Stop Bashing KC Chiefs Fans & What Eric Winston Should Have Said

The national media is circling around Kansas City Chiefs fans with such brazen blood-lust you could almost call them as equally disgusting as the fans that cheered when QB Matt Cassel hit the turf and didn’t get up Sunday.

Well, not all of the national media. Just some of them.

This blanket being thrown over the good people of Kansas City is not fair and it is not deserved. It’s shortsighted, insensitive and irresponsible.

Yes, I’m talking to you ESPN, Pro Football Talk and Fox Sports.

I’m talking to Eric Winston.

When I first heard of Eric Winston’s post-game comments, I agreed with him. I wasn’t at the stadium Sunday but I figured if Winston heard some Chiefs fans cheering about Cassel’s injury then he had every right to be upset. When I actually heard Winston’s comments, I felt as if he went just a bit too far with his anger.

Unfortunately, when Eric Winston decided to have an impromptu press conference at his locker, he didn’t think through the ramifications of what he was about to say. In fact, he didn’t think at all. He reacted emotionally and spontaneously.

Let’s get something straight. I have talked to multiple people that were in attendance Sunday. Most all of them told me that the people around them were not cheering Matt Cassel’s injury. A few told me they did see some fans cheering about it but that on the whole, the fans were concerned about Cassel’s safety.

This issue is a lot simpler than some are making it out to be. Some jerks cheered. Most fans didn’t. We should all be mad at the folks who did and nobody should be slinging mud at Kansas City as a whole.

But that isn’t what is happening.

I promise you, promise you, that in every NFL stadium, every single Sunday, fans cheer when a player they don’t like or they don’t think is performing well, goes down with an injury. This crap happens. It happens in Cleveland and Philadelphia and New York. Kansas City Chiefs fans are no different than any other NFL fans. Some of them go to games and act like drunken jerks. Most of them are great people just trying to enjoy a game.

Most every Chiefs fan I’ve talked to is horrified and disgusted that some of their fellow fans cheered for Cassel’s injury. They are also disgusted that they got lumped together with people like that because Eric Winston was pissed off and decided to go on a post-game rant. They are further upset and angry that the national media is having a field day trashing them, continuing with the irresponsible blanket association that started at Eric Winston’s locker.

Yesterday, Winston came out and defended his words. He said it was obvious he didn’t mean every fan.

I’m not so sure it was that obvious, Eric. Not if you look at the headlines.

We all know Eric Winston didn’t mean that all Chiefs fans are disgusting but that doesn’t change the fact that all Chiefs fans are taking the heat for his words and for the actions of the few, stress on few, who cheered when they should have been concerned.

Eric Winston doesn’t owe fans of the Kansas City Chiefs an apology. His intent wasn’t to harm the entire fan base. We understand that. Most of us, in fact, agree with the sentiment that he was trying to express.

What Winston does owe fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, is clarification. Allow me to help, Eric. Feel free to copy and paste this bit. Perhaps you can take out an ad in the Kansas City Star. It should go something like this:

“On Sunday, in the heat of the moment, I inadvertent implicated the entire fanbase of the Kansas City Chiefs in something ugly, something most of them had nothing to do with. As I said before, that was not my intention. While I stand by my opinion that those who cheered for Matt’s injury are disgusting, what I didn’t say was that most Kansas City Chiefs fans are fantastic people.

They showed me an incredible amount of love, respect and admiration when the Chiefs brought me in for a free agent visit. They sent me message after message in Twitter telling me how much they wanted me to sign with KC and when I did, they showered me with messages of welcome and congratulations. Many of them stood in the blazing heat at training camp so they could watch me and my teammates practice. Afterwords, they stuck around just for the chance to get my autograph.

The fans who cheered when Matt got injured are not a fair representation of Kansas City Chiefs fans. They aren’t a fair representation of human beings period. My anger and disgust was aimed at those few. I regret that some of what I said has shed a negative light on a largely loyal and enthusiastic fanbase.

The good people of Kansas City do not deserve the negative attention the are receiving this week. They come out every week and spend their hard-earned money to support the Kansas City Chiefs football club. They deserve nothing short of a winner, a Lamar Hunt Trophy and a Super Bowl Championship.”

Well said, Eric.

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  • chiefridgy

    Well said indeed.

  • Derek Jamison

    I hate to say it, but maybe this will open Clarks eyes and make him realize what he is doing to the team and the fans.

