Andy Reid Talks Ricky Stanzi

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is busy at work evaluating the roster and one of his biggest challenges will be figuring out the QB situation.

By the time the Chiefs head to training camp at the end of July, their QB depth chart could look very different.

Longtime starter Matt Cassel could very well be on his way out. If the Chiefs do not plan to start him next season his contract could cost too much for the team to want to keep him on as a backup. Reid, however, did say it is too early to make a decision on Cassel.

Last year’s starter for the second half of the season, Brady Quinn, could also be gone. He will become a free agent in March and chances are his play in 2012 wasn’t good enough for the team to try to re-sign him.

That leaves QB Stanzi.

Stanzi is an interesting case because despite the struggles of both Cassel and Quinn, Stanzi was never given the chance to start by either Todd Haley or Romeo Crennel.

Still, Reid has watched all the footage of Stanzi he could get his hands on.

Here are some comments from Reid on Stanzi, courtesy of the Kansas City Star.

“I watched a ton of his (video) from college,’’ Reid said. “I watched all of it. I watched everything he has from here. There’s just not that much of it. That’s a hard (evaluation). You want to see them in games. I’ve heard good things about him, both of those guys (including Cassel) and actually Brady, too. But with Stanzi you just don’t have as much information.

“There’s probably not enough on Ricky (to have an informed opinion), certainly not enough on what we’ll ask him to do. Matt, you’ve got a little better feel about just because there’s more snaps. Matt’s a good football player.’’

Stanzi likely has the best shot of sticking around. He is due $555,000 in base salary in 2013 and is signed through 2014. He represents a $619,763 cap hit in 2013 so there is a chance he will be given the chance to earn a spot on the roster in training camp.

Do you guys want Stanzi to stay with the Chiefs and learn under Reid?

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  • Ben

    I think Stanzi is fine he will never be the starter. Im ok with him as a back up.

    • Robert Mccall

      I would never take anyone on my team that didn’t have strong potential to be a starter.Especially in the most important leadership role on the team. I just don’t think you compromise your aspirations as a leader (coach or GM) to even consider something like that because I think when you do take that sort of approach then that cultivates mediocrity.

      • chiefridgy

        No one can comment on how good or bad stanzi is….not even the coaches have a clue. You think stanzi has been given a long enough look to know how good he could be? Who is to say stanzi can’t be a starter?

      • KCMikeG

        You would think wouldn’t you on the “most important position” but look at the reality. Most fans couldn’t name the back up QB’s on most teams and for good reason as they are mostly forgettable. How often does a starting QB go down only to have a back up step in and lead the team to a winning season? (like Cassel in 2008 – yikes!). Look at how many others get a starting job elsewhere and fail. The talent pool is very shallow at such a critical position.

  • Eric

    Cut him…your back-up QB must have future potential to start for your organization or hold enough value to another organization in trade. Stanzi is neither.

  • ladner morse

    “Matt’s a good football player”… ?????????????
    Disturbing. REALLY disturbing.

    • nick shaffer

      Ha Matt Cassel is a good football player not a great player but, I bet if you tried to do his job you would look even worse.

      • toperspective

        So by your logic no fan should ever criticize a player because they couldn’t do his job. That’s ridiculous.

      • ladner morse

        You’re completely right. I torn my ACL on the second day of 10th grade football and my career as a RB was over. I only played QB in intramurals in college.

        Yes.. I have to admit.. .Cassel is better than I.

    • Michael Shaw

      Come on Laddy. If you were the new head coach, would you really come right out and say how bad Matt is? I mean they may have to keep him as what he should have been all along, a BACKUP!!!!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        He could’ve abstained from commenting on Cassel. This was about Stanzi anyway, no?

        • Patrick Allen

          Plead the 5th?

          • Stacy D. Smith

            “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

      • ladner morse

        I can only think Reid has something else in mind for Matt… like actually trying to pump him up to trade him. Otherwise, I see no value to Reid making that statement. Better to not say anything at all.

