw this I said what the f@#k

  • drake

    i dont think that adding smith makes this team a playoff contender but it definitely is an improvement. they will be competitive. i dont want to grade this trade until we see what get as a back up. i still say draft geno. i would be satisfied with jones tho. the chiefs have never been less than 16 mil under the cap with clark hunt in control and that means we have ample cap space to get both geno and alex smith. geno being under a decent qb while acclimating to the league could produce the first starting qb under 30 that could stay here for a long period of time. leaving brady quinn to run the offense when alex smith gets a concussion (and he will sumtime) just isnt a vialbe option for a playoff team. but for a crappy 6 and 10 team it sounds great

  • toperspective

    Anyone giving this an A is either a moron or a 49ers fan

  • KCPauly

    FUCK!!!!!!!!same old scrubby Chiefs, doing same old scrubby shit.Dorsey and Reid are idiots, we will waste the years of our talented players behind another SF cast off…..going to go shoot myself in the face now

  • ArrowFan

    Grade D for dumb the player we give up with that second pick will be a good one. I would give it a B if we had traded our 3rd instead.

    • Danny W

      Agreed, it makes a world of difference between second and third rounder.

  • chiefridgy


  • Tom Antrim

    I think this could be a good trade. The second pick is high but when he starts winning everyone will forget.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Ya know, everyone thought Kurt Warner stunk and was no good. He says it. All he had to do is be in the right situation.Get the player in the right situation and in the right environment, it will be good.

    • Priest4Prez

      I like your positivity, there has been negativity abound all day today (myself included). We’re all trying to be utterly realistic with what we see but there’s always hope

  • shayaan

    the people who gave this trade an A are completely disconnected from reality.

  • Danny W

    Gave a D for Desperation

    • oldchiefsfan

      Exactly how I voted and for the same reason

  • Jarad

    I dont like the trade in terms of what KC gave up. Alex is however an improvement from the previous 4 years. And a possible 2 2nd round picks is a steep price, but so is drafting a QB #1 overrall in this years draft. For 2013 alone, Alex Smith probably gives KC the best chance to win games. Past this year, who knows. All we can do is wait and hope Reid/Dorsey have plans to go get some FA’s and do work come Draft day. I FOR ONE, WILL NOT STOP SUPPORTING THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS.

  • Donkeyhater

    D. Unless Smith takes us to a Super Bowl appearance it’s a terrible trade. You don’t give away premium draft picks for an average quarterback. Will we be better? Yes. But better isn’t good enough. We need to be great and to do that we need to have draft picks. The only way this makes some sense is if they are somehow able to trade the top pick and stockpile picks to make up for what they gave up.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Alex Smith’s stats for the last three seasons: completion % (59.6, 61.3, 70.2), yards per attempt (6.9, 7.1, 8.0), TDs to Ints (14-10, 17-5, 13-5) and QB rating (82.1, 90.7, 104.1). Not an “average” quarterback, by any stretch…

      • Donkeyhater

        He’s never thrown for more than 18 td’s in a season and has a career rating of 79. That’s not worth what we gave up.

  • Brian Cheney

    Hey is that YELLOW RAIN?

  • gjrchief

    I love how the article says that the fans are not happy with this deal…. yet the poll results show the highest score being a “B.” How ridiculous, just because those who yell, bitch and complain are more vocal than the majority, doesn’t make them the majority.

  • Doug McD

    Hey all you Chicken Littles out there. The sky is not falling! Give the new system a chance. We have no idea of what other shoe will fall. We may get picks back in the trade. Change is not always easy. I want it now just as much as anyone. I’m just saying give the newbies a chance before you keep hating on them!

  • Skylor Kingrey

    I’m not against this trade because 1. you look at the QB’s in the draft and I’d have to say I’m not high on many coming out this year. 2. the overall talent pool coming out to me doesn’t seem to high. I like the trade. could be a real steal!! Wishful thinking maybe but overall good pickup.

  • dominicscarlatti

    I’m fine with the concept of trading for Alex Smith, but the price we have reportedly paid is ridiculous. Our third-round pick plus a mid-round conditional pick in next year’s draft would have made more sense.

    • Zach

      We traded the 12th overall pick for Trent Green. As mentioned above the Raiders traded two #1′s for Carson Palmer. Just a few examples of the usual cost for a starting QB.

