Oct 28, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs fans paid for a sign to fly around the stadium before the game with the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium. Oakland won the game 26-16. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

What’s this whole ‘Save Our Chiefs’ thing about?

In case you haven’t noticed, the Kansas City Chiefs are awful. With a fourth quarter shellacking against the Chargers now under their belt heading into another prime time game next Monday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, I think it’s safe to say the Chiefs season is, for all intents and purposes (intents and purposes being a playoff berth) over. The Broncos look to run away with the division and the Chiefs would have to win out to finish with a winning record.

So yeah, this team is done.

The struggle of being a Chiefs fan, however, never ends. And while the players can take solace in paychecks, the fans are left feeling hopeless amid another losing season, the soon-to-be third one during general manager Scott Pioli’s four years. But some fans are tired of feeling hopeless, want their voices heard, and are willing to go to great lengths in an attempt to make a difference. 

One such group, and the one making the most noise, is ‘Save Our Chiefs.’ If you haven’t heard of them, they are evolving from a simple social media movement into an organized, active and influential critic of the Chiefs current regime and a tangible venting of fan frustration. If you have heard of them, it’s probably because you follow them on Twitter or heard their name associated with the “Fire Pioli, Bench Cassel” banner that recently flew over Arrowhead.

But they are growing into something that I never thought was possible. Frankly, I figured when the Chiefs started winning games, the whole thing would just die down. But the team keeps on losing and Save Our Chiefs movement keeps on growing. If (big if) the Chiefs start winning games, will Save Our Chiefs be a forgotten cause? I don’t know, but for now, it seems a safe bet that the groundswell of support they are receiving will continue to build. Heck, they even have a music video now.

I had the opportunity to interview the founder of Save Our Chiefs this week and ask him about the campaign. Before I begin, I just want to clarify that I am not involved in the movement. I follow Save Our Chiefs on Twitter, but that’s the extent of my involvement. In other words, I’m not shamelessly pushing my own project. I did, however, want to bring attention to the cause; no matter if you do or don’t support what Save Our Chiefs is doing/trying to do, it is unfortunately (I don’t say unfortunately because I don’t agree with the movement, I say unfortunately because I wish there didn’t have to be a movement) an important part of this 2012 season. 

Here’s what was said.


For those unfamiliar or only slightly familiar with Save Our Chiefs, what is it? What is the mission statement?

We are a group of fans dedicated to changing the culture at Arrowhead and returning a winning team to Kansas City.  Our focus is to show the organization that the fanbase of the Chiefs is united in voice and number that we are tired of losing. For instance, the Pioli regime, to date, features 57 games. We have lost by 14 or more points in 19 of those games.  That is the worst margin in the NFL.

Did you see this season coming? I, for one, was very optimistic heading into this season. The players coming back from injury, the free agent additions, and that blowout opening preseason game against the Cardinals all led me to believe this was going to be a special season for the Chiefs. Were you as optimistic as myself and other fans?

Nobody saw this coming. We had a lot of positives with the end of the 2011 campaign and with the talent load we have, expectations were high. This season has been a dumpster fire with some of the worst statistical performances not only in Chiefs history but in the entire history of the NFL. We even saw brief glimpses during preseason that showed a potential rebound to the 2010 season in which we won the division. 

All hope was eroded come September. Several fans from Chiefsplanet.com wondered aloud how we could speak up. We just didn’t want to complain on a message board. We wanted to be change agents because we are passionate about Chiefs football. We had a member of our group come up with the idea of flying a banner overhead and I personally started the social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

What has Save Our Chiefs done so far to spread the message across the Chiefs fanbase?

To get the word out is a challenge.  We have raised $4,000 which covers banner expenses and isn’t close to being anything of substance to develop a full out media campaign so we needed a grassroots effort and social media is perfect for that. As of this interview we have close to 104,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 11,000 likes on Facebook.  It’s reached epic proportions in just a month. We are producing factual content, comical images, and we are a giant interactive zone for Chief fans to commiserate with each other. You can find us on Twitter at @SaveOurChiefs and via the web at www.saveourchiefs.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SaveOurChiefs

One of the biggest wins with social media is the ability to communicate about the Blackout Arrowhead movement on November 18 against the Bengals.

Tell me more about the blackout game Save Our Chiefs is coordinating. You aren’t discouraging fans from attending the game, you are actually ENCOURAGING fans to go, but while wearing black, so that the black among the sea of red stands out, right?