        • KCMikeG

          I’m not surprised by Reid’s comments. Think about it. You’re the new guy in charge and great leaders make informed decisions after analyzing all the options to a solution. He wants to pump them all up whether he wants to give them a shot or make them desirable for trade. To throw Cassel under the bus does no good for anyone. If he is retained as the back up or if Reid wants to try to trade him like Kolb or AJ Feeley or McNabb positive talk can only help either way. I am encouraged some by his comments on Stanzi. I would really like to see Stanzi get a real shot with a coaching staff that knows QB’s like Reid’s. Tanney too. What I would like to know is what are the rules as far as contact between Reid and our QB’s? Can he watch them practice? Sounds like Cassel is working out – any word on the youngsters? Can they watch some film or do some classroom time? I’m pretty sure he can’t be coaching them though until OTA’s.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I almost lost it when I read that.

    • Nicholas Rodgers

      Cassel is basically Alex Smith. Never had stability or good coaches. The two years he had good coaches (New England when Brady went down and one year under Weis he did pretty well. Even went to a pro-bowl as an alternate, and may have a playoff victory if Haley runs Charles more than 9 times in the home game against the Ravens. So to say he is total garbage isn’t fair. Obviously not great, but no one was goin to succeed as QB on that team last year.

      • tm1946

        Normally would not care but Cassel “never had stability or good coaches”?? Wasn;t he in NE for a cup of coffee, pretty good staff there or at least they won a game here or there.

      • John

        I agree, I think Cassel is at least as good as Smith.

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    Who knows? Like Reid said, we have no idea how this kid plays QB in the NFL. However, the fact that he never got a chance despite truly awful quarterback play by the first and second string last year is a really bad sign. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first thing that the previous coaching staff totally botched.

    • chiefridgy

      Then again it seems the last regime had no clue at all….

    • KCMikeG

      A really bad sign yes – of our terrible coaching staffs.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    Cut Stanzi, he looked very inept in the preseason. I think we should keep Tanney as our third string instead, because Tanney got even less of a chance due to injury, but at this point we know Stanzi sucks but we don’t know if Tanney does.

    • Michael Shaw

      Was he inept or did he maybe have issue’s figuring out Daboll’s offense?

      • Arrowhead Magic

        Good point, in that case we give him one one more year to prove he has some value. If he still shows no improvement let him go

    • chiefridgy

      I don’t think we can say he sucks…

  • ArrowFan

    Only if Reid thinks there is something there. I would rather see Tanney get a shot.

  • Michael Shaw

    I would have to agree with Andy, there isn’t really enough NFL tape on him to make an informed decision and I personally think Crennel was just playing who he thought would help him win to try and save his job. Why give the new incoming coach anything to see of Stanzi?

  • PunjabiPete

    OK, and I know I will get blasted for this, I think there are a few viable ways to go forward:

    1. Keep Matt as the starter, drop Quinn, see what we have in Stanzi, and spend what we need to to put an above average line in front of Cassel. He is a game manager, and I just don’t see paying Alex Smith to do the same thing when he’s not that much better.

    2. Draft Geno Smith and keep Cassel on this year to mentor him but around mid-season throw Geno in there. Line still needs to be addressed but that gives them 8 games to figure out how to block.

    3. Dump Cassel and Quinn. Offer Kyle Orton sexual favors to come back to Kansas City. Let him take a dump on a crying Scott Pioli. Address the line and let Smith be someone else’s burden.

    4. Draft Michael Vick and tell him with Leavenworth so close by if he doesn’t take us to the Superbowl…

    • boothisman6

      for the 500th time
      brady quinn is a free agent
      if kc wants to “dump” quinn, they simply dont call the guy. which we know is what will happen. there is zero chance quinn is in a KC uniform next year.
      orton couldnt put up points either, Im not sure why people continue to credit him for one mediocre performance against green bay, people wanted to do the same with quinn vs the panthers, oh gosh, lets bring him back, did you see his 200 yards and efficiency? oh barf
      matt cassel the mentor? matt cassel must focus on his next job. the guy is likely getting cut so they dont pay him 7 mil, he is not in mentor mode, hes in “I need a job” mode

    • boothisman6

      how is cassel a “game manager”?
      game managers dont turn the ball over frequently. cassel was on a record setting pace last season. as in, would have set a record for turnovers. that is NOT a game manager.