      • dominicscarlatti

        Very true, but you also should factor in the salary-cap number. Alex Smith’s 8.5 number for next season is why many of us felt that the Niners’ trade leverage was lessened. The Raiders badly overpaid for Palmer, also.

        • Zach

          I don’t think the salary cap number is scary to any team as elite NFL QBs are making 15-20 mil per season. My real concern would be that he will be a free agent after this season, so I would have to believe the Chiefs have already talked extension with him before making this deal.

          Everyone agrees that the Raiders overpaid, but you would rather trade the picks we did than ONE first round pick.

  • Jymon Tyson

    I gave it a B. it could be worse. We could have done like the raiders and the Carson Palmer trade!!!!!! Lol

  • Andy Reid

    Listen everyone, I know the second seems very high considering it is the 34th overall pick, but I’m telling you guys I wouldn’t have traded for this guy if I didn’t think he could lead us into the playoffs for the next 3-5 years. We need to all have open communication, and as the new Head Coach of the KC Chiefs, I promise we aren’t making hasty decisions. Just wait until the next move. I think you will all be very pleased.

  • BLR

    follow the money people. just think how much the hunts are going to save getting alex and not drafting geno and keeping cassel as a teacher and keeping albert.

    • nathan82

      With all due respect, that makes no sense. They are paying A. Smith over 7 million next year. Geno would not come close to that because of the rookie pay scale. Also, the brass has shown this offseason that they are willing to spend money. They ate the rest of Piolis contract and gave a huge contract to Andy Reid. There are reasons not to love this trade, but that is not one of them.

  • Zach

    Best QB available and that was the Chiefs biggest need, so I have to give them an A. What better QB could start week 1 for the Chiefs and lead them to the playoffs?

    • Derek

      Not a benched cast-off. Best possible scenario is get to the play-offs and lose game 1. This team will NEVER win a play-off game–in my life-time–in all honesty, I predict 9-7 and miss the play-offs anyway. Geno beats us at home. Oh and he does win a play-off game in his first two years off the bench maybe even this season and probe everyone he’s a black, Aaron Rodgers

      • Zach

        Alex Smith has won playoff games, so I would rather take the guy that has than the guy that couldn’t win his bowl game against Syracuse. Comparing Geno Smith to Aaron Rodgers ruined any points in your argument.

  • jimfromkcj

    Alex wasn’t my first choice, but neither was Geno or any other QB in this draft. But it isn’t all bad. Look at it from a rational way and forget about Geno and concentrate on the team. Say we draft Joekel with the 1st rd pick and let Albert walk or trade if it is feasible. Joekel is probably going to be just as good and perhaps much better than Albert. The money we save could be used to get Rogers-Cromartie from Philly. That would leave us with Alex at QB Joekel at LT and Cromartie and Flowers at the corners and 2 picks in the 3rd rd, with picks in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th to bring in players to compete for starter or back up roles. If Stanzi or Tanney don’t show talent for a backup, Matt Moore could be had in FA for a backup at a reasonable price. I don’t think that is anything to get bent out of shape over, it could turn out to be very good.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Agree 100%. Thank you for serving as the voice of reason.

  • Outback Chief

    That’s why I said to sign Chase Daniel , at least they would cut him at any time and he wouldn’t cost the team as much because I don’t think they’ll gain any ticket holders with Alex

  • smhwhyamIevenafan

    if it was alex smith for a 3rd next year only, or a 4th this year, 3rd next., Id give it a high “B”
    giving up the 34th pick in the draft, when you bring in a guy in dorsey to DRAFT TALENT, is going so far against the grain, I just don’t get it, and refuse to believe it will pan out as anything more than a playoff loss if lucky

  • Olivier

    Well, if following the records about the feeling of the Qb’s at the combine, they are no sure thing to be drafted #1. While it is fine to try to develop one’s own Qb, I feel the guys in the front office don’t want to have a Jamarcus type of Qb, which Geno Smith can probably be; maybe not because of his demeanor, but about technical flaws. I guess they’ll look to get someone later, going back in the second or getting picks trading down which they will probably do as I don’t think they’ll stay at their first round rank.

  • Gene Yuknis


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