December 12, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt takes questions during the press conference at the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Time For Clark Hunt To Speak Up

I was originally going to give my observations on the latest Kansas City Chiefs loss in this post. I just don’t have it in me. At this point none of the details seem to matter any more. Until the big picture gets addressed does it matter if Brady Quinn looked a little better than Matt Cassel? Does it matter if Branden Albert and Dwayne Bowe can play next week against Denver? Does it matter if Dontari Poe showed a couple flashes again? Does it matter that we got THREE running out of bounds related penalties on special teams in ONE GAME? Maybe it does, but I’m just exhausted from caring about those little things all week long only to get blown out by mediocre teams by 20+ points come game day.

Stop and think about it. In the last month we have been dominated at home by two of the most historically inept teams in the history of the NFL, the Raiders and the Bengals. These two teams have been national punch lines for decades and now they both look better run, more talented, and like they are more dedicated to winning. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Oh wait….yes it does.

The stands are half empty, 50% of the people that were there were wearing black in protest of the current state of the team, people are wearing bags over their heads, there are rumors out there that fans were not allowed into the game with anti-Pioli signs, and someone actually listed the Chiefs as a cause of death in their obituary.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are blowing right on past teams like the Raiders, Browns, Bengals, and Lions and are headed to a whole new level of embarrassment.


Because the team has given us no reason to have any hope for the future.

Being terrible with a hope for the future is one thing. Being terrible and thinking that the owner doesn’t care and may not do anything about it is another.

That is why Clark Hunt can’t hide any longer.

He MUST give the people that support his team a reason to believe. Is it my hope that me comes out later today and says Scott Pioli has been fired? Yes, but as much as most fans would love that, he doesn’t actually have to fire anyone right now to help the situation. He just has to let the fans know that he’s upset and disappointed and that Chiefs fans can rest assured that he will make sure that the necessary changes are made so that this doesn’t happen again.

He should tell the fans that’s he’s embarrassed by what’s happened to his team. He should tell them that he’s going to look at every last part of the football operation from the front office, to the coaching staff, to the players and figure out who is part of the solution and who is part of the problem. He should reassure fans that his number one priority is getting this fixed and returning this team to the prestigious organization that his father created.

I know a lot of people would question how believable these statements would be without any actions to back them up, but at least he would be on the record as upset and dedicated to changing things. His silence, fair or not, is interpreted as acceptance and that is fueling the hopelessness and frustration that fans are feeling. Bud Adams, the owner of the Titans put his entire organization on notice after a 51-20 beat down to the Chicago Bears. His team responded with a 37-3 win on the road at Miami the next week. The Kansas City Chiefs have become WAY too used to losing. They need a fire lit under them. Romeo and Pioli lack the credibility to do it at this point since the players know that they may not be around much longer (hopefully). Clark Hunt is the only one that can do it.

His team is a joke, a laughing stock, the worst team in the NFL. It’s beyond the players just playing better. It’s beyond the coaches coming up with a better game plan. It’s beyond Scott Pioli finding better players. This team needs a new direction. Clark Hunt is the only one that can demand that.

We’re waiting Clark. We WANT to believe! We WANT to show up in the tens of thousands, draped in red from head to toe. We WANT to stay until the very last whistle, screaming our heads off the entire time. You just have to give us some hope, a reason to believe that you’re as passionate about getting this fixed as we are. We need some sign that this team means more to you then a bottom line. We need you Clark, we need you to speak up, and our patience is running out.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • tm1946

    Nick from Warpaint ill. today said:

    Cassel will be the scapegoat for this year.

    Pioli and Crennel come back, Daboll leaves with both vet QBs.

    Marty told Clark what he felt the team needed to do and Clark said no… Marty no longer is willing to get involved. Nick felt Clark is still satisfied with the direction of Pioli.

    Who know if any of this is true? The hunt chiefs could suffer along with what we have seen all season for the distant future. Do not know but am worried what happens if I do not care?

    • Patrick Allen

      Can almost promise you that none of that is true.

      • Danny W

        Nick Athan is no insider and thats a fact.

    • Skylor Kingrey

      there is no choice but to fire pioli and with him going Crennel will go as well!! that article is not true whatsoever!! Crennel has proven he is a horrible Head Coach who doesn’t have a clue what he is doing and Pioli has proven more and more he is a terrible GM. Hell he can’t even draft very good!! his record for Free agency and draft isn’t good. it’s hit a miss. They are both fired by seasons end.

