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Chiefs Bumble Away Another Game, Lose To Ravens 9-6


The Kansas City Chiefs bungled their way to yet another loss today, falling to the Baltimore Ravens 9-6.

In a game that saw the long-awaited appearance of backup QB Brady Quinn, the Chiefs couldn’t get out of their own way.

QB Matt Cassel had another bad day, throwing two interceptions before being taken to the locker room with an apparent head injury.

Quinn came in and sparked the offense. He threw what appeared to be a TD pass to WR Dwayne Bowe but the play was negated because of a penalty on WR Dexter McCluster.

That was the story all day for the Chiefs. Every time they did something right, they did two things wrong. The day included five fumbles (one of which occurred on the goal line), two interceptions and eight penalties for 60 yards.

The Chiefs came out trying to run the ball. It worked. They totaled 214 yards rushing and attempted just 18 passes.

Cassel finished the day 9/15 for 92 yards with two picks and no TDs. Quinn attempted three passes, completing them all for 32 yards.

The Chiefs move to 1-4.

One has to wonder if Cassel will ever start another game for the Chiefs. Should his injury keep him out next week and should Quinn play well, the Matt Cassel era in KC could officially be over.

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  • Tribal Rage

    Like 1-4 at 4pm wasnt expected. Kudos to RAC and Cassel to figure a way (faking an injury) to pull him so Pioli wouldnt freak out.

    Im guessing he will be held out next week as a “precaution”. Then depending how Quinn plays is if Cassel returns after the bye

    • Danny W

      I hope he isn’t injured and just faking it. I don’t care to see anyone hurt but as far as the games that are played by the front office who knows. Maybe it was planned. If so it’s a sad joke.

  • bud

    what a frikin heartbreaker — jesus that D played tough today, much respect deserved there. one dang penalty away from stealing this one. it took Quin a total of 1 pass to show me he has more electricity then Cassel. I also saw that he can get flustered easily – but so does Matt so… at least a flustered starter with electricity is better than one without?

    yes please.

    p.s. really didnt want it to happen that way though — if Matt got really hurt he can blame the coaches for him even being in there.

    • Tribal Rage

      “if Matt got really hurt he can blame the coaches for him even being in there.”

      LOL…i know right….I don’t believe Im the only one thinking the injury seems fishy

    • Danny W

      Everything happens for a reason man. I’m sure Matt Cassel will be okay and the fans that booed should be ashamed of themselves. But Quinn is better and now everyone knows that Pioli has been forcing him on his last coaches and offensive coordinators. Quinn is obviously the better man for the job.

  • Chiefswatch

    If Cassel ever comes back out on the field I am officially done as a KC fan until Pioli and Cassel are gone

    • Danny W

      I’m telling you dude, they have to know Brady Quinn is better and Pioli is just going to kill his career on Cassel being the guy. Bill Maas on 610 said Haley was forced to use Cassel and he hypothesized Romeo is being treated the same way. Why else would they run it so much? Its sad.

      • Chiefswatch

        Yea man it was so obvious that Pioli said to never take him out. The running of the ball so much was evidence that Crennel and Daboll hated the idea of continuing with Cassel but had no choice but to play him. Sickening really.

  • KCinTX

    Anybody else feel like Herm Edwerds is the head coach again? Could Charles become our next LJ.

  • Chiefswatch

    The Chiefs did not bumble this away. Cassel and the Coaches did

    • Patrick Allen

      No, the Chiefs did. The penalties were a killer. Team loss for sure. This team executed horribly.

      • Chiefswatch

        I watched the game from coin toss to kneel down. The defense played stellar football and the running game was destroying time of possession and yardage. Were there some errors? Yes but nothing that would not be expected in the normal flow of an NFL game. To say the defense did anything wrong but maybe let Flacco scramble for 15 is ludicrous. They played inspired, beautiful football recording a number of sacks by houston and tamba, a flowers interception, only letting 2/10 third down coversions, even Poe was causing some trouble. The offensive line was blocking very well which can be seen by watching the game and looking at the yardage gained on the ground. The only things that lost this game were the interception thrown into triple coverage because Cassel only sees Bowe, a pass thrown incredibly high and bounced off Bowes mask as Bowe is flying through the air (because again Cassel sees nobody else but Bowe, I think they are 50/50 responsible there) a Cassel fumble at the one (a play he decided to go with all on his own mind you) where he made it extremely obvious he was going to sneak and then began running prior to the snap. The Cyrus grey fumble was just a rookie kind of error which led to three points. Add in two blocking penalties on Bowe and Dex (Daboll plays) and you have the reasons we lost. Baltimore scored 9 points man….NINE. How you put that loss on Defense at all is baffling. A team loss should incorporate a lot more “team” to me.

