December 1, 2012; Morgantown, WV, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith (12) celebrates in the student section of the stands after defeating the Kansas Jayhawks at Milan Puskar Stadium. The West Virginia Mountaineers won 59-10. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Why I'm Riding The Geno Smith To KC Bandwagon Until The Wheels Fall Off

Yesterday Paddy shared with you the latest KC Chiefs related gossip going around the NFL, first that the Chiefs are interested in trading for Alex Smith and drafting Luke Joeckel, and then that SF is reporting that a deal for Smith (to an unnamed team) is “effectively complete”. Please excuse me now while I now pound my head against the keyboard in frustration.

(and yes, I actually did do it, my head is apparently drawn to y, 4, and 6)

Look, I get it. John Dorsey and Andy Reid have forgotten more about what makes a winning football team than I’ll ever know. They are professionals that have a track record of success in the NFL and I am a public school band teacher. So if they think that is what is best for the Chiefs the sensible thing would be for you to trust their opinion over mine. That having been said…..


In this little scenario that Ian Rapoport lays out the Chiefs would trade away one draft pick to acquire a quarterback that would essentially be an upgraded version of Matt Cassel who I would assume that they will then release. THEN they would let a perfectly good LT walk in free agency and use the once in a lifetime chance at having the first overall pick to take a LT to fill the hole that they created by letting the LT that they already had in house leave town.

I’m sorry, but after typing that I feel the need to bang my head on the keyboard again.

(not as many numbers this time, I must have aimed lower)

Meanwhile, while this INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING rumor was taking flight, Geno Smith was busy cementing himself as the top QB prospect in the 2013 draft. Smith highlighted a strong combine performance by posting a fantastic 4.59 second time in the 40 yard dash. That is the exact same time put up by Cam Newton, it was only 0.04 slower than Russell Wilson, and was only 0.06 slower than the NFL’s “next big thing” Colin Kaepernick. It was actually 0.06 FASTER than EJ Manuel who was labeled going in as the only QB athletic enough to incorporate any of the popular read option offensive schemes into his arsenal. So at a time when the NFL is looking for great athletes to play the QB position, it appears that despite the fact that he prefers to stand tall in the pocket, Geno Smith is actually the best equipped to make something happen with his feet should he need to.

Now, I know what some of you are going to say. “Lyle, you don’t draft a QB because he looks good running around in shorts!” You know who agrees with you? Geno Smith!

Smith gets it. He’s a film junky. He’s driven to be the best and is willing to put in the work to make it happen. Was his throwing session at the combine perfect? No. Did most consider it the best of all the QBs at the combine? Yes. That’s what really matters to me. That’s why I’m riding the Geno Smith to Kansas City Bandwagon until the wheels fall off. He is the BEST QB IN THIS DRAFT. The NFL is a QB driven league. We have ZERO NFL CALIBER QBs ON OUR ROSTER. With the first pick in the draft we have a chance to guarantee that we walk away with the best QB available. I DON’T CARE how he stacks up against previous first QBs taken. I DON’T CARE how he grades out compared to the top LTs or DTs in this draft. LTs and DTs don’t win you Super Bowls, really good QBs do. That is why QBs ALWAYS get drafted higher than the “experts” have them slotted on their big boards. Hitting on a QB pays off 10 times more than hitting on a LT. Hitting on a QB increases your odds of going to the playoffs 10 times more than hitting on a LT. You think Miami doesn’t wish they had taken Matt Ryan over Jake Long? Joe Thomas may just be the best LT in all of football but how has that worked out for the Browns while he has been blocking for Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, and Colt McCoy?

I get that Geno has holes in his game. I get that he has some work to do. I get that he is in need of some coaching. Mike Mayock recently said he’s seen Geno Smith make all the big time QB throws, but he’s too inconsistent. You know who else has admitted that? Geno Smith. He’s flat out said that he still needs to work to be more consistent. My point is that if he has the talent to make all the throws, the work ethic to keep working, AND a coach like Andy Reid to mentor him, I like his odds to succeed. Is there still a risk? Sure there is. Could Geno bust? Absolutely.

