Dec 23, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders perform before the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Arrowhead Stadium. The Colts won the game 20-13. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Players Lack Intangibles

Well I finally figured out what is missing in Kansas City. The intangibility factor. It hit me when I was sifting through my much coveted jersey collection just now.

Its jersey day tomorrow at work, so I need just the right colors. I need a player with intangibles. Someone who really pegs the needle.

I grabbed a wadded up Dawson jersey, reached way in and came up with my treasured Okoya.

These guys had intangibility, but nope. Some of the younger folks at work won’t know who they are.

My Derrick Johnson? Maybe. He has the intangibility factor. I have stood by and even spoke with DJ a couple of times. Shirtless, the guy is ripped. Built like a stack of bricks. But his position, well it doesn’t really lend itself to heroics as do some others.

One of the greatest performances by a player in his position was when he intercepted and ran back three picks for touchdowns in a meaningless game against the donkeys.

At least that’s how I remember it.

But no, my DJ is staying in the closet.

Which jersey to wear?

It’s tough.

I think it finally sank in just now.

Our players are just don’t have that intangibility factor anymore.

What the hell are intangibles anyway?

Well Howie Long, I think, said it best.

I don’t know what it is, but I know it when I see it. Or something like that.

Priest Holmes ranked high in this factor. Derrick Thomas was through the roof.

Good God, Tony Gonzalez did too.

I must say I thought Jared Allen did too, until his perceived (by me) disloyalty clouded my perceptions.

Jamaal Charles comes close, but he takes himself out of the game too much for me to rank him high.

The fact is, that when the players come over in our little corner to screw around before the games, I don’t look for anybody in particular anymore.

Don’t even tell my Dwayne Bowe has them. He doesn’t. Not anymore anyway.

We just don’t have anybody that excites me anymore.

I finally found my old standby. Joe Delaney. Always perfect for all occasions and always will be.

Joe was a good guy. He didn’t deserve to die so young.

But despite my respect for Joe, I want a new jersey. One that excites me when I dust it off and throw it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out.

One that I wear so much it fades and unravels and has mustard and BBQ stains that remind me of a certain time at Arrowhead.

I keep thinking, draft after draft, that we will bring that player aboard.

We never do.

Oh well. Maybe this year.

It could happen I guess. At least that is what I tell myself.

What about you?



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  • mg2098

    I totally understand what your saying. I think for a player to have intangibles he would first need to be a stud stand out player that most fans of the NFL recognize not just Chiefs fans. He also would need to be recognized by his fellow NFL players to be one of the elite at his position. The player would also need to be a charismatic person in the publics eye, which would lead to some interview/ commercials. A NFL player with intangibles is a player that when you look at him you know or think you know exactly what he stands for, and that feeling amongst fans would be mutual. It would be as if you know enough about that player that without even meeting him one could call him an acquaintance. Peyton Manning is a guy with intangibles out the roof. Not only do intangibles set that player apart from the rest, but they also give their respected teams an identity. The Chiefs do not have a single player with high intangibles. I believe intangibles is an individual players overall make up that positively impacts their team, and NFL well above standards

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      Well said . You did a better job than me

    • superman_25_58

      Jamal Charles, Tamba Haili, Derek Johnson, Justin Houston, Brandon Flowers, and Eric Berry, doesn’t have the Intangibles? These men don’t give Kansas City an Identity? Jamal Charles, Tamba Hali, Dj, Houston, Flowers, and Eric Berry aren’t stud stand out players that most fans of the NFL recognize not just Chiefs fans? I CALL BS! Have you lost your mind? If we didn’t have these players we would be the new Oakland Chiefs!

      • Arrowhead Adventurer

        DJ yes

        • superman_25_58

          Too Funny! Maybe you should watch and pay attention to the game more than the cheerleaders. Lol

          • Arrowhead Adventurer

            Im a professional Scott! I take offense to that. Sigh maybe your right…

  • Jack Thomas

    what are u talkin about loyalty when it came to Jared allen? if your talkin about the trade then in turn u need to talk about tony g. And if u look even a little closer you’ll see we got a way better trade with Jared then we did with tony . And Jamaal is not elite cause he takes himself out of games? he was the best running back in the afc dude get off your soap box I don’t read these blogs so that I can listen to the writer whine the whole time

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      Jack Im not a whiner. I have not forgiven Tony. If you think the Chiefs players are exciting, good for you. I dont.

      • Jack Thomas

        I’m just sayin that jc has intangables and we do have exciting players. are qb is what’s killed the excitment

        • Arrowhead Adventurer

          I know your right Jack. There are some good players on the team and some good times ahead

          • Jack Thomas

            Amen to that I want positive vibes !!!

          • Arrowhead Adventurer

            I just dont think the team has the vibes teams and players have had in the past. I do think a lot of it has to do with our QB problems. Man I thought we had them solved when Cassel came to KC

  • Matt

    I thought it was “Vrabels”

  • Jordan Samuel Fibert

    Wow. Jamaal Charles has the intangibility. I can see you questioning Berry and Houston and even Hali, but Charles commands respect. He has dominated the field every year he has started, unlike some fake I know by the name of Chris Johnson. You’re no Chiefs fan if you don’t get antsy everytime Jamaal gets the ball.

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      ok .ok. i do feel it

    • Michael Tavis

      I kinda agree with him. Charles is great there is no questioning that but he does come out of the game a lot. Idk if that has been coaching or that has been Charles. We will see this year I guess.

  • jimfromkcj

    I wonder if you guys ever think that by placing these guys on a pedestal is why we have been so miserable through the years. Seems to me that the minute that a player puts on the red and gold and mouths the right words and plays reasonably well, he owns the position in the minds of fans and if anyone has the temerity to suggest that there could be a better player available in the draft, they are immediately having their fandom questioned. Perhaps we should take a lesson from Jim Harbough, he had Alex Smith putting up great stats and came within a bad play from a fellow teammate of being in the superbowl last year, but had the balls to replace him with Kaepernick. Can you even contemplate the Chiefs fans being able to stomach that in KC? They would be searching for the feathers, tar and a rail to run Harbaugh out of town. Don’t believe me? Well just look back 3 years and see all the crap those of us who were wanting the Chiefs to draft Kaepernick were taking. Now the same people are wanting to pick a QB who has shown he doesn’t take adversity very well, and wanting to keep a LT who is holding out for top LT money and with a questionable back, instead of drafting what many of the experts are saying has a very good chance of being elite. I agree with the Adventurer that there is just not the talent on this team that many thinks there are. Other than DJ there is no one who has played with any consistency