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Mel Kiper Thinks The KC Chiefs Should Trade #1 Pick

The Kansas City Chiefs went through a lot of losing in order to acquire the #1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft but if ESPN draft expert Mel Kipers is to be believed, KC’s best option is to trade the #1 pick away.

In comments made to the Kansas City Star, Kiper’s painted a pretty grim outlook for the Chiefs, a team that has never before held the #1 pick.

I think trading out is still the best option. There’s no quarterback to remotely consider if you’re Kansas City. I would say if (the Chiefs) can get out of there, that’s the best option if they can, and there’s no guarantee they will be able to.’

Kiper whittled his list to three of players he considers worthy of consideration by the Chiefs with that first pick: Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel, Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones and Utah defensive lineman Star Lotulelei.

The whole thing is rather depressing. Not just because most experts don’t seem to think there is a single player really worth taking #1 but if that is indeed the case, the Chiefs aren’t likely to find a trade partner either.

For me, the ideal situation for the Chiefs would be for one of the teams in the top ten to fall in love with a player and offer the Chiefs package that enables them to move back and still pick up QB Geno Smith. While the draft doesn’t appear to have a ton of stars, it is considered to be rather deep with talent. If that is the case, the more picks the Chiefs can secure, the better.

What do you think, Addicts? Should the Chiefs trade out of the #1 pick if they can?

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  • shayaan

    there is no way they move back and still get geno smith. no reason to get cute and miss out on a game-changing player like him.

    • Guest

      I couldn’t agree more. Look at the picks 2-10 and ask yourself.. .is a there a high likelihood that any of these teams will jump at a chance to draft the best QB in this draft? I have to say YES… to almost every single team. Here they are:

      2. Jaguars (Gabbert), 3. Raiders (Palmer, 33 yrs. old), 4. Eagles (Vick — 33 this year & a one yr contract), 5. Lions (Stafford), 6. Browns (Weeden- 30 yr. old sophomore), 7. Cardinals (rivals Chiefs QB Apocalypse), 8. Bills (Fitzpatrick bites), 9. Jets (Sanchez = Epic Flail), 10. Titans (Locker or old man Hasselbeck — 38 this year — for QB is no choice at all & Jeff Fisher knows it).

      Obviously, Matt Stafford of the Lions is the exception. It’s curious though… that every other team drafting past the tenth pick.. doesn’t need a QB.

      If almost every other team in the top ten needs a QB… then who are the Chiefs supposed to trade with?

      If… the Chiefs trade back… and miss out on the top QB in this draft… what good is it to pick up extra picks in the draft to select players at other positions besides QB… even if those players turn out to be HOFers?

      • micah stephenson

        thank you!!!!! I dont get what part of “you cant trade down and still get Geno” peolple dont understand! Jags at 2, Raiders at 3, cardinals, bills and Jets all waiting to jump on Geno If the Chiefs are stupid enouph to pass on the only chance to draft the best QB. of corse none of the teams are pumping him up, cus they want him themselfs. some of these dudes are suckas! yea you shud draft a LT or DT and worry about a QB later, while we draft the same QB we told you not to draft wen its our turn! thanks SUKAS!!!!

      • Drewfish

        1. jags already said there sticking with gabbert, they believe he is better than Geno….
        2. Raiders are fine with Palmer and are not going to draft a QB,…..
        3. why sign vick to one year if your drafting Geno (not to mention you just drafted foles) …..
        4. lions are def not drafting a qb,
        5. Browns are committed to Weeden and will not draft a qb,
        6. Cards maybe but have said they will give Kolb & Company another year,
        7. Bills, Jets are most likely to draft different QB
        8. I highly doubt Fisher will move away from Both Locker and Hasselbeck.

        there is lots of options to trade back, we don’t need to go back 9 or 12 places, just 3 or 4…..Ive been thinking trade since we were for sure getting the #1. Honestly why take him #1 when you could take him 3, 4, 5, or even 6th then get a few extra mid 2 or 3rd round pics to go with it, the one thing KC needs is depth, and special teamers

        • http://www.facebook.com/matt.pacheco.904 Matt Pacheco

          You say it like its so easy to do. Like they could just do it if they wanted. You dont have any of the special information required to make any kind of an informed decision. You dont know that any of the teams would pass on Geno. Look at any mock draft in the past ten years. Not one of them is accurate at all. Usually 1-3 are right but still after that its completely off. Front offices say all kinds of things to throw people off. For instance all of those teams are ALWAYS going to look to upgrade the Qb position if they can, that means they will scout Geno and every Qb heavily until they gather all the information required to see if he is an upgrade.

          • Drewfish

            I don’t give a rats patootie about mock drafts, your right there usually wrong. But like i said i feel very confident in what I said about other the other teams 2-8 if we don’t draft Geno #1…I HIGHLY doubt any of them will either. Ive been reading a lot about the other teams in the top ten, not that that makes me a NFL scout but…..Why take him number 1 and only have 7 picks when you could trade back pick up 2 more mid round pics, then try to pick him up later. Then you have extra picks so you can trade back up into the first round just in case he does go to one of the aforementioned teams. Its a solid theory, and could work wonders for our depth, which is almost more of a need then QB. All of the top teams in the league all have great depth and excellent special teams….we haven’t had good depth and special teams since the early 2000′s, during Vermil’s days. We lost it all after Edwards and Peterson destroyed the team.

          • cyberry

            Peterson destroyed the team before Edwards got here. When he had an aging line. I can’t believe he didn’t pick some lineman in the 3rd and 4th round and say..”pick which future Hall of Famer you wish to learn by”..He traded the picks for “has-beens” ..at least Herm had a good draft. But the damage was done..

