Now, You Too Can Play, “If I Was The Chiefs GM”

Hey everybody, let’s play “If I Was The Chiefs GM.” The Chiefs need a new GM, right? I know what you’re thinking, “Tell me something I don’t already know.”

The truth of the matter is, a good many Chiefs fans could actually do a better job than Scott Pioli has for the past four years. It’s easy to say that when the team is 1-10 with too many other statistical maladies to calculate for fear of catching the sickness that keeps one from going to Chiefs games (are you listening Clark?).

Perhaps you’ve begun to put the team together in your own head already anyway.

I was watching a bit of the Green Bay-NYG game the other night and when the announcers began to talk up Randall Cobb of the Packers I said to myself, “I recall wanting the Chiefs to draft Cobb when he came out in 2011.”

We do this all the time mentally: we say, “I would have taken _________ (so-and-so) instead of _________ (the player the Chiefs did take).”

Now, that’s completely different than saying, “The Chiefs could have gotten _________ (so-and-so) instead of  _________ (the player the Chiefs did take).”

The first is actually admitting prior thought, that you once wanted the Chiefs to take a particular player and the second is just Monday morning quarterbacking (second guessing at it’s worst).

So, here’s how you play “If I Was The Chiefs GM.”

1. Firstly, you start out by saying, “If I was the Chiefs GM….”
2. Then, you reveal that you had another player firmly in mind BEFORE the Chiefs ever drafted a particular player, whether or not that was a first rounder or a fifth rounder.
3. You point out why you wanted them and/or how they would have been a good fit for KC.
4. You explain who the Chiefs would have to give up to get that player instead of who you would have selected. For instance, if you had someone else in mind for the Chiefs to take with the 2nd round pick they gave up in 2009 (instead of Cassel and Vrabel) then spell out who that was and why they would have been a better choice.

5. Also, admit who you would have taken… even though they haven’t turned out to be such a great player. Maybe you can do that if… if you’re braver than Scott Pioli… which actually isn’t that brave I guess.

Note: this game is not to be confused with Googling players that the Chiefs “could have” gotten in a particular draft when the reality was that you never gave that player a thought during the draft of that particular year. This is about a player you really loved, BEFORE the Chiefs ever sent their card to the commissioner: someone like Aaron Curry, or Mark Sanchez, or Taylor Mays, or Russell Okung, or Rolando McClain, or  Gabe Carimi, or even Akeem Ayers.

Now, I mention those players because I distinctly recall many Chiefs fans screaming for those players to be a Chiefs draft pick. So, if you’re woman enough… or man enough… go ahead, step up and admit that you wanted someone who may not have been the best choice after all.

In any event, it’s time to play, “If I was the Chiefs GM.”

Here’s my shot.

If I was the GM I would have taken Randall Cobb. In the case of Randall Cobb, he was taken with the 64th pick, in the second round, by the Green Bay Packers in the 2011 draft. The Chiefs took Jon Baldwin with the 26th pick and Rodney Hudson with the 55th pick, then followed with Justin Houston at #70.

So, who would I have given up to get Cobb instead of who the Chiefs took?

Baldwin still has a lot of potential. This season, he surely hasn’t shown the talents that were present in the preseason or off the season. A QB change, which most certainly is coming, may yet show just how good JB (not Justin Bieber) can be. However, at this point, I’d take Cobb over Baldwin.

I would do the same with Hudson and Cobb. Sure, the Chiefs would be left scrounging for help at the Center position right now but, isn’t that exactly what they’re doing at this very moment?

I’m not saying Cobb is or will be a superstar but, he sure looks like he’ll be a Pro Bowler soon enough.

Now, that’s the point of this piece. Name someone who you would have drafted, who you liked on draft day, and explain why you’d have taken them over who the Chiefs choose instead.

I’ll do another.