I’ll still take Geno Smith and Branden Albert over Alex Smith and Luke Joeckel every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I’ll also take watching Geno Smith bust for my beloved Chiefs over watching Geno Smith turn into a Pro Bowl QB for another team while KC stumbles along in mediocrity with Alex Smith at QB knowing that Geno could have been ours.

But what do I know, I’m not a NFL GM or head coach. I’m just a blogger. A blogger that is going to keep riding the Geno Smith to KC bandwagon until the wheels fall off.

Now who’s with me?

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you missed it, HERE‘s my video on why Geno is worth the #1 pick.

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  • Cha-iefs

    It was fun watching Geno do the 15mins mock combine interview with Steve Mariucci….Geno forgot how to tie his shoes in that interview. DUMB DOWN THAT NFL OFFENSE FOR THIS BOY. Duh,um,ther be two many wurds in da wes choats off-hence fer me steve. Oh no no wait “I got ‘choo steve.” and then he still messed it up after he said that. This was AFTER he [Geno] went ON AND ON AND ON about how he was such a smart football player and talking about “neck up football guy” etc etc. He’s no RG3 giving interviews at the combine. OUCH,that was on national TV too.

    • KCMikeG

      I agree that Geno did not impress with Mariucci. Neither did Barkley.

      • Darkwolf1414

        I just watched the Barkley sit down with Mooch. You weren’t kidding! He didn’t look good at all and he knew (or at least acted like he knew) the play. I think Mariucci had him flip the play because Barkley was familiar with it in order to make it tough. As I said to Cha-iefs, above, that’s a hard thing to do. When Barkley knew the play, I thought Mooch was just hanging one out there for him to knock out of the park. Again, these kids have to be nervous despite the knowledge they have. One slip can cost them a lot. I don’t think coaches would grade either Geno or Barkley down significantly due to those performances. The coaches know how hard it is to do. Playbooks aren’t installed in 15 min, of course. They take weeks getting the plays installed into the offense. I’m glad you reminded me to watch the Barkley sit down.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I’d like to see you try to do what the QBs are expected to do in that situation. Aside from being ridiculously nervous (face it this could cost them millions) it’s a hard task to have someone draw up a play you’ve never seen, tell you the call & progression, sit you down and talk a little more and then have you get up & redraw the play, etc. Was Geno flawless? No, but again, I’d like to see if you could do half as well as he did.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    im on too

  • Soda pop

    And the chants begin….. GENOOO GENOOO GENOOO!!!!! I’m riding this wagon with you Lyle!!!!!

  • chiefridgy

    Draft Geno Smith!

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    I agree with every word, space and punctuation mark in this article. The Chiefs’ rumored plan of trading for A. Smith and drafting Joeckel makes me nauseous.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Hell yeah I will be the one driving this wagon be it to the super bowl or off a cliff ALL ABOARD!

    • superman_25_58

      I guess you can drive……… As long as I get a turn to steer this wagon off the cliff if we pass on Geno. I’ve been on the draft Geno wagon since I first seen this kid in action in 2010. After pretty good 2011 season, I was praying that some way some how the chiefs could swipe this kid up. Than his TD’s dang near doubled and INT’s went down from 7-6 in senior year! I’m a firm believer he has what it takes to become atleast Joe Flacco’s level and this level is way better than any FA Qb’s level this year and the “Ravens won’t let Flacco go”. While I’m on Flacco, I really think that Geno reminds me of a Joe Flacco type player. Standing tall in the pocket eyes down field, and or maneuvering in the pocket effortlessly allowing them to get much needed time to throw strikes. Also both Qb’s are mobile enough to pick up necessary yards if need be. Ya it took a few seasons for Flacco to win a superbowl but hey they won! Lets get Geno and a few more good draft picks and go win a DANG Super Bowl!

      • Derek

        lol lol I love the idea behind it but yet I jumped off the wagon…I will still enjoy watching him play but the odds of KC drafting him at this point have to be 0 lol. Too many tackle needs. I say forego the draft and just get as many damn tackles how about 10 plus alex smith to throw to at least one of them sure-handed bastards….oh wait…tackles don’t win games, i forgot….contrary to all teh talk around here….

  • chiefridgy

    It has also been reported by a high-ranking official in San Francisco that He is not aware of any deal.

