Who Should Be The Next GM Of The Kansas City Chiefs?

OK Addicts, five games in and the season is already lost. When you compare the team’s performance to its talent level, it’s very, very disappointing. This is the worst season by that metric I can recall and I go all the way back to the early 70′s. That is over forty years of Chiefs football. Fear not Addicts, Merlin has your back. Let’s cut through the crap and get down to the bottom line. The talent level is high, yet the team is not performing. The Chiefs look like a team that has given up. Ordinarily, the solution is to keep the GM and let the head coach go. However, this is not an ordinary situation. Here, the GM has shoved Matt Cassel as a starting quarterback down the throat of each head coach and offensive coordinator he has hired.

The bottom line is that Scott Pioli and coaching staff must go. It’s really not something that should be debated. It’s the reasonable conclusion for Clark Hunt to arrive at. Scott Pioli has had four years and two head coaches to make the Chiefs successful. He has not, although the talent level is higher. The lack of a good quarterback is the albatross around the Chiefs neck. The real questions are: when do you make that change and who do you bring in? Many fans are looking for the bye week as the time to can Pioli. I am not sure. I believe the timing is contingent on the person brought in. Personally, I would fire Pioli when I have his replacement lined up. Is that now or after the season? I have no idea.

The big question is who to bring in. I have thought about it and analyzed the situation and have my nominee for GM of the Chiefs. First, let’s go through my thought process and values. What is important in a GM? There are several qualities, however, let’s focus on the most important aspect, talent acquisition. What is the primary means for talent acquisition? The NFL draft. Therefore, I want someone seeped in college scouting. A former scout is a major plus.

My choice for GM is: Marc Ross. In the words of Cornell Nathan Jessup… who the F! is Marc Ross? Marc Ross currently in his fifth season as the Director of College Scouting for the NY Giants. However, let’s go through his resume.

Marc Ross was an All-Ivy League receiver at Princeton. Let’s stipulate that he is highly intelligent. Marc started as the Eagle’s eastern regional scout for three years. In 2000, he became the Eagles’ National Scouting Director at the tender age of 27. There, he drafted players such as Derrick Burgess, Lito Sheppard and Brian Westbrook. In 2004, he moved to the Bills as a national college scout.

In 2007, Marc became the Giants’ National Scouting Director. The Giants are a deep and talented team. Ross gets a good deal of credit for it, but not all, of course. He has drafted players like Jason Pierre-Paul, Hakeem Nicks, as well as signing undrafted receiver Victor Cruz. I don’t think I can sum him up any better than his boss, Giants GM Jerry Reese: “He’s a veteran personnel guy, and he’s been around two or three different clubs, so he’s seen how things are done differently at different places. He’s smart, He is a people person (and) a terrific evaluator.”

What does he bring to the table? He is an excellent evaluator of talent. He has been around different clubs, so he is less likely to be stuck in “one way,” unlike Scott Pioli. He is young, so he could be a long-term (ten to fifteen year) solution. After the Pioli regime, a people person as a GM is needed.

I know DD has already floated Marty Shottenheimer’s name and Paddy has already placed the standard Bill Cowher call. However, the Chiefs could do a lot worse than Marc Ross. He isn’t a name. However, he is a young gun ready to move up. My closing though is the title of the NY Post article published on February 25, 2012. When Marc Ross interviewed and did not get the GM job for the Bears: “Ross’ loss gain for Giants.”

That’s my take, Addicts. Who do you want as the next Chiefs GM and why?

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  • Jesse o

    How about bill polian, the former GM of Indy.he knows the value of a franchise qb.Idk, just a thought.

  • ArrowFan

    Just one thing to point out, four years four OC and only one year did we have a semblance of an O and that was 2010. If I had to guess at this point, unless the O catches fire we will have a new OC next year as well.

  • david schroeder

    you make a strong, strong case for Ross. Too strong, in fact, so now I’m with you. Ross it is. Hire him now… Unfortunately we can’t yet.