I really liked Brain Orakpo out of Texas in 2009 instead of Tyson Jackson. In fact, when the Chiefs choose Tyson Jackson I said, “Who?” Not that I didn’t know him but, he was not a big name to me. Did the Chiefs need a DE instead of a OLB? Sure, but, they waited until 2011 to take an OLB in Justin Houston anyway so, taking Orakpo isn’t such a big stretch.

If I was the GM I would have taken Brian Orakpo. Many thought Tyson Jackson should have been taken in the teens. Orakpo was taken number 13 and taking Orakpo may have been too high at #3 as well. However, Orakpo made the Pro Bowl in his first two years in the league.

Imagine Orakpo, Hali and DJ all on the same LB corp. Boggles the mind (Orakpo is out for the year but, he is expected back next season). However, I also have to admit I was pretty high on Aaron Curry and probably would have taken him over Orakpo, which doesn’t bode well for my GM resume.

Here’s another shot at… “If I Was The Chiefs GM.” In 2010 the Chiefs selected Javier Arenas at number 50 and 7 picks later the Ravens choose humongous DT Terrence Cody. I would have taken Terrence Cody for sure and I was fairly convinced the Chiefs would too at that point. Clearly, I was wrong. This was the pick that Pioli had traded All-time TE great Tony Gonzales for, to his ex-Patriots GM-playground buddy in Atlanta, Thomas Dimitroff, and all the Chiefs got for it was a second tier return man, an average slot defensive back. It would have been Cody for me for sure.

A quick look at this past draft: If I Was The Chiefs GM… I would have taken David DeCastro or Luke Kuechly (had he been available) instead of Dontari Poe.

Alright Chiefs fans, who do you remember actually wanting the Chiefs to take instead of who was announced as being part of the “righteous-53?”

Now, I know some of you think this is a worthless endeavor and to you I bid a fond adieu. For the rest of us — dreaming about what the Chiefs could be, and might be, may well be all we have at the moment.

So, submit your GM resume below (if you dare), it starts like this… If I was the Chiefs GM I would have taken….


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  • Matt Finucane

    If I was GM, I would have taken Mathias Kiwanuka over Tamba Hali in 2006. I wanted an end, thought he was the better of the two.

    If I was GM, I’d have taken either Rey Maualuga or Michael Oher in 2009. I would’ve tried to trade back, obviously, but would have been comfortable taking either of them 3rd as well. I was sure both were going to be Pro Bowlers.

    If I was GM, I’d have accepted NO trade offer (whatever it was) for the Dorsey pick in 2008 and taken Sedrick Ellis in their spot, 7th.

    If I was GM, Terry Cody over Arenas, for sure. I thought that was such a no-brainer, and I didn’t even like Cody. I might’ve taken him w the McCluster pick, actually.

    If I was GM, I’d have taken Igor Olshansky in 2004, instead of trading back for Junior Siavii. We would’ve lost a 4th round pick, used on Samie Parker.

    • ladner morse

      Matt, I agree about Cody… I wasn’t that big of a fan but, I would have taken him over Arenas.

      • Michael Shaw

        I don’t understand all the hate on Arenas?? I have missed some games being in India for work, but when I got back I saw the last two and I don’t see ANYTHING about the kid to wish we had someone else. He has done a great job from my viewpoint.

        • Patrick Allen

          He’s been ok the last couple of games. I think he is serviceable.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    if i was the chiefs gm i woulda gotten joe flacco instead of glenn dorsey.

  • nick

    I would pick up babin go back to a 4-3, babin hali ends. I would draft the kid from notre dame, a few corners, even a saftey or two make the defense strong… Then work on the O a strong D well make us contenders fast

    • ladner morse

      I think you pick up Babin for his value… either as a player or trade bait.

      • ladner morse

        I really don’t understand why the Chiefs didn’t take Babin and then recycle him this off season in a trade for any kind of draft pick… a third, fourth or fifth is better than nothing.