We are organizing a blackout of Arrowhead on November 18 against the Cincinnati Bengals. Thousands of people have already purchased tickets and pre-paid for parking passes. People will still go to the game and tailgate. This creates a situation called “sunken cost.” Logistically we can’t encourage thousands of people to stay home or walk out because they still want to attend the game. In this case, wearing black chiefs gear or Blackout Arrowhead t-shirts (available at Sports Nutz (816) 923-7529) to the game will create a visual demonstration of “mourning” over the Chiefs. We are still supporting the players and the hoodies we have are in the same colors of the Chiefs. We are not dressing like Raider fans either, as some have suggested.

Have you received any negative feedback, either from fans or from the Chiefs themselves, or has it all been positive?

With any structured movement you have some negative Nellies to deal with. We did have some of that occurring early on with the movement but a lot of the people providing negative feedback have finally come to the same conclusions we did awhile ago and now support us. We have had people call us bandwagon fans or fair weather fans and even closet Raider fans just for suggesting black. Those are all hollow arguments at best. The Chiefs sell a substantial amount of black fan gear. Fair weather fans wouldn’t do the things we’ve done to send a message to the franchise.

With all the events you’ve been organizing, and all the feedback from fans alike, how much media coverage, both locally and nationally, have you received?

We are receiving daily mentions on just about every KC sports radio channel. 610 AM was first to reach out to us and we appreciate that. We’ve received mentions in the USA Today as well as Fox Sports and dozens of websites and we’ve received some on-air comments that were very supportive from Rich Eisen to Jason Whitlock to Bill Simmons and more. Without this movement, the national media would continue to ignore KC and the dire situation we are facing.

So, after all this coverage, and after all the attention Save Our Chiefs has brought to a front office that seemingly is lacking accountability, do you think it will pay off? Or do you think the cause is falling upon deaf ears?

We think it will pay off, and we suggest everyone to stand by and watch.

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  • jimfromkcj

    First of all, there was at least one person who saw this coming. ME, I said in the ESPN draft blog when the schedule came out for this season that I thought the Chiefs might go 0 and 6 before the bye week. I also said that I thought it possible they might luck one victory. I thought Buffalo might be a win. I was wrong and it was New Orleans. I didn’t know that there would be the turmoil there and they would be without their coach. But their were good reasons for my prediction. Our Off line was a mess. We had a LT who I think is playing out of his best position, We had a center who was a rookie playing in a position he had never played since high school, we had a LG who was undersized and old who was coming off a bad season. Our RG was only so so in pass protection and our RT was playing with a new team. Our RB was coming back from a bad knee injury and in my opinion is not an every down back and we had lost a CB that had been steady and improving every year. we had a one dimensional pass rusher who could not cover and aTE and safty coming off bad knee injuries. When looking at all of this how could anyone but a kool aid drinker think they were a good team and had any chance of winning the division let alone a super bowl. And i didn’t even mention that we didn’t have an even average QB on the roster.

    • Cha-iefs

      Well Jim, Since you “called this”, can you give me the winning lotto numbers? Seriously though, So do you think its all the Oline fault? Are you saying you want KC to take Chance Warmack in the draft? Lots of folks point out problems,VERY few in life solve them. I’m not saying you don’t know, i’m just asking what you want/think.

      Personally I’m unsure what I want as a Chiefs fan. “The Patriot WAY” isn’t it BUT I do see a major problem in NE. They CAN’T STOP anyone either. I don’t want to go off on this point, I’m saying that their Def is awful and it’s costing them rings. That being said, i’m not so sure I wouldn’t like a MLB in the draft [

      Manti Te'o] He would be nice playing next to D.J. He’s a bigger guy that can put the BOOM on folks. He’s like 245lb- ish. He’s Quick,good hands,good tackles- BIG HITTER, did i mention that? KC needs physical players on Def.
      Maybe they need o-line help,Chance Warmack is a great guard. I’m not only looking at a QB for the draft, I know thats getting all the focus but I’d like to build this DEF just as much. Look at NE with brady and the high powered Offense they have,their DEF is killing the bid for the ring. I don’t want to win games and lose the superbowl like them. I want rings or nothing else matters.