  • corpuschieffan

    It was poor coaching and receivers not catching the ball….really those turnovers were not Cassels fault. However I did like the play of Quinn.

    • Tribal Rage

      Please no more apologists for Cassel…

    • xxxlp

      Except Cassel was throwing off-target all day. Maybe one of those picks I would place firmly on Bowe, but either way; he’s FORCING the ball to Bowe when last time I checked we had other receivers. And even Fouts called out that the fumble on the goal line was Cassels fault. He telegraphed the sneak, and then was already moving forward before Lilja snapped it. Lilja’s new to center, Cassel has to be aware of these kinds of things. His fault, completely. I’m not a huge Lilja fan but I don’t put any of that on him.

      Not to mention that our game plan was not to throw at all; which shows literally zero confidence in our passing game. Zero. We didn’t even attempt to play action pass it much, with the run game working like a fucking machine in overdrive. Seriously embarassing.
      Honestly, and I fucking hate Tim Tebow, and how much the media and fans glorify their god, and turn it into a religious thing and give him pardons and whatnot – but with Tebow at QB, the Chiefs would be 3-2 right now at worst, Cassel is literally handing away games, when our team is fighting their asses off to stay in it.
      Just imagine what Trent Green would have done when he had a back who was rushing for over 100 yards in the first half. 400+ yards of passing, and play actions ALL DAY LONG, is what.

      • Tribal Rage

        Agreed…If the gameplan was dont let Cassel throw then why not make a change at QB…are we lucky enough as Chiefs fans to lose our really really bad QB to injury?

        • KCMikeG

          Agreed. if they aren’t going to use him then they should have made a change before the injury. Disagree that we are”lucky” to have Cassel injured. Penalty for 15 yards for unsportsman like conduct.

      • KCMikeG

        Lilja apologized to the fans and his teammates after the game for the fumble. Said it was all on him that he started forward too early and left the snap short.

        • xxxlp

          Yeah but that’s a common thing, players trying to take the blame when others are responsible – like a QB saying it was his fault he got sacked six times, when everyone and their mom knows it was the tackle whiffing on blocks. This isn’t the first time Lilja has stuck up for Cassel, either, if you recall. As far as the fumble play, you can see Matt Cassel hunker down and telegraph the play, at the very least, and like Dan Fouts said, he started surging forward before the ball was really even snapped; his hands weren’t where they should have been because of that, so I’ll tend to side with Fouts on that argument any day of the week. After seeing the slo-mo replay it looked like it was on Cassel. Admirable as it is for Lilja to try to ease some of the pressure on Cassel, I’d trust a great QBs perspective on quarterback play.

          • KCMikeG

            I would agree with you if Lilja had said it was a “bad exchange” which would be similar to your example but he was very specific that he “left it short”. My son is a center and he knew exactly what Lilja was saying. No benefit in Lilja lying and he was the one with the ball in his hand so I would take his word over any announcers opinion.

    • ivan

      seriously cassel first off stared down bowe in the first pick and allowed 3 defenders to close in on bowe allowing one to get a hand in there the second was high and behind and not in stride with the receiver more on bowe on that one but still . and the fumbled ohh my god the fumble cassel is a veteran qb who cant do a sneak succesfully get out of here cassel should be finished.

      pioli should be fired and crennel keeps starting cassel should be fired as well . i never seen so much shitty faith in a qb those 2 put into the guy go to hell fire anyone who even thinks about starting this joke. quinnn looked way better in one series than cassel has in 4 years!

      • Dfrey87

        not only were the two ints and the goal line fumble cassels fault but so was the pitch to gray out of the back field it was a horrible pitch. In one way or another all four turnovers were partially or all cassels fault. this is ridiculos im tired of seeing this shit they label as football force fed to us. We deserve better than this as fans.

