December 23, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali (91) is congratulated by wide receiver Dexter McCluster (22) after Hali sacked Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) (not pictured) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Loss To Colts Was A Win For KC’s Future

The Kansas City Chiefs are a HORRIBLE football team. They have some true talent on their roster, their defense is pretty good, but as a team they are far and away the worst group I have ever watched. They say that good teams find a way to win and bad teams find a way to lose. If that’s true then the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs are the badest of the bad, because they manage to find new ways to lose each and every week. Just when we think we’ve seen every possible way for them to embarrass themselves they go out and waste a solid defensive performance and an amazing 352 yard rushing performance led by Jamaal Charles who rushed for 226 yards. Brady Quinn was horrific and the coaching staff was a complete embarrassment.

That is why this loss will be a long term win. With New England just barely hanging on to beat Jacksonville, the Chiefs needed to lose in order to keep the number one overall draft pick. They did, and now the only way for KC to lose it would be to upset the 12-3 Denver Broncos, on the road, when they are playing for home field advantage in the playoffs. In other words, the Chiefs are almost a lock for the number overall pick and with it the franchise quarterback that they so desperately need. The pathetic performance by the coaching staff (a Peyton Hillis draw on 3rd and 8 inside your own 20, down a TD, late in the game, really?) further solidifies the eminent firing of head coach Romeo Crennel and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and hopefully the start of a whole new regime in KC.

Performances like the one against the Colts give this KC fan hope that a new GM that can find the right QB and right coach could get KC back in the playoff hunt sooner rather then later. With a solid rushing attack and overall defense the Chiefs simply need to get a passing game and a coaching staff to put the pieces all together.

Now finding a great coach and QB isn’t easy. There’s a reason that every team doesn’t have them. That is why getting the first overall pick is so crucial. The Chiefs MUST get the best QB available in the NFL draft. I don’t care where Mel Kiper or Todd McShay think that QB is “valued” the Chiefs MUST make sure the best QB in this draft is wearing a Chiefs uniform next season. I personally think that Geno Smith is the man for the job, but a lot can change during the lead up to the draft.

I’ve watched a lot of Geno Smith footage lately. The thing that was striking to me as I watched the KC game today was the difference in ball placement. Watching Geno he almost never makes throws like Quinn did on all three of his interceptions (yes, I know he officially only had two, but he should have had three, that PI call was bogus). When Smith misses, he misses in the right places, if that makes sense. Also, while Quinn can physically throw a ball deep, it’s just a heave in a general direction. There is no accuracy, touch, or timing. Smith has fantastic touch on his deep ball and it would add a whole new dimension to the KC offense. If you aren’t personally 100% sold on Smith yet, read this piece on why KC should take Smith, the author illustrates some great points and further sold me on Geno in KC.

I believe that with a good offensive coaching staff and some upgrades to the WR corps that Geno Smith could be a big success in KC. While on the topic of WRs, I liked what I saw from Devon Wylie at WR today. The first catch he made early in the game he made a great crisp cut and created separation from his DB. It’s something that we see done against KC every week, but rarely see our own WRs do. He also made a nice jumping catch later in the game. My dream scenario would be Dexter McCluster and Wylie lining up as the 3rd and 4th WRs in a Chip Kelly offense with Geno Smith as the QB and a re-signed D-Bowe and the Chiefs 2nd round draft pick (DeAndre Hopkins of Clemson?) at the starting spots. I’ve already done a piece on my Pro-Geno/Chip beliefs, that you can read HERE.

Last week I stated that the time for change in KC was running out. The idea being that if Clark Hunt is going to fire AND hire a new GM before we move on our coaching staff we had better get moving or all the top coaching candidates will be gone before our new GM even takes office. I still believe that 100% and would be thrilled if Pioli’s firing was announced today.

Former KC radio host Nick Wright tweeted last week that both Pioli and Crennel have already been told that they will not be coming back. Many national NFL reporters refuted this claim. However, despite Wright’s over the top personality he did prove to have some solid sources in the Chiefs organization. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was true and the Chiefs are of course denying it. I hope Wright is correct and that the decision has already been made and Clark Hunt is already lining up Pioli’s replacement as we speak. The rumor mill has Bill Polian as the leader in the clubhouse to land the GM spot. I personally have some real hesitations about that move, but it would still be a clear upgrade over Pioli.

Regardless, the Chiefs MUST find the right coaching staff to support their new franchise QB. Let’s hope that a week from today when the Chiefs season is officially over that these changes start happening right away. Hopefully a week from today the Chiefs will officially have the number one draft pick and Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel will be on their way out the door. Then today’s loss really will be a long term win for the Kansas City Chiefs.

As usual, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jim Harper

    I am against the usual suspects for head coach. If I had a vote (which I obviously don’t) Bruce Arians has earned an opportunity to be a HC. As interim HC for the Colts and the offensive coordinator for both the Colts and the Steelers he has shown he is the man for the job. He has done a remarkable job for the Colts this year. He will also come a little cheaper than a Gruden or Cowher. I also want some fresh blood at GM. I am also in complete agreement that Geno Smith must be the QB of the future for the Chiefs, unless something drastic happens between now and draft day. And yes Wylie looked good yesterday if we can get him to play a full season!