  • Jim Harper

    I have to say I have never heard of Ross but certainly brings a nice resume. And I certainly would not be against him. However, the first name that came to my mind is Bill Polian. Now here is a guy who has great experience building a great team around a franchise QB. When you examine the Colts roster it reads like a who’s who of future Hall of Famers. I would certainly have a lot of faith in his ability to rebuild the Chiefs the right way.

  • Nate Taylor

    I don’t want Marty or Cowher, and it’s not because I don’t like them, it’s because I like them too much. I didn’t want to see Marty go back in the day. I understand why he had to, but I didn’t want to see it.

    The best possible solution is Cowher or Marty come in and KC wins the SB in 1 year. The worst case is that they field a couple 9-7 or 10-6 teams that make playoffs but aren’t quite there yet. Do that a couple years and people will be all over them. They’re essentially being set up to fail.

    I like the idea of Ross (had no idea who he was.) I liked the idea of Haley as well. Instead of re-treading someone else’s head coach (see Edwards, Herm; Crennel, Romeo etc) I’d like to see a fresh face. Same thing with GM. Why get someone who has been fired from a GM position (or HC position) with another team. Surely by now we’ve learned that we can’t just say things like “Cleveland as an organization sucks, so we shouldn’t hold that against him”

    • Corey Wayne Lande

      how exactly would they fail? As a fan I would be happy even if they did field some 10-6 teams and made the playoffs. The key thing in my mind that would be the reason to hire both Marty and Bill would be to change the culture back to what it was when Marty was the HC. To bring that fierceness and attitude back to the entire franchise. He would be an amazing evaluation of talent as proven by his numerous pro bowl players he helped develop. Cowher brings that passion on the field an meticulous game planning, but even more so than that is that the buck stops with him. Cowher isnt going to say in post games that “I dont understand,” he is going to be accessible and no nonsense when dealing with the press. Marty as well, which would be very refreshing compared to Piolis secrecy.

      • Nate Taylor

        They fail in the same way that Marty failed here the first time. It’s easy to forget that everyone was glad KC got Vermeil and the days of “Marty Ball” were over.

        Then Vermeil fields a team with no defense, goes 13-3 and loses the home playoff game, suddenly everyone wants Marty back. Despite the fact that Marty also didn’t do good with 13-3 records.

        Marty is loved here now in that “You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone” way. But once he’s back you realize his failures.

        I love Marty. But I think he’s destined to fail (read: not going to playoffs back-to-back-to-back). I’d say if Marty or Cowher shows up and doesn’t take the team to the superbowl in 4 years or less, then people will start talking about how they failed.

        • wheresurpoint?

          NEWSFLASH: This is how EVERYTHING works. Football and sports more so then other places in life. You do a great job [WIN] everyone loves you,or is atleast happy. If you do a bad job,people don’t like you as much, lol. Off with your head! Fired! comments filled with hate. etc etc.
          Hello Nate i’m earth,have we met yet? Welcome!

    • chickpoop

      Hey red, lets get something straight. Successful people,ambitious people,competitive people ALL have a few things in common. They’re alittle bit part risk taker not to mention they love a challenge. They look at the positive and don’t waste time crying about the negative.
      In your case, [Marty,Cowher,coaches,players in general] they LOVE to be the coach or GM [or player,QB] that could turn around any football program in the NFL. Thats one reason they do what they do. Belickick doesn’t sit around and say, “wow, Pioli sucks and i’m glad he is failing in KC. Now everyone knows he didn’t deserve the credit here in NE.” Belickick doesn’t care either way. He is focused on being a winner himself. They don’t sit around looking for a pat on the back either.
      No,losers are the ones that sit around and point fingers. Losers sit around crying about stuff. Winners look forward and keep trying. Winners don’t look at something and say, “oh no,I couldn’t do that either.” They look at “it” and say ,”What one man can do,another can do!” “I can do that! Thats why winners keep getting back up after they get knocked down. That’s why Marty came back to KC. Thats why winners are successful. Thats why coaches keep coaching and players keep playing. you said, “They’re essentially being set up to fail.” That sums up my point.
      Noone is being setup by TRYING in life. You might want to put that glass down, by all of your accounts its looking half full.

