Romeo Crennel Post-Game Quotes

Romeo Crennel took the podium following the latest stop on the team’s “Fan Embarrassment Tour.” I jotted down a few of his quotes as he tried to explain why the team he is in charge of running is so horrendously bad.

-It’s unfortunate because the guys are…I think they put a lot into it during the week.

-We didn’t get it done.

-We’ve got a short week, we play on Thursday. We’re gonna have to try to get the guys up mentally and physically to play the San Diego Chargers.

-They’re not going to cancel the game.

-We have a contingency plan (on the QB if both Cassel and Quinn had gone down) and we would have had somebody playing QB but I’d rather not say who it is right now because that would give our opponents an edge.

-If the other team is able to score, that puts you down.

-Now that I’m not exactly sure either. (On why Charles only got five carries.)

-I think we have good guys on the team. it think they try hard. We just don’t do enough of the things we need to do to win.

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  • tm1946

    I know fans tend to over-react with losses but does it seem to anyone else think this guy is clueless and maybe is worse than he was in Cleveland? If that is possible.

    • Brian Peterson

      I have never seen a coach of any sport so clueless, so lost, as Romeo Crennel. Like Gunther Cunningham, Romeo has fallen prey to the “Peter Principle”- he has been promoted to the level of his incompetence. Herm Edwards was another one. But Gun and Herm looked like Vince Lombardi compared to lost, wandering soul Romeo Crennel. I’m not sure he even knows what sport he’s in. Hunt should have been on the phone to Pioli tonight with the message, ‘if Romeo is employed on Tuesday, you won’t be.’ This is WORSE than the 1980s for the Chiefs. And Romeo is reason #2 (right behind Pioli).

      • Danny W


      • KCMikeG

        Dead on Brian. Start with RAC and fine Daboll and bench Arenas, Breaston and Brown to make an example.

        • PunjabiPete

          How is no one calling for Routt to be benched? My grandmother could cover better than him but that doesn’t matter; she was busy schooling his lazy ass all day on the field along with Raider wideouts! Can anyone name the receivers busy catching, dropping, reading the Sunday Times and then running the ball while Routt flailed around? Come on man!

          • KCMikeG

            The opening play pick is his get out of jail card because it put us in a position to score first and set the tone of the game. But I would definitely put him on probation.

  • Taylor Bieberle

    What?? No answer as to why Charles only got 5 carries?? What kind of pathetic answer is “Now that I am not exactly sure either.” Your the HEAD “F***ING” COACH. You can override any decision. Your best player on the team is Charles. What great running back only gets the ball 5 times?? The Packer’s running back averaged .1 (very exaggerated, but you get the point if you watched the game) yard per carry today on 22 carries. He isn’t an 1/8 of the talent of Jamaal Charles, but he was fed the ball. You must be legitimately stupid not feeding the ball to arguably the best player on the team. We are the worst passing team in the NFL with the worst quarterbacks alive. Yet, we decide to keep making it known that we have the worst quarterbacks in the NFL( and maybe even college, and potentially even top high school programs). If you give Jamaal Charles an average of 20 carries a game, it is inevitable that he makes a very big play. Has Draughn done anything this season worth more carries than Charles? Charles is getting paid huge amounts of money and only giving him 5 carries is blasphemy. This organization is despicable. You want to know why any chiefs fan would be a better coach than this piece of shit staff we have? Cause a chiefs fan knows the talents of our team. A chiefs fan would run Charles ragged only to refill him with castrol gtx motor oil at half-time and cut him loose again. A chiefs fan would turn Baldwin into the weapon he deserves to be. A chiefs fan would pay Bowe lots of money because he DOES deserve it. A chiefs fan would only play players worthy of making money in the NFL. I could go on and on, but lastly, a chiefs fan would never allow such consistetly pathetic football! Being in idaho, with nobody to rant with, I have to get this bullish** off my chest. This organization needs torn down starting tomorrow. I’m not one to ever give up, but honestly, how much more of this can we as chiefs fans take. We have consistently sucked! Oh, and listening to the chiefs on the radio every sunday may be worse torture then anything ever depicted on the movie SAW. My apologies for this disastrously long rant.

