Chiefs Should Cut Matt Cassel Now

The Kansas City Chiefs should cut QB Matt Cassel immediately.

It makes perfect sense. At 1-9, the Chiefs’ season is over. Cassel has effectively been benched for the equally ineffective Brady Quinn and his career in Kansas City is almost certainly over. Cassel’s contract is too expensive to justify his play and regardless of whether current GM Scott Pioli is retained or a new regime is brought in to run the front office, Cassel will probably be let go this offseason.

So why not cut him now?

With the NFL trade deadline passed, Cassel and his contract are subject to pass through waivers. Cassel is due 7,500,000 in 2013 and 9,000,000 in 2014. There is no way he stays in KC.

Given his poor play, it is unlikely any team would claim Cassel, especially given his contract numbers. However, if a team was desperate for help at the QB position, it might just take a chance.

Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers and our old friend Todd Haley.

With QB Ben Roethlisberger expected to miss multiple weeks with a rib injury and backup Byron Leftwich also in jeopardy of missing time, the only QB the Steelers have left is the 37-year-old Charlie Batch.

Pittsburgh has had relative success when Batch has had to step in for Roethlisberger in the past. However, at 37, even the best of QBs are at the end of the line and Batch was never what you would consider “the best of QBs.”

Regardless of whether or not they feel comfortable with Batch, Cassel would be an ideal fit in Pittsburgh. He’d be more familiar with Todd Haley’s offense than any QB on the Pittsburgh roster, including Roethlisberger. Cassel has also proven that he can be an effective QB if the team around him is solid. The Steelers are aging but they feature a strong offense and a couple of play-making receivers. TE Heath Miller is also a nice option over the middle, an area of the field Cassel is generally most successful throwing to. Heck, the Steelers even have former Chiefs TE Lenny Pope roaming the sidelines.

If the Chiefs cut Cassel, the Steelers would almost certainly consider picking him up.

The situation reminds me a lot of the Kyle Orton ordeal from last season. The Broncos knew they were done with Orton and so they cut him lose late in the season after the Chicago Bears lost QB Jay Cutler. The move made sense for the Broncos since it was widely believed the Bears would want to snatch Orton up. When all was said in done, the Chiefs, Cowboys and Bears all put claims in on Orton and KC was awarded his contract because the Chiefs had the highest waiver priority thanks to their poor record.

While it would be a long-shot that the Steelers would claim Cassel, it can’t be totally ruled out. If the season ended today, the Steelers would be the last team into the playoffs as the second wild card team. At 6-4, the Cincinnati Bengals are right behind them at 5-5. The Steelers face two tough road rivalry games in the next two weeks against the Browns (who have been in nearly every game this season) and the Ravens. Another loss to Baltimore would nearly kill any hope the Steelers would have of winning the AFC North. Securing Cassel, either through waivers or free agency, would certainly give the Steelers a viable option, either as a temporary starter or a backup.

At this point, Pittsburgh is searching the scrap heap for emergency QBs off the street. They could just be desperate enough to take Matt Cassel off of the Chiefs’ hands.

The move would also likely be good for Cassel. He’d get a chance to catch on as a backup somewhere else while the QB market is non-existent as opposed to this offseason when it will potentially be flooded with veteran signal callers. Besides, if Pioli feels any loyalty to Cassel, cutting him now would be a favor. Pioli is almost certain to be fired at the end of the season and the new GM isn’t likely going to be too concerned about Cassel’s future.

What do you think, Addicts? Should the Chiefs cut Cassel now and if they do, would you like to see him land with Haley in Pittsburgh?

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  • chiefridgy

    Cut him now. I don’t see Pittsburg (or any other team) coming within a thousand miles of him

  • chiefin’ainteasy

    Would love to see him cut, obviously, but I really don’t care where he ends up. I would also be surprised if anyone signed him AFTER he clears waivers and floored if anyone claimed him off waivers. I’m under the impression that Haley probably isn’t a fan of Cassel, as I’m thinking he was probably forced to play him during his tenure in KC and knowing that he’s awful.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Cassel is bad but I bet he’d be halfway effective on the Steelers. Haley knows how to use him pretty well and Pitt really wouldn’t need him to do much. Their defense is stout.