    • SJNeill

      Cowher would be a Great HC as far as I’m concerned maybe w/ Ross as the GM.

  • KCinTX

    Why is everyone giving Scott Pioli credit and praise for a more talented roster. Most of the core players were here already, Factor in that the Chiefs have drafted at the top of the draft almost every year. Now ask yourself who could possibly have made the roster any worse? Larry, Moe and Curly could have improved this roster with 2 of the picks in the top 5 spots over 4 years.
    Compared to Petersons last 5 and I would have to say that Peterson did better in the bottom of the draft than Pioli is doing in the top.

    200515Derrick JohnsonTexasLB200620Tamba HaliPenn StateDE200723Dwayne BoweLouisiana StateWR20085Glenn DorseyLouisiana StateDT200815Branden AlbertVirginiaG20093Tyson JacksonLouisiana StateDE20105Eric BerryTennesseeS201126Jonathan BaldwinPittsburghWR201211Dontari PoeMemphisNT

    • SJNeill

      That’s our talent! Our wild horses so to speak, but they need a tough HC to break them, make them want to get out there on Sun. and kick butt! We got talent YES we do we need a HC and a GM how about you!!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I like the idea of Ross as the GM, Cowher as HC, and Crennel as DC.
    I never new about Ross but he sounds like a smart guy and has probably learned a lot from the different teams. Pretty good with the drafting, that’s for sure!
    I know Cowher would be MUCH better as the HC. Mainly because he’s a little “rough” on the players if they start screwing up. Unlike Crennel who just seems to let it go like it’s nothings. Ross gets the right QB and MAYBE Cowher can win the SB with the rookie QB like he did with the Steelers and Big Ben. BUT, before we even have a chance to get Cowher we need to kick Pioli out.
    Crennel is pretty good with the defense. There’s ups and downs but save some money and push him over to the DC.
    Those are the 2 new guys I would LOVE to see on the team.

  • big chief

    Ok personally I think Ross sounds great but we’ve been burned trying the somebody ready to move up thing with Pioli. I really like the idea of Marty as GM and Cowher as HC and keep Romeo as DC if he would be willing.

    • SJNeill

      Romeo ohh Romeo HAS TO GOOOOO!

  • Kyle Waggener

    Ross sounds like a good Director of Player Personnel but he has no experience with hiring coaches which may be the most important decision he ever has to make as a GM. Just ask Pioli how easy that is. Maybe we need a different organizational structure. Not every NFL team has a GM. Several don’t. We could have Marty as President and Ross as Director of Player Personnel or something like that. Just throwing out ideas here.

  • Larry

    Herm Edwards. He has long ties with the organization, lots of respect from Clark. And look at our good talent. Herm drafted them!

  • Shoey

    I want him gone as much as anybody but I think that If it was going to happen that it would be done already

  • KCMikeG

    Ross would be a good candidate and so would Jimmy Raye III from SD not his Dad the old fart in TB. He was the top candidate for the Bears GM last year and has an excellent resume.
    I really like the idea of Cowher as HC. I’m just not in on the whole Marty thing a GM. Am I the only one who remembers how he lost the team which was exposed on a national level during the “Monday Night Meltdown”? He was responsible for the players (Vanover, Bam & Rison) involved in the stolen car/jewelry drug ring that was a huge embarrassment and correct if I’m wrong didn’t he cheat on his wife and knock up a Tanner’s waitress before he was run out of town? Is that really what we want for a GM??
    I’m not sold on RAC as DC either. Look at the inconsistency in our defense since he arrived. Way too many blow outs and very few half time adjustments.
    I think Daboll has potential and deserves another year without the chaos (if that’s possible here in KC anymore) and a real QB like Geno Smith.
    Not defending him but just trying to look at this decision rationally. I get that Pioli has struggled and failed at HC/QB – he should have brought in a top pick QB instead of doing the “Brady Double Down” (Cassel & Stanzi) but obviously the talent level has improved across the board, although they aren’t playing like it which I think is more coaching than acquisition. He also has retained almost all of the talent that was here. If he is such a failure then why did Emery get picked for the GM job in Chicago when he obviously also had a major role in who we drafted.

