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Dwayne Bowe & Branden Albert: Keep Only One

There is a good chance that either the Kansas City Chiefs will part ways with either WR Dwayne Bowe or LT Branden Albert in the coming weeks.

They could also part ways with both players.

Or neither.

Both Bowe and Albert will become free agents in March if the Chiefs don’t re-sign them. Both are hoping to get top dollar from the Chiefs or from some other team. If the Chiefs are willing to pay up, both players would likely return.

The good news is that the Chiefs can force one of them to stay. KC can use the franchise tag on Bowe one more time and Albert has never been franchised. Still, it would be more cost effective to re-sign both to long-term deals.

Since we don’t really have a good pulse on the new regime in KC, it is impossible to know if new GM John Dorsey values Bowe and Albert or not. With free agency just a little over a month away, however, we’ll find out soon enough.

The Chiefs will likely start dumping salary cap space in the coming weeks. High priced veterans that the team no longer values and doesn’t think it can trade away will be cut, especially if those players are due large bonuses soon.

KC could potentially dump both Tyson Jackson and Matt Cassel, thus freeing themselves of their salaries. If they do that, the Chiefs could probably find the money to keep both Bowe and Albert.

While we wait, I thought I’d pose a question to you all. If you were the Chiefs’ GM and you could only keep one, either Bowe or Albert, which one would you sign?

Please vote and let us know your reasoning in the comments.

If you could only keep one, who would it be?

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  • RichardComstock

    I like bowe better but i really want geno so saying that…id rather keep albert just so we dont take LJ with the first overall pick. Ideal world we keep both and draft geno..

    but to play along
    keep Albert, go after a speedy WR in FA and hope Jon Baldwin can do what he does in training camp durring the games next year!!

    • [email protected]

      I’m confident that Baldwin can and will make the plays he make in practice with a real Qb…this whole team will

    • Jack Thomas

      Man I think with a fresh start Baldwin could be good this year if he’s hungry.I say franchise Albert to see if his back can take it try and get a deal with bowe, if not then we look to Jeremy maclin or mike wallace

  • Travis Pinnick

    Why go after another wr we have drafted three in three years. Devon, Dexter, Baldwin. We have the speed with Devon and Dexter, oh yeah and what about Breston don’t waist money on a WR that overvalues themself.

    • Larry Devore

      Baldwin never shows up except in training camp. Had a great summer camp, then promptly disappeared during the season

      • chiefridgy

        Baldwin has only had one training camp.

  • [email protected]

    Easy big price must merit big results(stats) so that would mean you most definitely keep Albert and Bowe then dump Dorsey Cassel and Jackson….tadah problem solved

    • betteretter

      I agree!

  • Priest4Prez

    Okay, So what we have here is a lose/lose situation.
    Bowe: A true Number One reciever in the league; we’ve seen the balls he’s caught. Sure he’s dropped a few but I doubt within the last couple years it would’ve changed our prespective on the QB throwing them anyway. I say keep him.

    Albert: Solid, solid LT who is quietly an offensive playmaker in his own position. Most teams cringe when a DE blitzes their LT we haven’t had that feeling too often lately. The only issue I see is his back injury; that could be a problem in resigning.

    So, Franchise Albert because of his solid productivity and because we want Geno Smith. Pay Bowe some cash and because we want Geno Smith to have a solid target to throw to. Breaston, Baldwin, I’m not sure about anymore; they’re sketchy at best. That’s my take, you need someone to protect your awesome first round QB and you also need someone to help him through his rookie season that is seasoned: enter Bowe.

    • steve james

      Solid reasoning that I agree with.

    • KCMikeG

      Excellent response. The tag is the only way to find out if Albert will be healthy enough to deserve the long term big $$$ contract. His play has no doubt earned it but the back is serious business in the success of an OL’s career.

      Bowe is the best we have at WR and while his drops seriously concern me when he has Geno Smith delivering the ball to him on target consistently he will be better than ever – pay the man. Unless of course Coach Reid doesn’t think he will work in his system and he has plans for Wallace and other young speedsters. Baldwin is still a TBD in my book and I think Breaston is done. He was never more than a great #3 WR in Az yet we wanted him to be more here. We have some seriously high potential young guys in Hemingway, Wylie, Bellamy and Newsome already plus Stedman Bailey would be a great pick to continue his relationship since high school with Geno.

