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How Could Marty Schottenheimer Help The Chiefs?

As you surely know by now, Chiefs Nation is abuzz on the heels of a report from SirusXM NFL Radio that former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer was in town Friday to meet with Clark Hunt.

The team has reportedly denied the report but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Chiefs still have football games to play and even if Hunt is quietly trying to prepare options for the future, he wouldn’t be doing himself any favors by publicly acknowledging that he is meeting with potential replacements for the men still running things at Arrowhead.

Besides, even if Schottenheimer did meet with Hunt on Friday, there is no way to know what that meeting was about.

As far as I can tell, there are three possible reasons for a meeting between Hunt and Schottenheimer.

1. Hunt is looking for advice from someone he trusts.

Clark Hunt knows a lot about business that doesn’t mean he knows a lot about football. As he likely prepares to embark on an offseason where he will need to find smart football people, who better to turn to than his old friend Marty? Schottenheimer not only knows football, he knows the Chiefs. The fact that Hunt would reach out to Schottenheimer for advice isn’t just likely, it is smart.

This scenario could mean anything from a one-time meeting for Hunt to seek advice to Hunt wanting to officially hire Schottenheimer as a team-consultant.

2. Hunt wants to hire Schottenheimer in a managerial capacity.

Taking things further, Hunt may be interested in bringing in the 69 year-old Schottenheimer to be the new GM of the Kansas City Chiefs. Marty will turn 70 in September but Hunt may want him to come in and help turn around his franchise. The idea would likely be that Schottenheimer would come in and hand-pick the front office personnel and players that will be the future of the franchise. The smart money would be for Schottenheimer to be grooming a GM replacement while simultaneously fixing the current problems in KC. A three or four year stint in this capacity is entirely possible.

3. Hunt wants Marty to coach.

This, I think, is the least likely scenario. As mentioned above, Schottenheimer will turn 70 in September. Bringing him in as a head coach wouldn’t be a long-term solution to anything. This is especially true because if you believe Pioli is going to be fired, then meeting Shottenheimer about the coaching position (assuming current coach Romeo Crennel is on his way out) would be putting the cart before the horse.

I’d rank scenario #1 as the most likely here but don’t rule out #2 either. Hunt needs to make a big move and he has a very upset fan base on his hand. There is no doubt that bringing back Marty would be a popular decision.

But would it be the right one?

Time to weigh in, Addicts. Which scenario do you think is most likely and would it be smart to bring Marty back?

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  • Nick Diegel

    That’s only 3 reasons.

    • natasha2marie

      Give the man a break. He’s probably feeling the wedding jitters and forgot how to count.

  • jesse

    Lol thats the first thing i noticed, only 3 reason


    Don’t worry Paddy, I got your back on #4. This is the best solution, in my opinion. Bring back Marty as GM and with him, Bill Cowher as HC. If this could happen, (who knows?) it is a no-brainer. Marty and Cowher have co-existed in the past and would be a perfect fit. They both get together on the roster, and whom to draft, release, FAs etc. Marty runs the team for three to five years or whenever Cowher is willing and ready to take over as GM. If Hunt likes stability, he will have it. He can quietly go back to Dallas, collect serious money with Arrowhead back to being sold out every game, with the knowledge that his (our) Chiefs are in good hands for years to come.

    • KCMikeG

      i would be alright with your selection especially due to the KC history connection. The honor of our history needs to be restored to stop the division and abandonment of the fans.
      I found an interesting article with some other options and I also agree with the author that Pioli should have the opportunity to finish his last year with a great new HC. No gambles on unproven youngsters or great coordinators who have failed at the HC level. I like Cowher, Gruden, Billick, Mariucci or Jimmy Johnson.
      If Pioli can’t get us the QB we need then we will need to move on but the reality is that Cassel was his 1st try and NO ONE has EVER been successful in the history of our franchise in drafting a franchise QB with most of them not even trying to hit the mark through the draft due to the high failure rate historically. That does appear to be changing over the last few years with more young QB’s finding success. If we move on from Pioli I like Marc Ross from the NYG.

