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Should The KC Chiefs Inquire About Brandon Weeden?

The Kansas City Chiefs need to completely retool their QB depth chart this offseason and that means it is important for the new regime to look beyond the 2013 NFL Draft.

One QB that could potentially be available is Cleveland Browns signal caller, Brandon Weeden.

Cleveland selected Weeden #22 overall in last year’s draft. He is a QB that sports some excellent tools but he entered the 2012 Draft with age concerns. Weeden began his professional sports career in baseball, not football. He was originally drafted by the New York Yankees as a pitcher. He bounced around the minors for a while before deciding that his baseball career was unlikely to take off. He enrolled in Oklahoma State in 2007 and by 2010 he was the starting QB for the Cowboys.

Because of his unique past, Weeden was 29 by October of his rookie season. Age concerns likely hurt his draft stock a bit in 2010. Still, it is pretty impressive that despite all that, he was fourth QB taken in what turned out to be a very talented draft class.

As a rookie, Weeden had his ups and downs. He began his career with a putrid performance against Andy Reid’s Philadelphia Eagles. In perhaps the ugliest football game of the season, Weeden threw four interceptions and no touchdowns, completing only 34% of his passes.

Yet the very next week, vs the Cincinnati Bengals, Weeden was 26 of 37 for 322 yards with two TDs and no interceptions.

The Browns went on to lose their first five games, with Weeden struggling at times with interceptions. After that five game stretch, Weeden had five TDs and nine interceptions.

Despite the poor start, the Browns finished the season 5-5 under Weeden, who sat out the season finale against the Steelers (the Browns lost) with an injury. That 5-5 stretch included an overtime loss to the Cowboys and a heartbreaking 17-13 defeat to the Colts that then Cleveland head coach Pat Shurmur coached the Browns out of winning.

During the season, the Browns changed ownership. After the season, the Browns hired a new GM and a new head coach. The new regime is reportedly not high on Weeden.

From the National Football Post:

Is trading Brandon Weeden a possibility for the Browns? Some around the league think so. The belief is that the new management team of Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi don’t think much of Weeden, and they could try to deal him when they can get something for him.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is also reporting that the Browns want to upgrade over Weeden.

Meanwhile, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said recently that he isn’t sure that if Brandon Weeden was in the 2013 Draft, that he (Weeden) wouldn’t be the top rated QB.

“Nobody right now is in this draft saying, ‘if I’m Cleveland, I’ve got to take this quarterback even though I have Brandon Weeden.’ There’s no quarterback that screams out, saying, ‘take me, even though you have Weeden because I’m that much better.’ There’s nobody,” said Kiper. “So I don’t think Cleveland’s going to be able to find that guy.”

If the Browns are so badly wanting to dump Weeden, the Chiefs should pick up the phone and see what Cleveland wants for him.

Weeden finished the season with 3,385 yards passing, with 14 TDs and 17 interceptions. While he struggled at times in Cleveland, there were quite a number of factors working against him.

For starters, the Cleveland offense was very, very young. Weeden’s receivers were Greg Little (2nd year player), Josh Gordon (rookie) and Travis Benjamin (rookie). The Browns also featured a rookie running back in Trent Richardson.

It should be noted that Browns receivers dropped 32 passes in 2012. Little, in particular, has struggled catching the ball since coming into the league. Yet as the season wore on, Little finally began improving and not coincidentally, so did the Browns’ record.

The 2012 Browns were pretty much a college team on offense, at least at the skill positions, in 2012. Yet they still managed to put together a much more respectable season than our own Chiefs, with all their veterans and Pro Bowlers.

When I asked on Twitter a couple of days ago, if the Chiefs should be interested in Weeden, my timeline exploded with scoffs from fans.



“Um, no.”

“Weeden sucks!!!”

Those are just a few examples of the comments I received.

Yet I ask you, Addicts, who do you want to play QB for the Chiefs next season?

The reality of the situation is that the Chiefs need three new QBs. Cassel and Quinn need to be discarded. Ricky Stanzi has shown absolutely nothing since entering the league and while I am fine with him coming to camp again this preseason, the new regime can’t count on him as an option at this point.

The Chiefs should absolutely draft a QB and I am hoping they take Geno Smith but even if they do, I still won’t feel comfortable with the team’s QB depth. The Chiefs will need to make other moves.

So why not inquire about Weeden? He outplayed both of KC’s QBs in 2012. He has a year as a starter under his belt. His age won’t be a detriment for about seven years. Right now, it is an asset. He played in a west coach system under Pat Shurmur so he should be able to acclimate to Reid’s offensive style quite easily.

Also, there aren’t many options out there for the Chiefs. Matt Moore, Seneca Wallace, Nick Foles, Matt Flynn and Alex Smith may be the only realistic options available. I’d rather not bother with Moore or Wallace. The Eagles reportedly want a bundle for Foles. Nobody really knows if there is a market for Flynn. As for Alex Smith, he’ll be more expensive than all of these guys, if acquired through a trade.