      • KCMikeG

        Easy there Nostradamus. You have been consistently negative so when things actually do go to shit it is easy to be right. You also said some very wrong predictions about Weeden. More turnovers than TD’s and 55% – not good. Plus we didn’t go 0-6 we went 1-5 and you even admitted that you were wrong about the Bills. Hudson didn’t fail at the Center position he was injured. Albert is a very good LT. Our RT while playing with a new team selected KC because of the zone blocking scheme Daboll brought in here. Asamoah was average in his 1st year as a starter but was getting a huge upgrade (we ALL thought at the time) next to him in Winston. I could go on but my point is unless you are a devoted pessimist, if the shoe fits, then it was logical that most would have expected a better outcome. Unless you really do have the winning lottery numbers then I take it all back and will be your devoted follower.

  • knockafella

    Our next draft should consist of QB’s, OL’s, WR’s, CB and DL. And new head coach and defensive coordinator and new offensive line and quarterbacks coach.

    • KCMikeG

      and ILB – Belcher would be good depth/ST.

  • Cha-iefs

    I don’t get the point of this movement.

    Doesn’t EVERY team in the NFL try to win the Superbowl every year? I’d rather lose like this than make it to the Superbowl and lose there! Thats the most embarassing and hurtful loss, I don’t care what anyone says.

    SO again, I ask whats the point of just wanting people to get fired bcuz it’ll just make fans “feel” better? Every team tries to win. Sh-t happens. There are 31 teams that lose every year. If it was so easy to build a football team top to bottom then the NFL would be WAY more competitive. *I mean less dominated by the same teams… over & over.

    You hear people talk about the magic season [the SB]. Well why doesn’t the SB team win back to back to back,and so on? Bcuz its “luck”.

    Again, it doesn’t matter how you lose…losing is losing. The only thing that matters is how you handle losing. This “movement” is just a bunch of sore losers. Man up,move on and look for the future,31 other teams lose every year. There is NO easy fix to any football team. Superbowl teams and dynasties arn’t born over night. It takes lots of luck on top of having just the right parts working together at the right time, in the right season. [thats what i mean when i say "luck"] did i mention luck?

    Even getting to the SB every season wouldn’t guarantee a ring. I’d rather not be part of a winning season if only to lose in the superbowl. I’m not a fan of football to come in second place. [I enjoy the X's & O's too. not just the W/L column].

    Losing is LOSING but it doesn’t mean you have to act like a loser. You don’t need to fire someone in the middle of a “no chance in hell” season just to make sore loser fans “feel” better. Let it run it’s course and you should’ve already been looking towards the future. The future is where you can demand your changes,away from this mid-season “movement” about making “fans feel better”.

    Blast away bcuz I know the supporters of this “losers club” will be coming on here to see their spotlighted 15 minutes of fame. It is what it is, just a lack of character plain and simple. [sore losers] that’s not being a fan, thats being a baby. MAN UP! What happen to the iron-willed tough guys? The pilars that can’t be moved? I’m glad they were the ones that fought in WW2, otherwise i’d probably be typing this in German.

    • Cha-iefs

      thats a WALL of text,enjoy that! geez

    • Matt Finucane

      “Doesn’t EVERY team in the NFL try to win the Superbowl every year?”
      You’d think that, and it certainly should be the case, but actually no, that isn’t accurate. Pioli and co DID NOT try to win the Super Bowl their first year, instead spinning wheels and saying they “just needed to get through it.” A loser attitdue that, no surprise, produced a bunch of losses.
      Pioli has been talking this year (and according to him, in the offseason) about “managing expectations.” Not something someone who is going after a super bowl would say. Something someone who is trying to “take it slow” would say.
      Pioli has spent 4 years here “laying the foundation” and “changing the culture” and the result is that every other team in the league has passed him by.

      • Cha-iefs

        Good comments I get what youre saying. I think I addressed this though, in the ………….(“Superbowl teams and dynasties arn’t born over night. It takes lots of luck on top of having just the right parts working together at the right time, in the right season. [thats what i mean when i say "luck"] did i mention luck?”) …part of my wall of text. Sometimes it takes more than 3 years to win a SB,wouldn’t you agree? KC has had its fair share of set backs to say the least. I know you and youre a smart guy. You know you can’t just snap fingers and reset the bad and go back in time to inject the solution. No one likes losing and this is just a frustrating season and everyone is venting and looking for someones head to roll. It’s been mans way to deal with problems since the begining of man. Someone has to be sacrificed! Thats not the answer mid way thru a “no chance in hell season”,as i put it. I don’t claim to have the answers but i’m not looking for anyone to be fired in the midst of a no win situation just to “feel” better. That won’t change THIS season. I addressed this above aswell.