  • jimfromkc

    I personally think it is not a good idea to change horses in the middle of the stream. I believe i would let this year be a year of honest evaluation of the players we have. Unlike most, I don’t believe this team has all that much talent. I think that most of them are situational players. I would like to weed those players out and start drafting complete players who can be counted on to be able to play every down. As for the GM position, one of the reasons I don’t like Polian is that he got a great QB, but way overpaid him and only won one super bowl, because all his cap money was on one player and he had to make up the rest of the team in lower paid and lower talented players. I would much rather have my cap a lot better spread out among the players which should bring up the talent level overall. I am on record of wanting Marty as GM. I think he is a marvelous evaluator of the men in the trenchs and that is where you have to start if you want to build a team that is going to be good over the long haul.

    • wes

      Wow. Your entire post basically describes why we need to get rid of Pioli. Oh and Cassel is not a great QB. The proof was all over the place before he got drafted. All he was was over paid. We do have a talented team. But Pioli’s decisions have forced him to try and fix everything , not a good situation to put yoursel into. We are way to far under the cap.

      • ArrowFan

        Our team has actualy spent several mill ocer the alowed cap due to the roll over from the previous year.

  • Bigchief

    He does a great job for the giants it would be a huge plus to hire him in KC and get rid of Romeo too

  • vbchief

    Patrick allen!!!!! As long as he hires randy to head the p.r dept. haha

  • Danny W

    Excellent piece Merlin.

  • ArrowFan

    Pioli isn’t going anywhere, or this is the show me state, or I will beleive it when I read it on AA. A young would be nice but I also see a learning curve to go along with him. I’m not sure if I can take more rebuilding.

  • Matt Dickson

    Love the idea, Marc Ross would be at or near the top of my GM candidate list.

  • boweberrycrunch

    Jason Licht – he was the guy up against Phil Emmery for GM in CHI. Local guy that knows his football.

  • jmcgoblue

    “Let’s stipulate that he is highly intelligent.” You demand that he’s highly intelligent?

    Sorry, that kind of stuff always bugs me, but back to the point of your piece…Marc Ross does sound like a good GM candidate, but it’s very doubtful that Pioli will be fired anytime soon. Even you acknowledge that the talent level on the team is high; and Pioli is largely responsible for this. Yes, he inherited Hali, DJ, Charles, Flowers, etc…all who are very good-to-great players, but were any of them stars when he arrived in ’09? Nope, Hali & DJ were largely considered ‘busts’, and Flowers & Charles were guys with high potential but little production. Bowe was productive, but immature and terribly inconsistent Does Pioli (and his coaching choices) deserve any credit for their development? I know you’re not stating this here, but a lot of people say Pioli’s drafts haven’t added any star talent to the roster…well, across the league how many players are stars in their 2nd and 3rd year of playing? He’s spent several early picks on offensive linemen, who aren’t typically going to be stars no matter how well they play. He drafted Berry who was well on his way before the injury. He drafted Houston, who I would argue is every bit the player that Von Miller (#2 overall) has been to this point. The point is that his drafts (other than ’09) can’t be judged yet, because none of the players are far enough along in their careers to be judged. But I digress…

    I do agree that Crennel has to go, unless his team pulls some miraculous turnaround and manages to go 8-2 or better the rest of the way. But Pioli isn’t going to embarrass his long-time friend by firing him in the middle of the season (and what would be the point anyway, the QB, not the coach is the central issue here). I would imagine that Crennel will ‘retire’ after the season, just like Bill Muir did after the ’11 season. Who will be the next HC? Who knows, but it HAS to be the right choice this time.

