Dwayne Bowe Trade Rumors: Should Hunt Fire Pioli Before He Does Something Stupid?

Yesterday there was a flurry of activity in Chiefs Nation when Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports mentioned that he thought it was plausible that the Kansas City Chiefs were in trade talks with WR Dwayne Bowe.

Apparently the whole thing started when an ESPN Insider article was posted suggesting that the Dolphins and Chiefs were talking trade. As I am sure you know, ESPN Insider is the biggest helping of bullshit available for consumption on and that includes the incessant Tim Tebow coverage. That portion of the site is designed to trick poor sports fans into shelling out a few bucks to read speculation they can get elsewhere on the internet for free. It’s garbage. But since it comes from ESPN, it is immediately lent some credibility.

So Cole gets asked about the whole thing and says he thinks it is plausible and a shit-storm of Tweets and articles start flying.

We still don’t know if there is a kernel of truth to all this. Cole clarified he was not reporting anything so all we’re left with here is the word of ESPN Insider. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if they actually heard something concrete or were just making stuff up.

Whether the situation is true or not really doesn’t matter. The trade deadline is October 30th so we’ll find out soon enough.

But should we have to?

This entire situation brings up an interesting question. Most folk seem to think that Chiefs GM Scott Pioli’s seat is very, very hot. There has even been some speculation that he could be fired this week. I’m not sure that is going to happen but you have to believe that if the Chiefs continue to lose that Clark Hunt will want to make a move. In fact, it is possible that Hunt has already decided to replace Pioli but wants to have his replacement lined up before he cuts the cord.

The problem is that unless he is told otherwise by Hunt, Pioli is going to keep doing his job as if he is coming back next season. That means if Pioli really does think trading Bowe is a good idea, he could pull the trigger and move the WR at some point in the next two weeks.

How angry do you think Chiefs fans would be if Pioli traded away one of the team’s best offensive players for a 2nd or 3rd round pick and was then fired a week later? Or even at the end of the season?

Bowe is a valuable asset to the Chiefs and they can’t afford to let an outgoing GM decide his fate. If Hunt is considering, even a little bit, firing Pioli at some point this year, at the very least he needs to tell Pioli that he is forbidden from making any major trade deal.

The Chiefs still have plenty of options concerning Bowe. For one, the can still use the franchise tag on him again this offseason so Bowe isn’t going anywhere in 2013 unless the Chiefs say so. A new GM, if one is brought in, might value Bowe a heck of a lot more than Pioli, especially if that GM is going to be drafting a QB such as Geno Smith or Matt Barkley this offseason.

Cole reported that Bowe wants out of KC “badly” and I am sure he does but his attitude might change if  Hunt decides to bring in a new coach, QB, and a GM that wants to pay the WR.

I am sure Hunt is considering all this but if he isn’t, he needs to. Unless Hunt is absolutely committed to Pioli for, in my opinion, at least three more years, he has no business letting the GM trade away one of the team’s most productive players for an unknown quantity in the form of a draft pick.

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  • chiefridgy


  • Jophus

    Any other team and Bowe would be a mediocre receiver. He only catches half if what’s thrown at him, but in KC we’re tricked into buying into the roster’s “talent.” I call shenanigans on Bowe. Want to be a big-name receiver? Try catching the ball.

  • Dwreck39

    Good lord I love being a Chiefs fan. I really don’t think Mr. Hunt has the ballzinis to fire Crapoli

  • Danny W

    If we could get a first and a third for Bowe then I say fine then move him. If its just a second or third round pick then I say why bother? Just tag him. That guy would be pretty valuable to a rookie quarterback.

    • Patrick Allen

      I’d entertain a 1st and 3rd only because they could be used to acquire a top draft pick, meaning a QB.

      Then again, if they just keep losing they’ll get there anyway.

      • ArrowFan

        What if we could draft the #1 QB and The #1 WR in next years draft?

    • tm1946

      if any team would give a 1 and 3 for Bowe, Pioli should get his two year extention and toss in Baldwin in the trade. Then we can run the ball the rest of the year.

    • Chief Hokie

      There’s no way we’d get a first and a third out of him. At best we could get a second.

      • Danny W

        Okay why? He’s put a thousand burger up every year he’s played except the one in which he missed four games for pissing hot on diuretics.

        • Chief Hokie

          Because nobody ever trades a first for a WR unless you’re one of the elites like Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson who has had zero off the field issues. Chicago got Brandon Marshall for a couple of thirds. Now maybe Marshall was considered a head-case but he put up five 1000 yard seasons consecutively. People like you and I obviously don’t think Dwayne Bowe is much of a head-case anymore but the perception of Bowe from a national viewpoint (based on the collection of gaffes he’s made in the past) is that he is a troublemaker. I would be shocked if someone gave up a first for him, even though I think he is worth it. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the best we could get is a 3rd and a 5th. That’s why it makes no sense to trade him because he is obviously worth much more than that.