    • Chiefswatch

      What? That interception to Bowe was thrown 15 feet in the air. The other interception was thrown into triple coverage and webb poked his hand in there and popped the ball up. They were both on Cassel. The fumble was entirely on Cassel; first he dropped down showing he was going to run, then he ran before the ball was even snapped. He cost us this game.

    • BurtGummer44

      What are you smoking?

    • corpuschieffan

      Wow u guys are really hateful. I was just giving my opinion of what I saw in the game and as I’ve been a chiefs fan for 25 years this is only the 2nd time I’ve ever posted. I guess I’ll know better from now on. Chiefs fans really have changed over the last 3 decades!!

      • xxxlp

        You gave your opinion on Cassel, and we gave you our opinions. Cassel frankly sucked today – and this is coming from someone who wanted Cassel to be the guy at the beginning of the year. He earned his chance (and got a ‘pass’ last year from me, from Charles and Moeaki getting hurt, and well, Barry Richardson) to start this season and lead us. He has sucked, though. I’m sorry we’re not all holding hands and being ecstatic that he literally gives the teams other points, and takes points off our board.
        If you think Chiefs fans have changed – something is wrong with you. We’re not stoked that we’re losing, we’re not happy that Cassel is hurt, we’re just upset that our team sucks (and a large part of that being directly related to Cassel). We’re still die-hard Chiefs fans who want to see our teams succeed, like I’m assuming they always have (including 25 years ago, eh?)
        I don’t know what game you watched today – but if you go back and watch it on the television broadcast, even the announcers were talking about how bad Cassel was placing it. And keep in mind; no matter how long you’ve been a fan, Dan Fouts knows more about football than you or I ever will, even if we combined our knowledge of football. Furthermore, Dan Fouts knows more about quarterbacking (being a six time pro bowl selection at QB) than pretty much everyone out there; and he was questioning Cassel’s play and talking about how bad Cassel’s throws looked. On multiple occasions he mentioned that Dwayne Bowe had to make a ‘spectacular catch’ or otherwise ‘dive to the turf’ to grab a ball Cassel threw, and he put all of the blame on the goal-line fumble squarely on Cassel. I’m going to go ahead and side with the pro-bowl QB on this one, buddy. Sorry about your luck, Cassel was just bad today.

        • Danny W

          Fouts is a good quarterback but he is a Charger. So he sucks and his brains are turd lobes, even though he is pretty smart. Does that make sense?

  • KCinTX

    Look at the bright side, We only 2 more years of bad coaching before we can start all over with the next set. Speaking of our next head coach, will it be the Special Teams coach or the equipment manager form this year Patriots?

  • BigGil

    Only certain positives? No real ST errors and we got to see all game the defense we know the Chiefs can be. Holding BAL to 9 is no small feat. Possible positive, the coaches got to feel the difference in the offense’s attitude when Cassel was out and Quinn was put in, so hopefully we’ll see a change.

  • jimfromkcj

    First,let me say that anyone who has read any of my posts knows that I am not a Cassel fan or a Pioli fan. I would love to see the last of them along with Crennel. But having said that, A lot of the posters here have been the same ones who have been saying for the last three years that we should give Cassel one more year. Cassel is the same player that I predicted he would be from day one. You have to need help from a professional brain fart doctor to think that a guy who played four years of college ball as a back up and as a back up in the pros to blossum into a franchise QB with a team that has never developed one. There were multiple reasons why he was always a backup and it was plain to see if one looked. And as far as this team today, they played their butts off and left it all on the field. This was by far the best game they have played since I don’t know when. They held the Ravens without a TD. And that is no mean feat. But I must add if they keep running Charles like they have the last 3 games, he won’t be playing in 3 years, he will be used up like LJ was after Herm run him into the ground. As for the fans cheering when Cassel got hurt. They should be ashamed of themselves, evidently they are so lacking in their life that the Chiefs are the only thing they have.

  • KCinTX

    On QB issue my fear is 2 fold.
    1) Polie will not draft a QB in the early rounds because he wants to show everyone Brady was no fluke.
    2) Polie finds another Brady and Hunt lets the QB walk because he request a Brady like contract.
    My fears maybe far fetched. You dont need a Brady if you wont throw the ball. Only coachs Chiefs have ever had that wanted to throw the ball waere Stram and Vermiel.

  • chiefridgy

    I haven’t read everything on here but that was the most vanilla playcalling I’ve ever seen. I know you don’t want to put the game on caseros shoulders but come on man!