If the Chiefs can get Weeden for a 5th round pick, they should pull the trigger.

I’m not saying Weeden is the QB of the future for the Chiefs. But I am saying he is talented enough to bring in to compete at the position and young enough (in his career) that it is impossible to say whether or not he can be an NFL starter.

This ESPN Cleveland article makes an excellent point:

Why is it that a rookie QB who threw for 3,385 yards (second most among possibly the best rookie class ever and only the third 3,000 yard passer for the Browns since Bernie Kosar) is being thrown to the curb as if his NFL storyline has already been written

The Chiefs need to do more than double down at the QB position this offseason. Along with some of the players in the draft, guys like Foles, A. Smith and Weeden need to be given serious consideration by both the front office and the fans.

It’s all well and good to say “Geno will bust” or “Alex Smith is a Matt Cassel clone” or even “Weeden is old and he sucks,” but these are the options available to the Chiefs. Weeden may be a diamond in the rough, a backup or just a placeholder option until the Chiefs really do find their QB of the future. Regardless, he’s an upgrade at the position in every way.

What do you think, Addicts? Should the Chiefs call the Browns about Brandon Weeden? And if not, let us know your ideal QB depth chart for 2013.

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  • thabear04

    Might as well say should Chiefs go after jamarcus russell too, I’ll pass on Weeden

    • Patrick Allen

      How is Weeden anything like Russel?

      • weedenblows

        both first rd qb’s who have done nothing in the nfl. that about it

  • chiefridgy


    • Patrick Allen

      Again, why? What is your reasoning. I’m curious. I spent 1000 words looking at why it might make sense. You’ll have to do better than one to convince me otherwise.

      • chiefridgy

        I’m just sick and tired of picking up other people’s quarterbacks and trying to make them ours. That’s all I got.

        • Patrick Allen

          Right but I think the Chiefs should still draft a QB (Geno) but why not get another QB with upside if you can?

          • chiefridgy

            True that.

          • Justin R Groth

            Patrick I don’t think it matters. the new regime isn’t going for a qbof so we will probably suck next year anyway. I guess we might get a qb next year. :’(

          • Jim Harper

            I’m with you if he comes cheap. Like a 5th rounder or below with the idea of being solid competition and pushing the other QB to be better.

          • KCMikeG

            Do you really think they would let their 1st round pick go for a 5th? If we could get him for that? I think I would rather have EJ Manuel for a 4th.

      • Kyle Mangione

        I think the fans are sick of our franchise picking up the phone to call another team. I think they need to pick up the phone in the draft and grab GENO SMITH. What scares me is if Andy Reid can mold qbs wouldn’t he be drooling down his chin for geno smith and not Nick Foles ?

        • Jim_Satterfield

          If the last few years should have taught us anything it’s that we need depth at the position. Drafting more than one QB in an effort to achieve it isn’t viable.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Not necessarily. I’m open to the Chiefs picking up the phone to call
          Alex Smith. Weeden though? Thanks, but no thanks.

      • chiefridgy

        Also, I don’t want anything that comes out of Cleveland. :)

      • weedenblows

        ok. you could also put 1000 words into why the chiefs should take 7 qb’s, and back it up with good evidence of why, but it doesnt mean its a good idea
        why? point blank? he sucks for his age. you could spend FIVE YEARS developing foles to get to the age weeden is at, and you would have 3x the qb

  • Stacy D. Smith

    No. #enjoytherestofyourday

    • Patrick Allen

      Why? Given the info posted above?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I wouldn’t trade anything for Weeden to be a backup in Kansas City. His ceiling is too low and he’s already long in the tooth. There will be competent veterans available to fill that role.

  • Dan

    I’d rather take my chances with a young QB from the draft. Weeden only has 5 or 6 more years that he might be effective. A young guy like Geno Smith with some upside could be good for 15 years. I was on the Tyler Wilson bandwagon until some scary things I read about him. So I’m not sure who I want to draft but I definitely want to go with a young QB.

  • Lucas_Hampton

    Almost ANY QB is an option for the Chiefs right now, I would take Weeden and then draft someone like Geno Smith, if Geno goes down then we have a guy who has skill and was in a West Coast offense. It’s worth it in my opinion

  • Calchiefsfan

    I’m at the point with quarterbacks where stats, arm strength, can they make all the throws etc is just not enough. Can they read a defense? Can they exploit a weakness? Can they go through their progressions and find the open man? Can they extend a play and make something out of nothing? That’s what I want to know about any quarterback the Chiefs are considering. Peyton Manning is the bench mark for this. If there is someone out there that has that kind of potential then I’m all for it. I don’t care if it’s G. Smith, Weeden or Rick Stanzi for that matter. I just want to see some excitement and excellence at quarterback for a change.
    I’m hoping the new regime has the ability to do this and quickly. if so we’ll go to the playoffs. The rest of the team has enough talent right now to be very good.