          • Danny W

            I think we agree then. If I can’t get a first and a third out of Bowe then forget it just keep him.

          • Chief Hokie

            Unfortunately that means we are probably gonna have to franchise tag him. Cross your fingers that we lock up Albert to a long-term deal.

          • Guest

            And I could give a shit less about Dorsey

  • Matt Finucane

    Maybe Pioli can work some of his magic and turn our best pass-catcher into a mediocre return man/dimeback. He’s done it before!

    • Patrick Allen

      I vote for safety. I think it’s time to bench Berry for a season to teach him a lesson and help him realize his potential.

      • tm1946

        Benching seems more than reasonable but then I think who will do it Grandpa Crennel or “no rep” Daboll?

    • Jim Harper

      Big Matt!!!!!!! Where you been man? Glad you are back!

      • Matt Finucane

        good to be back. Gonna drop an article tmrw hopefully.

  • tm1946

    First, who says Pioli is in Hunt’s doghouse? Just we because stink this year, it may be part of a greater plan. I do not know but no one in the area has a better feel for what is happening with the Chiefs. “hunt should, hunt must, hunt needs to…..blah blah blah. Clark is not a fan nor will he listen to the pleas of fans,he is a businessman. And business is good.

    About Bowe, toss in the free agents available after the last game, may well want to run, do not stop at Go and get as far from KC as possible. Hopefully someone at one arrowhead drive is looking into this and trying to trade those who want to walk. No garantees with Hunts Chiefs, may well be walking around in some haze.

  • Jarrod Field

    I say let him go. Try to get a 1st round pick but settle for a second if necessary. Bowe’s attitude sucks, he inconsistent at best. Wasted talent that should be somebody else’s problem right along with Pioli.

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      qb first round, wr second

    • KCinTX

      This year Bowe is responsible for what 6 – 7 turnovers from balls that he batted in the air . I say let him go. Time to move on from the Cassel to Bowe game plane. Cassel should be cut and Bowe is going as soon as he is able. Chiefs should get what they can for both of them before they cant get anything at all for either.


      If we look at Bowe’s attitude, why do you think that it sucks? Lets look at some of the other free agents to be. Wallace in Pittsburgh, Arian Foster, Matt Forte, Stevie Johnson in Buffalo, Maurice Jones-Drew in J-Ville and Wes Welker. I could go on for an hour. The point is, almost every team has at least one really good player who wants to get paid before he gets franchised. It is just part of the NFL. Bowe just wants a long term deal, and many believe he deserves it. This could have gotten done months ago, along with Brandon Carr. But our brilliant GM, Mr. Pioli, decided to play hard ball, and look where it got us. Good teams don’t loose top-tier players that they draft and bring along to where they are a benefit to the franchise. After the rookie deal is done, most teams will, or should, know what they plan on doing with that player. If we look at a team like the Pats, Belichick keeps those players and only lets them go when he feels that maybe they may only have one or even two good years left. The exception would be Richard Seymore, who went to the Raiders. But, Belichick got a first round pick for him. No way do the Chiefs get a 1st rounder for Bowe.
      Pioli’s got his ass in a sling, and it was his doing.

    • Spellchecker

      That is just plain ignorant.

  • Doc

    Let’s face it, Bowe will be gone next year. If these trade rumors are remotely true, then get what we can for him while we still can. Putting the franchise tag on him next year will do us no good except create more internal turmoil. Do we really need that? Or do we want to move forward? I would sit Charles, Berry, and Moeaki for the rest of the year. Play them sporadically to let their ACL injuries heal. No sense putting them out there to risk a career ending hit. If the season is lost, why risk that? Let’s seee what we have on the bench (which isn’t that much, but I can dream). Move Baldwin up to the #1 spot. and tell him to sink or swim. If he can’t produce, then we will know we will need to look at a WR in FA or the draft to replace him. Granted, without a decent QB to throw to him, this will be hard to evaluate. You have to start questioning what is going on behind the scenes. DJ is playing hurt but Hillis and Wylie are limited? Are you injured or hurt? We need to get Quinn and Stanzi on the field to see what we have in either of them. If all the talk is about drafting a new QB then we need to get some reps to Quinn and Stanzi to see if we can get some kind of trade value for them. I am all for looking at drafting a franchise QB, but one person is not going to right all the wrongs we have going on right now. Be careful what we are asking for because we were yelling for Croyle to be our QB and he came in – and fell flat on his face for multiple years. We will damage a good draft QB if we don’t fix the holes around him too.

  • Andres

    What do you mean “before”?

