Time To Start Rooting For The Chiefs To Lose

The time has come to start rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs to lose.

It isn’t a popular choice. It isn’t something that feels good.

But it’s probably what’s best for the team.*

*I’ll just go ahead and interject here that I know that we’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan site and that this post isn’t like to make us many friends in Chiefs land. While we in no way intend to run you off with negativity, we’ve never pulled punches here at AA and we’re not going to start now. Also, if you hate this post, please remember that Arrowhead Addict features a number of talented, opinionated writers, some of whom will likely write response pieces to this one calling me an idiot. So stick around!

There are some out there that think fans that root for their team to lose means aren’t really fans at all. They’ll say that being a fan means you should supporting the team through thick and thin regardless of what draft pick is on the line.

Balderdash! Malarkey!

Winning isn’t always the best thing for a team. Often, losing now means winning a lot more later. What is better? One 2-14 season followed by 10-15 years of division championships, playoff success and maybe even a Super Bowl or 10-15 years of 7-9 records, with the occasional 10-6 season and early playoff exit?

There are sure to be some comments on this post that sound a little something like this;

“Never, ever root for the Chiefs to lose for draft picks. Go be a Raider fan if you want to root against the Chiefs. This post is disgusting. It’s sickening.”

Eric Winston? Is that you?

Fans don’t owe the Kansas City Chiefs anything. We watch for our own enjoyment, in hopes we’ll see our team win a championship.

Yet some of us are glutton for punishment. We feel a fierce loyalty to their favorite team, often because that team represents the region or city in which we live. Thus to root for the Chiefs to lose is the same as rooting for yourself to lose.

I’ve got a news flash for you; the Chiefs are losing anyway. Other than three slightly more enjoyable Sunday afternoons, there isn’t much difference between 2-14 and 5-11.

Except when it comes to draft picks.

Rooting for the Chiefs isn’t rooting against yourself. It is rooting for yourself! It is rooting for change and hope.

The Chiefs are in a unique and enviable position right now. They’re the best worst team in the NFL. They have a roster chalk full of young talent and veterans in their prime. All that is missing is a competent head coach and a franchise QB. And probably a new GM.

Want Pioli gone?

Then you want the Chiefs to lose the rest of their games. The dude isn’t going to get canned if KC somehow ends up winning seven games this year.

Want Crennel out?

Then you want the disaster that is the 2012 Chiefs season to continue.

Want Geno Smith?

Lost please.

Matt Barkley?


2012 is Kansas City’s chance to right the wrongs of the past. It is a chance for the franchise to lay to rest the ghost of Todd Blackledge and the missed opportunities of the Shottenheimer era.

All they need to do is keep losing.

I’m not suggesting the Chiefs lose games intentionally. That would be absurd. KC is going to go out there every week and try their hardest to get a victory.

All I want is for them to keep going out there and doing what they’ve been doing all season long. I want them to try hard and fail miserably.

This team isn’t going to the playoffs. The only thing they can win this season is the right to choose one of the draft’s elite QBs.

Failure to fail could catastrophic for the Chiefs. The Oakland Raiders are pretty bad as well. Are two victories over the hated Raiders worth watching them draft QB Geno Smith one pick ahead of the Chiefs?

Is it worth losing to Smith and the Raiders for the next decade?

We watch football because we enjoy it and it entertains us.

As a Chiefs fan, how much of the 2012 NFL season have you enjoyed? Two quarters? Four, tops?

What about 2010? How did that season go for you? Would you say it was one of the most enjoyable football falls you’ve had in recent memory?

Wouldn’t it be cool if that happened just about every single season for ten or twelve years?

Maybe you would enjoy the games even less if you weren’t rooting for the Chiefs to win. I can understand that. It makes sense. If that is the case, then by all means, keeping pulling for the home team. Enjoy your sports however you like.

But if you choose to root for more misery in the City of Fountains this season, don’t feel bad. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a “true fan.” In your heart, you still want the Chiefs to win.

You just realize that they need to lose a little more first.

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  • Nate Taylor

    “Fans don’t owe the Kansas City Chiefs anything. We watch for our own enjoyment, in hopes we’ll see our team win a championship.”

    That’s actually a pretty mature (and refreshing) statement.

