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Latest Alex Smith, Chiefs Trade Rumors Indicate Deal Will Be For 1 Draft Pick

The Alex Smith to Kansas City rumors are entering their third day and now the man who was shooting down rumors yesterday is helping fuel them today.

On Monday, Matthew Barrows of the Sacramento Bee shot down a Jason La Canfora report that the San Francisco 49ers and a mystery team had a trade deal that was “effectively complete” for Smith. Barrows’ report indicated that their was no deal in place and that the 49ers were still shopping Smith.

Today, while Barrows still maintains there is no deal in place, he is shedding more light on the situation, including that the 49ers expect to receive one draft pick for Smith.

From Barrows:

Alex Smith appears closer to leaving the 49ers next month after reports this past week linked him to the spot where many former San Francisco quarterbacks seem to end up – Kansas City.

League sources said Monday the 49ers are not locked into a deal but that team officials have told others at the scouting combine in Indianapolis they are confident a trade will be made and they plan to have 15 picks in the April draft.

As Barrows points out in his article, the 49ers currently have 11 draft picks but expect to receive three more picks from the NFL in March, as compensation for losing free agents last offseason. These picks, known as compensatory picks, begin in the third-round and are added to the end of each round. The NFL has a formula for awarding the picks that is based on the contracts received by the free agents a team loses, while also factoring in free agents signed.

The most important part of Barrow’s article, however, is that he sheds some light on the amount of compensation the 49ers believe they will receive for Smith. There have been some reports floating around, from less than reliable sources, that the deal would be for two picks. Barrows’ report, however, seems to indicate that the deal will be for just one pick. One 2012 pick.

If I had to guess, and this is pure speculation, I’d say the mystery team is either the Chiefs, Jets or Cardinals and that the deal is for a 2013 third round pick.

As I’ve said before, I can easily see the Chiefs offering up their third, which would be hard for any other NFL team to beat. The Chiefs hold the first pick in the third round and because teams like the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns do not have second round picks, KC’s third is essentially a late second-round pick.

This would work out great for the 49ers and wouldn’t hurt the Chiefs much at all because KC is expected to receive a third-round compensatory pick for the loss of Brandon Carr last offseason.

So the Chiefs would get a veteran QB for just moving back a few sports in the third round. For a team that currently has no viable options at QB, that isn’t such a bad move.

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  • kirk

    Oh helllllllllll no! if we’re going to trade the #1 pick for a player then it needs to be revis. Alex smith had one above average year and he had a good half yr. 3rd tops for him. I swear ill become a fencing fan if we trade the #1 pick for smith

    • Ryan Langsford

      Dude it says 1 pick (a projected 3rd rounder), not the #1 pick overall.

      • kirk

        Ok I definitely misread the title,

        • berttheclock

          Over at the Star, some thought it meant swapping our first with the Niners’ first in the 1st round, and adding more picks.

    • chiefridgy

      Not the first pick in the draft just a pick….probably our 3 rd rd pick…

  • Guest

    Not the first pick in the draft just a pick….probably our 3 rd rd pick

  • Jason Seibel

    I would gladly give up a third rounder to bring in Alex Smith and then draft a QB in the 2nd round. Let Stanzi and Tanney duke it out for the third slot in camp.

    • berttheclock

      Hmmm, a 3rd for AS, then, draft Manuel in the 2nd round and let Stanzi carry a clip board for Palko in the playgrounds of Pitsburgh’s Pop Warner. Let Baldwin join them, as well.

  • Justin

    I wouldn’t give up any picks for smith he’s nt good to me at all

    • Michael Shaw

      Maybe living in San Diego I see more of Alex Smith than you folks do, but you have GOT to be kidding me? You must be one of those guys that is so starved for a first round picked QB that you would rather start an UNPROVEN rookie name Geno Smith rather than pick up a PROVEN veteran like Alex Smith that Andy Reid has been trying to get since the Manning fiasco last year??! I don’t get some peoples logic. Why would you want a rookie that IS NOT READY TO START RIGHT AWAY in place of a veteran that HAS STARTED HIS ENTIRE CAREER SINCE BEING DRAFTED #1 overall until his concussion last year. He didn’t lose his job based on bad play, he lost it due to a second year player coming in off the bench and providing an aspect to QB play that Alex just doesn’t have.

