Geno Smith Favorite To Be Drafted By Kansas City Chiefs, According To Report

Kansas City Chiefs fans hoping the team selects QB Geno Smith with the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft may have just gotten a glimmer of hope.

Walter Football is reporting that a sources close to the Chiefs claims that Smith is currently the favorite to be taken in the first round by the club.

Here is the report:

4. My Chiefs’ source, who has a high success rate of delivering Kansas City’s first-round picks, told me Smith is currently the favorite to go No. 1 overall, but conceded that it’s still too early in the process. He said that the combination of Joeckel and Tyler Wilson is also a strong possibility.

This all makes sense to me, whether it is true or not. Andy Reid and John Dorsey are smart enough to know how badly they need a QB in Kansas City. Don’t let all this best player available talk freak you out. These guys owe their success to Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. They know how important a QB is.

Smith is clearly the best QB in the draft. At this point, that doesn’t even seem to be up for debate. A Joeckel/ Wilson combination could work as well but I just don’t see that happening, for a couple of reasons.

The Chiefs would have to be absolutely sure they could land Wilson either by trading back into the first round or with their pick in the second. That is just too big of a gamble when talking about the most important position on the team. Matt Barkley is almost certain to go int he first round as well and history tells us that some team very well may reach for Wilson in round one. If that were to happen, the Chiefs would be left out in the cold.

In the end, I think the Chiefs will take the guarantee and select their QB. Tackle is important but if the team is wise, they will re-sign Branden Albert and see if they can continue the development of Donald Stephenson. Eric Winston is still on the roster so the position should be fairly stable, at least for a couple of years.

Finally, teams don’t need to be drafting #1 overall to find a quality tackle in the draft. KC is in much better shape at that position, even if Albert leaves, than they are at QB.

With the Super Bowl this weekend, draft rumors will be swirling like crazy in the coming weeks. We’ll see a dip in that for free agency in March and then things will pick back up again.

Hang tight. It’s going to be a pretty wild ride.

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  • chiefridgy

    Gotta go QB

  • ladner morse

    Down on my knees right now praying this is the truth.

    • Calchiefsfan

      Then that means Dorsey isn’t sticking to bpa as adamantly as he’s saying. Which of course I hope is the case.

      • shayaan

        it doesn’t mean that at all. what does “best player available” mean exactly? most talented? highest rated at his position? personally i think it means a combination of highest rated plus capable of having the biggest impact – thus, a position like QB is given more weight than a position like OG. the fact that geno is the highest rated QB, and plays the most important position in the game, means he could end up being the BPA on the chiefs draft board.

        • Spencer

          What Dorsey said told the chiefs nothing about his draft philosophy…maybe his “best available” also puts into affect what position a player plays, he probably values QBs over Kickers, his big board is also probably completely different then these “star” draft analysts or ESPN scouts who don’t have NFL jobs currently for good reasons…

          Anyways….Dorsey saying he will draft by “BPA” literally told us nothing because we don’t know what his big board is nor do we know how he values players or the value system he uses…simply put…Dorsey does what basically every NFL team does other then what the Raiders used to do (draft the most physically talented)

          • Darkwolf1414

            Raiders didn’t so much always draft the most physically talented as they did draft the fastest guy. Fast doesn’t mean you can catch, stay healthy or bounce off blocks. LOL

      • Brody Hall

        Best player = best fit for KC. If albert is resigned then it makes no sense to draft Luke… but if KC gets alex smith… IT STILL MAKES SENSE TO DRAFT GENO… see what Im getting at here?

    • Travis Forsyth

      not the only one.

  • Scott Mahurin

    Love Walters. Hate unnamed sources, but this is still really good news for me. I am really tired of the irrational b.s. being foisted on us by Kiper and wannabes. Geno is my favorite. I like Wilson too…but I don’t think he’ll be there at 34 or even in the bottom of the first. Trading away our second and third to trade up takes a starter away from the team…just take your QB with the first pick and move on.

    • Michael Tavis

      To be fair Kiper is paid to pick based on the current situation and right now that means Albert is going to be a FA so Joeckel would make sense. I think we keep Joeckel though and bring Geno to KC!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Take this with twin grains of salt. I won’t be comfortable until they begin contract negotiations with the kid sometime in April.

  • hillbillyMO13

    I hope this not true. I truely believe in building the lines up on both OL an DL a CB and a SS. Go after Alex Smith, we well have talent to do so much (screen..boot leg…cross routes an dump passes) we have the running game thats not a problem. I dont know about you all but i would rather have a built D and a above average O than just to after some QB we think and might do great. And have a below average D and a well i hope great O. Our D is only a few key players away from a top 3 defense. I say Alex Smith…go aggressive in FA an set our selves up for a knock out draft class. Im even all for trading Bowe’s sorry butterfinger ass away if it comes down to it. I really wish people would get off this Geno Smith hype an start thinking logic. Trust me im with you all on this one about winning but how about we start setting ourselves up for what can be a dynasty to come in KC

    • Chiroubles

      I hope it is true. You can line up 5 All-Pros on the offensive line, but if you have hot garbage at the QB position you are going nowhere….