    • berttheclock

      That phrase “go through their progressions” sounds great, when, you have a decent offensive line which will give the QB time to go through progressions and you have more than one receiver who can get open and catch passes. Often, Bowe has been the only progression available. Baldwin is lost trying to get open. The slots keep getting jammed or tripped up and the TE has to stay in most of the time to block. BTW, even when the Packers had offensive line problems, Rodgers could continue to go through quick reads. Main reason was he had several dependable receivers. The Chiefs only had Bowe.

      • Jim Harper

        He also is very mobile and adept at throwing on the run to extend the play.

      • Calchiefsfan

        I’ve been calling for upgrading the o line since Roaf left. That being said this line is good enough most of the time though they definitely need more interior strength.

        You’re right about Bowe, that’s why I can’t believe their are people actually saying let him go. Crazy! But I saw too many open receivers when Cassel and Quinn where playing. Cassel especially trying to force it in to Bowe.

        I’m betting that the quarterback play will improve just with better coaching but we really need to get a playmaker at that position. Everything else will fall into place once we do.

  • jimfromkcj

    Pat, I think that no one has wanted Weeden any more than I did last year, but I doubt that the situation in KC is conducive to his talents. The West coast is a dink and dunk offence that uses short quick passes in place of a run. The Browns have brought in an offence that would more fit Weeden and knowing the Browns penchant for shooting themselves in the foot, I wouldn’t be surprised that they get rid of Weeden (the perfect fit) for someone who is just the opposite. If you look at some of the Cowboys games with Weeden, you see some of the most exciting football that you will ever see.

  • unclejesse40

    If Andy Reid wants him, then I am down. I am so glad to have a coach that knows how to develop Qb’s!

  • Justin

    Why should we keep trading for other teams leftovers?? Cassel nd Quinn have proved nothing except that there nt franchise qbs or starters. I want the chiefs to take geno num 1 in the draft cuz geno isn’t as bad as wat everybody is sayn he is u can’t say he’s bad cuz of jst one game, u have to judge a guy by all of his games nd according to his stats he’s done better than wat rg3 nd luck did. Ik that doesn’t mean he’s better or as good as them bt that’s a place I start. Nd if the chiefs dnt take him then I might as well move out of KC nd go to st.louis or something

    • jimfromkcj

      As they say, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We don’t need quitters.

      • Justin

        I’m jst sayn we need to stop goin after other teams leftovers, we had two tht clearly proved that they r nt starters in the nfl nd why keep doin it when all it leads us to is being in the bottom of our division??

    • Mike Ross

      Sounds like you should start packing… and take that I know better than the Chiefs brass attitude with you.

    • Jim Harper


  • Justin

    Weeden’s rookie numbers are actually very comparable to Peyton Manning’s-with Weeden having better stats in some categories than Manning. He’s at worst serviceable and at best could pan out to be a top 10 or 12 qb in the league.

  • Justin

    Remember, Weeden’s number 1 receiver last season was the number 2 guy at Baylor before being drafted by Cleveland. I mean c’mon.

  • Danny W

    No stone left unturned, no dollar left unspent until we find our franchise quarterback.

  • Dominick

    33 of the last 46 Super Bowl champions drafted their qb rather than traded for. And that’s not even the real number, that accounts for elway and Eli’s combined 4 rings as part of the 13 teams that traded for their qb due to the fact that they were draft day trades. So really 37 of 46 champions drafted their qb! Lets go geno!

  • mnelson52

    I would get as many QBs as we can and see who rises to the top till we find our franchise QB.

  • GDL40

    I have no idea what Cleveland would take…. You mentioned maybe a 5th round pick, which will be like a high 4th….. as long as they still draft Geno, I wouldnt have a problem with that…. BUT HEELLL NO TO ALEX SMITH, Alex Smith is overrated, played for a good team. Those 2 seasons he had good #’s, SF would have made the playoffs with Matt Cassel !….remember how Cassel looked with NE after hard-hitter Pollard took out Brady for the season in week one ??? he looked good …. DSNT MEAN HE IS GOOD., its the system and the team he was in! To me A. Smith is no better than Weeden, not to mention we would pay and give up a lot more for A. Smith

  • Dalton Meek

    As long as we draft Geno, I’d be okay with a number of these players. They’d only be filling in until Smith was ready to go anyway. I’m not expecting a Superbowl next year, just to compete in the league, Weedens’ a guy who can do that, but so is Alex Smith, and Matt Flynn. Its too early to say for sure but he’s definately a guy to consider, if we can get him for the right price I’d say go for it. Weeden in opinion is one of those guys who I still believe has undiscovered talent, he’s very risky though

  • Nicholas Alan Clayton

    For a low pick? Sure, why not? I was never a fan of Weeden, but it’s not like we’re going to get anything better for a 4th or 5th this year.

  • john

    Uh, no.