        • shayaan

          “Honestly why take him #1 when you could take him 3, 4, 5, or even 6th”

          because it’s not a guarantee you’ll get him at those other spots.

          and actually, the one thing KC needs is a quarterback. if we had a choice to only make one improvement this offseason, it would be that, and it wouldn’t even be close.

      • Troy Utt

        I can see a senario to where the brass might decide to trade down, such as if they had decided to target Wilson or ??? persay. I believe even if there were a run on a few QB’s (w/ Smith being 1st off board) we would still be okay. Of teams listed not all can afford to take a QB with the other holes they have to fill, by-passing a greater need of which the talent level is too great to ignore that early in draft! Honestly I think with recent events it’s safe to say that the Raiders, Eagles, & Lions, will most likely be running with a QB on staff (1young 1vet), while we will see free agent QB’s that should wind up on two other staff’s… Worse case, that cut’s the list better than half, and maybe we can grab a later rd draft pick- as well our QB!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    If there’s no clear #1, who are we going to trade the pick to? It’s almost like the national media doesn’t want the Chiefs to have a blue chip quarterback prospect.

    • micah stephenson

      EXACTLY! They know if the Chiefs get Geno the will instantly b a playoff team agian thus for stealing some of the attention from Payton Manning and Tim Tebo, and they cant have that. if every wants Geno they not gone b like yea he is the greatest. they gone b like he just ok, untill they get him, then it will b he is the shit and I cant believe the dum ass chiefs passed on him! I guess if we do pick anything other than a QB 1st overall, at least we will end up with the 1st pick next yr and mayby there will b a QB worth taking # 1 overall, instead of jus the top ten overall like GENO is.

    • Danny W

      The media “ESPN” hates KC.

      • Kyle ferguson

        They don’t talk about us because we are a small market so no one really pays attention to us

    • Larry Devore

      who was the teams last blue chip qb that they drafted, no one comes to mind

  • micah stephenson

    Melon Head Kiper is an IDIOT! This is the same guy who thought his gay lover “Jimmy Cluasen” was gone b the best QB ever to walk the face of the earth! The fact that he wud trade the 1st overall pick instead of drafting a QB is why is not a GM and has very little respect left out here on the streets. Its time for ESPN to hire a new guy. The truth is this time of yr Melon Head and McShay say the names of the players who agents is kickin them under the table money untill the draft gets closer.

    • Dale Taylor

      I’m sorry I just don’t see it. I am a life long chiefs fan but Geno Smith is overrated. I watched everyone of his games this year (hoping for the chiefs to get him) and Tavon Austin saved him numerous times on what would have been picks in the NFL. I know everyone is excited because this year was the year of the rookie QB but rookie QB’s normally do not work out (statistically).

      I say the chiefs trade out of down and offer a package to the 49′ers for Alex Smith. At least that way you get a proven NFL commodity (6-1 as a starter last year; 70% completion)

      • shayaan

        tavon austin is 5’9″, how did he save geno from would-be picks?

        the only thing alex smith is proven is that he has a low ceiling. he was benched in favor of a second-year QB with high upside for a reason.

  • GDL40

    A LOT of mocks still have Geno going #1…. does it mean much ? NO, bc they are just mocks, just for fun, and they change almost every week. But that says that a lot of people believe Geno is clearly the top QB, and its not like we’re in position to draft the best qb available every year so I will be very angry @ the front office if we pass on him only to see him go within the top 10 anyway…. BTW- WHAT team is going to trade down no #1and give up an extra 2nd or 3rd ???? what player is there worth doing that for ????

    • micah stephenson

      Geno Smith. Id trade a 1 and 2 to move up to take GENO.

      • GDL40

        EXACTLY!…….we can and should take him, without having to do that.

  • Danny W

    Chicago may fall in love with are Joeckeling me. I could see them trying to trade up and protect Cutler. I think there sitting high enough we may be able to grab G Smith but I wouldn’t gamble for it if I were the GM

  • SparkySTL

    I don’t think any team is going to get the quality of picks the would like if the trade back. I see very few true stand outs and more teams wanting to trade down then up.with an abundance of quality players and a lack of stand outs I just dont see any prospects to go after that garner more then an additional 4th

    • SparkySTL

      Take my rams, I could see them wanting to move up to #10 to lock in Warmack, but cant see them giving more then #22 and and a fourth rounder. If the titans don’t bite, cooper, fluker an lane Johnson would still be available, and the talent drop off isn’t substantial

  • disqus_3DUQjctc25

    fisher is the coach of the rams not the titans anymore just so everyone is aware

  • jimfromkcj

    I think that the fans are whistleing in the dark when it comes to Geno. football is a team sport and a QB is only one of several positions we are in need of. I can almost read it on the wall when Geno stumbles and we don’t get into the playoffs, are all of you supporters going to be willing to say we made a mistake and need to move on to Johnnie Football or another QB who looks like they might be a franchise type, or are we going to see all the supporters whineing that if we just give him more weapons or blame the defence or the receivers for his short comings. Sound familiar? Hell there are still posters wanting to keep Cassel yet today. I think fans deserve what they get and if you want to take a chance on Geno, more power to you. The only thing to look forward to is that the new FO hopefully will lend a deaf ear to fans and use good judgement in what they do.

    • shayaan

      you act like that scenario has happened before. the chiefs haven’t taken a first round QB in 30 years, please stop acting like you know exactly how that is going to pan out.

  • Kyle ferguson

    If a team is trading up they are doing it to get geno, I still wouldn’t mind trying to trade back to 7 if az wants geno drafting Wilson and also getting a 3rd rounder, could give us 3 3rd round picks and a QB. But Mel is stupid I don’t see how a guy that gets paid to make mock drafts for a living can’t see how big of a need qb is and how every year the go hire than projected, adjust mock accordingly