Nov 18, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs fans brought a sign to show their disappointment with general manager Scott Pioli (not shown) during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium. Cincinnati won the game 28-6. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Pioli Will Stay, Romeo Gone

There are reports surfacing this morning that GM Scott Pioli will not be fired after the season comes to a close following today’s game against the Denver Broncos. Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole tweeted out that he had heard this from “a league source” that Pioli would stay but with “significant changes” (meaning Crennel would be gone, and they’ll be getting a new QB) and Pro Football Talk has a piece up this morning saying that Pioli staying and Romeo leaving is “the prevailing rumor in league circles.” I don’t know how much credit to give a “league source” and “league circles,” but if they are correct it sounds like many KC fans won’t be getting what they really wanted for Christmas (a complete turnover in the organization).

Also making the morning rumor rounds is speculation that if Pioli stays he will hire Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz as Romeo’s replacement.

So what do you think, Addicts? Do you place any weight in these reports? Has anyone’s head exploded yet? Would you be able to get behind Pioli staying if there was a new coach and a new QB? Regardless of what happens we’ll keep you posted here at AA during what should be an interesting offseason that is only hours away.

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  • Sean Madden

    Pioli is the problem. House cleaning should first start at the top then move downhill in a situation as bad as the Chiefs have. It’s putting lipstick on a pig if done any other way

  • Erika Groth

    This is like coming into a flooded house with busted pipes and fixing the roof… Yea thanks bit there is a bigger problem

    • Patrick Allen

      Well said.

    • Brandon Price

      Great analogy!! LOL!!

  • Chief Hokie

    I’m okay with it.

    • tm1946

      Pioli? ok, but who is your HC, might as well keep Crennel and Daboll also.

      • Chief Hokie

        I’m okay with pioli, but not ferentz. I care more about getting a good coach like chip Kelly

        • tm1946

          Why would a “hot” HC prospect want to work for Pioli, especially after what talent he provided his last two wonderkind?

          More likely McDaniels from NE. how does that fit your ok with Pioli? Gee, we could also keep Cassel to go with that brain trust. And how many wins would we have in 2013?

  • clownose

    Why Iowa coach? Like all of our great players from Iowa that came around. Can’t we just try (Peyton) and go after the most sought after coach like Kelly? Or wert just going to have another 2012 misstep all over again?

  • BoiseChiefPotato

    Why would you hire a coach from a school that has been mediocre at best for a few seasons under them? College teams are direct images of their coaching, and Iowa isn’t that good. Enough of the good ‘ol boy staffing, it’s failing. But what do I know? I’m just a condescending prick!

  • ladner morse

    Chip Kelly is the only college coach I want to hear about for consideration.

    Scott Pioli? What does a guy need to do to get fired around here?

    Support him? No… I’ll be in Carl Peterson mode during his last few years here until Pioli is gone… which is to say… I’ll just just be waiting for the day he’s gone.

    • tm1946

      NFL Today suggested Reid might come to Chiefs, might mean Vick also.

      Personally I cannot imagine any quality HC type consider working for Scotty. I figure McDaniel would be a guy, lose just like Pioli. Or maybe Ferentz and he could reunite with Stanzi.

      • Larry Devore

        Reid is leaning toward San Diego if the job is open.

  • chiefridgy

    My head just exploded

  • Adrian Morales

    What has to go wrong??? 2 head coaches bad drafts pedestrian qb selections he has done a bad job in my opinion putting a roster together besides the names we all know… These players that are 2 3 or 4 on the depth chart are terrible worthy of the practice squad that they are being promoted from… Pioli is nor that bright and it should be noticed by now by trying to recreate the pats here in KC is the stupidest think he could of done instead of being his own man and own team he wants to be bill billichik or however u spell it.. He seems to be controlling and hard to work with you can sew it in the players with their lack of celebration…CHIEFS fans im sorry we are not going to win a superbowl which is like a foreign word around here that nobody in the organization understands… Not with stupid decisions like this… I love chiefs football but god damn the people that run it dont… at this point what are we cheering for??? Hunt getting richer??? I kno im not…

    • tm1946

      Follow the green. Hunt will do what is best for the family,

  • John Davenport

    I think I just lost all interest in the Chiefs, if Hunt is not interested in putting together a winning organization I’m not interested in following them.

  • tm1946

    Sad, sad report. Keeping Pioli is like rehiring the guy who started to build you a house, tore out wall, dropped of a few new nails and left your family out in the cold for the winter. But Clark is highly respected, so Pioli stays. Sad.

  • Brandon Price

    Am I in the twilight zone….

    This has to be a Joke!! Since ownership is slapping me in the face as a lifelong fan, maybe I should slap them in the face and buy some orange and Blue. Sick of watching this organization under achieve over the past 30+ years.

  • micah stephenson

    If this is true its becuase Hunt only cares about profit. Pioli saves him money.

  • d-block

    In other news: Pioli will be bring in new QB Pat Cassel, Matt’s twin brother.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I just choked on my coffee here from laughing.