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      MAYBE crennel gets one last year like herm edwards did, but i cant see pioli here in the 2013 season

    • Wrong 53

      remember now…The Clarks are from the Goldman Sachs school…and what did they do?…oh yeah, they Broke the World! And they did it without guilt or repercussions. Don’t look for the goy boy to have any shame as long as the dough (Spoiler Alert! He already got his $$ from season tix and TV) is rolling in.

    • MattJChiefs

      After everything I’ve seen this season I wouldn’t doubt this at all. I’m not saying it WOULD happen, but it definitely COULD happen. People need to remember as much admitting Cassel was a failure is a hit on Pioli, admitting Pioli is a failure is a hit on Hunt.

      • tm1946

        Look at all the posts who believe there is not a chance in heck it could be true. Well, I have a million reason, multi million reason. How many millions would Clark have to pay Pioli and Crennel to send them packing?? That is not Clarks style, the Hunt family does not give millions away to satisfy the fans or the good of the team.
        Follow the green folks and then tell me how Pioli and Crennel will be gone, all because Clark feels our pain and wants to give away all that money…..yeah sure.

        • Jonathan Aldridge

          i think ur startin to get carried away here. just cuz clark is rich doesnt mean any of that is true. could it be true? of course. but i dont see that being the realistic scenario.

          • tm1946

            You are correct, do not attack the messenger. I am only paraphrasing what I heard on the radio.
            But, I do not know Clark and as an outsider what I see is a person who does not spend money like a drunken SF sgt on leave. Rather he seems to try to retain every dollar he can get his hands on. To say he would jump at the chance to pay over 5 Million to employees to go home and have to hire others is UNREALISTIC, at least to me.

  • ArrowFan

    I don’t care unofficially hit me this weekend when I didn’t even bother with the game and mowed the yard. My wife even asked isn’t there a Chiefs game on, and offered to handle it for me.

  • chiefridgy

    That black out was just the message clark needed to see. Oh wait. that was a joke…all those people who wore black out there looked like the coaches…..*h*t stains in the chiefs underwear….you guys looked ridiculous with your small numbers of people involved and don’t blame it on the attendance being low overall. I hope you all felt embarrassed. I am embarrassed to call you fellow chief fans. Get a clue. Be good fans and support your team. You want to protest do what the sensible people did on Sunday, stay home, go to a movie….I personally went fishing. Go chiefs! (try to black out arrowhead….no true fan would do that)

    • Jeremy Parkercom

      I believe trying to help out voices be heard and wanting a better product on the field is supporting your team, you say no true fan would try to do that, that’s your opinion, mine is that no true fan would go fishing instead of watching the team they love, no matter how bad they may be, you say be a good fan and support your team but you went fishing and didn’t even watch the game, most of the people that went to the game for the black out are sth so their seats were already paid for so why not go and try and get your money worth by trying to make your voice heard, sounds to me like you are the one who needs to get a clue.

      • chiefridgy

        I live in texas…game isn’t on here. If I had a rare opportunity to go I wouldn’t wear black. Sounds like you wore black….it’ll be ok buddy.

        • Jeremy Parkercom

          I didn’t go to the game, I watched it from home but if I had gone I would have worn black because I fully support the movement to get the necessary changes made to bring our once proud franchise back to where it should be.

          • chiefridgy

            I don’t support wearing black to the stadium especially on military appreciation weekend…..Chiefs fans are better than that….or at least most are….or at least I thought they were.

          • Jeremy Parkercom

            Here we go with the military angle, you really think what color someone wears determines whether or not they support or appreciate our military? It is to separate things all together. A person can wear black to support a movement and still stand and cheer and appreciate the military, that is the weakest argument one can make against the blackout because wearing black had nothing to do with the military, it has to do with making a statement, Chiefs fans arethe

          • Jeremy Parkercom

            best fans in the nfl, and the blackout proves this because we care enough and have enough passion for our team to try and help get the necessary changes made, where as alot of people would just give up on them.

          • tm1946

            What has black, the color, have anything to do with mil. good or bad or any other color, how about pink for breast cancer or does that disrespect the males in the military? A manufactured NFL PR day. Veterans day, the holiday was last monday.