    • shayaan

      a dynasty with alex smith? good one!

    • Joe Myers

      fella you are smoking crack Alex smith like the guy below and myself have stated he is a product of system . And bowe had over 1000 yrds receiving with three crappy QB . You are completely ignoreing the fact the QB is the most important pos on the field im not going to address the last bit of your statement . Its not hype the man can throw and has more upside then McNabb in my opinion . DRAFT GENO SMITH

    • Trent Taylor

      Eric Berry is our SS. They can’t trade Bowe unless they tag him again., and that is very unlikely.

    • superman_25_58

      Ya and you have to LOVE MEDIOCRE play too huh? Our D is only #2 pick- Desmond Trufant or Jordan Poyer (CB), #4 pick- Kiko Alonso (ILB) and a good QB (Geno Smith) away from being a Top 3 Defense. The only way this is going to be a knock out draft class is if we fill our biggest need with the BQBA “Geno Smith”
      Our offense is only #1 pick- Geno Smith (QB), D-Bowe (WR) and #3 pick- Quitton Patton away from being a Top 5 offense “IMHO”. Anything after the 4th round BPA

  • Jason Ensley

    I don”t know about the rest of you, but i’m tired of hearing lets build up our lines in the first round. I feel like we have been trying to build our lines up for the past 20 years with our first round picks. Its time for change and I don’t mean this with any disrespect but I think this is coming from older people. This is not your daddy football anymore. This is not build your lines run the shit out of the ball and throw it sometimes. Football is not played like that anymore. You need a QB, you need someone who can get the ball down field a in a hurry if need be. This is why we need the best QB available and GENO is the best QB available. So lets take a chance on him. GENO or BUST!!!!!


      Agreed. Look at the QBs taken early in the past couple of drafts. I think that all but maybe Cleveland, with Weeden, are glad they took a QB with their picks.
      As has been said in this post and many others, you can find line help later or in FA. How many QBs were even available in FA this past off-season? Damn few. If Dorsey and Reid bring in Alex Smith or maybe even Flynn, then all bets are off on the first pick. Even with a free agent, the Chiefs still need to draft a QB early in order to have someone for the future. I do think that there will be some surprises by management, and we will know soon enough.

    • Calchiefsfan

      I’m one those old guys that believes in developing a strong o line. It wasn’t that long ago when we had the #1 offense in the NFL thanks to Roaf, Waters, Shields and Weigmann. That being said we had a good, not great QB in Trent Green. I look at the offense we put on the field these last 5-6 years and it’s pathetic. I agree, times change, but you need both to make it work. That’s why in Merlin’s mock I went for Geno with the first pick and Barret Jones with the second if he’s still available. We have a decent o line now, with Jones we would have quality depth at both center and guard. If Jones isn’t available then Larry Warford of Kentucky. With Warford we would be able to pick up 1st downs on those 3rd and inches plays.

      I also would like to see us pick up Alex Smith. I’m so sick of bad quarterback play that I want insure we don’t have another year of that.

    • KCMikeG

      Easy there you young whipper-snapper (old people talk). I have been a fan since the fantastic 1969 season. I understand the importance of a solid line and believe we have achieved that over the last few years. As long as Albert is healthy we are set. Look at the production they achieved with JC while we had no passing threat and teams loading the box against us. They won’t be able to do that to us with an actual passing attack which will make our offense significantly better overall. Even us grandpas can see the evolution of the game from a run 1st to pass 1st methodology but don’t let that hair hanging down in your eyes blind you ( listen to your mother and get that mess cut ;-) to the importance of the run game like 8 of the top 12 RB’s teams made the playoffs and the top 3 passing leaders didn’t and the two teams in the Super Bowl lead the playoffs in rushing and the Ravens were #15 with SF at #23 in passing yards. All this being said I completely agree with you that Geno Smith is the right pick for us at #1. Charles was the #4 RB with no passing attack which tells me our OL will be even more effective with a balanced attack. Pick GENO #1!

    • Mike Ross

      Can’t very well have a good passing attack if your QB is alwys on his back. Oline is still very important.

      • superman_25_58

        Still important but OL doesn’t put points on the board which will lead to a win!!! We scored 13.9 PPG bc we have total suckitude behind center. NEED to draft Geno if we want to get this ship turned around sooner rather than later!!!

  • Danny W

    Well I like this rumor better than many of the idiotic mock drafts by so called professionals thus far. Right now I’m just looking forward to free agency to see if we get our guys locked up plus any other key veterans.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    oh ya i read that mock draft yesterday. probably one of the more logical mocks

  • kyle mangione

    Geno smith will do great in Kansas city.

  • Alan Chamberlain

    Walter is a great source for not only draft info, but hilarious entertainment as well. I hope this is true. I’m not going to re-hash what I posted on AA already about Cleveland and Miami taking tackles first, then passing on franchise QBs.

  • ArrowFan

    The good news is we are in the driving seat.

