Mike Mayock: Kansas City Chiefs’ Four Options For No. 1

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One of the most well-respected NFL draft analysts out there, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, says there are only four players the Kansas City Chiefs should consider taking with the #1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

They are:

Mayock said on a conference call Monday that some people will say he’s crazy to potentially take a guard at No. 1 overall, but Mayock says Warmack is the best player in this draft. So he doesn’t see it as crazy at all.

In the end, Mayock believes the pick could come down to Joekel or Warmack. This is a draft in which the top-shelf players don’t stand apart too much, and there might not be a huge difference between picks No. 5 and 25. That makes it a tricky spot for the Chiefs.


Could thinks be much worse for the Chiefs? The team was perfectly set up to lay and egg in 2012 and instead, they rallied around Romeo Crennel and somehow managed to win enough games to put themselves out of the running for Andrew Luck and RG3.

Now here we sit, a year later, with the #1 pick, and the best draft analyst in the game is telling us we should probably take a guard.


I don’t know if any of the QBs in this year’s draft are going to make it in the NFL but I do know that the Chiefs aren’t going to win squat if they don’t get a QB. And taking a guard or a tackle, even if the kid can block three defensive players all by himself at the same time, won’t mean a damn if the Chiefs can’t score.

If there is one thing worse than having your team be so bad that they have the #1 pick, it is there not being any players worth being excited about to use the pick to select.

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  • chiefridgy

    Oh man oh man!

  • Danny W

    Typical Chiefs situation. We had a top three pick once and pulled the trigger on a man of tin. If we get a guard well then fine, package up a deal and pry Kirk Cousins from the skins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashton.hastings Ashton Hastings

    I like patrick Allen but Mike mayock is not the best draft analyst in the game at all

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      lol. Who is your favorite?

      • http://www.facebook.com/ashton.hastings Ashton Hastings

        I like Mcshay because he’s realistic. I’m not a big kiper fan though

    • chiefridgy

      I thought it read “One of the most well-respected” ??

    • Jarad

      Id like to know who the” best” analyst is by your opinion. I personally like Mayock the most. Oline isnt a sexy pick by any means, but KC’s needs and the personnel in this draft make it tough to go else where. Im not totally against Star or another rising D-lineman. Top choice, trade back and trade for Foles.

      • ArrowFan

        With so many good O linemen and not so many good QB’s then why does it make sense to not pick a QB?

        • Jarad

          Well personally i think It would be smart to get the best of a good group rather than the best of a weak group. Why take a mediocre player when you can take anyone you want. Yes , QB is the most important position in sports, but why reach for an average prospect (at best) to take over that position. With it being a crap shoot at the QB position this year, dont risk the #1 pick when you can draft a similar talent in the 30′s.

          • Jarad

            And for the record, im not lobbying for Oline to be the pick. But it does make sense if Reid/Dorsey dont see a QB that’s a must have. The Chiefs need help on both lines and another CB, so im open to a lot of choices

          • ArrowFan

            The problem is the OL we could get at “34 will not be far off of the OL we would get at #1. However the difference in QB will be much different. There two good QB’s and then there are about 5 or six so so prospects. If we don’t select one of the two with the first pick then we stand to be getting a so so prospect not a good one.

          • Jarad

            Thats interesting, everything i’ve read has Joek as the lock tackle, Warmack as the lock guard and when it comes to QB, NO ONE can agree on who is best. Every top 5 QB list is different, so how can you say there are 2 good ones, then a dramatic drop off?? I surely dont know as much as the “experts” that watch all the film so i value their opinions. And all of there opinions differ on the QB’s. Has there been a consensus top 2?

          • Jarad

            After all that defense towards the logic of going OL, if the Chiefs take a QB, I’ll be stoked!! For the simple reason that both Mr conservative Dorsey “bpa” and Andy Reid think he is the best player for the Chiefs. Hopefully 1 of those QB’s can prove their worth it

  • Chris Tarrants

    Speak for yourself, I for one am very excited about the thought of have Geno Smith under center, he reminds me of Mcnabb! Very accurate deep ball threat who stays in the pocket and doesn’t turn the ball over, if we take his is still undecided but that thought makes me excited

    • boscocfh

      lol very accurate deep ball no. He over throws half the time. this guy is not luck rg3 or wilson. He is not a first overall talent. End of the first round i say take him. We are just drafting in the wrong year for qbs.

      • shayaan

        if you don’t like the guy, that’s one thing, but then why suggest we get him late in the round? there’s almost no chance he falls that far, so if the chiefs like him they have to take him #1. otherwise it’s EJ Manuel in round 2.