    • Patrick Allen

      Totally agree. Franchising Albert buys the team another year to evaluate him and develop Stephenson. Paying Bowe gives the new QB a prime target to throw to. Especially if the new QB is a rookie, I want a veteran target for him. Preferably two.

    • Nemoi

      I couldn’t agree more so let’s just get this done.

  • Kyle ferguson

    Bring both back, your offense wasn’t good last year don’t make it worse by loosing two guys that are/can be elite

  • Jordan Clark

    Being forced to keep just one, pay Albert and wish Bowe the best of luck. With TYLER WILSON throwing the ball, Baldwin has the potential to be a 1000 yard reciever. We can find more ball chasers like Bowe, its much harder to find a trench man like Albert.

    • Trent Taylor

      Baldwin is a lazy clown. Dwayne Bowe IS a 1000yd. receiver!

      • Jordan Clark

        Bowe is a 2000 yard reciever when he has no competition from the #2 WR, I like him and I hope we keep both. However, in this scenario we are only allowed to keep one of the players listed. And I believe that between Albert and Bowe, Albert is the one to hold onto.

    • micah stephenson

      If Baldwin can b a 1000 yrd wr with Tyler Wilson he can b a 2000 yrd wr with GENO SMITH!

      • Jordan Clark

        Sure. On next year’s Madden addition, maybe. Before he busts and is exposed as a mediocre QB.

  • Outback Chief

    if we only have one it has to be line protection because the best QB on the planet can’t make passes without enough time.

  • chiefridgy

    Bowe has been good with crappy quarterbacks. Imagine how good he will be with a good quarterback throwing to him. Keep bowe….

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Sign Bowe. Franchise Albert.

  • kyle mangione

    They both help put up numbers on offense precision blocking from Albert and insane catching ability of bowe. I think we all can say we enjoy “THE BOWE SHOW”

  • obrien5

    Resign Quinn, franchise colquitt. Nobody decides the game like a good punter!

    • sidibeke

      Especially if Quinn is your QB.

  • Jim Harper

    Under the ground rules you laid out I am in the Bowe camp, but in the real world we need both providing Albert’s back problems are a thing of the past. If we let Bowe go you can rest assurred he will come back to haunt us. Next to QB those two positions are probably the most important on the team. No matter how good Joeckel is he would still be a rookie. The clock is ticking on our best players. Do we really want to spend the necessary time it takes to coach up a new LT?

  • Danny W

    If I have to pick one it’s Bowe. We might be able to get Jake Long in free agency. I would rather keep both and just draft Geno Smith.

  • Chase Riley

    Dump Bowe. Keep Albert

  • ArrowFan

    Bowe over Albert mainly because I remember how desperate we where for a #1 WR before we got Bowe.

  • micah stephenson

    Albert!!!! That will help eliminate that stupid draft Luke Joke-Kel talk. Then Geno Smith should b the only choice at pick 1.

  • Scott Mahurin

    I don’t see a reason not to keep both. We currently have $16M in cap space. Plus $14M rolled over from last year. Plus cutting Cassel provides another $7.5M. $37M in cap space and a league mandated 98% spending rule. It’s going to be hard to justify NOT re-signing both.

  • Andy

    First, I’m tired of hearing how much this or that move will cost us while we are 16 sum million under the cap. You get (or don’t get) what you pay for. We should try to keep both. Both have proven worthy of keeping. Bowes numbers are very good considering the QB play. Alberts back is an issue though. If we have to replace any of them via FA, that will cost about the same money for the level of talent we get. If we have too draft for their replacement, we waist a pick on an unknown instead of strengthening a weekness.

  • Rick Garcia

    I like Branden Albert but if the Chiefs could sign Ryan Clady for the same money (ballpark) then I would rather have Clady. Do the donkeys have other top free agents …or will it be an easy decision for them to franchise Clady….. maybe they are in the same boat we were last year with Carr and Bowe