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Chiefs Coach Andy Reid: Behind The Scenes

The Kansas City Chiefs have hired Andy Reid to be their next head coach and while most fans are probably familiar with their new coach’s win/loss record in Philadelphia, they may not be as familiar with his coaching style.

That is why we thought we’d hook you up with this great behind the scenes look at Reid coaching.

Here is a segment from the NFL Network show “Sound FX.”

Take a look:

A lot of people, myself included, think poor coaching was the #1 reason why the Chiefs were so bad in 2012. In the wake of coach Reid putting together most of his coaching staff, it will be interesting to see if the new regime can truly turn things around in a short period of time.

What do you think?

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  • ladner morse

    “Your heart… is as big as my waist.” What a great line for a coach to say when addressing the team after a win. I never realized just how wonderfully personable Andy Reid is. If “getting along well with people in your workplace” is a great teller of success… then the Chiefs should make the Super Bowl next year.

  • DT58HOF

    I expect to win the west next year. Manning is winding down in Denver, SD is rebuilding, and the raiders are the raiders. GO CHIEFS!!!!

  • Danny W

    As a profesional football player that’s how I would want to be talked to. Most of these guys are grown men that have families and kids. I would love to play ball for a guy like Andy.

  • Outback Chief

    Winning the west will still be hard next year after bringing in a new QB and changing systems along with coaching staffs, but I think we could have a real shot at a wildcard spot.,anything more would be gravy. I wish the Chiefs and especially the new coaches mucho luck.