      • Chris Tarrants

        stop listening to the talking heads and do your research! His numbers are far better than RG3 or luck, he didn’t reach those numbers by throwing incompletions, he is in fact very accurate and if you don’t think he is then go back and watch tape don’t parrot what the heads say

      • Joe Myers

        yea right iv seen all QB over throw and under throw . His comp % for his career at WV is 67% . So dont give that same old not a good year . Its a perfect year cuz the man is share worker a leader and has loads of talent .

      • Darkwolf1414

        You’ve never seen Geno Smith play have you? Over throws half the time!? As Kraigk Hullaby says below, Smith had a career completion percentage of 67% and last year had over a 71% completion rating. His long ball accuracy and touch are very good. Watch some film.

  • Travis Forsyth

    these draft analyst are proving they’re nothing more than a bunch of retards there are plenty of o-lineman in this draft we get one in the later rounds, kc NEEDS a QB and i don’t like any of the QB’s in the free agent pool as the chiefs starter…..DRAFT GENO SMITH!

    • calciomoti

      I agree, Gil Brandt says otherwise here and lists Geno Smith as the 4th highest rated player in this draft…mike Mayock probably didn’t watch any chiefs football other than a highlight or two.

      • calciomoti
      • berttheclock

        However, I wish Pioli had read Mayock’s comments about Russell Wilson, last year prior to the draft. He raved about how he would want him as a backup and thought he could win several games off the bench. I pay far more attention to pundits who can evaluate talent beyond the first round. Picking the first round, normally, comes down with trying to place certain known players to perceived needs by GMs or trying to read the tea leaves made up of various comments by those GMs and/or owners. So, it wasn’t that hard to state the Raiders were going to select McFadden after reading comments written by Al Davis to the local Little Rock paper where he praised him. So, easy sticker on the side of Mel Kiper, Jr’s P-51, but, what about his “Stanzi is the steal of the draft” for that infamous 5th round pick?

      • ladner morse

        Riddle me this… if Gil Brandt now has Geno Smith going to the Raiders at number 3… why wouldn’t the Chiefs take him at number one?


  • GDL40

    I’ve heard enough stupid comments and “analysis” from these so-called experts. I like Mayock, but this is too much non-sense. I just hope our GM, head coach, and front office overall are smart enough to not pay attention to any of this crap…..!

  • boscocfh

    look the shitty luck of the chiefs to suck in the wrong year to draft a QB. Im sorry but if we take geno with the first pick it will be a mistake. Trade down and get him im fine with that. This pick really depends on our free agents and if we release tyson jackson cause dorsey is gone. If we cant sign albert or if he holds out. The OL or DL will have to be the first pick and then take a second round qb.

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      Trading back requires a trade partner. In a draft both deep and top-heavy with offensive and defensive lineman, who is going to want to move up to our spot?

    • Joe Myers

      not drafting Geno would be the mistake . ” draft him in a later round ” ???? . If he could so easy go number 3 god forbid then he can go number one .

  • KCMikeG

    I love the offseason now since there is so much more coverage than ever before but it is leading to too many “experts” that are no better than any one of us. Plus it is forcing decisions w/o all the information. Look at OT Fisher and OLB Ansah – neither one of them even made the UDRFA list and now Fisher is #11 and Ansah is at #40 overall.

    You know how if something is said enough times many accept it as truth no matter if there is anything to support it. There are NO QB’s worth picking in the 1st round…repeat until you are convinced or tune in to ESPN/NFL Channel for the parrot act! Sheesh!

    If there is no clear BPA then doesn’t our most critical need become the most important reason for our picking QB or CB at #1? There are a number of starting CB’s to be had in the 2nd round (Trufant/Poyer) but definitely no starting QB’s.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I’m with you. Now it’s being said that there really isn’t ANY player worth the #1 overall pick. So let’s just not have the draft! What a moronic thing to say!

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I don’t understand why all these mock drafts are so intent on us drafting an o-line men. We could use depth on the o-line but our starters are set. If we aren’t taking Geno (and I hope we do) I’m pretty sure we’ll draft closer to what we need, such as CB like Dee Milliner or d-line help to replace dorsey and jackson like star lotelieule

  • Chief Hokie

    No freaking way this happens.

  • Andy

    Lest we forget, when we were racking up the points with Green, Gonzo and Priest, (No real WR) we had one of the best O lines in football. If we took Warmack, we would have a pretty darn good young, O Line. Is that so bad? I remember last year there was constant presure up the middle. Our QB could not step up in the pocket.

