January 09, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt (left), new head coach Romeo Crennel (center) and general manager Scott Pioli speak during to media at the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

The 1-3 Chiefs: Something’s Gotta Give

Sunday’s loss to the San Diego Chargers marked the end to a miserable first quarter of the 2012 season. At 1-3, Kansas City joins the Oakland Raiders in the cellar of the AFC West. The Chiefs have lost three games by 51 points. That’s an average of 17 points per game if you’re scoring at home. This football team could be out of the divisional race before Halloween candy goes bad. The Baltimore Ravens are coming to town on Sunday, it might be a good time for someone to find some answers. Your dissenting voices are becoming the “irresistible force.”

Who’s responsible for this mess?

Clark Hunt:

Clark Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, lives in Dallas. I’m in no place to say where the man ought to live. Out-of-state ownership can be problematic, though (see: David Glass). Hunt doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of the city and is cushioned by the 500 miles that separates Kansas City and Dallas. He isn’t exposed to the everyday discourse between members of the local fan base. He’s not hearing his organization maligned everyday on sports radio. He’s isolated from the dissatisfaction and a growing sense of hostility toward the franchise. Hunt is culpable, but he’s also the “immovable object” here. On the chance that you weren’t already aware, he can’t be fired. I suppose he could be cajoled into moving the team to Los Angeles, but no one wants that to happen (contrary to what some Chiefs fans are saying). Ultimately, he’s the toughest part of the problem to deal with. Fans can certainly abstain from going out to the stadium, but that’s something the Kansas City community isn’t likely to commit to. At least not for any extended period of time. We may see an increasing number of empty seats as the season wears on, but the likelihood that any of their remaining games will be blacked out is slim.

Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give.

That said, we’re stuck with “The Clarks.”

Scott Pioli:

If there’s little that can be done about Clark Hunt, perhaps there are options for his top gun, Scott Pioli. You know, the Former NFL Executive of the Decade and the NFL’s highest paid general manager? He’s the guy with the “irrepressible smile” that wooed us with promises of championship-caliber football and the “Patriot Way.” More than three years into his administration, we’ve seen very little that suggests he’ll actually make good on those promises. Of the 31 Chiefs losses since he took over for Carl Peterson (the 2010 post-season appearance included), 17 of them have been by two or more touchdowns. That’s an embarrassing statistic. Perhaps the most damning of all. If an average of more than nine losses per season weren’t enough (coming into the year), the Chiefs are being blown out in 1 of every 2 games they drop? That has to fall squarely on the shoulders of the man with “total control” of this football team. He brought you Todd Haley, Romeo Crennel, Tyson Jackson, and Matt Cassel—his $63,000,000 quarterback being the most glaring mistake of this regime, one that he seems to be unwilling to cop to (Crennel said Cassel was his Week 5 starter). Pioli is also on the verge of his third losing season in four. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to hold this man’s feet to the fire. Might be time for Clark Hunt to inventory his supply of pink slips.

Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give.

Romeo Crennel:

The 65-year old veteran of the NFL has more than 30 years of coaching experience. He was originally hired as defensive coordinator of this football team. He took over, as interim coach of the team, after Todd Haley’s 2011 in-season firing. Crennel, affectionately known as “RAC” to his players, galvanized his squad and won two of his final three games. One of those victories came against the previously undefeated Green Bay Packers. That game may have earned him the right to be named the Chiefs’ next head coach. Crennel failed to build on the momentum of last season though and now few people believe he’s the right man for the job. The Chiefs have stumbled out of the starting blocks and the first chapter of his head coaching tenure in Kansas City has been marred by game management gaffes and a lethargic, slow-starting football team. It was Crennel who decided that he would act as head coach and defensive coordinator of this team. Thus far, that’s been a horrible decision. Crennel has had a hell of a time with making effective in-game adjustments. There is time still to defer defensive play-calling responsibilities to someone like linebackers coach Gary Gibbs. Having an “old implacable heart” about that decision may soon cost him his job.

Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give.

The 3-1 Ravens are headed for Kansas City this weekend for a Sunday afternoon showdown with the Chiefs. They’re bringing the league’s 5th-ranked scoring offense with them. If we see another rout (God forbid), will we see any immediate changes made by the organization? Will Clark Hunt make a definitive move to signify his displeasure with the current state of his franchise? Or will there simply be more of the same and only the promise of an unbearingly long season to look forward to?

Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight it with all of our might
Chances are some heavenly star spangled night
We’ll find out as sure as we live
Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give

Until next week, Addicts!