          • Danny W

            Dude I’m a veteran. What does black have to do with didli shit? Your point is mute Sir.

      • MattJChiefs

        I’m glad you think going fishing is being a true fan. My brother-in-law lives in Maryland and he followed the box score the whole time. Good job on that military angle too! People wearing black must have been such a disgrace. Don’t mind the half-naked cheerleaders wearing unzipped camo pants. They must truly appreciate our military huh? If you weren’t at the game, then don’t comment on “how the blackout was”. I was there the entire time, and that blackout was a lot more powerful than you going fishing and telling fellow fans to take whatever the franchise gives them.

        • chiefridgy


    • Lyle Graversen

      I’m sorry chiefridgy, but I think that response comes off as total hypocrisy. You claim that fans that paid their hard earned money and went to the game and cheered for the Chiefs to win are bad fans that don’t support their team because they wore a black shirt to the game and then say that what they should have done to be a “good fan” is stay home or go fishing.


      They’re supporting the team 100 times more than you did. I’m fine with you not approving of the black shirt approach, I’m fine with you choosing to go fishing instead of watching this train wreck of a season, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But when you belittle people that did it and call them embarrassing, ridiculous, etc. Then tell them to “be good fans and support your team” and then the very next sentence tell them to stay home or not even watch the game like you did, it sounds absurd.

      Who are you to define what a “good” or “bad” fan is. You seem all riled up about people wearing black shirts on military appreciation day (by the way, is choosing not to watch on military appreciation day an insult to the troops like wearing a black shirt is?) but you don’t seem very in favor of the freedom that our military has given us. We’re all entitled to our opinions. We’re all entitled to express our feelings. If you didn’t approve of the blackout, that’s fine. You can write comment after comment about why you feel that way, but why is it necessary to insult people who feel strongly that it was the right thing to do?

      One last side note, every media outlet I saw/heard was impressed by the number of fans that participated so I’m not sure where the “small numbers” comment came from.

      • chiefridgy

        it was not impressive….kinda fizzled out….like a lot of chiefs fans

    • Chief Hokie

      They say the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. It seems to me like going fishing during the game is more on the indifference side. Wearing black and actually showing up to the game at least displays an interest in the team. You can’t be indifferent and still call yourself a fan, that’s oxymoronic. And for you to call out other people for being “untrue fans” is not only hypocritical, but incredibly ironic, considering you didn’t even care to watch the game.

      • chiefridgy

        You think for one second anything you say or do is gonna change clark hunts mind? Wake up people. Now excuse me while I go hold my breath until clark does what I want. (u musta been one of the tens of people who wore black)

        • TAZMOSIS

          Yeah, we fans kinda’ do think that Clark might just be listening. I promise he was seeing the protest of the fans wearing black in the stands. Go back a few years, say 10, and find photos or video of Arrowhead on any Sunday. I dare you to find anyone dressed in black! You won’t. Doesn’t mean that we are any less ardent about our team now than we were then. Back then we had an owner who gave a damn about both the team and the fans. Especially the fans. He knew that it was his responsibility to put the best team he could on the field. Today, Clark just doesn’t get it. And if he does he ain’t saying. Get off your high horse about those of us who wore black to Arrowhead that we are bad fans. That’s crap. We did it to maybe try to get Hunt’s attention. And that was just a part of the ongoing SaveourChiefs movement. This season has gone in the tank and if wearing black helps get Hunt to move in the right direction, then I’m all for it. Doing nothing lends credence to Hunt that it’s ok to keep running out a bad team on the field week after week. Kinda’ like a son or daughter that is into bad habits, and the parent just sort of winks at it and figures it will get better. Well, take away their car keys and cell phones ’till they shape up. Now, the fans are going to take away Hunt’s money and pride and see how he deals with it.