  • Bigchief

    Good article

  • Jacob Monteer

    “The fans who cheered when Matt got injured are not a fair representation of Kansas City Chiefs fans.” – I do not agree Patrick. I think it represents the tipping point most fans are at. We can not switch teams, we live and die being Chiefs fans. I think the fans excitement was misguided but founded. Don’t talk about your fellow Chiefs Nation citizens like that. They are not disgusting monsters, they are our neighbors, family and friends. I agree it was out of character, but thats how out of character the current regime is with our legacy and they were a product of our environment. It was an attempt to be heard by the powers that be and an expression of excitement at the prospect of change. To hell with “Bleeding Heart” Winston. Feeling sorry for the life style he chose is like setting up a charity to offset the money rappers lose to piracy. When you something violent in other sports like boxing or UFC, you got your moneys worth. The line between the sports is not night and day. Lots of people appreciate the physical aspect of sports, and the gladiators get paid handsomely. If he says he is a gladiator I want him to watch tape of DT so he can see what one looked like. I was not at the game. I am stationed in GA, but I hold nothing against my Nation, I know where it was comming from.

    • chiefridgy

      great point of view and i agree….when cassel went down and stayed down I got up off the couch and ran around my house with my hands in the air cheering…it had nothing to do with his well being but like you said with “the expression of excitement at the prospect of change”

  • Michael Cupp

    And until the Chiefs organization comes to the GOOD fan’s defense in the national media, they can kiss my butt!! 30+ years loyal fan and 15-year season ticket holder. THIS non-action by the Chief’s organization is the straw for this camel’s back.

  • tm1946

    Good to know Moeaki supports Winston. Maybe they can punish the fans by removing the KC from their helmet and be called the Hunt’s Chiefs?

  • Randy5k

    excellent post. Im really pissed at Eric Winston. Until Sunday I was very excited he came to KC. Ive got some choice words for you Eric, should you dare show up in our little corner.

  • ArrowFan

    Most national sports networks should just change their names to the East and West coast sports leagues, I stoped paying atention to them a long time ago. It is no different than what happened at the home run derby.

  • Women Are Our Future

    It doesn’t matter if it was most or some, some of them did and your words of apology should be left inside your head…Yes he did impromptu and emotionally, I think that’s the best way to do things, you may regret some of them but you do them from the heart…You know what I call it, banality of stupidity, which left alone turns in banality of evil.

  • Jim Harper

    You are on a roll today Paddy. Nice!

  • 44WinMag

    I can only interpret the lack of an official statement from the Chiefs Organization on this matter as meaning that they are okay with the player(s) berating, and demeaning the fan base, and the city.

  • shane

    Does anyone recall the end of the play that Cassel was hurt on going for the first down. Maybe the fans werent cheering about Cassel getting hurt but that the Chiefs moved the chains on the play. No one is talking about that. The crowd did get quiet after he was injured

    • KCMikeG

      Maybe if there was someone that could speak loud enough to be heard over the rabid pack of dogs looking for a kill they could calm the situation the hell downy pointing out the reality of the situation. I have been saying it from the minute it blew up. I was there and people were celebrating for a number of reasons. I was cheering because we got a 1st down on the play Cassel got knocked out on. Didn’t know it was him at first as I followed the ball he threw for a 1st down. Unfortunately some people were high fiveing and saying “Alright Cassel is out” which is sickening. Others started cheering when Cassel got up and some when BQ came in.
      That’s where Winston got the impression of the whole stadium cheering Cassel’s injury and blew it out of proportion. They said on 810 radio that there were a few knuckleheads by the tunnel that were cheering/jeering at Cassel as he left the field at that’s what set Winston off. Who knows for sure?
      As much as I am disgusted by those that cheered Cassel’s injury I also think Winston went to far and owes the fans wrongly accused an apology. After the way the scumbag local media is going after him now I say he was a big man for clarifying that he didn’t mean all of the fans. I noticed it when he said it but was able to realize it was the heat of the moment and he certainly wasn’t speaking about me. I do really like that someone – anyone – finally wants to step up and show some fight and be a leader who has his players backs. This team has been a ship w/o a captain for far too long.

  • KCMikeG

    Great post except that you missed the biggest culprit of all – the local KC “media”. Where do you think the lazy national media gets their stories from? Many of these hacks tear down the organization, the team, the players every chance they can and even have inspired attacks on other fans all with the selfish goal of having the national spotlight shining on their pathetic ass. This is an ego trip for them and they are playing for all it is worth with no regard to the long term damage they are doing to our reputation. Now they are leading a “get rid of Winston” campaign. You think ANY FA’s are going to want to come to KC after this? But they don’t care because their audience is swelling. Last night 610 radio was so jacked up they decided to stay on the air an extra hour so they could keep beating the drum which was kind of hard to hear over their orgasms. Now let me clarify – not pulling a Winston here and painting with too broad of a brush – it isn’t ALL of the KC media but way to many to be sure. Why is it that so many want to wallow in the shit? It benefits no one and only makes things worse.

  • 44WinMag

    Jason Whitlock goes on Fox Sports Radio and nails it!