  • Steve

    Clark Hunt finally weighing in on Chiefs issues (hilarious)

  • ThisChiefsFan

    I’ve never rooted for the Chiefs to lose and I won’t start now. But I do understand your reasoning and I do want to get that top pick. And I think you’re right we’ll get it regardless but I’m still holding out hope that we can crush the raiders and the broncos on the way there.

  • micah stephenson

    I want to lose enuff games to get the draft pic high enuff so that we get our QB without having to trade away a bunch of 1st rd picks. At the same time I been talking S**t to the raiders fans n kc so many yrs IDK if can root for the Chiefs to lose against the radiers or the Broncos.

  • metalchief

    the chiefs have hit rock bottom, there’s no where to go but up. hopefully we’ll go 1 – 15, get the #1 overall pick, fire pioli and get a better GM, move crennel back to DC and get a better head coach, fire daboll for a way better OC, cut cassel and quinn, and draft geno smith….can’t wait 2013!!! assuming we’ll be a winning team on the rise in 2013….

  • Lyle Graversen

    Here’s how I feel about this. I can go into a game thinking/knowing that the best thing for the team long term is for them to lose, but while the game is on I can’t cheer for them to lose. It’s just not in my DNA. While my team is on the field, I’m pulling for them. The other 6 days and 21 hours I can hope that they lose, just not for the 3 hours that they’re actually on the field.

    • Patrick Allen

      Fair enough. Goes to my point about enjoying your football however you like.

    • Chiefswatch

      Yea watching games you cant look at the tv and hope to see a loss. But after it happens you think “its for the best”. Truthfully I think we can win 4 or 5 more and still end up with a good QB, maybe not Geno but one of the others.

  • Dave

    Good article. Wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been a chiefs fan for 25 years and I will be for the rest of my life. I’d be ecstatic to see us finally get a franchise qb in the draft. I haven’t had a player I was really invested in since DT passed. Go Chiefs!

  • jimfromkcj

    Being almost 79, I have been a fan of other teams than the chiefs over the years. During WW2 era I was a big Bear fan because of Sid Luckman, Later I was a Lions fan because of Bobby Layne and then a Browns fan because of James Brown. Having said that, I have been a Chief’s fan ever since they became my home town team. So it is hard , or impossible for me to root for them to lose. But I also don’t get upset if they lose, especially at this time. I also think firing Pioli is not going to be a recipe for success. Why? Because the damage has already been done. By not getting a franchise QB he has made it almost impossible for this group of players to be part of a super bowl team. I don’t see any of the QB’s in this years draft as being the quality of the top four QB’s in last years draft. So if we, or Pioli if he is still here drafts a QB he will be 2 or 3 more years before he is ready for a suiper bowl run and this group of players will be on the back side of their careers.

  • ilikeitheavy

    I’m at the end of my rope. I’ve been a die-hard since I was a kid (this was after Len Dawson). I have never witnessed a franchise QB play for the Chiefs. I haven’t even lived in KC for over a decade, but yet I still read and watch everything Chiefs every damn year only to have my heart broken time after time after time, etc… If it takes us sucking for a possible QBOTF, then so be it. We must can Peeoli first, otherwise a franchise QB may never happen anyway come draft day.

  • Doc

    Great logic there Patrick, but…. Let’s paly the ‘what if’ game. The Chiefs lose out and we get the first or second pick of the draft. Geno (or another sought after QB) lands in our lap. What makes you think they will WANT to come to KC to play? With the current GM and HC in place, it would be difficult to entice them to sign with KC. Unless there are a lot of $$$ thrown his way (I don’t see Hunt doing that). Second, I will say there is a high probability that Bowe will depart for greener pastures next year because he wants to win now (and more money). KC may try to play the franchise tag again but I doubt it will happen. Especailly if there is a turnover at GM and/or HC. Let’s jsut say we do land Geno and Bowe stays with the team – this team is playing badly in all phases right now, so the addition of one player is not going to magically turn things around (ala IND or WAS) until Chiefs management is changed out. I think the first change should be the HC because we have already changed over the HC and are still getting the same results – so it muist be higher up the organization where the problem lies.Time to change a different piece and we know it is not going to be the owner. Letting one person determine the ‘right 53′ might just be the problem for the team as whole and our losing ways.

  • ArrowFan

    Do the Faiders have a first round pick this year? If not and they end up the worst who gets it Cincinnati?