        • Ribs61

          I’m not part of the save our chiefs movement or any other movement. I am in favor of firings during this miserable season. The problem is not whether they win a particular game but are they competitive when they play. The team simply hasn’t been prepared for a single game this season, which falls on the HC. Maybe someone else could get better results. The HC gives answers to questions that to paraphrase “I don’t know why…”.

          The GM is responsible for selecting the HC(s) as well as the players. Pioli has certainly failed at that.

          As far as it taking time to build a winner, tell that to the 49er fans.

          Three playoff wins in 42 years doesn’t get it. They need to do better. They don’t need to win the SB, at this point just not being an embarrassment would be a great improvement.

          Accountability, someone has to be responsible for this mess.

      • KCMikeG

        So Pioli should have ridden into town declaring he was going to take us to the Super Bowl in 2009 with our crappy 2-14 team? The fans would have run him out of town before he got here. Which may still prove to have been best but I think another year will tell the whole story.
        We then went 17-15 the next two years which is not losing. In fact it is a HUGE improvement in the winner mentality when compared to the mentality that produced the 6-26 record before his arrival.
        So again, you would have preferred declarations in 2012 of us being SB bound by Pioli after a chaotic, injury plagued 2011 season with there still being doubt on the three stars full return and new coaches and a new offensive system. Guess maybe he could have but all that would have down is brought the wave of hate down on him sooner than the reality of this year has. Time will tell as far as whether Pioli’s foundation will be stable and something the next regime will build on while being called out because they were not responsible for bring in the young talent already here. Sound familiar?

    • Nathan Bramwell

      Actually, I do think it matters how you lose.

      • Cha-iefs

        okie dokie, thats kinda the point. Losing is losing. Hmmm.

    • http://twitter.com/aharp31 Big Jim

      There is one thing I hate worse than losing and that is some jerk telling me to “man up” who knows nothing about me or the pain I feel having been a fan for over 50 years. I applaud what this group is doing in order to shed light to Clark Hunt that action needs to be taken and doing so without challenging his manhood.

  • tc-sting

    The chief owner is keeping all management and coaches because its cheaper then firing, paying out contracts, and hiring new with new contracts. Its like doubling expense for a season you can’t save anyway.

    Also, it makes the team easier to sell to LA next year. Small market team owners like the chiefs can expect a 500% value increase for their teams, thus cashing in on one of the best investment s in history. The NFL has had to keep putting out restrictions and demanding no public announcements until Jan 2013 because every small market NFL team, except 2, wants to move to LA. Current contracts and city agreements be damned. Too much money to make.

    • KCMikeG

      First I’ve heard of KC even being mentioned for LA. But if the fans keep up the protests they may be able to add driving the team out of town to their list of accomplishments. Won’t they be proud then? Do you have any supporting evidence for this statement or is it just a stab in the dark?

      • SlickGoldie

        Brilliant KCMikeG…blame the fans if Hunt decided to uproot the team and move them to LA because he has failed as owner to field a competitive team.
        With that point of view the only thing a fan could ever do right in your eyes would be to sit there, shut up, spend their $ and time supporting a team, and deal with whatever kick in the pants they give him.
        Blind loyalty is not true loyalty.

        • KCMikeG

          Thanks for the compliment. The brilliance in your comment is that you want to criticize me for holding the “protesters” responsible for their actions. Don’t even try to tell me they won’t be thumping their chests and bragging about getting Pioli of RAC fired or Cassel cut/benched. You can’t have it both ways and Hunt moving the team is a possible consequence of the protesting.
          Plus you obviously don’t know me or what is right in my eyes. I believe that RAC should be fired, that players who are turning the ball over or not performing need to be benched, I spent $0 on concessions at the last game and am reconsidering renewing my season tickets. So I’m not about to sit by and take it and there are plenty of ways to express our frustration and anger but their is no benefit in cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742030300 Ryan Mais

      and be second class citizens to USC

  • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

    Why won’t the Chiefs give Vince Young a try-out? He has all the tools, Height, Speed, Arm strength and Experience…. It’s a small risk for a big reward… All he need is a GM/Head coach to beleive in him….

    • KCMikeG

      I thought the same at the beginning of the year but at this point we would be better served to find out if we have anything in Stanzi and Tanney if he can still come off IR.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.woods.942 Brandon Woods

      Thank you! Its good to see that there is someone else out there that see’s him like I do. Vince would be a tremendous upgrade of what we got. He could be a mentor of the QB we drafter at 1 this year (we all know we’re not going to win anymore at this rate). Would live to see him come in and try and salvage this season.