      • TAZMOSIS

        I am down with your first three, and in that order. But as for the others, here goes. Mariucci has not been relevant or even spoken of in the national spotlight for a number of years. I think some serious vetting would be needed. As for Johnson, he said just four days ago in a radio interview that he is more than happy with his life now and would not have the same desire to coach as he did with Dallas. But I really believe that the first order of business is to get a new GM in place. I do not agree with staying with Pioli for another two months, let alone another year.

        • KCMikeG

          I know what you are saying about the last two but watching Mariucci breaking down the plays and quizzing the top draft picks this year showed me he is on top of the game. I am aware that Jimmy Johnson isn’t interested in coaching right now but his showcase on “An American Life” on the NFL Channel got me inspired.

          • Chief Hokie

            We cannot have the spokesman for Extenze be the head coach of this football team!

          • Big Jim


          • KCMikeG

            Great POINT! Bahahahaha!

          • KCMikeG

            That’s right we need HARD nosed football players. Although Perv might find it more interesting!

          • Matt Finucane

            that would be pretty funny, actually

    • mnelson52

      I’m ready to bring some of the old history back to Arrowhead and be done with the Patriot way and all of it’s people. Can I get an Amen ?

  • Tom

    I would bet #1 is the reason as Hunt may be finding out what a trusted friend of his father thinks about the situation the Chiefs find themselves.

  • Frank Costarelli

    They should bring Marty back. Marty should’ve been back in the NFL years ago when he was let go by the Chargers. Everyone loves to bash Marty about his playoff record. Here are the facts though that can not be refuted; Belichick, Vermeil, Gibbs, Shanahan all Super coaches all considered great coaches followed Marty at either the Browns, KC, or Washington. None of those coaches were able to take those franchises to the promise land post Marty. Matter of fact most did not do as well as Marty. Belichick in five years at Cleveland had fewer playoff appearances and wins in the playoffs than Marty. In 80 games coached compared to Marty’s 71 he had 8 less wins and 18 more loses.

    Fourteen years post Marty KC has not won a playoff game.. While Marty was there for 10 years the Chiefs went to 10 playoff games and an AFC Championship game. Yes they only won 3 of those playoff games and if you want to dwell on the number 3 then dwell on this; KC has only been to 3 playoff games post Marty. . Vermeil was there for 5 years coaching 80 games and took them to 1 playoff game and losing that one.

    In one year at Washington Marty had the team turning the corner. His team started 0-5. He didn’t tell his players the season is over or we are auditioning for next year. He told them we are going to get better and make the playoffs. Well they finished 8 – 3 and just missed the playoffs. Then Mr..Synder got the bright idea to dump Marty for a complete bust Steve Spurrier who proceeded to go 12 – 20 in his tenure. Going 7 -9 following Marty the first season. Followed by Joe Gibbs who went 6 – 10 his first season with Washington, Gibbs finally got them going in the second season and eventually back to the playoffs, Gibbs left his second term with Washington with a 30 – 34 record and going 1 – 2 in the playoffs. Mike Shanahan actually has a worse record at Washington then Jim Zorn did in the first 32 games coached.

    At San Diego A.J. Smith finally did what he always wanted to do get in Mr. Spanos ear and get rid of Marty. A good offensive coordinator followed Marty at San Diego in 2007.and took over a 14 – 2 team Marty helped build. After initial success with that team the team and franchise Marty helped turn around seems to keep sliding post Marty. Marty never wanted to get rid of Brees another A.J. Smith move. Smith saw Brees as a back-up to Phillips. Brees wanted none of it. A.J. Smith was responsible for Tomlinson’s departure too. If Marty had stayed Tomlinson would’ve still been productive in SD. In hindsight Mr. Spanos backed the wrong horse in the feud between Marty and Smith.

    Marty took over franchise in Cleveland, KC, Washington and San Diego that were in disarray and turned them into winners quickly. Especially in Cleveland, KC and San Diego.