  • John Woodley

    I’m with you! Its not even close who the best qb in the draft is,and he will not make it out of top10. So there will be no trading back in the first to get him

  • nathan82

    I am riding along with you. I believe nothing until it happens. I think we are all still so Pioli slapped, that we just expect the worst possible decisions to be made. I am sure that this would be what happened if Pioli was still GM. I am still going to give Dorsey and Reid the benefit of the doubt until I have a reason to call for their heads. We will know more in two weeks.

    • Derek

      I see you haven’t come back to yet to adjust your remarks as this guy was right alllllllll alooooong; which I was all for the getting BOTH smiths and drafting howie long’s kid for tackle in the third along with steadman bailey the receiver in the third so he and Geno would do it TOGETHER at KC. BUT alll that went out the window with all the tackle discrepencies and the signing of daniels a NEVER was from missouri….If we pass on Geno we had better find the next JJ Watt then….otherwise I’m all for steering myself and the chiefs entire staff off a cliff

  • Trent Taylor

    Save a seat on the wagon for me!

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    I am on the bandwagon with you.. We are SOOOOO Tired of the San Fran
    Retreds and other teams Retreds.. If GENO does end up being a bust at
    least Reid and Dorsey got up to the plate and took a swing for the fans
    and the franchise. If Reid is one of the best when it comes to
    developing QBs, then Grab this guy and turn him into the next big name. Who knows, next years draft may be a
    bust, no trade partners etc, get this guy now. GENO even said it himself, Drafted first or
    last, he has a chip on his shoulders. A guy with a chip on his
    shoulders works harder to prove everyone of the doubters wrong !!

    Draft GENO 1st overall !!!

    • Derek

      Exactly what I’ve been saying; there is no guarantee that we’ll have a shot at any real top QB talent next year but this guy barring something unforeseeable will be the next aaron rodgers

    • Jason Collins

      How tired are you now? Cut and paste in your wall and hit yourself in the face every time you read it.

      • DieHard_ChiefsFan

        Man you really need to get a life, do you really go back and try to slam instead of looking to the future… This was 7 months ago.. Yes AS is doing well so far and i hope he continues on. In the past this was a bad situation (Withe the exception of Joe M.) (If you really want to bash, bash on the people that are still calling him Matt Cassell 2.0) I am more excited about the Defense and S-Teams but we will know more end of day sunday.

  • drake

    well done!

  • ladner morse


    I’m on the “Head-bang-wagon” with you all the way Lyle!

  • ArrowFan

    I was shocked, that of all days, Sunday was the day all this A Smith news broke. It just happened to be the very day that we should of been hearing news of G Smith cementing himself as the best QB in this draft and how he is now the front runner for the #1 over all pick. It all seems like there is some conspiracy out there that doesn’t want the Chiefs to pick a good QB but rather a remedial one latter on.

  • ArrowFan

    Who said that high school band teachers don’t know anything about football? I say Pioli doesn’t know anything about football and he was a GM. Is it the draft experts that know all about football? I say it doesn’t take a genius to know that the Chiefs need at least two QB’s. If we get on in FA I’m down with that even if it is A Smith, however I’m down with us flat out over paying for one that is no better than the 7.5 mill dollar guy we currently have on our team. I don’t care what FA we pick up if he costs more that MC would this year is he worth it? Is there really any FA out there that is that much better than MC? If we are trading draft picks and contracts I would much rather have Foles than A Smith. Owe and we still need to draft that Geno guy no matter what we do in FA. Even if we let Albert walk we can get a good NFL ready LT in the second round.

  • kirk

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about Alex smith and fluke ‘JOKE’L. if we trade for smith then its like we got cassell all over again just a smarter version. now why trade for a qb who doesn’t have a strong arm? that means it’ll defeat the purpose of being in a west coast offense if he can’t accurately hit a wr in stride 40-60 yrds down the field. and I don’t even wanna talk about Fluke ‘JOKE’L the thought of him makes me wanna lick gasoline smh

    • Jim Harper

      You really don’t know what a west coast offense is about, do you

  • ladner morse

    My big question is — if in fact Alex Smith his “our” new steve bono…
    even if the Chiefs new regime gets the roster to be as good as
    San Frans rosters is now… why would you place… the guy who
    they dumped and was considered their weak link… into the most
    critical role on the team? How are the Chiefs ever going to get
    over the hump when they bring in another hump to get over?