      • berttheclock

        Good points, but, as for the career of AS, he did start initially, but, the old regime made the mistake of benching him for a year and a half, trying to plug in O’Sullivan and Hill. Neither worked out (BTW, the offensive line was a mess during this period). Baalke improved the O-Line, and AS came back to start and he improved under Harbaugh.

      • Joe Myers

        I can vacuum my carpet clean with Alex smith . Dyson son . ….. (ya boy sucks) ……. Just watch no matter where he goes !!!! .

        • Brody Hall

          what the hell did you say???

      • cyberry

        It won’t happen, Reid believes in bringing his quarterbacks slowly and easing them in..This isn’t just a rookie coming in and learning a very complex offense. The whole team is learning.. I have to laugh when I read..draft Geno and let him start. .Bill Walsh said it takes 2-3 years to learn it comfortably. Hell, one of the important issues 3 and 5 step backs.. He ran a spread..

      • Brody Hall

        MICHAEL SHAW!!! Hello again friend… so your theory you just used… so why are you all for draftling Luke Jockel when we have albert? The same exact argument is able to be used for him. GET BOTH THE SMITHS AND LET EM DUKE IT OUT!!!!

    • Gene Yuknis

      who the hell cares if he’s not good to you at all

      • Justin

        Nobody tld u to say shit!! It’s my opinion so u can go somewhere wit ur bs!

  • berttheclock

    The top of the 3rd would make sense for Trent Baalke. He has maintained, since the SB, that he was not going to just cut AS loose. He wanted something for the release. In that, Baalke has put together 20 players on the roster of whom he was involved with drafting in the lower rounds and they range from 3 3rds, 4 4ths, 4 5ths, five sixths and four sevenths, Baalke can find talent in the lower rounds.

  • Scott Mahurin

    Our third pick is still too high for Alex Smith and his bloated contract. No thanks. They will be giving up a starter for a backup QB. Draft Geno.

  • ArrowFan

    The problem is while our traded third round pick is almost a late second round pick, the compensatory third round pick is almost an early forth round pick. So to compare our existing third round pick to our imaginary third round com pick is absurd they are almost round apart from one another. Still if we get A Smith I want G Smith to come along with him. However I would rather have Foles than A Smith.

    • Larry Devore

      Put the pipe down, Foles really?????

  • thabear04

    I heard we cant trade are compensatory pick from Carr?

    • berttheclock

      Compensatory picks can not be traded, but, if any team receives a compensatory pick, it helps free up a pick in that same round they already possess to use for a trade. GB and the Raiders did this last year.

    • Jim Harper

      True. Compensatory picks are not tradable

  • Priest4Prez

    Nope, no dice….I thought we needed depth as well at the O-line, CB, FS and even SS? We all saw it last year, very good starters but lack depth in sub package situations which means we need more solid players. Situational players as it were are needed….

  • Chris D.

    If it is a 3rd rounder, then I’m ok with that because we get a 3rd round compensatory pick for losing Carr last year.

  • Jim Harper

    This is off topic Paddy, but espn just reported that Steven Jackson is voiding the final year of his contract to test the free agent market. To me this would be the perfect compliment to Jamaal and probably extend both their careers. Your thoughts?

  • Dan B.

    It’s not moving back a couple of spots……JFC. The top of the 3rd to a comp 3rd is a HUGE fall in value. This move is beyond stupid.

  • Joe Myers

    the worst thing to happen to the chiefs will be not picking he best QB in the draft !!!!

  • tm1946

    After the combine, got to believe this year’s first pick is going to get you a kid who should be a late 2nd rounder. There is just no stud, got to have, they are saving him a seat at the HOF dinner kind of guy.

    I am so up key over Dorsey and Reid over the past bunches, it is a shame we cannot have a kid we cannot wait to see in camp to draft. Just a bad year, I paraphrase another sites posters….What a crappy year (referring to the draft).

    So……if Reid wants Smith, either smith, and it takes a 1st…..go for it.

  • sidibeke

    I’d rather see us use that pick on Foles, but if he’s not available…

  • cyberry

    It should only be a 4th..hopefully there is some confusion because that is almost a 3rd

  • Danny W

    Hopefully it’s not a second, that is all.

  • Manhattan_Wildcat
  • Brody Hall

    4th round with a comp pick next year AT THE MOST! Too risky if a gamble when he is proven to struggle in new OFF schemes… which means with how long it would take to crop Geno it will take just as long for Alex. Get them both but if its an only 1 kind of game then for with GENO.

  • Don417

    No Genobust. Yes!!!