    • tm1946

      If a team is designed to run the ball, has a QB with a glass ceiling yet has not compeition provided by management, even tho the league is a passing league… run the ball. it is your only chance to win.

      • chiefridgy

        But we didn’t win…we should have tried a few more passes to open the running game a little more….

  • Sarah Thomas

    was ashamed to be a Chiefs fan today when I saw what happened. Every
    fan in that stadium today represented ,we the fans, to the world..and
    today we gave ourselves a black eye. This is a GAME people..I’ve been a
    fan since 1967 ,and will continue to be a Chiefs fan!

    • ArrowFan

      I ‘m assuming you mean the boing of Cassel when he got hurt, never never never boo someone who has been hurt.

  • Dfrey87

    This is in response to your response to Chiefswatch post below.
    Paddy, I think everyone is going to disagree with you on this one. The D only allowed 9 points ( all off O turnovers) today, to a team that was averaging 30 points a game. We gave up 165 pass yards to a team that was averaging 310. We gave up 298 total yards to a team that was averaging 424. The offense turned the ball over 4 times, 2 Cassel picks that were arguably more his fault due to ball placement than the WR. The Gray fumble was a pitch that was horrible from Cassel. Then of course the goal line fumble that the replay showed bounced off Cassel’s hands. This was not a team loss, this was Matt Cassel’s ineptitude shining threw more than ever. There is no doubt that the team has no confidence in Cassel and there is good reason for it. He is not just bad, he is horrible. The D, without a doubt played there best game since the Greenbay game last year. They finally played up to there talent potential, they had 4 sacks, an int, a FR and held them to just 9 points. How much more can you ask from them? They didn’t play a perfect game and had a few penalties and gave up a few big plays but they kept them out of the end zone. The O with Cassel under center only put up 3 points when they had the chance to put up at least ten more. Then another failed chance at the end of the game to put up a TD because of a penalty. In the three passes Quinn threw, they were right on the money and they gave the chance for the WR to run after the catch something Matt Cassel failed to do all day. Also how much more can u ask from our running game they did there job all day. Yes they had 2 fumbles (1 lost from the RBs) but they again put up 214 yards compared to MC only 9/15, 92 yards with his 3 TO’s and no touchdowns. I just want to know how you can put this on the Team? Cassel only had like 5 or 6 receptions to WR on the day. This has to go squarely on the shoulders of Matt Cassel besides the penalties. WE have to give credit where credit is due and the credit for this loss is on Matt Cassel all 9 of there points came from his turnovers. Well I shouldn’t say all on Cassel the Coaching again was horrible and for RAC to come out after the game and say we played good in every phase was a joke and to say Cassel had a good day is freaking ridiculous. Daboll did what he could with what Cassel brings to the table but he as well made some bad calls. WE have so many weapons on offense but obviously as long as Matt ” Suck A** ” Cassel under center they will go un or under utilized. I understand what you mean by this is a team of 53 guys and that there were other mistakes made but I believe and im sure most other do as well that when Matt Cassel is in some way or another at some or all fault for 4 TO’s and really bad passing and that’s what led to our loss today.

    • Chiefswatch

      Whats ridiculous was he was asked to do so little in this game. He didnt throw it 40 times like he has this season and he STILL turned it over three times.

  • Calchiefsfan

    As someone who has tried to get behind Matt Cassel the last three years I have to say that this loss is mostly on him. Yes, I believe if we had a QB today that played just okay ball we would have won. We have the talent and the weapons but it’s clear at this point that we need a better quarterback to implement Daboll’s plan. Cassel has had his chance, time to move on. I’m not a big Brady Quinn fan but since he’s our next option I’ll get behind him and hope he plays well.

  • Connor

    Honestly, I appreciate what Matt Cassel has done for this franchise. He pulled a team that was consistently winning 4 or less games back into playoff contention… I will say however, WE WOULD BE MUCH FURTHER ALONG IN OUR GOAL OF BECOMING CHAMPIONS HAD WE INVESTED IN A BETTER QB… I am extremely disappointed in Cassel this year… I believed he would truly step up to the plate and bring our boys back to glory… Alas, he has not… and it is time to move on!

  • ArrowFan

    I think the sadest thing is that our team is obviusly better than 1 & 4.

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