      I’d like to see him go to another team just to see what would happen. It’d be more interesting than watching him on the Chiefs, that is for sure.

      • chiefin’ainteasy

        Good point, it would be very interesting to see what he did elsewhere. I’m sure teams would be hoping they could get 2010 or 2008 Patriots Matt Cassel, but I dunno, I would be pretty surprised if he looked even close to that good…this season at least.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

        I think todd haley learned his lesson with cassel. they will definitely get tyler palko.

      • james

        Pitt d is stout because o can stay on the field and give them a breather. Cassel starts tossing em in the dirt, they will be on d more, andtheir old guys will get tired

  • malcriiado

    Release Cassel!!!

    Colin Kaepernick anyone? Too early to ask huh? lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

      Im down!

      • Guest

        Dream scenario:

        Supposing he continues to do well, I say we pick him up, trade off the 1st pick for the other team’s 1st round draft pick and next years 1st round pick, pick Manti Te’o if he’s around, draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round, and then in the following draft if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t do well, we trade both our 1st round picks for the 1st overall pick and pick a QB since this years QB prospects arent very very very good….. Ahhhh…. the possibilities….

  • Matt Finucane

    I don’t know gang, i think we still need a few more years until we really know what we have in Cassel.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      haha lets let him play out his contract.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

        Yeah! Let’s also sit in a big circle and jerk each other off!

      • Matt Finucane

        I broached this one during the game Sunday: Cassel as Offensive coordinator?

        • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

          jason garrett was able to do it…

      • malcriiado

        Should we bring Huard back just in case?

  • Priest4Prez

    Brett Favre is only 42, maybe we can coax him out of retirement? no?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742030300 Ryan Mais

      so he can also throw interceptions?

  • Travis Forsyth

    i always thought cassel would be make a nice fit in seattle. after all, cassel has relations to pete caroll since he was his coach at USC and cassel would a nice veteran back up if russel wilson was to go down…..but as long as he’s not a chief i’m good…

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

      trade matt cassel for matt flynn in offseason?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742030300 Ryan Mais


  • tc_sting

    I know we are desperate to lose Cassel but why…. Why would the steelers want him?

    Is that some vain attempt to spark rumor mill hype that could confuse pit into taking dead weight off our hands? No one has the salary cap to pay for Cassel. It comes to numbers and nothing favors moving Cassel.

    Kc made a bad financial decision when it invested in the Cassel hype and it will be ours to pay for years from now. That is the sad reality.

  • Matt Finucane

    I think we all need to wait and see what happens when Cassel starts buying tinto Daboll’s system. Are they gonna be good next year? No. 2014? Unlikely. 2015? Now we’re getting somewhere.

  • Scott Zupek
  • Cha-iefs

    This article from the guy that threw a tantrum because KC waived Stanford Routt!?!?!

    WOW Pat you’re on a downward spiral in fan frustration! It WAS justified to waive that POS Routt. [Not signed by anyone still.] Lions are dying in the back of the D and they STILL passed on him.

    Now you want to cut Cassel in a desperate hope Pittsburgh signs him to relieve KC of the HUGE mistake of his over paid contract!? I can smell the smoke from you going up in flames. First you need a poll to make yourself feel better about your pinning Routt’s waive on Piss’oli. [has anyone come out in the NFL mainstream media against waiving Routt? I'd like to know who.] Now you’re throwing out some crazy longshot in hopes it somehow happens so you can say, “Look how smart I am!” and ride the wave like a insider God. You’re ALL OVER THE PLACE MAN. You throw out random fantasy scenarios in hopes one will stick but are SO MYOPIC to the rest. Take it easy,settle down and breathe you fanatic. If Cassel is good enough to play in Pittsburgh as a backup then he’s good enough to play for his money in KC and restructure or move on after this seasons done. He’s the best backup on a team of backup QBs. Nobody’s going to claim him right away and If he’s going to suck….he’ll do it in KC. They’re not paying him to go suck in Pittsburgh. Turn your fantasy switch: on/[off]

    • tm1946

      Routt got 2 mil for half a season, Hunts do not spend money for non production.