  • chiefridgy


  • andyred

    heres what I dont get. So its fair to say hunts priority is his money before anything else. So people go to the game dressed in black. But that means they spent money. So that means hunt got richer. Wouldnt it be better to organize something that no one went to the stadium. Thatd hurt hunt where it hurts him most. His pockets. Because if that blackout did work, hunt wouldve been disgusted and fired rac and pioli this morning… someone should put Clark hunt on a carton of milk, cause he has been missing from chiefs fans for a long time

    • Lyle Graversen

      I think the blackout was the next step before some stop coming. A silent warning to Clark to show him how many fans are upset. I’d be willing to wager that the Carolina and Indy games are as empty as you have ever seen Arrowhead if nothing changes by then.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    well speak up huh??? Actions speak louder than words ok!!! A successfully ran business requires hard decisions to be made! Clark you have to fire Crennel and Pioli!!! There is not solution other than that. The entire coaching staff is lost and the GM is inept!!!

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    should i have my mother send clark hunt a letter?

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    hey lyle, idk how much it would help, but i think you should send this as a letter to clark hunt. its something that doesnt just call him incompetent, to put it nicely, but it has every viable point needed in a persuasive letter. id give it a shot!

  • Priest4Prez


  • Lyle Graversen

    Here’s a very well written take on the Blackout and Clark Hunt. Definitely worth a read:

    • chiefridgy

      Good read

    • Danny W

      Satchmo has the goods as usual.

  • Kansas_City

    Way too much emphasis is put on the owner. The principal thing he does is hire and fire the GM, or the coach, whichever is the top dog in the organization. I could not care less if Clark ever says a word in public. Which NFL owner actually has had a positive impact on his team, other than the hiring of a GM or a coach?

  • tm1946

    Believe what you want about Clark and what he may do at the end of the season but GET ONE THING in your head. This is the Hunt family. Are they going to pay millions to Pioli and Crennel so you feel better? NO, repeat NO, not going to happen. Hunts do not waste money, they bank it for themselves.

  • ulrich

    I’ve rooted for the Chiefs for over 30 years. If they don’t clean house before next season I am done with them. It’s very sad that it’s come to this but if the owner doesn’t care then why should I continue to waste my time and money on this team?

    • yancey berry

      I right there with you..but don’t give up if he doesn’t fire. He probably wait til the end of the season..It really won’t do any good. All the coaches are responsible..someone has to finish the season. Hunt doesn’t want to look “fire happy”..Carl Peterson, Herm Edwards, Chan Galley, Todd Haley..It’s important for Hunt to be professional so we can get quality staff..

      • yancey berry

        Actually the more I think about it. If Pioli’s contract is up at the end of the season..he probably just let it terminate..

  • KCMikeG

    Top 10 reasons why wearing black was/is not the answer:
    1. It upstages the focus of the day from honoring the troops to the protest.
    2. It doesn’t work – no one got fired did they?
    3. It is a stain on the Sea of Red, the history of Arrowhead and our team.
    4. It is self-serving to those promoting it and manipulating fans – especially the “media”.
    5. It contributes to even more negative publicity for our team.
    6. It divides the fan base which weakens the Sea of Red.
    7. The negative publicity will make it even harder to attract a quality GM, coaches and free agents. Don’t even try with the “it couldn’t get any worse” crap because pissing all over a bad situation does not make it better.
    8. If it’s threat and execution was so effective then why didn’t RAC, in such fear of the blackness, start Brady? Why didn’t he bench Hillis for the fumble? The blackout couldn’t even make RAC keep his word so how could it work on Pioli or Hunt?
    9. There are ways to communicate our dissatisfaction without disgracing the proud history of our stadium and team. Write, e-mail, call or stay home. Bury Hunt and the administration in your pain. STH have even better access to voice their frustration.
    10. Utter foolishness to assume that wearing black is going to make Hunt to ANYTHING he wasn’t already going to do.

    There was a fair amount of black there but some of the black the media saw on TV or the pictures from a distance showed had nothing to do with the protest. Many of the troops had on their dress blacks. Some were wearing – like they do every week – their trendy Chiefs black. Some people just had plain old black shirts or jackets that had nothing to do with the protest. Some were Bengals fans.