    Rag him all you want but he knows how to build teams and produce winners. He may not always have the best talent on the field but he know how to get the most out of his players one play at a time.

    Mr. Peters should bring him back not only as GM but as coach. Marty deserves one last go to attain the Gleam, the Super Bowl trophy that has alluded this great coach and his career. Marty came closer than many want to recollect or give him credit for. They want to dwell on the playoff loses. Then dwell on the Fumble, the Drive, a Montana pass being tipped in the red zone and intercepted before halftime against the Bills in the AFC Championship. A Montana injury early in the third quarter in the same game, Missed field goals in numerous playoff games. Kaeding missing a 40 yard field goal that would’ve given the Chargers a playoff victory. McCree Intercepting a pass with Chargers up 21 – 13 on a fourth and 5 with six minutes to go that should’ve ended the Patriots season in 2006 but fumbled right back to the Patriots or a host of dropped passes and fumbled balls during the game.

    Let Marty turn the Chiefs around! Give him a shot if he doesn’t get them there in a few years, he will have set them up for his next handpicked coach to have a shot at it.


      Your history and stats are on target, but I like my idea better. At 70 I think that Marty and the Chiefs would be well served to have Marty as their GM. He is a proven evaluator of talent. I still like Cower as the HC, and along with Marty I think that this is a match made in heaven. Just the matching of these two, (although one would do it) would sell out Arrowhead for the foreseeable future. And just as important, would bring the Chiefs back to respectability in the NFL and make Arrowhead again a place to be feared by opposing teams.

    • ChiefsFanSince69

      Excellent summary — right on the money. The #1 reason Marty is the best GM option, however, is his extreme emphasis on discipline and toughness — the very things this current crop of Chiefs most sorely lacks. If he took over the front office and lured Cowher out of retirement as HC, this team, with the talent it has now, would be competitive in three games or less and, if the QB situation were improved, playoff-bound within one year.

    • Chief Hokie

      Marty? Is that you?

  • Adrian Morales

    man i cant believe they let go of routtim at home playin madden 13 nd our 2ndry has a lot of players that shouldnt even b in the leagur like daniels brown thorpe??? wtf??? and maneri but hes not on d… as far as marty goes i dont care hes nothin special too me he didnt win a SB here no matter how clode he came we as chiefs fan gotta stop cheering and caring about mediocre teams coaches nd organiztion nf demand a culture change really i like everybody here want a winner now i dont want to hear rebuild anymore it shouldnt of ever took this long anyway its been 6 or 7 years WTF man i dont know about u but i am disguted with the chiefs its sickening

  • Big Jim

    We don’t need to do anything! I just watched Romeo’s press conference from Friday and he has it solved! They are going to change how the players stretch before the game and if anyone fumbles the ball away they will get pulled out of the game. I am serious! That is exactlty what he said! As for changes I hope Hunt just met with Marty as a consultant. I still feel strongly about Gruden for HC and Polian for GM. And the sooner it is done the better. Allow Gruden to hand pick his franchise QB. He is an outstanding evaluator of QB talent and teacher!

  • Ribs61

    How about a combination of 1 and 2. Add a position to the front office with Marty as President of football operations. Let him hire a GM and provide guidance to said GM on things like selecting coaches, players etc. As the new people grow into their jobs he could take a less and less active role. Sort of like Parcells in Miami, only making better decisions. Clark doesn’t know football, he needs to hire someone who does…that he trusts. That is Marty.

  • Matt Finucane

    I love Marty, but I don’t think he’s the man to right this ship. At HC or GM, really. Turning things over to him would seem a little like we were just out of ideas.

    Hearing a lot of Gruden chatter from fans. That would be crazy, but I’d be interested.

    Of course the Chiefs are denying the Marty meeting, but is that Pioli’s doing or Clark’s, I wonder?

  • barkley2013

    I’m on the Marty for GM and Barkley campaign. Two biggest things that need to change and this idea will give us all hope.