  • tm1946

    Good news, all is solved. Sunday Pioli is giving Dawson a interview to “tell how he will fix the Chiefs”. See and you wanted him fired…..well Clark doesn’t

    • KCMikeG

      OR maybe this is the first step to replacing him with Dawson??

      • tm1946

        I have listened to Lenny for years, a major part of my Chiefs day. He was always, and I mean always, half a step ahead of the QB on the field. I fear we missed a lot of boats over the years but Lenny deserves better than to be the GM of the Chiefs. Much like Frank White, both are better than the organizations they preform for and deserve much recognization for it.

        • KCMikeG

          But that is exactly what the organization needs. Someone with roots in our proud history AND football intelligence. That is the only way I believe we will ever rebuild our team KC style instead of the NE way or any other program being relocated and failing.

          • tm1946

            Only issue is, Lenny has no experience. I am told there is a guy in GB with KC ties but would not be grabbed until after the draft, By the by, the same organ. guy who told me how bad Baldwin is, what does he know, right? That means Pioli drafts and, frankly, he is terrible at it (or the scouts, whichever).
            I favor a old coach with a history of some success. This team is weak in their backbone and a young guy might not motivate this bunch. Who, does not matter if Pioli is still here.
            We will see after the Dawson/Pioli show tonite. The thought of Pioli having a further hand in this mess is unacceptable, in any format.

          • KCMikeG

            I thought about that. Playing and analyst experienced but never coached or had player acquisition roles. I like Emmit Thomas coaching the DB’s and would like to see more of our players who contributed to what has made our team great be involved in the rebuilding of our team and reputation. That blended with some younger coaching with proven talent like Carmichael from the Saints to name one. Just not up to a return to Marty. Yes he had success but he lost the team and left them in disgrace and the game has passed him by which is why he isn’t coaching anywhere theses days.

          • tm1946

            Well the interview is over….you satisfied with it?

  • Tribal Rage

    @chaiefs:disqus Im beginning to think you work for the regime….do those rose colored glasses come with a warranty?

    @jimfromkcj:disqus you’ve always been a cynic and stayed true. I respect that and I’ve fired off at you for your lack of optimism but you were right….you pointed out a lot of things some us refused to recognize.

    I log on everyday hoping for the cleanse…unfortunately we will probably have to wait til the end of this historic season. Being a Chiefs fan sucks right now…I would be fine with 40-0 beat downs every game left if it meant firing these clowns.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dana.neddie.1 Dana N Eddie

    Every time we bring in a coach or GM it seems we try to copy everyone else. How about e create our own identity? We build our team from the ground up and hire a coach GM with original thoughts and ideas. Not a Rams or Patriots clone. Lets build a team that others will copy. Like I said original. The days of Marty and Carl are long gone. We need people that care about what they’re doing and not so much what others do. Even they tried to build a west coast 49ers clone. But they drafted their players. Not the 49ers players or the giants players. They drafted Chiefs players. Marty got the best out of his teams every year. Some coaches(Romeo) just can’t do that. It’s time for teams to start copying the Chiefs. We’ve been posers for way too long. The patriot way isn’t working. It’s time to do it the Chiefs way. And the time to start is NOW!

  • KCMikeG

    The whole thing is fueled by delusions of grandeur.

    A) the “unnamed” leader of SOC claims that “Our focus is to show the organization that the fan base of the Chiefs is united in voice and number that we are tired of losing.” YES we ALL are tired of losing but WAY WRONG – the fan base is NOT united in fact SOC has poured gasoline on a raging fire contributing to a major division of the fans.

    From the SOC FB page: Jason Carter Just saying all you “fans” crying now calling the chiefs names and shit are bandwagon jumpers as soon as they start winning y’all r gonna say how much you have loved them. Fake asses.

    B) “Nobody saw this coming. We had a lot of positives with the end of the 2011 campaign and with the talent load we have, expectations were high.” Yet now demand that Pioli be fired? Because he didn’t see what NOBODY saw coming?

    C) “We wanted to be change agents because we are passionate about Chiefs football.”

    This protest also isn’t going to make Hunt, or anyone else do anything they weren’t already going to do. This is a multi-billion dollar business and the TV revenue and merchandising sales that far out weigh fans becoming pawns and wearing black. Stay home and eat your “sunken costs” if you are so passionate. Write a letter and don’t renew your season tickets. Empty seats now, lower concession/merchandise sales and the potential of lower ticket sales next year will speak just as loudly as wearing black w/o the negative national spotlight on a day we are honoring our Veterans.