    • Joe Myers

      yea all thos points and no SB not even a playoff win . I fail to see your point .

      • Andy

        We did not win a playoff game bacause of our defense. I was only commenting on why we had such a good offense. Stay focused man.

    • ArrowFan

      I remember we had a good QB and coach as well.

  • berttheclock

    When the first Mock Drafts began to appear, Chance Warmack was listed in the Top Five of many. His stock began to drop only due to the word circulating that he was a pure guard and lacked the ability to play tackle. So, it was thought GMs would look more for offensive tackles in the higher picks. Scouts say Warmack is a beast at run blocking which could really help the Chiefs for interior runs. Most of the yardage gained by Charles came from running off the right side as Albert is not that great at run blocking. However, trying to run up the middle has produced the least yardage for the Chiefs the past 3 seasons.
    But, only one offensive guard has been taken at the top and his large contract became a major cap problem for his team. Hutchinson was taken fairly high by the Seahawks and proved his worth. However, the ‘Hawks had taken the great Walter Jones before him and due to those two the Seahawks became a championship team. Championship teams are built from the Left Tackle inward. Poor offensive lines with mediocre to poor left tackles have destroyed young QBs, no matter how high they had been selected in the draft Mirer, Carr and Couch were destroyed by inferior lines.

    • Andy

      Finally, someone with some common sence. See my comment below for additional reason to build a soldid team, from the insude out.

    • ArrowFan

      If we had a qb then jc would be running anywhere he wanted. But we don’t and teams just stack the line and wait for JC. Another OL will not win us anymore games.

    • Darkwolf1414

      Uh, you need to check your stats again.

  • ArrowFan


  • ladner morse

    Last night, my neighbor’s dog barged in my front door, demanded to use my phone, called President Obama and ordered him to hand make and hand deliver his favorite pizza then turned to me and said, “GET OUT!”………… and if you’re thinking to yourself, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”… you’d be right.

    A Guard at number one…. is just that.

    • Darkwolf1414

      Very well played, sir.

  • berttheclock

    One major reason, no offensive guard will be taken at Number 1 is how it would skew salaries for offensive linemen. Left tackles make the most money on an offensive line. That is the reason, Albert does not want to hear any comment about his being moved to guard. Albert and his agent understand the FA market and they know some GM out there will over pay for a LT. Albert would be a far better guard, but, he has played far too long LT to ever change. Should an offensive guard be taken a One, it would change the salaries for all offensive guards.This only means at the very top of Round One as Gene Upshaw, Steve Hutchinson, takena bit lower have proved their worth, although both played next to future HOFer, left tackles. Someday, DeCastro will, probably, prove his worth.

  • http://twitter.com/UNC_SF49ers Matt Hamm

    As the networks UNC guy, I can vouch that Jonathan Cooper is going to be a terrific NFL player. With that said it makes no sense IMO to ever draft a guard #1 overall. If the Chiefs want him they could trade down and get him later.

  • DraftExpertFor Chiefs

    There is no way the Chiefs will take a guard. There are bigger needs, and no team has ever taken a G higher than 17th overall, and the Chiefs aren’t going to start now. The Chiefs will resign Bowe, and they will take Luke Joeckel with the #1 overall pick. I’m calling it now.

  • Darkwolf1414

    I normally like Mayock but I’m with you. A GUARD!? Mayock has flipped his lid! If we lose Colquitt then we need to get a Punter! The only thing that helped the defense out last year was Colquitt kicking the snot out of the ball! Our offense couldn’t do anything so Colquitt had to boot it! I’m worried they are going to let him walk and we need to draft a punter! We need to get Brad Wing out of LSU with the #1 pick! He’s another left footed punter, like Dustin, and he was a first team All-American in 2011 and second team All-American in 2012! We have got to get him at #1 if Dorsey and Reid let Colquitt walk!

  • oldchiefsfan

    Just take Geno Smith and if a guard is so important get one in round 2 or 3. Waste our first round pick on a guard? Seriously Mayock? Have you watched any Chiefs games? I’ve been a Chiefs fan since we lost the 1st Super Bowl to Green Bay. I have watched them. I have followed them. I have lived and died with this team. I am so tired of feeling gut punched every Sunday when we lose again. Please just draft Geno Smith and give us something…anything…. to give us a little hope for this year. I hear how Andy Reid is such a great developer of young QBs. If that is true then how could he not possibly turn Geno Smith into an upgrade for this team?

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