    As for Pioli, his biggest mistake is not getting the right QB, I totally agree here. However people need to stop acting like he’s ignored the QB for 4 years. In 2010 Cassel looked like a QB with some limits, but he was much improved and it was reasonable to think that he would continue to improve as the team around him got better. That clearly wasn’t the case, and he regressed last year. Pioli acknowledged this, and set his sights on Peyton Manning. That didn’t work out, obviously, so now we’re stuck with a crappy QB situation for another year. So to say he’s avoided the QB situation for four years is simply untrue. 2009: Signed Matt Cassel. 2010: Cassel had a good year so QB didn’t see like a pressing need. 2012: Attempted to sign Peyton Manning, didn’t work out, no great QB prospect in the draft (within reach), so stuck with Cassel & signed Quinn.

    Basically, I’m pretty sure Pioli is going to stick around, he sold Clark on the idea that this would be a long building process from the beginning, and Clark did seem to buy in. Crennel will probably retire after the season. And finally, Pioli will be aggressive in bringing in a potential franchise QB after this season. Lets all hope it works out

    • Patrick Allen

      Most epic comment in AA history?

      • jmcgoblue

        maybe in terms of length, probably less so on content :)

        • tm1946

          If he is saying Pioli “developed” CArl’s talent, come on. I thought Haley was nuts but would he be a more logical choice as a developer of talent over some guy sitting in his office thinking?

          But he is right, I doubt Pioli is going anywhere soon, maybe in a year or two. 4 season, 3 of them as losers, yeah, I can see how Clark could buy into this.

          But I doubt Pioli will draft a QB early, to much of a chance of failing. Pioli, if nothing else, is about “safe”.

          • SJNeill

            God I hope Clark is smarter than that! Although he was DUMB enough to can Haley because as far as I’m concerned Haley wouldn’t dress and act like Hunt and Pioli wanted him to. As I said in my post Todd Haley developed tose players NOT Pioli sitting on his throne!! GET HIM OOT OF HERE!

      • freshlook

        yeah a little teaspoon of positivity goes a long way. Gets old reading rants and venting negative hate day in day out. I think it was you that said, “angry people are more likely to post comments.” Here’s a fresh positive post! I hate the word “epic” but yeah its a great post and WELL worth the space it takes up! Thanks JMCGOBLUE!

    • Derek Hetu

      So nice to read a well thought out and detailed response. I could not agree more with almost all of this. I was going to leave a comment on here about probably being one of the very few that do not want to see Pioli go. I really dont and think we would regret it if he left. I think he is a legit GM that will get this right once he has the proper QB at the helm. The talent level on this team is leaps and bounds above when he took it over. I dont want to see this organization blown up again. Consistency is what we need and I want to see him stay. Just get the QB we need and I think things will look a lot different around here.

      • KCMikeG

        I second the motion and kudos for your bravery.

      • SJNeill

        Are YOU BLIND???????

    • DoubleD

      I say, short of signing Peyton Manning, the best way Pioli could have improved the QB situation during the offseason would have been by resigning Orton. As far as I’m concerned, Orton clearly outplayed Cassel last season. And it’s not like keeping Orton was going to break the bank or something.

      • KCMikeG

        I agree but Orton didn’t want the job. I read that he came out and said he had lost his competitive edge and was happy to hold a clip board for $5 million rather than have to fight for a starting position.

    • KCMikeG

      Cassel looked good in two of his first three years and the investment had been made so the opportunity had to be played out. It has w/o success. He brought in Orton and tried to keep him. He also added Stanzi his next “Brady” pick. He brought in former #1 round pick Quinn this year who many thought had never had a decent shot. The great Charlie Weiss supported Quinn as a starter. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like either is going to work but they both are still a work in progress. It is ludicrous to demand firing anyone without a better replacement all ready to sign.

    • SJNeill

      WE have to get rid of Pioli, cut off the head of the snake and then THROW out the pieces. IE: Head coach and any that came with him. It’s called cleaning house! Then you work the talent you have, ohh crap you might have to pay them!! But we might actually get a chance to see what a winning football team looks like!

    • Krans

      Completely agree, Romeo has been disappointing as HC but I’m not ready to blow up Pioli yet he’s done some nice things. Plus the ’09 draft class you can’t really say he had a full year of evaluations.

      We do need consistency, changes need to be made, don’t think GM is the way to go though.