  • Patrick Allen

    If I was GM, I would have taken Brandon Weeden instead of Dontari Poe. He is on pace to throw 17.5 TDs and 3,572 yards. He has 13 picks but only 3 picks in his last 5 games. The Browns have also won 3 of their last 6 games after an 0-5 start.

    Cleveland’s receivers are either young, terrible or both. The kid can throw a beautiful deep ball. His coach, Pat Shurmur, has coached the team out of at least two victories that I’ve seen.

    I think he’d have found a way to get the ball to Bowe and Baldwin deep a hell of a lot more than the clowns we have now. Our QBs are afraid to throw the ball farther thn five yards.

    • ladner morse

      Patrick, my biggest GM wish of the past ten years was in 2005 I think… the year we got DJ… and Aaron Rogers was still available. I never understood the Alex Smith and Aaron Rogers debate. I always thought Rogers was the better of the two and I recall thinking he was terrific and I would have taken him over DJ. Oh well. If only I really was the GM…

    • Doc

      I agree that we should have taken Weeden instead of Poe because is our greatest need. Powe could fill the NT position for a year. Everyone was down on Weeden because of his age, but he started late and does not have the extra years of hits on him. Still, with the current coaching staff would Weeden have made a difference?

      • TAZMOSIS

        Had the Chiefs drafted Weeden, with the coaching staff we have, he would be out of the league in three years.

        • Patrick Allen

          Yeah the coaching staff would have been bad for Weeden but Shurmur and co. in Cleveland are also terrible. I expect Andy Reid to be fired and to be hired in Cleveland immediately. I think Weeden will flourish in 2013.

  • Graham Jurgens

    If I was GM, I would have taken Vontaze Burfict over Jerome Long in the seventh round. I felt a fall this far would mitigate his on field problems. Also the personal fouls made me think Harrison and Lewis.

  • Travis Vanessa

    How bout this, if I were GM I would try to trade our second round pick this year to the Redskins for QB Kirk Cousins. Then I would use Our first rounder this year to shore up our O-line. If course this means trading back once maybe twice, all the while gain more picks.

    • ladner morse

      I like it. Very Interesting. If the Chiefs do that though, I’d like to see them pick up Manti Teo. I think he’s special and our ILB problems would be gone baby gone plus give them a fantastic four.

      • IceChief27

        what ILB problems?

        • ladner morse


        • nick

          Manti Teo is the best defensive player to come out in like 10 years. Even if u don’t think there is a problem there (which I think there is) u can have a step up and build around him. Sometimes when u draft number one u have to look at what can make the biggest impact on one side or the other. Since there is now QB on the O side u go for a QB on the D side. But that is my feeling.

          • IceChief27

            Okay, I watched some tape on Teo and he is definitely Mike Mayock approved. He does bring some things this team really lacks other than a QB, a coach, and a GM, and thats leadership. He looks like a great vocal leader and physical presence. They just have bigger needs at other positions. They sorely lack a consistent interior pass rusher, and they need more speed and talent in the secondary. Teo looks like a dominant player, but they just need top talent in too many other places. If they could get Alex Smith, draft Teo, trade back into the first and get a pass rusher, draft an athletic corner in the second, and a corner safety hybrid in the third I’d be thrilled. But then we’d still need a QB to develop and I don’t know how they are going to get that guy if they went this route.

          • ladner morse

            Well Rome can’t be built in a day so it’s going to take more than one off season to fix the ails.

          • IceChief27

            True, but a lot of our issues would disappear if we had a decent quarterback, leadership, and a competent play caller

    • IceChief27

      @Travis, who is it you’d want to replace on the O-line? I Think Albert MUST be re-signed. I also think it would be hard to upgrade over Hudson, Asamoah, and Winston. I think Jeff Allen will take Lilja’s spot next year and that would leave us with Stevenson and Lilja for depth. I don’t see much to shore up there.

    • Michael Shaw

      Why the hell would you want another teams back-up??? We need a starter not another team’s “all-pro” back-up!!!! Why do people keep thinking another teams second stringers are going to become our starters!!!????