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  • krayfish

    Now what? When they fire Pioli, the new guy will fire Romeo as HC for sure, that’s 100% going to happen if Pioli is fired. Now we have to start over at DC and HC AGAIN. Our defense was our one bright spot last year as the season drug on. Now we put Romeo in a position that we can’t get out of. We’ll lose him as DC and this is another huge mistake by Pioli.

    • Cha-iefs

      I agree with you-that’s true. The question fans should be asking, “Is it easier to find a franchise QB or a [Charlie Weis] type that can win with a average QB?” Thats where things are at right now. Brian Dabol couldn’t win in Miami or Cleveland. Haley,Pioli,RAC? Who’s next? Screaming off with their heads isn’t a solution to a problem, its just a process in dealing with one. The problem still exists after the fact.
      Maybe instead of always looking to axe someone, people should focus on not letting good people walk away. Charlie Weis was a key to the successful DIV championship 2010 season. It’s very clear after he left bcuz thats the main cog thats changed.

      • Soda pop24

        What is your hard on for Charlie weis??

        • Cha-iefs

          I guess it’s because he is a smart offensive minded guy and he’s one of the great O-coords. Fans pointing fingers and looking to axe someone these days. Everyone wants to look on the surface so its pretty easy to read that Weis was what is differet in the losing seasons [Haley era]. He was there for a season and they won the Division and had a great Offensive year. KC needs a franchise QB or a Charlie Weis type to manage a average QB, which is easier to find? thats the question. Not who can we blame & fire next.

  • Scott Zupek

    Clark Hunt HAS to fire Pioli. 4 years and miserable results isn’t why he was hired. However, if Pioli isn’t fired that number 1 reason is probably because they have the largest cap space 2 years running. If Pioli isn’t fired before the Bye, Clark Hunt cares about his profits more than the legacy of his father or his family’s name. Plain and simple. I am sure Clark will convince himself that saving more money is the best thing for the Chiefs, but the rest of the world will know just how broken and wrong that mindset is.

    Pioli is killing this team. After Todd Hailey, I am sure that they hired someone not willing to step on Scott Pioli’s toes. SO, everything you hear from RAC’s mouth has come straight from Pioli’s mouth. If Cassel starts (Yes starts, not changed half way through, because that’s not fair to the Chiefs players, fans, or organization) Pioli will get canned by next week. That’s my take on it anyway.

    You can’t micromanage a football team to this extent and get away with it. No employee wants to be under a micro manager. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. and they will show it in their work habbit. That includes players, coaches, field workers, time clock operators, lighting operators, janitors, etc. Scott Pioli has injected a venom into the blood of Arrowhead and it’s eating away at the core of this franchise. Clark Hunt can’t hide from that forever. The fans are aware by now and most of them expected it going into this year. Instead we were fed more empty promises in the hopes for a better future.

    It’s time to fire Pioli, put RAC as DC and ask Jon Gruden to step in as GM/Head Coach. The guy knows football and he loves it.

  • Brawndo

    The HEAT should be squarely on CLARK

    Lets think about this — Pioli is the Darth Vader of Arrowhead right? seriously we all know how he runs the regime, drop a wrapper and next thing you know your up in the air with an invisible death grip on your throat and down to the trash compactor you go.
    Who exactly wants to come to KC and deal with that, i mean a true head coach demands control of the team, a winning head coach will not tolerate being a puppet, as long as Clark is OK with Pioli being the T-rex of domination and intimidation no way can the culture change to a prestigious get the job done, make business decisions on facts and be totally focused on winning not protecting past mistakes and making wild guess picks that go no where…

    KC has arguably some of the best fans in America, Arrowhead is the ultimate tailgate – Game experience anywhere… or at least it was –

    1. Clark reach down and grab a hold of them, research the teams that have the most playoff appearances, understand what they have that KC doesn’t, involved owners, fantastic GM’s that can check their egos when necessary and coaches that LEAD, QUALITY QB’s — lock in Gruden to be GM and Coach??
    2. figure out your game-plan and let Pioli go at your convenience not his.
    3. at the same time have his replacement in hand and the new coach — don’t even let him have 2 weeks, immediate vacate the premises. You Come live in KC for awhile and push this through… throw the rock and break the glass !!!
    4. Quarterback – already have a plan to secure a QB with PROVEN college and Pro experience – use him to get us going next year –reality is KC should have a great spot in the draft.. MUST get a first round QB pick next year
    5. Throw your nice guy Midwest go easy attitude in the trash and play mean — i promise the fans will rally and support you — give us 3 or 4 involved years PLEASE. KC deserves a payback Clark step up and bite the bullet — Fans can wait if they see a calculated serious effort — if you can not man up and ride the tough train the fan base will depart for greener pastures leaving your GREEN pasture allot less green — OPTION TWO — just sell it all to someone KC can count on to make the tough calls and be here with us day in and day out.