  • Shannon Thompson

    All I will root for is that whomever is making the decisions come draft day next year, they do what EVERYONE knows needs done, which is draft a freaking qb! If Pioli is still there and they aren’t in a position to get the best available, it’d make a HUGE statement if he swung some sort of a deal for the no.1 qb on the board. Based on his history though if Pioli is there he’ll probably go DL. I’m out of words, at a loss of emotion, it is sad that I was really looking forward to the bye week! I won’t cheer for them to lose, however I will cheer for them to do whatever it takes to secure the best possible qb come draft day. So far thats the only silver lining in all of this, I would much rather see them win some games, not look completely pathetic then swing a deal during draft day, but with how the team has been playing lately, I’ll take what I can get!

  • KCinTX

    Playing not to lose has given us 1-5. Maybe playing not to win will have the opposite effect.

  • Danny W

    I agree brother, I believe the season is a wash. When Edgar Jones has to score your touchdown, on a block punt, interception, the team shows no fight, wide outs sucking and they are talented, Steve Breaston didn’t play, Bowe looks frustrated, the defense gives up huge plays and we’ve seen better, all this game after game. Romeo Crennel keeps saying he doesn’t know what happened! The team has QUIT!!!! They are playing for a paycheck and I think they are probably the worst team in the entire league!!!!!!! Of course it’s time to lose for an effing draft pick. We got blown up by Tampa, not San Fran, or the Giants, or the Falcons, were talking about Tampa!!!!!!! It’s time we lost for a new GM and a new HC and a new coordinator.

  • ChiefsForever

    Here is why I hate your idea. You say you are trying to encourage Clark Hunt to fire Pioli. I support you there 100%. However, when I see fans don’t show up for the games, fans cheering when the QB gets a concussion, Arrowhead Addict saying “Lets root for losses,” I worry that the real message you are sending to Clark Hunt is: Kansas City is not the right place for the Chiefs. I just read that Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), owner of the Staples center and the LA Lakers, is looking for a way to relocate another National Football League team to Los Angeles. Be careful what you wish for. You never know the consequences!

    • Chiefswatch

      I would love for the Chiefs to move to LA.

  • KC Oracle

    It is true that a 1 and 15 season is best for the Chiefs. You don’t really have to root for losses. They will happen naturally. You just accept them recognizing the benefit.

  • gjrchief

    Love the site, normally love your stuff paddy… but im gonna have to call bullshit on you. Just 5 days ago you posted a piece detailing out how the chiefs can be in 1st place of the afc west on November 5th. What has changed since then? Every prediction you made came true except for 1 stinking loss. So on November 5th the chiefs will be one lousy game out of 1st place…. with 7 GAMES LEFT TO PLAY. Two of those games being against the very same broncos we will be competing against for the division. So the Chiefs have a very good chance of still controlling their destiny this season… and “fans” want to write this season off already!? As fans we demand fight and heart out of our players until the final whistle…. don’t we as fans have the same obligation to have hope and faith until we are mathmatically eliminated… especially when the man throwing in the towel, is the same man who showed how easy it could be for us to get back in the thick of things just 5 days earlier?

  • chiefs4life

    We will not get a QB. I rooted last year to keep it close but loose for this very reason and I did feel much better until draft day when I heard we drafted a east of space on the DL. We are sucky and we know it. We will have to get another receiver as well. Bowe is gone first chance. I’m at my end

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Rooting for your team to lose misses the point. Ultimately change is only accomplished through good decision making. Without it, you wind up with a high draft pick that you’ll go on to misuse anyway. Is Tyson Jackson not the clearest example of why having a Top 10 pick doesn’t necessarily constitute success?

    What exactly will it profit the current or next GM to have the #1 or #2 pick in the draft if they don’t believe having elite talent at QB is vital to sustained success in this league? If said GM already understands this idea, they’ll get a Geno Smith no matter where they land in the draft order.

    Root for better decision making at One Arrowhead Drive, not losses.

  • Jacob Monteer


  • Blake

    I started rooting for the Chiefs to lose as soon as the draft was over and several franchise QB’s were left on the board for as little as a third round pick. I realized then they lied through their teeth about QB competition and this season was lost. However, I stopped rooting for them to lose a couple weeks ago when I realized they still won’t draft a QB with it… unless there are some major changes.