  • Adrian Morales

    i would of taken adrian claiborne who plays for tampa but came out of iowa i. the first round 2 years ago… i also would have taken orakpo over jackson… we should of got bro l osweiler who is now with denver and is going to be a franchise qb… if i were the chiefs gm i would def look at trading the first pick there is no franchise qb in this draft that we kno of smith barkley uhhh no ill pass… we should of got flynn in free agency but o well… get a good corner in this draft… hillis is a fumbling machine so look at geovanni bernard at north carolina… we all kno a new qb is coming… i would also get us sum alternative jerseys

  • IceChief27

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but if I was GM I would have sold the farm for Luck or RG3 last year. Two best QB prospests in quite a while. Now look where we are, there isn’t a QB out there who is worthy of the top overall pick right now. This could change, but right now I think we’d be smart to trade back and pick Dee Milliner, trade back in for Pass rush DT, a la Sheldon Richardson, and take Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, or Mike Glennon in the second. And I would be damned if I didn’t force the team to use a more explosive guy at Returner, throw the ball to Baldwin, let Charles run off tackle, and for the love of God let Eric Bery Freelance. I’d also like to callplays, Daboll is awful

  • Lyle Graversen

    Ok, I’ll start with the bad call.

    In 2009, I wanted KC to take DE/OLB Everette Brown in the 1st round (he ended up going 43rd). I thought Tamba would be better off bulking up and playing 3-4 DE. Brown has 6 career sacks and Tamba has 41 sacks since switching to OLB. Oops!

    In 2010 I would have taken Cody with the Dex pick and then Golden Tate with the Arenas pick.

    In 2011 (assuming I didn’t already have Cody) I would have taken Phil Taylor at 21 and not traded back. Then taken Torrey Smith in the second over Hudson. I always thought Smiths speed would have complimented Bowe.

    2012 I would have taken Fletcher Cox over Poe in the first and Nick Foles over Stephenson in the 3rd.

    • ladner morse

      Yea… I recall you talking me into Fletcher Cox. Foles was someone I’d done a piece on so I’d have liked him then too.

  • Michael Shaw

    I would take the GM position, hire Bill Cowher as the Assistant GM/Head Coach, convince RAC to stay as the DC and pick the best QB for the Chiefs available with the #1 pick. I would also Franchise D-Bowe again and offer him up for a trade to see if anyone bites and use the draft picks I get for Bowe to replace him and get another starting CB.

  • Cy

    If I was GM… admittedly I thought Aaron Curry was the bomb in 09, in 10 I wanted Phil Taylor and last year I was holding out hope for Luke Kuechly. If was GM now, I’d switch to a 4-3. Let Hali man one side, cut tyson, put Poe and Dorsey at the other two. Sign Cliff Avril Osi Umenyiora or Michael Bennett. Draft Manti Teo no. 1 let him play middle DJ weakside and Houston play strong side in a Derrick Thomas/Von Miller type of position. Offensively, I let Dwayne Bowe leave and look to sign Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings and Wes Welker or Danny Amendola as complimentary pieces. I’d trade a 3rd round pick for Alex Smith and I’d draft Tyler Wilson out of Arkansas in the 2nd or I’d trade up into the first to get him. I watched tape on him Geno and Barkley and I wasn’t too impressed with any of them. Geno has good arm strength but he lacks deep or middle accuracy, too often he doesn’t lead receivers or give them opportunities for YAC. I think his system is helping him out a lot. Barkley is good going through progressions and has good anticipation. He does a good job throwing receivers open, but he doesn’t have the arm strength and underthrows deep routes also. Nobody in this class is the caliber of no.1 quarterbacks in the past years. Wilson has good size arm strength leadership and he goes through his progressions pretty well. He isn’t amazing at one thing, but he’s pretty good at everything. Our secondary could use upgrading at corner and safety and our interior offensive line also, but those would be secondary concerns. I’d just try to sign competition type players like Pat Chung from the patriots