    If Alex Smith couldn’t get the 9ers to the Super Bowl — why would
    he be able to get the Chiefs there?

    I’m actually looking at this recent development as a positive sign:
    reports that reportedly report so early — ALMOST NEVER come true.
    I’m taking this as misdirection. And — there is a lot to be gained
    by the Chiefs — and the 49ers — by making this kind of early
    reportedly report. 1) Motivates Branden Albert if he really wants to remain
    with the Chiefs and perhaps motivates him to take a reduced amount.
    2) It motivates other clubs to bid up the price for Alex Smith. Do you

    honestly think the 9ers are going to refuse an elevated offer between
    now and the beginning of free agency?

    A “report reportedly reporting” such an agreement — is a win-win
    for Chiefs and 49er insiders.

    • KCMikeG

      I think you are right. Either that or King Carl left a huge canister of stupid gas in the ventilation system….

    • Jim Harper

      Agreed! I think it is all smoke and mirrors right now. As Yogi would say, “lt ain’t a deal till it’s a deal!”

  • Ron White

    I am with you on this Lyle, Unfortunately I just saw a wheel go by. I hope it is not yours…..

  • Timothy Dittemore

    OMG I love you Lyle! Let’s hope Andy does too.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I just saw an article on the Chargers site saying they’re excited we might be getting Alex Smith. I think that says enough by itself. We need to draft Geno Smith. Save me a seat, I’m riding on this bandwagon all the way.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’m with you, but I’m not feeling so confident about the chances that we’ll take him. With Lotulelei’s heart condition now public, he’s gone from the conversation. It would seem that we’re a new contract with Branden Albert away from Geno Smith, but I don’t know if they’re going to give him that deal. I suspect that if he goes, Joeckel becomes your #1 pick. Losing a healthy LT to draft an LT is dumb, but Chiefs brass will argue that Albert’s back is a concern.

  • GDL40

    WITH U ALL THE WAY!!!!!! been saying it all along myself. ANY pick for A .Smith plus taking a LT with another high pick is STUPID !!!!! that is THROWING TWO VALUABLE PICKS RIGHT IN THE DUMPSTER !!!!! I dont care how smart they are that is just plain stupid ! I really really REALLY hope something happens, let the football gods watch over us and prevent this from happening !!!

  • john

    Lyle……………you should refer to yourself as a “Flavor Aid Drinker”, not Kool Aid. Jim Jones did not use Kool Aid….he used “Flavor Aid”. Poor Kool Aid, their product becomes synonymous with mass suicide and the dude didn’t even use it.

  • VA Raider Hater

    I would rather keep the Matt Cassell we have rather than trade for a Matt Cassell we dont know.

    • Derek

      A HA! i see what you did there….rather clever but I odnt’ think matt cassel was ever the ENEMY but he was certainly not a starter think he makes a great back-up though granted now I just want Geno to be the back-up

  • Chief Hokie

    < make this come true

  • cyberry

    Is there a law somewhere that says..Because the Chiefs upgraded one of their QB positions they can’t draft another..By the way..Alex is a big upgrade from Cassel. In 2011..he lead the 49ers to a 13-3 record and a playoff win (it has been 19 years since anyone in KC has done it). In the last two years, he has 14 more wins, 14 more touchdowns, 11 less inceptions and a 97.4 rating with Cassel’s at 71.65 .Reid has surrounded the players with good coaches and supposedly Brad Childress with be coming after he is released. Brad is great with quarterbacks..So why not bring in a proven starter..Several of the best QB’s set for a year or two to fully develop..Even if they were to draft Geno, he needs to win the starting job not just have it given to him..they do keep more than one quarterback on the team and with A. Smith they don’t have to take one out of desperation..

  • Priest4Prez

    I’ll wave the flag on this Band Wagon….I’m in!!

  • shayaan

    i feel right at home here. passing on geno would be a blunder of epic proportions.