    • kcboomer12

      Totally agree!

    • KCMikeG

      Super double ditto on the Sunday morning radio. They have crafted hating and disemboweling our team into an art form. Last year after a home win we were listening to the radio talking heads pile on and disparage the team when my son said “but Dad din’t we win?” I reassured him we had and turn off the radio but I can’t protect him from their sickness forever. The KC media should be fired and let’s start all over there too.

    • boothis

      awesome. this is part of the issue too. anyone they hire, will be absolutely destroyed or hated on by any kc media member who gets less access than they had before. or just gets a bad interview, or blown off, or who knows what causes the kc media to turn to spite so quickly. they made it VERY easy to take down todd haley. sure, haley helped at the end, but he was painted from the start in not such a pretty light, and stood really no chance. he should have been a major candidate for coach of the year in 2010, but got very little notice from anyone, this spoke volumes.

      • KCMikeG

        I have thought the same. I supported Haley and didn’t think he would get fired midseason after 10-6, AFCW and playoffs in his 2nd year with Charles, Cassel & Bowe. But then he went cuckoo and had to go bye-bye. No one will want to be here after seeing RAC’s decline from hero to goat in less than a year. The revolving door at OC and no franchise QB won’t help either.

        The local “media” tearing down the team is what they do best and it is a feeding frenzy when they latch onto a problem. Or they just make one up if they can’t actually get any facts to start a controversy because both real and imagined problems cause a shit storm and that gets THEM the national “media” attention they crave and increases their audience which is what they get paid to do. They are playing the fans as fools with to serve their own selfish, greedy desires with their promotion of this blackout with NO regard for it’s long term ramifications on the team or the divided fan base. This is as bad if not worse than anything the front office has done to the team or us. Except not getting us a QB of course.

    • boothis

      love the part on baldwin too. any fan would go in there and start running their offense through charles at 15-20 carries, baldwin and bowe would be a tandem to fear, those throws up high to baldwin would be a common thing.

      • KCMikeG

        Agreed on the use of Charles, Bowe and Baldwin. The inconsistent use of McCluster is confusing. I also agree on throwing it up to B&B but Cassel was crucified if any WR had to actually jump for the high ball. He was getting them hurt on purpose so any QB we start will not be allowed to being doing any of that.

        So what do you think it is with us? Sounds like you think it is more coaching than players? Me too. Are we right? Do we really have talent like so many said at the beginning of the year and our problems are due to poor coaching whether it be game planning, physical conditioning (CBA limits on this is having a negative effect on teams – especially us); or mental preparation or all of the above?

        Or is it the coaches are doing all they can but are stuck with a bunch of not so good players or at least not a self motivating bunch. I’m thinking AND praying it is the the coaching and believe it needs change now.

        Is Daboll out thinking himself, is he trying to do to much or he just terrible? The players are the ones playing hot potato with the ball for the NFL high -17 turnovers in 7 games.

        I was right there drinking the RAC Kool-aide with almost every other one of you who were also supporting RAC as our HC. After rising from what we thought at the time were the pits of Hell (much, much closer to there now) we beat undefeated SB Champ GB and beat the donkeys in dumbver and except for any one of two blocked FG’s and Bowe’s dropped TD pass which on the next play Orton gave up a pick six), we would have been in the playoffs in back to back years – Yes in the weak ass AFCW. Yes probably losing 1st round but after the way we started it looked like progress not to be ignored. RAC was in & Pioli was right there with us.

        I was obviously wrong on RAC and support him retiring due to health reasons. The health of his legacy. When you repeatedly, after pretty much guaranteed extensive coaching from the front office/PR department, repeatedly mumble “I don’t know” and all the other offerings of cluelessness he has bumbled out loud in front of the press, then it is over.