  • Matt Dickson

    Bowe has steadily improved his on-field play and off-field behavior EVERY year since Pioli arrived here. Bowe showed up in top notch shape and has continued to make critical plays every week on an otherwise pathetically under-performing team.
    Bowe is a “franchise” type possession receiver– if there is such a thing. He’s an absolute beast and complete mismatch for 98% of the leagues CBs. He’s also in his prime with many great seasons of production ahead of him. He’s never injured. He’s never in trouble. He makes plays in the crunch when other players fall short.
    On top of all that, Pioli effectively chose to put his chips in on Bowe rather than fight to keep Carr. Not to mention all his talk about, “the biggest part of free agency is resigning your own players” mantra which he peddled to us for the first several years here (which I agree with actually).
    If Pioli loses Bowe now– after everything– it’s going to make this fan base go nuclear. We are NOT the Chargers. We don’t lose our own GOOD players.
    Hire a competent head coach. Draft a legitimate franchise QB. Resign your own good players.
    That’s ALL you really gotta do to make fans happy. Is that too much to ask?

    Read more here:

    • Mark Weekes

      To those who think Bowe is going to resign with the Chiefs need to get a gut check. Unless we Franchise him again, he will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. You think he is going to want to play for the Chiefs after we have done nothing to get better from a QB standpoint. I do not see Bowe or any of our other big name ‘freeagent to be’ players staying unless they are the one who gets franchised. That is my 2 cents, take it for what it is. But if you ask me, we have way too much talent on the team to be where we are record and preformance wise. That starts with coaching. Our defense has beed bad at best, our speacial teams has been ok, except for Dustin. Our offence is so predictable that anyone can and does stop us.

      • chiefsnation77

        Trade deadline is Oct.30th get your facts straight before posting something you don’t know

        • Drewfish

          get your facts straight….deadline was moved back…to NOV 1st…

      • nopenuhuh

        NFLPA agree on moving the NFL trade deadline to week 8. That was decided late Aug, i believe. …….just some “FYI”

  • PunjabiPete

    Bowe can’t catch a disease from a back alley hooker most of the time. Am I the only one who sees him drop passes hitting him right in the hands/ face? Sure every once in a while he makes an ESPN-worthy catch, but every once in a while I make a 3 pointer but that doesn’t mean the Lakers are going to call my fat ass… If Cassel sucks, Bowe sucks. Cassel has had new leadership every year, Bowe has had different quarterbacks and/ or leadership almost every year. No excuses across the board.

  • Spellchecker

    This Bowe trade discussion is stupid. Bowe might be the best WR in the league with a better QB and offensive coordinator.

  • Kenneth Reed

    How many times have major players been lost in the scheme of things,and one man does’nt make a team.The thing about unhappy players is,is let them go and move on.To many bad apples ‘ .The chiefs have always found a way to blow theirselves up.You have a bunch of guys that always seem on the verge of disaster and I have been a fan for forty years and I don’t even watch the scores anymore.I’am starting to become a soap fan theres more action there than in arrowhead.To funny.

  • Michael Shaw

    Bowe drops a lot of passes and is frustrated that this team doesn’t take shots down the field. I don’t blame him if he wants out, but at the same time I am not sure we can get even as high as a 2nd because of all the balls he drops. One of you stated he was responsible for some of the turn-overs this year and I am not sure that is the case. When your starting QB, who SHOULD be a backup QB, is always throwing the ball WAY too high, you are bound to get a LOT of deflections that turn into INT’s. I say bench Matt, trade Bowe ONLY if you can get a 1st rounder and let it become public record that is all you will accept for him and let Brady or Ricky play out the rest of the season to see if they can do better than Matt. The problem with that last part is…..WHERE THE HELL IS THE MASTERFUL GAME PLAN FROM THE ARIZONA PRESEASON GAME???????????? When the Chiefs first team played in that first preseason game with Arizona, they were throwing the ball down field, Hillis was getting the ball a lot and hurting AZ and the receivers were catching the ball down field and Matt actually looked good. Since that game our offense went…………………..lame, for lack of better terminology. Now all we do is drop throw to what should be a 3, 4, 5th read as a first read and then wonder why we can’t make consistent first downs???? Where did the imaginative play calling in that AZ game to???? As a second point, my reasoning for letting god and everyone know that we will ONLY accept a 1st and 3-5th rounders for Bowe should send the message to him that we think he is that good. I personally don’t think he is. He would likely be a #2 or 3 on a team with Brady or Manning or the other Manning I hate (Eli). Simply because he drops too many easy to catch passes.

  • PatientKCfan

    He needs a QB that he can link up with. Some one that can trust him in becoming a playmaker. We haven’t had a RELIABLE QB since the Trent Green Era. Bowe needs to relax and be patient. We have struggled for far too long now. It has to get better. I dont think Brady Quinn is the answer or a household name. Matt Cassel should have been benched last year. He was good because he came off the BENCH. not because he was the starter for 11 games. Bowe doesn’t get enough touches. Give the man the ball so he can get his confidence together.

  • Chris turner

    NO WAY IN HELL. Bowe is a great receiver probably a top 5 and he does it with awful quarterbacks.Do the right thing Hunt FIRE SCOTT PIOLI before he makes the Chiefs an even bigger loser and a even bigger league joke.