    • micah stephenson

      Bruce has shot up to the top of my coaches short list too. I also like Andy Reed If fired, Mike Holmgreen, & Chip Kelly. I have to look at the Falcons offensive cordinator a lil coser too.

      • Patrick Allen

        He never got the Super Bowl but you can’t argue with Andy’s win/loss record.

        • Patrick Allen

          He’s 140-101 but was 128-79 before the last 34 games.

    • Patrick Allen

      Very good point. I hadn’t considered Arians. Seems like a Clark approved hire. He comes from the Steelers and we know Clark likes the Steelers. Plus he has shown he knows how to deal with a rookie passer.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I don’t hate the idea of Arians as the HC. Obviously I prefer Chip Kelly, but anyone who can groom our new QB is good with me. My worry is that Arians seems a little laid back and after Romeo I think we need someone with a little more fire.

  • micah stephenson

    This seems like it shuda been posted yesterday. I agree with you on the Chiefs HAVING to take Geno #1 no matter wat. I dont care wat Mel Kiper or Todd think too! Who cares if Geno is only the tenth best player in the draft? If he is the best Qb take him at 1. Those people saying take best player available @ 1 then get a QB 2nd rd are wrong!!!

    • Lyle Graversen

      The point was that the horrible QB play and coaching ruined a good performance by the D and the run game yesterday, but helped ensure that we’ll be able to get the upgrades at those same spots for next year. Thus the game yesterday was a frustrating loss but a long term win. Not sure how that could have been posted before the game was played.

      • Patrick Allen

        I think he was looking at the title which could be interpreted as “if the Chiefs lose the Colts” because of the “will”

        • Lyle Graversen

          Fair point

          • Lyle Graversen


      • micah stephenson

        I was really nervous. With J C runing like that I thought they might get lucky/unlucky & win the game while losing the 1st pick and Geno!

      • TAZMOSIS

        Great piece of writing. The film clips on Geno were excellent, and just confirms my belief that he is gotta’ be our guy at #1.

  • Bryan Lindsey

    Can we just get an OC that doesn’t call run run pass punt. That miiiiight help

  • Bryan Lindsey

    Everybody is soooo against Geno I have ESPN my opinion doesn’t change based on one clip, segment or interview. I love Mel kiper I live to hear him speak. Maybe years as s chiefs fan did that. But just because he isn’t into Geno and started saying the chiefs should take teo doesn’t erase genos 72% completion percentage. The same Mel who was soooo high on.. Brady Quinn.

  • sidibeke

    I can hop on board with Geno but am against Kelly. Here is why: from what little I know if Chip, he is a bit of a micromanager. This flies in college but does not work in the NFL, is the reason why so many coordinators turned HC don’t do well (and I would argue, why so many college coaches can’t replicate their success in the NFL). They aren’t good enough at managing their coord’s, the team as a whole, can’t step away from their side of the ball expertise. For example, I think Haley would have been a good HC if he just could have stepped back from the O and let a qualified coordinator do their job. Of course, instead, he ran those guys off, and installed a yes man.

    So yes to Geno, no to Kelly, unless he just wants to come as our OC.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I’d like to see KC go all in on Kelly’s offense. I think the combination of it with Geno and Charles would be exciting and could really jump start an offense that has been stagnant for years.

  • jimfromkcj

    There is a question that everyone should ask themselves if you think the Chiefs have all this talent that so many are talking about. Take each position and compare our player with the other players in our division. And I am not suggesting that we use the NFL as a whole, just our division and state what player on the Chiefs is the best player in the division. If you are totally honest, I doubt that you can find more than 2 or 3 of our players who are the best in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Charles, Bowe, Albert, Hali, Houston, DJ, and Flowers would all be in the discussion and I still have hope for Berry. It’s not great but it’s not as bad as you’re making it sound. Now if we lose both Bowe and Albert in free agency that will hurt things.

      • jimfromkcj

        Lyle, I have Charles, Johnson, Houston and Berry on my list and if we widen it to include all of the NFL teams, none of them would be on it. The Broncos have two receivers better than Bowe and not just because of Peyton, they were better last year with Tebow. Albert is possibly the third rated LT in our division, and flowers would probably not be a starter on the Broncos. Of course that is just my opinion, But it is hard to see how a team with even 4 of the best at their position couldn’t win at least one game in their division. That tells me that the talent in the 18 other starters must be lower than owl excrement.

  • Brandon Ward

    I used to be a naive fan that thought “true” fans NEVER rooted for a loss to get a good draft pick and nothing good can come from a loss…. then this season happened. I just pray that we can find the qb that will not only be better than what we have, but go down as the greatest franchise qb in CHIEFS history!!!

  • Outback Chief

    The Chiefs should be drafting a QB in the first round,and whether or not they trade back to do it , doesn’t matter to me as long as they get the best QB in the draft, but we also must sign 1 QB from FA or trade to get one be it Alex Smith, Tony Romo (along with Jason Witten at TE :), Matt Schaub,or Matt Moore (only if we keep Brian Dabol),p and then we need to get , in order; Center,Corner,Receiver,Inside LB, Receiver,TE and so on….

  • Adam Sherman

    Its not hard, I don’t need to read a piece of literature to “sell” me on Geno Smith. He is the only guy I have ever wanted to draft in the first round and if the Chiefs don’t take him…….I will be…(shutter)…. so sad.