      • james

        Explain pioli

        • tm1946

          Got one for you, heard this today. NY national media who said he has known Pioli since his Cleveland days. Pioli was a disaster in KC because, Clarkie turned him loose with no supervision and no one to answer to. He said Pioli knows what to do to one degree or another but should not have been given the keys to Arrowhead and Clarkie runs out the door to hide in texas. Also he thinks Pioli should be fired but will return to an adm.job and be successful, just get him out of KC…..also not a lot of hope for KC future, Hunts are not into winning above other things.

  • sbefort

    We want Palko. We want Palko!

    • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

      Maybe Croyle is available.

  • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

    You don’t cut Cassel now for the same reason you don’t throw away your pants before you buy new ones.

    • chiefridgy

      If my jeans are full of holes and I’ve got three more pairs that don’t have holes as bad I’m keeping the three and throwing out the one. Better yet a couple of pairs of those jeans are brand-new I haven’t even tried them on to see if they’ll fit yet!

      • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

        Lol, good reply. What if you throw out a pair and then two days in a row tear the crotch out of your other two pairs? Might be nice to have the original crappy pair to put on in an emergency to keep from freestyling. I just don’t see the point in doing it before the season is over. They don’t gain anything by cutting him now.

        • chiefridgy

          true true….it would just make us feel good ;)

  • Kansas_City

    Not a bad idea. Unlikely to get Steelers or anyone to bite, but can’t tell without giving it a try.

  • jesse

    Dream draft scenerio: Bowe stays. we get 1st pick, trade back a couple slots, get geno smith, stay away from barkley, if smith is gone grab te’o. Hopefully they dont trade too far back. 2nd round grab an ilb if we got smith and the next best dt that can play de in a 3-4. then we need a wide receiver and sime offensive line help.

  • jesse

    Oh and get marc ross from nyg to replace pioli and maybe reid if he on the market

  • jesse

    If we dont get smith, wait to get Glennon from.north carolina

  • Danny W

    Yah lets cut Cassel and then go ahead and let Dorsey and Tjax go too.

    • Matt Finucane

      but who will occupy all the blockers?

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    The flaw in your reasoning is that Pittsburg plus one other team would have to be really enthusiastic to claim Cassel off of wavers in order to get a backup for starter money. (I don’t think there is any doubt at this point that Cassel is a backup-quality quarterback). But, I just don’t see who that other team is. Guys like Donovan McNabb and Mike Kafka are still out there and can be signed for peanuts right now. No reason to give a big salary to a QB that has had around 20 turnovers this season. Unless Haley is truly in love with Cassel (which I don’t think is the case) AND the Steelers are afraid that some team with waiver priority would grab Cassel (and I can’t think of who that would be) they would just let him pass through and hit the market. Then they could sign him for the something around the vet minimum most likely.

  • drake

    yah thats what haley will do…i finally got rid of matt cassel and got to a winning team soo lets bring cassel in to embarrass two towns in one year. byron leftwich made cassel look like a chump but cassels definately the answer in pitt…if the question is “how do you ruin pitts. football team immediately”

  • tm1946

    Matts job is safe, the chiefs have added a k/p to practice squad. Pioli can cut Succop and Colquit, give the job to SZY., save all that nasty money wasted on the other two. Then next year Pioli can make his superbowl run with Matt at QB and some guy SZY kicking and punting.

  • Jim Harper

    The only glitch in this thought process is the money remaining on Cassel’s contract. Otherwise it would be perfect for all concerned. The Steelers lack a reliable backup to Ben. Cassel gets to join very good team with a shot at a ring without doing much for it. And we get rid of our albatross and move on. Let me clarify that by saying we get rid of ONE of our albatross’s. Still more to come!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Diel/100001272939440 Mike Diel

    If you can’t hold a block it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is.