  • Scott Mahurin

    Anyone who can hang 59 points on Kansas using 23/24 (407 yds) passing for a 95.8% completion rate…makes my day. That was more fun but maybe less impressive than the 656 yards, 8 TDs wild 70-63 win vs Baylor. Smith has a great set of tools…and I would gladly shell out the cash to watch him have one of those Madden video game like wins over 5 Head before he retires…or the Faders. This guy was born to play for Reid.

  • Joe Myers

    well let’s organize a protest . Cuz I believe they are out of touch with the fans . I dont think they understand how we feel . They can say that looking at the 2-14 record . But do they understand how many Alex smiths we have seen . How many 1rst round franchise QB we have drafted . How much we really deserve to draft Geno smith . How many people stood by this team through the worst season loosing in the worst way . Lets protest !!!!#! Geno smith Geno smith Geno smith

  • Kyle Mangione

    As a chiefs fans we should make a statement to the owner GM and coach if they dont pick geno #1 over all we as fans will refuse to purchase any chiefs gear for all of 2013 let alone purchase tickets to games ……they are so desperate for people to watch games and spend money if you buy season ticket they give you a prize…so let’s get what we want and make a statement !! #genoprotest#1

    • Chris Tarrants

      I stopped buying anything chiefs related after week 5 this year and turned down the chance to go to the Denver game and the Oakland game just because I would spend another dime until they showed me that they care too, if we screw this up I will continue saving my money! Or I will just buy twice as much st Louis cardinals gear ;)

  • Justin

    Yes plz draft geno!!

  • Chiefswatch

    Awesome brother. If we pass on Geno and Geno goes to the Playoffs before we do I am done with the Chiefs forever. I will be LA’s biggest fan whatever team that ends up being. If it really goes down like everyone is thinking : Alex Smith and Left Tackle, I am near certain we will be a horrible team. We are not San Francisco. We do not have the defense nor those recievers. We are not a team where someone like Alex Smith can just come in and manage the game enough to not lose it. I swear this team just fucking sucks…..

    • Jim Harper

      the rule is i before e except after c

      • Chiefswatch

        And the other rule is those that troll typing, grammatical, or spelling errors are automatically classified as fucking losers.

    • Danny W

      I’d hate to lose you man but I think that’s the route they will take, Smith, and ruJoeckelingme.

  • Jordan Clark

    Hahaha. LOVE this article, and even though I agree that Geno is a talented kid, I have been pushing for A. Smith and a second round rookie from the jump. So I am in full support of this decision.

  • Danny W

    I like Geno, save me a spot on the wagon.

  • Outback Chief

    I’m on board with Geno too, and we should start him from day one and it’s a win win for everybody, Because even if he stinks we’ll still get top 10 picks in the draft until he unstinks himself or we draft a QB that can do the job.

  • Chris Herring

    Wow some of u guys are craZy. So u mean to tell me that some of you guys would rather see your team lose with J Smith over winning with Alex? I’m a 49ers fan so I’m unhappy about the trade and in losing AS bur you guys must love losing if u prefer JS cause thats what will continue to do. And i was looking forward to following the Chiefs this season but i guess I’ll continue to watch you people eat each and every word u guys say so its still worth to keep up with. I hope kmow one takes this the wrong way and i dont get kicked out for this but it’s a proven fact that African Americans dont win superbowls. They win NBA titles and every other sport but not Superbowls. So i guess u guys really do like to lose right? Cause thats all u will ever draft in GS is a good player but not a good QB, not a good team leader. At best he will be a close but not quite good enough just like Vick, Moon, Mcnabb and so many others and please believe when i say that this is not a racist remark and understand that I’m stating a fact to the debate

  • Derek

    Even this late into the talks of drafts and trades and all the FAs I AM STILL WITH YOU, kind sir! Thanks for the write-up and hey is it’s a smith 1 g smith 2 and trick shot tanney 3–who with his raw talent could learn from 2 fantastic Qbs who are both football smart and have great work ethics and no off-the-field problems–we have an all-star championship roster finally at the most important position in the game (of course I’m probably dreaming but I don’t give a damn! This is certainly what every chief’s fan wants to happen anyway).

  • Jason Collins

    So glad no one reads arrowhead addicts.. The wheels just fell off.