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Scott Pioli Predicts Chiefs Will Franchise Dwayne Bowe, Let Branden Albert Walk

Yesterday was the day of Scott Pioli and for Kansas City Chiefs fans sick of hearing from the team’s former GM that was fired just weeks ago following a 2-14 season, his latests predictions for the team may not sit well.

Since leaving the Chiefs, Pioli has been working as a draft analyst. He has appeared on NFL Network a couple of times and was reportedly recently hired by Sirius Radio as an analyst.

Yesterday, Pioli was on NFL Network for most of the afternoon and evening. First he sat next to new Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on Path to the Draft. Then later, he made an appearance on NFL Total Access. It was on the latter show that Pioli made his prediction for the Chiefs this offseason.

The team currently has three important players about to become free agents in LT Branden Albert, WR Dwayne Bowe and P Dustin Colquitt. While most Chiefs fans are likely hoping the team retains all three players, Pioli thinks new GM John Dosey will let Albert walk.

From Rotoworld:

NFL Network’s Scott Pioli predicted on Total Access Thursday night that the Chiefs will use the franchise tag to retain Dwayne Bowe and let Branden Albert walk in free agency.
Pioli has special insight because he was Kansas City’s GM from 2009-2012. He also noted the “buyer’s market” at offensive tackle; both the draft and free agency are stocked with starting-caliber left tackles. Should Albert hit free agency, look for the Bears to show interest. Chicago is tackle needy, and GM Phil Emery was Kansas City’s scouting director when the Chiefs drafted Albert.

It is true that there will be more tackles available in this offseason than there normally is this time of year. Albert has gone on the record as saying he wants to be paid like a top-five NFL tackle. If Albert’s asking price is too high, the Chiefs could allow him to leave.

If Albert is allowed to walk, the Chiefs could select tackle Luke Joeckel with the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. The risk, of course, would be that the Chiefs are giving up a proven NFL starter for a rookie. While the team would save money by picking Joeckel over Albert, they still wouldn’t be any closer to solving their issues at QB.

As for Bowe, if the Chiefs simply franchise him again, they will only be delaying his eventual departure. There have been reports that the Chiefs want to retain Bowe but we still aren’t sure if they want to commit to him long-term.

The Chiefs will have to act soon. Teams have until March 4th to use the franchise tag. If KC wants to keep both Albert and Bowe, they will have to sign at least one of them long-term.

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  • berttheclock

    The man has Richard Sherman and Denarius Moore on the board and takes Ricky Stanzi and Gabe Miller.
    Jimmy Graham’s name is crying out and the same man takes Moeaki.
    A young QB named Russell Wilson awaits and the man drafts the project Stephenson.
    Torrey Smith is on the board and this identical, so called GM, picks Jon Baldwin.
    Who the hell in KC wants to listen to this man ever again?

    • Chelsii.

      Hindsight is nice huh?

      • berttheclock

        Hindsight is 20/20 for one of those listed above, perhaps. But, four became a pattern of ineptness. I could have added even more. One of which is the starting left tackle for the Raiders who went one after the Chiefs took Asamoah.

        • Chelsii.

          That’s just a crazy comparrison. All the GMs must’ve been inept since they passed on Cruz, Doug Baldwin, Foster…. Hindsight is 20/20 all the time. It’s just pure crazy to claim that he did a bad job. Guess what more teams passed on those guys too. Only one team can draft a player.

          • KCPauly

            Scotty, Stop using fake names and posting on here

          • toperspective

            It’s crazy to claim that Pioli did a bad job? Really? The guy built a 2-14 team and has no QB’s on the roster. Do you think he should still be drafting for the Chiefs? Now that’s crazy.

          • Chelsii.

            Not when it came to drafting it didn’t. When it came time to find an OC he didn’t do such a good job. He did have a good year when Weiss was OC.

          • toperspective

            This team was an absolute mess last year. No QB. No area of the team was above mediocre. Pioli was unqualified and way over his head. Like Matt Millen he will never be given the reins of a team again. I like how guys who absolutely fail at their jobs are then given a job analyzing others who do that job. Yeah, I’m really interested in what Pioli and Millen have to say about draft picks. You still feel good about Pioli’s 2012 draft? Didn’t get much help from that group in 2012. A major whiff.

          • berttheclock

            Great GMs add talent to their teams through the draft and even using their evaluations of UFAs. Trent Baalke has built a power with the Niners where they have 31 Niners drafted players on their roster. Trent Baalke did not just get lucky. He, also, added UFAs of which he had spotted during the drafting process. John Scneider, while spending time at Stanford scouting Luck, spotted both Richard Sherman of whom he drafted in the 5th round and kept Baldwin on file to bring in as an UFA immediately, following the draft. The GM of the Giants did not fail to see Cruz slipping in the draft and swooped following to pick him up. Same with the Texans’ GM who kept tabs on Foster. Now, consider the majority of the current stars for the Chiefs were selected prior to the arrival of SP and with very few exceptions such as Berry Lewis and Houston and Dexter, who has he really added to the current roster? The best word to use for the wasted 4 years of Pioli is DISASTER. He set the Chiefs back.

          • Chelsii.

            He was there for 4 years and didn’t have to let everyone go. He kept talented players and to blame him for not taking Wilson, Graham, Gronk, etc is just plain crazy talk. They have a good roster. Did he hitch his wagon to the wrong coaches yes for the most part. But to think the whole team needs blown up is crazy. They have the coach now they just need to fine tune everything. He brought in what he could even going as far as trying to get Manning. Sorry it didn’t work out but he didn’t build a team as poorly as Millen. I hope he does get another chance because he does build a sold team
            Heck last years players are still growing into players. They weren’t the most starter ready but everyone expected Berry and Moeki to play better last year. They thought we were right there to win the division. Obviously we have different opinions and nothing will change it except I know I’m right and you’re wrong.

          • Trent Taylor

            It’s obvious you’ve been in a coma the past four years.

          • berttheclock

            Do you really believe drafting is just a lucky guessing game? Of course, all GMs will miss on occasion or have other needs for their teams, but, the best GMs in the game keep building through the draft. To have, either, successful runs year by year or even have a great draft class for just one year takes skill, not luck. Grigson was only lucky to have taken his GM job with Andrew Luck available, but, Grigson had a great draft with added several starters to Indy. Ozzie Newsome has built the Ravens into 2 SB champions by being able to draft very well. Trent Baalke has been involved with the drafts of the Niners for several years, either, as one in charge or as their new GM. His work shows skill, not luck. Ted Thompson and Ron Wolf built the Packers through the draft and were very skillful, not just lucky. Pioli displayed neither luck nor skill.

      • Jim Harper

        Any kind of sight

    • Jim Harper

      I give up! Who?

  • Joe Myers

    this is the same guy that Finished where he started and in a real bad way .