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5 Takeaways From Andy Reid’s Presser

The Kansas City Chiefs introduced “Big Red” Andy Reid as their new head coach on Monday afternoon. It wasn’t the longest of press conferences but he said enough to gain a few insights into what might be ahead.

Here are 5 takeaways from the first official day of the Andy Reid era:

1. The Hunt family name still has luster

One thing Andy Reid made abundantly clear in his introductory interviews was that his appreciation for the Hunt family and the Hunt name was a big factor in his being interested in coaching in Kansas City.

Despite some of the bad press the team has gotten in recent seasons under Scott Pioli, it appears as though in NFL circles at least, Clark Hunt is still a very well respected member of the NFL family. There was some concern that when Pioli was in the picture, that big name free agents (Peyton Manning) and head coaching candidates (Jeff Fischer) were scared away from getting involved with the Chiefs. The hiring of Reid and Reid’s praise of the Hunt family bodes well for the organization moving forward.

2. KC May Not Take A QB #1 Overall

I hesitated to put this on the list because it is what I expected Reid to say but “Big Red” made it clear a couple of different times during his interviews today that he was concerned with making the “right” choice with his first round draft pick. Reid mentioned that often teams press for picks, especially when they are in need of a QB. He cautioned against making a mistake in that department. Later, while talking with Mitch Holthus, Reid mentioned that there were plenty of places the team could get a QB like in a trade or free agency…or even on the roster right now (year, right).

The important thing to remember here is that most of this is coach-speak. Reid likely has no idea what he is going to do with the first pick right now so he is exhibiting caution when speaking about what the team will do with the #1 pick. Reid may not have a plan in place just yet but he is smart enough to know how starved this Kansas City fan base is for a home-grown QB. He made it clear that that he is going to try to make the “right pick” but I guarantee you if Reid and company think one of the QBs in this class can be their guy, they’ll take him.

3. The cupboard isn’t bare

Reid was asked a couple of times about his thoughts on the current roster and he was both complimentary and realistic. He admitted that the Chiefs had some talented players and coaches already on board but he also pointed out that the team was currently the worst in the NFL and that there is plenty of work to be done.

You don’t need to be a football coach to look at the Chiefs and see there is plenty of young talent that the new regime can build around. Reid made it clear that his plan was to hold on to that nucleus and continue to add to it.

4. Draft strategy could be best player available

One of the classic draft arguments is whether or not teams should draft for need or if they should draft the absolute best football player available. The way Reid spoke on Monday, it appeared as though he is in the latter camp. I think the Chiefs have enough talent that they can plug many of their “needs” in free agency while stocking up on the best players through the draft. I’d be ok with that strategy and it sounds like Andy Reid is as well.

5. Chiefs could stick with the 3-4

Reid was asked whether or not he planned to switch the team from the 3-4 defense to the 4-3 he ran in Philly. Reid was ready to say that the change would definitely take place.

“I’m evaluating (3-4 or 4-3 defense) that right now. I understand the value in both.”

“There’s been an effort here to bring in players that work in the 3-4 so we’ll look at that and go from there.”

While the end result may be the 4-3, I am glad Reid isn’t forcing his system on the players just yet. Good coaches adapt to suit the talents of their players. I truly feel if Reid thinks he needs to run the 3-4, he’ll do it and that if he runs the 4-3, it will be because he knows his players can pull it off.

All right, Addicts Those are my initial five takeaways from Reid’s first presser. What are yours?

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  • Patrick Allen

    What do you guys think on the defense? Not sure if we should stick with the 3-4 or go to what Reid knows with the 4-3.

    • Tarkus

      3-4 1 gap is my preference.

    • sidibeke

      Ambivalent. Feel like we’ve acquired the personnel for the 3-4 (put Hali back at end and leave Houston as a LB?), but even with 2 good pass rushing LBs, still don’t get enough pressure on the QB. DC’s fault or just don’t have the players to pull it off.

      • Tarkus

        It doesn’t help our pass rush that we’ve rarely played with a lead. Hopefully that’s about to change.

      • Leon Ritz

        I think a lot of the pass rush was the DC’s fault, Houston dropped into coverage a lot, and on 3rd and long we only brought a couple guys and played the bend but don’t break thing. This basically gave a QB all day to find someone open and we broke. We need to bring the heat on 3rd and long and not just sit back. We need to do what most teams in the league do and get after the QB when it’s obviously a passing down. I do believe some of it has to do with playing from behind and teams just not passing as much as they could have been because they were just running down the clock.

  • Brandon Mecham

    So how many of the people who think Reid is the savior are going to turn on him if he doesnt pick a qb 1st in the draft? Or is it going to be ok because its not Pioli making the pick?

    • Patrick Allen

      Obviously people are excited now. How can you blame them? The old way wasn’t working. I think fans will be upset if we don’t go QB. I wouldn’t call that “turning on Reid.” Ultimately, no matter what he does in the draft, if he wins, he will earn the support of the fans.

    • Tarkus

      I will hate if he doesn’t take a QB, but I’m not going to give up on him after one pick, or even one draft.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I wouldn’t put much stock in ANYTHING he said today. Reid was never going to tip his hand 15 weeks prior to the Draft. Remember, he said the Draft would be the responsibility of the GM anyway. Until that person’s brought in, I wouldn’t expect him to have a hard line about the #1 pick.

    Today was his first day on the job. I doubt he’s seen much tape yet to even have an opinion of what to do with this defense OR with the other players on the roster.

    All of this will come in time.

    I hope Kiffen’s not the guy. DJ’s talents will be wasted in the Tampa-2. I’m also not sure there’s a place for Justin Houston. Stick with the 3-4, Andy!!!

    • Patrick Allen

      You have the right of it, I think.

  • KCMikeG

    Agreed! He said that “it could be next year”, that “maybe our QB is already here” and “it might take a year”. That we have to draft the best player. What will the Kingdom think if he tries to renovate Cassel or Quinn? What if he tries to develop Stanzi by actually playing him? Would it be time for the black shirts and fire Reid banners? I’m concerned.
    I’m not as concerned with the defense. We only ran the true 3-4 defense only about half the time. There are a number of variations of the 4-3/Tampa 2/4 that are similar to what we ran more frequently as the year progressed in our nickel and dime formations. Plus it is the same defense Monte ran at Tennessee with Eric Berry!
    Looks like you may have had a little Nostradamus moment back a couple of years ago Paddy!
    I think we have most of the pieces we need already. Add CB Xavier Rhodes FSU and MLB Andrew Jackson WKY and we are there.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    The Chiefs will take a Quarterback at #1. The defensive system? It depends on the DC. Reid is an offensive guy.

    • Tarkus

      Right, but he’ll be hiring the DC, and I’m sure scheme will be a factor in who he hires.