        Bill Cowher is my greatest hope but I am concerned that we will be able to attract him or any other coach worth having. Our slide into ridicule is bad enough. More BS “blackout protests” will only make this AND our FA next year more difficult. Like heads won’t roll without us making a fashion statement. Hunt isn’t going to fire everyone because we wear black but Bill Cowher might say Screw that BS – I’m going somewhere where I won’t go from savior in November to out on my ass before the next Novemeber. Will the new create me a Super Bowl team NOW and “protester” mentality of the fan base prevent have the patience for anyone to be successful?

  • Roger Mihalko

    The reason he only got 5 carries is because Daboll wasn’t ready for quinn to go down and cassel to come back in. He is consistently unprepared for the teams we play and is a disaster as an OC, The stats speak for themselves. The other problem is the O-line just isn’t getting it done, no running lanes, multiple Raiders in quinn and cassel face all day, unbelievable crappy center snaps from lilja.. on and on.

    Playing from behind with the worse passing offense in the league is always a recipe for failure, sprinkle in the Turnover geni, and its hopeless. The above statements from RAC are useless, no answer pioli rhetoric.

    You have to be kidding me that with two weeks to prepare for the Raiders and this is the best you can put on the field?

    This has to be the worst Chiefs team ever put on the field, or at least in the running.

    The fanbase is calling for heads to roll, and they should. How Clark Hunt can sit idle and watch this franchise fall apart is beyond me. If he does nothing, its epic fail on his part.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    LOL our coach is a retard!


    Honestly, did anyone really expect a real answer from “Romeo, Romeo”, other than “Uhhh, I dunno”. “Really? Charles only got 5 carries? Huh. How ’bout that. I’ll look into it. Oh, Quinn? Uhhh, I dunno. I think he maybe he had something wrong with his head.”. And on and on and on ad nauseum. Ya’ know something? When people like us stop writing on these blogs, Hunt should get really worried. ‘Cause that’s when he has lost his once passionate Chief’s fans. Like now.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen brother!

  • Danny W

    Crennel has mailed it in. He’s earning his last check till retirement, after this job he needs to sit down for a while and not coach any were again. He just doesn’t look like he gives two solid shits.

  • sidibeke

    Yeah, we wouldn’t want to give our opponent an edge by knowing our secret, emergency QB option. If he’s that good, why the hell are we sitting on him. Get Succop in there under center, dammit!

    • Danny W

      Dude I think it’s Terry Copper, special teamer, 8th string receiver and third team QB, he’s our swiss army knife.

      • KCMikeG

        OK you two knock it off! i’m to pissed and miserable to be laughing!!

        • Danny W

          Sad thing is I was totally joking I’m pretty sure Copper is the team’s emergency QB.

          • KCMikeG

            Swiss army knife is funny!! Copper really is? Oh…..shit! I heard today that they might just go wildcat with McCluster and Breaston. That would be fun in a sick, pathetic, sad kind of way until they got destroyed. McCluster is not built to take the beating (see our QB’s) and as far as I can tell Breaston is afraid to even block let alone get hit repeatedly. I swear I have seen easily a dozen plays where he is just standing there letting his guy make the tackle and if he does manage to actually catch the ball he darts for the sideline. He is more into preservation that helping us win. Add him to my benching for Thursday. Let one of the you guys from camp have a shot – at least you know they would be trying their asses off. This is starting to feel like a Palko kind of year. Might as well put Stanzi in also to see if we have any hope in him.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    Ladies and gentlemen this concludes another edition of “Deep Thoughts of a Stupid Signal Caller”

  • PunjabiPete

    After reading these quotes and looking at the picture I feel motivated… to try the new CBO sandwich at McDonald’s. Anyone know if it is as delicious as it sounds/ looks on TV?

    • KCMikeG

      Do you have McDonalds stock, own a franchise, manage or work at a McDonalds or just the munchies?