  • BaggerSkip

    Cornell Nathan Jessup?

    It’s Colonel, Merlin…not Cornell. That’s a college, not a title.

    • Doc

      He may have been hacking up a hair ball when he was typing.

    • Nobigdeal

      yeah if its a discernable comment or in a article, I cut major slack. I think YOU and a lot of other people know what he meant. At the end of the day I find it more offensive when people bust balls about grammer and type-o’s. A english teacher teaches a class, Nobody likes a “hall monitor” walking around pointing that crap out.

  • DoubleD

    Good read but I guess I have one nit. How did you reach the conclusion that “the talent level is high?” Based on what? Going into this season, I felt the same way about the talent and depth but six games in I’m not so much feeling that anymore because, frankly, I’m not seeing any indications of either. Among other things, outside of a few players, I would have to say this team is (still) lacking in both talent and depth.

    • SJNeill

      Your Wrong, cause the talent isn’t calling the plays!! We have no QB, sorry Cassel. You gotta have a coach, a DC, and so on to MOLD that talent cause otherwise they are like wild horses.

  • DoubleD

    On league experience – Pioli’s resume is not limited to just New England. He also served time with the Browns, Ravens, and Jets before settling into New England.

    • SJNeill

      SO what It’s time for him to go. Not another year of this stuff come on. H-l- even the players DESERVE better!

  • AKChieffan

    This talk of retreds is Crazy talk. I much rather risk a season with someone who has the history of winning, than someone who has never been there and is overwhelmed by the task. Some don’t like the idea of Marty as GM and Cowher as HC. As I stated a week ago, Marty win games, hasn’t won the super bowl, but does win games. It is a bonus since Pioli does neither. Marty is a better spotter of talent than Pioli and probably would do a better job of keeping real talent in KC. Marty is respected by all aspects of the game; players, fans, coaches, and agents. He also has experience in the GM capacity in his last job with football. He could do the job. Would you rather hire an unknown like Detroit did with Matt Millen. Marty’s history with the game is in my book Hall of Fame. Bill Cowher was one of Marty’s assistant coaches for the Chiefs. He has history with us, along with Marty. They had a working relationship before, and I could see them working together again. Cowher knows how to win too. He knows how to win with mediocre quarterbacks, to name a few: O’Donnell, Stewart, Blister Maddox. Which has been a major problem in KC for a while. He’s been to the Super Bowl more times in his HCing career than KC has been in the last 40 years. He also in awesome at spotting talent. His defences have been well known. Why would get someone like Pioli again thinking he is the brain’s of New England, when its a winning coach and his philosophy of football. It is a winning combination that has worked in the past and as individuals. This would get the Chiefs winning again.

    • SJNeill

      I’m LOVING this idea let’s call em up and offer them the job. That way we can just say this year was a bust, But next year we go to the superbowl UNDEFEATED!! How’s that sound to all of you?

  • Iowaskcchiefsfan

    I like Marc Ross as GM. For HC, how about someone with 40 years NFL experience and 15 with his present Team. He has more SB rings than abot anybody. He runs one of the top “D” in the League. Concidered a Defensive Genius. Gentlemn I give you Dick LeBeau of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    I’d like him to keep Daboll as OC. Hire as Assstant DL Coach Kelly Gregg, 11 years NFL experience most as a very good technician. He should have a benefical effect on a young inexperienced group of NT’s. He could help them with discipline and focus. Fire Steve Smith Assistant OL Coach and hire Brian Waters, 12 years of NFL OL experience. Help the Chiefs young OL learn discipline, focus, and the work it takes to be a great OL.

    • AKChieffan

      Interesting and well written with points made.

    • randypeters101

      Sounds great but why would he ever leave Pittsburgh for the mess going on in KC? LeBeau has been coaching for 37 yrs. He is not a stupid man. Pioli has to go NOW followed by Romeo at the end of the season.

  • shave

    they need to ask Troy Aikmen. he’s a winner, texas connect, class act.
    chiefs need LEADERSHIP… by the way. it won’t be cheap Clark.