    D) This is misdirected anger, humiliation and frustration being

    Some would say that the play of this team and the organization has done that already but didn’t any of their Mothers teach them that two wrongs don’t make a right? This protest will further damage the negative image in the national spot light making it even more difficult to attract any quality GM, coach or free agent players to step into the shit storm of a hornets nest KC has become. This is already an issue as we saw with Peyton Manning snubbing us.

    E) “We are still supporting the players” WRONG – right from the SOC FB page:

    Charmaine Metrolis nobody is “turning on the team” here……we are all Chiefs fan’s on this page that are tired of being the forgotten ingrediant in the big picture! Without the proper leadership on this team, the players have gotten lazy and don’t care if they win or lose and I don’t blame them!

    Clay Wendler The youtube page really shows how Cassel has been abysmal all four seasons. Great videos of him making awful throws from all four seasons. Even 2010.

    Kevin Kopp Where does the “players need our support” stuff come from? Are fans that desperate to feel like they’re actually part of the team and actually capable of making a difference beyond a few false starts?

    Jared Wooderson @ Lori….no I think Kevin Kopp gets it more than you do. These are grown men playing a game for millions. We don’t need to support them. We need to demand change for the franchise as a whole. I have no loyalty to any of these players because I have yet to see any pride or motivation.

    F) “With any structured movement you have some negative Nellies to deal with. We did have some of that occurring early on with the movement but a lot of the people providing negative feedback have finally come to the same conclusions we did awhile ago and now support us. We have had people call us Bandwagon fans or Fair Weather fans and even Closet Raider fans just for suggesting black. Those are all hollow arguments at best. The Chiefs sell a substantial amount of black fan gear. Fair weather fans wouldn’t do the things we’ve done to send a message to the franchise.” MORE delusion – The fans that don’t support the team through THEIR blackout are “negative Nellies” and we prefer “Positive Peters” and we are NOT joining them. Some equal time from fans at “Save Our Fans” & “We Support the Kansas City Chiefs, the Fans and BIAA”. FAIR WEATHER IS THE ONLY WAY TO DESCRIBE FANS THAT WANT TO DISGRACE OUR TEAM WITH THEIR PROTESTS. The “Weather” in KC is stormy and that has changed the way some fans choose to “support” the team and it has divided them from much of the fan base. They would be doing this if the “weather” was calm. You can’t be loyal and supportive while disgracing and attacking.

    What their anger and delusions have done is to blind them to the reality of their complete lack of control over these decisions, their contribution to the division of our fan base, the selfish egos they are feeding, the damage they are doing to our future and lack of respect for the KC CHIEFS. What they are missing is that the KC CHIEFS are so much more than right now. More than this GM or that coach or this player. It is about the honor and history of our franchise and Arrowhead.

    I’ll leave you with this thought. You enter Arrowhead wearing your blackout protest shirt and by chance come across Willie Lanier, Bobby Bell and Len Dawson in the Hall of Honor signing autographs. Can you even begin to imagine the disgust they would feel because your wanting your way is more important to you than what they have spent their lives building, respecting and honoring. Try to imagine just have small and pathetic you would feel as they shook their heads and walked away from your display of support for their team.

  • KCMikeG

    The most sickening part of all this is no matter what decisions are made these fair weather fans will take credit for them. Like they wouldn’t of happened if I hadn’t whined and cried and wore my black shirt to the game. Please – I thought Pioli was supposed to be the one with the ego.

  • chiefsjunkie2011

    i spent my vacation going up to kc for the raiders vs chiefs weekend. i took my smoking hot girlfriend on a tour of the stadium and she was impressed with the stadium and all the glory lamar hunt has left behind on arrowhead drive. we spent sunday morning tailgating and partying with some of thegreatest fans in the nfl. she was amazed with the fans and as we headed into the game she goes….u think we will win? i replied, as much as i want us to its not going to happen. we suck. will i ever get her to truely be a chiefs fan if i cant even take her to see them win a game? hell no! die hards like myself wont live forever. and if we cant manage to win on our own turf then how will our kids even care to cheer for a crap team? I WONT be going to any games until we can put something on the field worth watching. this team is an embarrassment . i fully support anybody who donates their time to a cause such as SOC. i wish i had a say in what goes on in the front office but i never will. but if 500k people speak loud they will be heard. like it or not SOC is making an impact and i guarantee you lamar hunt has heard of the movement.