    I know some will try to argue with my observations so I’ll save you the trouble. Bob Fescoe, who is a a leader of the fire Pioli crew and a huge supporter of the blackout and thereby most likely to overestimate the success, has publicly stated that the blackout turn out was about 40% of the people at the game. Subtract the non protesting fans wearing Chiefs black, those just wearing black and then the Bengals fans and you would be safe in saying half of that number at best. So if 20% of the poor turnout = success then great! Mission accomplished. Now put away your black and get back to filling up the Sea of Red.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Okay, I said I was done with the military argument, but I’m going to give this one last shot. I find it interesting that there aren’t any fans saying that they really liked the Blackout idea but didn’t go through with it because they thought it was disrespectful to the military tribute. The only people playing that card are the ones like yourself that seem determined to “shame” those that were part of the Blackout or supported it. The wounded soldier that the Chiefs rewarded with a new house was wearing black. So either he thought black was a completely NON-offensive color or he was actually in favor of the blackout himself. If a wounded vet can wear black, I have a hard time seeing why other fans should feel guilty about it. Second, you claim it took attention away from them, that would imply that they would have received more attention if there wasn’t a blackout. How so? Would there have been coverage on ESPN of it? Would you have been talking about it here in the comments of this blog? I have nothing but respect for the ultimate dedication and sacrifice that our troops have given for our country, but the people talking about the blackout are sports people, that would be talking about the football team anyway, not our troops. Are you implying that people didn’t clap for them or pay attention to them at the game because they had black on? I just don’t get it.

      Second, I have a hard time believing that half the people that were wearing black did it on accident, a few sure, half, no.

      Finally, you talk about how the Blackout divided Chiefs fans, but I haven’t heard anyone pro-blackout calling people that didn’t wear black “bad fans”, “embarrassing”, “a disgrace”, etc. like those that were in favor of it has been called. So if it has divided fans its because people like yourself find it necessary to force your opinions on everyone. I respect your right to not support it. That’s cool. I wasn’t there, but I supported it. I think that people that were willing to pay their hard earned money to go cheer their team on despite the poor product but wanted to wear a black shirt to voice their unhappiness are just as good of fans as you are. They are supporting the team in spite of the fact that they are upset about the losing, just like you are. They just wanted a means to express their frustration. You didn’t like the way they did it, I did. Who’s to say whose opinion is right? Why do you have to insult your fellow Chiefs fans just because they have a different opinion?

      • Cha-iefs

        I think it speaks volumes of how the NFL media now refers to the KC fan base! *I think that’s mikes point. It’s embarrassing the red sea,chiefs kingdom,history etc etc. We’re now refered to as, ” ONCE one of the best fanbases”. “The ONCE proud fanbase.” and so on and so on. I can quote them all day. Point is they refer to the fan base negatively. They speak of us like we ALL hate the Chiefs. Quite the opposite for me! I don’t sway in the wind of a storm. My loyality is unshakable. This country is SOFT. Gone are the strong silent types. Everyone wants to bitch & moan like they don’t have a choice to just stay home or turn off the game on sunday. Instead you have to embarrass yourself and the history of this team you supposedly “love”. Losing shows the true character of people. It’s not about different opinions. it’s about character and the lack thereof.
        I used to LAUGH seeing ” ‘Aints fans” with bags on their heads. I used to think, WHOA what a bunch of losers!!! Not the saints but the fans. Like they were pathetic and losers supporting a loser team. They projected that image and IT WAS NEGATIVE. Doing that didn’t make anyone look good. It was just embarrassing. Now I get to see KC fans doing that and dragging the whole fanbase through the mud. I’d rather be refered to as the “DieHARD loyal fanbase that is letdown year after year.” Not the quote… a “once electric RED SEA.”

        • Danny W

          You must hold your opinion in such high regard that it’s hard to walk into rooms isn’t Sir? You talk about certain Chiefs fans and how their loyalty is shit, and then you go on to disgrace the country. Your ego is out of control and your opinion matters about as much as my footstools.

          • KCMikeG

            Danny I know you love the Chiefs just like the rest of us. No one is saying that there isn’t reason for the dissatisfaction. Some of the blackout supporters are life long, loyal Chief fans just like the rest of us. Some of them are haters who are seizing the moment to manipulate frustrated fans over to the dark side without concern for the methods they employ. We are saying that it is the manner of the protest that is detrimental to the history and the future of our team. There are plenty of ways to protest w/o damaging the team further than their own play, chaotic management, lack of coaching, cheering that a player is injured, Winston’s rant and the negative media exposure has already.

        • KCMikeG

          Exactly! Thank you for understanding and supporting remaining loyal to our reputation as the greatest fans in the NFL.