  • Shawn Patterson

    I think Stanzi should have started over Quinn last year. He is nothing short of Tim Tebowish in the 4th quarter and I think given some actual playing time, and a haircut, he can become a star in this league. He won A LOT of games at Iowa with a good defense and less than stellar offense weapons…sound familiar?

    • tm1946

      Yes, and he has been hiding his huge talent under a Iowa corn basket under 2 coaching staffs who collectively who send out a guy who cannot pass more than 10 yards. I can see where Stanzi and Tanney are just the answer…..what was the question again?

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Matt’s a good football player? FML. Can’t believe Reid said that.

    • Patrick Allen

      Take it easy on coach. He said he was a good football player. I would agree with that. He is a decent leader, hardworking, smart and tough.

      He is a good football player. He just isn’t good at playing football.

      • Robert Mccall

        Wrong. I would obviously respect and accept Reid’s assessment over anyone on this posting string. Matt Cassel has pro bowl in him…not a hope but he actually went to the pro bowl remember? Is he the answer for the future? Probably not but if Reid says he is a good player then he is in my book. Clearly coaching matters and Reid has a reputation for knowing something about QB’s.

        I say jettison Stanzi. Brady should have been gone the day after the season ended. Cassel is the only one good enough to keep and he is way too expensive so he probably goes too. New staff starts with whole new QB group that can all compete for the job.

        My thoughts are Geno Smith and Alex Smith and another veteran from some other team and another rookie to push Geno Smith. Regarding Stanzi though, if 2 head coaches going down in flames, as well as a GM and an owner, didn’t see enough to even put the kid in the game then he likely sucks. Walk like a duck, quack like a duck…put your money on it being a duck.

        • chiefridgy


        • Chief Hokie

          Find me one player Andy Reid wouldn’t say is a good player in a public interview. So does that mean every player is good in your book?

    • Kyle ferguson

      He said football player not quarter back, he was a pro bowler at one time

      • Stacy D. Smith

        That Pro Bowl berth will never make up for a career completion rate of 58.9%. Or for a career passer rating of 80.4.

  • Elvis Grbac

    It just doesn’t make sense why Stanzi never got a look last year. Not even the last 5 minutes of a blow out. That’s a sign of a bad management team. You end the season with two wins, two horrible quarterbacks and you still don’t know what this kid can do. It’s backwards thinking. It’s going to be a sad day when they let the kid walk and he ends up having a better career then Cassel. At least if they gave Stanzi a chance and he fell on his face they would know — and they would have still finished with two wins — so it was a win win situation.

    • toperspective

      The coaches and management were playing for their jobs so the future wasn’t their biggest concern. It’s also possible that they just thought he was terrible.

      • ladner morse

        I understand you point of view however… trying a newbie QB on the field and in real game action is something I’ve seen every GOOD high school, college and NFL coach do. So, it does beg the question… why wouldn’t Crennel do it? It just doesn’t make sense.

        • toperspective

          I can only think of two possibilities (1) Stanzi looked so horrible in practice that it didn’t make sense to give him real game action, or (2) Crennel wasn’t a GOOD coach. Well we know he wasn’t a good coach. He didn’t even know why Charles only got 5 carries in a game. There must have been some discussions with Pioli on this issue. You would have thought that he would have liked to see Stanzi play.

          • KCMikeG

            I was going to mention that too! How could he have any knowledge of Stanzi’s capacity when he was excessively focused on the defense and didn’t even know why Charles wasn’t used! Ruling out Stanzi based on the last two clowns we had at HC makes no sense. I saw him in camp so scratch possibility #1 which leaves your conclusion of #2 – how appropriate.

            Stanzi the next Brady?? Who really knows? Show me the “expert” that projected Brady as even a starter, let alone one of the best ever, after a poor post college off season. I’m NOT saying this is true but the links below are to some who said it before he was drafted.


            This guy goes deeper with stats and analysis:


            A fan can dream can’t he??

          • toperspective

            Good stuff. The Brady story is pretty amazing. No one thought he was any good. If his coach wasn’t Belichick maybe he never would have been given the opportunity.

        • Larry Devore

          Crennel couldn’t explain why his teams played badly,terrible coach

      • Larry Devore

        from a coaching staff that came up with two wins.they thought he was terrible? the coaching staff was terrible

    • Robert Mccall

      I agree 100%. Should have played him in at least 4 games. He should have started the last 2-3 games.