  • ArrowFan

    Imagine just for a minute what it would be like right now if Jacksonville had the #1 pick. Now exhale, as we pick Geno with our #1 overall pick.

  • Jason Ensley

    LOL…. love the comments, young whipper snapper had me laughing for awhile. I think you guys are miss understanding what I am saying. I’m not saying the o-line or d-line is not important, i’m saying that we need to stop taking them in the first round. We have a pretty good o-line and d-line not the best but damn sure not the worst. It’s time to take a chance on Geno and yes I know how important the run game is as well, but I don’t think we need to worry about having a good run game with JC back there. What we need more than anything is a good QB I think we can all agree on that. Something I don’t under stand is why so many people are caught up on Alex Smith. He is not that much better than Cassel (yes I said it) let the comments begin on that one. 2 yr ago nobody would have wanted him. He’s the product of a system not talent. That’s how we got stuck with Cassel lets not make the same mistake twice. Draft GENO and be done with it.

    • KCMikeG

      Glad you enjoyed that one. I am in agreement with you. Not excited about Alex Smith either and believe they are going to try to resurrect Cassel if not to play at least to trade or even possibly as a back up. Geno is the answer. He will make everything we already have better.

    • superman_25_58

      I agree, hell I don’t see how SF isn’t in the runnings like NE every year for the SB with all the talent they have. I mean they have one of the fastest TE ever, Awesome WR’s, one of the best O-lines, Physical RB’s, Hardnosed Defense shit who couldn’t win with all this talent? Alex Smith IMHO was basicly counted as a bust by almost everyone until Harbaugh showed up and made him what he is, and I’m not so sure he will be able to do what he did in SF anywhere else. Harbaugh obviously knows A. Smith has reached his ceiling bc he went and got another Qb to take his place, so if a Qb Guru doesn’t want him why the hell would this fan base? O I know so he can suck it up, so everyone in Chiefs Nation can have a reason to Piss and Moan. I would rather take a chance on two rookie Qb’s (Geno,Manuels,) and Alex Tanney with cheap money over a prolly pretty pricey Alex Smith contract he is going to want.

  • Joe Myers

    its time for me to clear the air . People say they wouldn’t mind Alex smith but then I hear about no retread QB . Lets remember smith struggled till he got under the right systemthe same as mat Flynn . Let go for a stronger line and Tyler Wilson so lets get a 2003 team all over again remember our playoff record that year….. Year after year … YEAR AFTER YEAR!!!! I see QB go some flourish most do ok but you have most that do are on teams that fit with the system Pete carol and Russell Wilson that system works for Wilson same with Collin in SF . Now Geno smith can throw a vary good accurate deep ball well on every level short mid and deep he keeps his eyes down field when the play breaks down I think tajh Boyd will be the best QB next year too bad he stayed but this year Geno has got to go #1 to the chiefs . Its been to long iv took too much ridicule and stood their took my lumps and still represented the chiefs to my bones if they throw this opportunity away I AM OUT!!!!!!

  • Marvin Howze

    Geno smith is the best available qb plus he can make all the throws, is a mobile pocket passer, is accurate, does not throw picks is very competitive, is a play maker and will make an immeadiate impact here n KC . R o line producd a 1,500 yd rusher it is not all that bad, if we pass on geno we will regret it for the next 15yrs. We just need 2 hit the g spot and that is all there 2 it!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KC 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hillbillyMO13

    Look im not saying Alex Smith is the way for a dynasty. But why dont we set our selves up in the draft an be aggressive in FA. Ryan Lija is gone donald Stephenson needs alot of work an we can only hope that hudson is back in full swing. Why dont we strive to build a bad ass team an not settle on just a couple decent seasons. Im sorry but this one player is not going to do it all. Next year’s draft is where we need to get our QB. If you have no clue then just watch college QB’s next season.
    And as for dwayne bowe im sorry but these pretty stats dont win games. There have been multiple times where balls were dropped and or he doesnt even try for the catchable Ones. Trade him an pick up wallace. If anyone says no to this then im completely speechless
    GO CHIEF’s

    • Darkwolf1414

      Wallace drops a lot of passes, too. So many Chief fans have the “grass is greener syndrome”. Do you think Roddy White from the Atlanta Falcons is a very good receiver? He drops more passes than Bowe but Falcons fans realize he is a proven commodity. You want your mind blown? Look at this link and look at all the receivers that you probably think are top tier but drop a lot of balls:

    • Joe Myers

      if you take away Brady from ne what do they have so your right they dont win games QB do and you think Geno won’t do great hear your wrong

      • hillbillyMO13

        Actually with cassel they did win long as billicheck is there they will do fine

  • Don Pena

    Hey for all of us hoping this turns out to be true, come help the cause by getting our likes up at the fb page to Get Geno Smith to KC

  • betteretter

    Need to draft geno #1 stop wasting our top picks on average lineman! Need to get playmakers !!! Draft 2 qbs 2 wrs 1 cb 1 lb 1 te get the rest through free agency! We need to start scoring points!!