      • KCMikeG

        My last effort to show why I disagree on the effect on the military. I have veterans in my family and friends who think it was disgraceful. You are fooling yourself if you think promoting a protest against the team doesn’t upstage/over shadow the honoring of the troops in any way – it’s called prioritizing and honoring them is way more important that having a wa-wa session about the teams’ performance. You are totally reaching on the vet who got the home implying that his wearing black had anything to do with the protest.

        You are wrong on the blackout supporters who understand the effect on the honoring of the troops as some were supporting delaying it another week on FaceBook after having already delayed it from the week of the Raiders game because they were worried it could be mistaken for support of our opponent. Concern about looking like a Raiders supporter but not concerned about looking like they are prioritizing the protest over the honoring of the troops – I guess.

        You say “So IF it has divided…”. You must be way out of touch not to be aware of the growing division. How can you not see how the decision of some to protest in this manner has divided the fans?

        You’re definitely wearing the blinders if you are willing to ignore the “media’s” role in the division of the fan base and couldn’t be more wrong trying to blame it on fans that want to remain loyal to our colors and that call out those that choose to darken the Sea of Red.

        You are wrong about blackout supporters not turning on the loyal supporters in red saying we are pathetic to just sit by and take what ever we are given by the administration, that we have accepted being losers and that if we were true fans we would be protesting too. The negativity has flowed in both directions.

        I didn’t say that half of those wearing black did it on “accident”. I was there on Sunday and there are pictures available of the troops in their military black or navy dress uniforms, there were those fans who where their new trendy black Chiefs jerseys as they are every week and there were those that just had black on NONE of which had anything to do with the protest. The error I was pointing out is it is a big assumption to claim that all or even most of the at best 40% were blackout protesters.

        You totally ignored my comment on the negative effect this protest will have on our ability to attract quality candidates for all of the positions the protesters want vacated let alone how potential free agents will view coming to KC. Do you not see the long term ramifications of these actions? Is getting Pioli or RAC fired, that will probably happen anyway, worth this damaging effect on our future? No.

        I am not “insulting” my fellow fans by stating my opinion of the impact of their protest. I even offered numerous options to protest that aren’t detrimental to the team so I’m obviously not happy with the performance of the team, understand their frustration and encourage their right to voice their feelings. Constructive criticism is always welcome but the staining of the Sea of Red, personal attacks and displays of hatred are unacceptable. The blackout supporters are the ones choosing to change the image of our fan base that has been in place for half a century by forcing their protest on the rest of us and that is the disgrace of our history. Our team has been terrible before without this type of display. Do you expect us loyal fans that have supported the Chiefs through good and bad times for decades by wearing our red to not question the manner of the protest. Do we not have the same right to demand respect towards the Chiefs as they do to protest?

        Finally, what has any of this gained any of us FANS? A divided fan base, the self serving “media” gaining market share, advertising dollars and national attention from our pain, a permanent tarnish on the history of Arrowhead, retailers profiting from selling blackout goods, the furthering of a negative image of KC for prospective candidates. ALL FOR NOTHING – not a single firing, player cut or even player benched. But keep on wearing your blackout shirts and eventually you will be able to take credit for someone getting fired or cut, even though it would have happened anyway. Hope it was worth the collateral damage to you protesters.

    • chiefridgy

      Finally someone who gets it!

    • tm1946

      Joking, right.
      You want the Chiefs to be something more than a very successful element of the entertainment field. That is how the OWNERS view it. A money making machine. Nothing noble, players get hurt and discarded, nothing religious, go to Augusta, walk the Masters for religious relief.
      Black shirts (with chiefs logos, in case you did not notice) vs red….get over it and yourself. We are supposed to be entertained and then support the business with our money. Pretty simple really except for those who see god playing at their favorite position.

      • KCMikeG

        Unless you know or have had the owners tell you what the KC Chiefs mean to them then you are making nothing but assumptions. I have spoken to Clark Hunt and you couldn’t be more wrong about how he feels about the Chiefs and Kansas City. History stands on the Sea of Red’s side of the discussion and standing loyal in red for the Chiefs will always be the way.

  • Danny W

    It would be nice to have Clark just pay us some lip service if nothing else. Just come out and say hey we’re working on it. We plan to fix it. That would be good enough for me.