    • KCMikeG

      Hey great comment Elvis! This was all about the coaching or lack there of. Stanzi got NO chance under Haley because he was Pioli’s pick from his buddy Ferentz at Iowa. He didn’t get a chance under RAC because…..wait a minute……I don’t know……I’l have to look into that…. Beside the fact he isn’t big on playing young guys anyway. He even said Berry may not start in 2010!
      I was at camp and while he didn’t light the place up he didn’t stink it up either holding his own in the limited snaps he got with our starters. It was only his 1st full offseason with another new OC, the starter decision being made already and his preseason plays were run for your life behind camp bodies and rookies. Give Stanzi a shot Andy!!


    I am almost getting dizzy even saying this in print. But, if Reid thinks that it will allow him to get Geno Smith without having to give up picks for Alex Smith, he may decide to keep Cassel on the roster, start him early, then let Geno take over. It may be a solution that has some merit. As a fan, I would prefer to never see Cassel in Red and Gold again, but if it will help this team get back to being relevant again, then I am in.

    • KCMikeG

      I think you may have nailed what will come to be.

    • Chief Hokie

      I was wondering this too. Perhaps Reid could make Cassel look good enough in those few games so that he’s got trade value. We know Weiss was able to design such an offense, why can’t Reid?

  • DavePC

    At thhis point, I think they have to keep Stanzi and Tanney. You also draft a QB, and possibly bring in another free agent. Then, they have to prove they deserve a spot on the roster. Stanzi costs so little that it only makes sense to at least give him a shot. If he’s not good after training camp, cut him.

    • KCMikeG

      There isn’t a FA QB better than Cassel. Reid will restructure and keep Cassel.

  • Jason J Morrison

    i think they should get Smith, and keep Stanzi and trick shot around to shoot it out through training camp and see who the back up is going to be.

    • chiefridgy

      Which smith?

    • KCMikeG

      Geno Smith I hope. Got to have a veteran too. Add Cassel to that mix and IMO you have our camp QB’s.

      • Don417

        LOL @ keeping Cassuck. Child, please.

  • KCMikeG

    Hey Andy, maybe you should trade Cassel to the Cards for a draft pick! Reid is like the ‘Nigerian email scam’ with QBs Kolb and Feeley and McNabb on the decline, and the Cards are always willing suckers with their money.

  • SlickGoldie

    How bad does Stanzi have to be to not get a chance to even play during a season with 2 of the worst QB play in NFL history?? I am scared to see him on the field if he couldn’t beat one of those 2 other clowns out.

    • chiefridgy

      Coaches didn’t want to risk trying him. they were trying to save their jobs

    • Don417

      Yeah, because the coaches last year proved they knew what they were doing. LOL

  • berttheclock

    Scouting reports of Stanzi from his college days said his biggest problem was foot movement in the pocket. He could drop back quickly, but, if he had to go to a second read, his foot movement was not aligned with his body, so, he would force off balance bad throws. Apparently, Zorn was not able to help correct that problem and advised RAC of his problem. Of course, with the porous offensive line at times, there were not always times for more than one quick read. Remember Palko looking desparately for Bowe? Add the problems of Baldwin not even running his patterns correctly and gaining separation and one can really see Bowe was the only hope of the QBs.
    However, I really would like to see Reid evauating both Richard Sherman and Denarius Moore, who were on board when Disaster P took both Stanzi and now departed to the practice squad of the Seahawks, Gabe Miller. Worst round of selection ever by SP.

  • Brody Hall

    Alex Tanney…

  • Hawkeye54

    Stanzi is one of the best quarterbacks Iowa or the Big Ten ever had. Don’t forget that Iowa beat the higher rated Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl, which was an amazing game. Stanzi led Iowa to three bowl wins in a row. To not even give him a chance to play in the NFL is ridiculous. If he got the chance to throw to Tony Moeaki you would have a winning combination. I think you’re all afraid that Stanzi is better than the other crappy quarterbacks on your team and to say cut him with no chance is pathetic. KC will continue to suck until someone has the stones to try something new. Give Stanzi a chance to show what he can do!

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