Matt Cassel On Being Benched

Say what you want about Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel’s play on the field, but off the field, he is a class act.

Cassel has a tough job. He plays the most important position on his team in a town with some of the most passionate and vocal fans in the NFL. It seems every couple of weeks we see a player in another NFL town slip up with the media, saying something in the heat of the moment that draws even more heat and criticism into the locker room.

Heck, we saw Eric Winston do it just a couple of weeks ago.

But we never see it from Matt Cassel.

Cassel’s play in KC has been inconsistent at best, but despite often harsh criticism, he has always remained professional.

“Am I going to say that I’m happy about this situation? Absolutely not,” said Cassel yesterday via comments posted on “I’m frustrated, but at the same time, I’m a team captain on this team. I care about this team, and again, as we move forward, I’m a big boy. I’m not going to hang my head. I’m going to do what I’ve always done and work hard, tremendously hard. I’ve said this from day one, we’ve got a great room. My role has changed at this point. I’ll support Brady Quinn and get him ready to play. That’s my role as a teammate and as a captain of this team.”

While Cassel said he didn’t see his benching coming, he understands why head coach Romeo Crennel made the move.

“I can’t tell you that I saw this coming, but at the same time, when you’re 1-5 and your team is struggling and the coach wants to find a way to spark the team, he felt like this was the best way to do it. He made that decision.”

“This is the situation. Right now I am the backup. That’s my role on this team. I’ll embrace that role, and I’ll work hard and if my opportunity comes up to play, I’ll be ready to go.”

Good for Matt Cassel. He’s a competitor and no competitor wants to fail, but it is a credit to his character that he is able to handle the situation with honesty and class.

Let’s not feel too bad for Cassel. He’s made a fortune as the starting QB of the Chiefs. He got the opportunity to lead the Chiefs to an AFC West championship and to play in a Pro Bowl. He is still young enough, talented enough and experienced enough that he will be able to continue playing in the NFL, likely in a backup role, for a few more years.

As for the Chiefs, they’re lucky to have a person like Cassel on their roster and in the community.

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  • Altarium

    If it’s affordable, I’d want to keep Cassel as the backup. He’s shown time and again that he actually cares about the team and community, and if he’s not sticking around in KC as a backup after this season, I’d absolutely hope he does well for himself in the future. It’s too bad the other side of the QB equation (you know, that whole, playing well thing…) was never able to get worked out with him.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I believe that it’s a good move. Cassel hasn’t had the accuracy the receivers need. They need a QB that can lead them with a pass, not make them stop and re-position themselves to have the ball bouncing off of them. I, along with many other fans from, would like to see Alex Tanney on the field. With the way the season is going so far, they want it to keep going down so they can get 1 of top picks and get a QB like Matt Barkley or Geno Smith. They want Cassel and Pioli out, in my mind that would add up some good money.
    Arrowhead Addict… I don’t know if you read these or answer questions but I have 1 for you.
    Do you think Pioli would draft 1 of the top QBs on the list if he had the chance? That’s if Pioli is still with the team

    • Patrick Allen

      Yes I think he would. Pioli is out of options and may be out of time. If one of those top guys aren’t there and he doesn’t take them he’d be insane. Now that Cassel has been benched it is clear there are no other options on the roster. He has to make a move.

      • tm1946

        Not sure why we say Clark “has to”, “must”, “needs to” or Pioli the same. This organization has shown it over and over, it has to do nothing but show up on sundays and collect parking fees. I cannot explain the benching of Cassel but cannot explain his being QB either. A non-issue really, it is not as if Quinn was qualified as competition before the season started. He was just another guy someone thought would be “good enough” as a backup.

  • ThisChiefsFan

    The guy is a class act, he’s the kinda guy you’d invite over to watch the game with you. Unfortunately he just doesn’t have the talent level we would like. I wish the best for him. I hope he sticks around as the back up, he could definitely help out whichever QB we draft, but if he leaves I wouldn’t blame him.

    • Justin Jones

      to do what we need to do this off-season we will not be able to afford his 10m to be a backup. maybe he would rework his contract for lower but atm he is way too high. most of his money isnt garenteed so i see him getting cut. too bad cause he is good enough to make a great back up and is a stand up guy.

  • tommyhawk

    I agree Patrick and good write up! I think Matt is a quality guy. You can’t fault him for taking advantage of what was offered him. He will do well in life and like you say, perhaps his immediate life will include his being a strong backup for someone, perhaps even here. heck, we’ve already paid for him. Go Chiefs!!!

  • Jim Harper

    The unfortunate truth is that Cassel was destined to fail. He simply lacks the talent to be a franchise QB. He is a great teammate and nobody outworks him. He is tough as an old boot. He was just in over his head. Seems to me that most of his contract was front loaded so he may very well be affordable as a backup. I hope that is the case. With his knowledge of the offense he is the best option as the #2 QB.

  • Kale Mosley

    Call me old school or unrealistic, but I like my team’s roster to be full of character guys, and I like the team’s stars to be role models off the field as well. Matt Cassel, you have been the best of role models. You had all the toughness, character, and dedication I could hope for in a team Captain. Best of luck to you.

  • John Gough

    I feel bad for Matt I dont thin its his fault I think it stems from higher up. He has worked for a different OC every year and there is no consistancy. Do I think he is the best quarter back no but he can play. I think its all in coaching this retarded dink and dunk offnese we have turned into is ridiculous and we will never win games when the defense can play all 11 guys within 10 yards and the recievers and yes I mean Bowe as well can not catch the damn ball when we all know he is better than that. I think Pioli should be the benched right outside of Arrowhead on the curb.

  • John Gough

    Oh and I forgot to add that if they really think Quinn is going to give the team a spark his battery was dead when he first got drafted He is terrible and has always played terrible may as well threw Stanzi in see if over a few weeks he could get any better.

  • PunjabiPete

    This is all I’ve ever asked for. I wish Matt Cassel nothing but the best, even if it’s not on this team. I don’t think he is the end all answer to QB here, but people bagging on him like he intentionally is not great or acting like he doesn’t care or doesn’t work his ass off is what usually gets the Cassel Crew all pissed off. Good article, well written, I doubt he will stay as the backup though. Someone, somewhere, that is maybe a little more established, will pluck him from us, and I think that’s OK now. Good luck to you Matt, if you can’t win your starting job here I hope you land somewhere where you will.

    Brady, stop reading the forums and watch those 80s and 90s Chiefs-Raiders games. You have a lot of history to catch up on, and I don’t want you to be surprised at how rabid Arrowhead is going to be Sunday.