  • ArrowFan

    As the great Cornholeo once said “Fire Fire Fire Fire”.

  • Cha-iefs

    When was the last time KC was winning? [2010, 10-6] What was different pesonnel-wise? *Charlie Weis*
    Now when Charlie Weis was here it *wasn’t* blame Pioli.
    It was blame Todd Haley.
    Now Haley is gone so its blame Pioli.
    One thing is certain, When Charlie Weis was in KC they were winning. There was a OFFENSE! Romeo had the Def coming along. Pioli had talent in KC. Reguardless of what you say this Chiefs team has enough talent to win. The team lacks game planning and playcalling. Romeo is good at D-coord. Weis was GREAT for Matt Cassel. What failed to hold that group together? A gutless owner that failed to see the people that we’re creating the 2010 success. Yea this is a lot like crying over spilled milk but its the core problem. Where the fork in the road was made. Charlie Weis. The mistake was letting Weis go before Todd. Thats on the owner.
    Its easy to say Haley’s fault one year then pioli the next. Its a lot like having 6 turnovers in a game. When things start to go bad they REALLY get bad because people panic and get desperate. Thats where the Chiefs organization is now. Trying patch together winners and the players are flapping in the wind without leadership. What if RAC was D-Coord and focused on Def? would it of taken 2 Qtrs to figure out that gates was chewing Berry up? What if Weis was calling the offense again? Coaching the offensive gameplan? What missing? Just a HC that can observe and manage the game. I understand why Todd is gone. Why would you lose Weis with such improvement in the Offense? Clark you messed up right there!
    *Just look back on the improvement in [i think] 25 different stat areas. The progress was being made and now it’s heading the wrong way again. I contribute a large portion of that reversal to losing Charlie Weis.

    • Jim Harper

      Pointless observation. Weis is gone. Get over it

      • big chief

        While you are correct that Weiss is gone this observation isn’t pointless considering the context of the article. The point of the article was to find blame. It’s true that losing Weiss hurt. There is no arguing against that. The big problem was hiring a HC with a proven lack of HC ability. RAC is a terrible HC and will continue to be known as such until he wins.

        • cha-iefs

          big chief, I appreciate the backing but don’t sweat it. I always take the high road with grumpy folks that need to tear people down to make themselves feel better. I’m not on here a lot but i notice Jims creepy picture and he is always negative to anyone who isnt a writer for the site. He’s a yes man kiss ass i’m seeing. Maybe he’s hoping for a job on here, lol. I wouldn’t even comment on his post with a reply to scum like that. He’s as deep as a kiddie pool. I’m sure there’d be such articulation in his comment. A true literary genius. He’s a pathetic. Good comment Big Chief,best wishes.

    • Danny W

      If you look at the Weis years or year you can tell that it was mostly Haley’s offense. Check downs, draws, runs on third downs, and wide receiver screens. He knew he was limited with Matt Cassel. You can’t win in this high scoring league with a guy like Matt. He’s not good enough. I love him as a person. would love him as a best friend he seems loyal. He just doesn’t have it at the quarterback position. I think Pioli has held everyone of his coaches hostage to Cassel. He is living and currently dying with Cassel. It’s a modern day tragedy.

      • cha-eifs

        I differ in opinion, im not a fan of Cassels at all. On any level,I wouldn’t want to drink a beer with him etc. I disagree with the idea of not being able to win with him tho. It’s possible. Curious how you can say that it was Haleys offense? Just for starters why was the success under Weis in 2010 if it was Haley’s? I think Haley failed without Weis running the offense and play calling every year without Charlie. In 2010 KC improved in 25 stat areas. I agree to disagree, good comment.

  • tm1946

    Follow the cash. How have the Hunt’s operated since they came to KC? Wise economic decisions. They do not waste money on guys sitting at home, they keep them working until the contract is finished. They are loyal, give a guy a job and get out of the way. The Hunt Chiefs are a business, a multi million dollar business. The fans are appreciated by Clark but they do not figure into any of it (the Chiefs).
    When you get over your undieing love and emotional attachment, it is just what the Chief’s employee said, “get a clue”. The Chiefs will not act based on their hearts but on their heads and wins/losses do not figure in the equation.

  • Danny W

    Loving your articles brother. Pioli is currently living and dying with the choices that he’s made as George Jones used to say. He is too stubborn to cut the cord with Cassel. Crennel doesn’t want him, the offense doesn’t want him, and the defense plays way too much when he’s the quarterback. Lets start with Cassel, then Pioli. Or to hell with all three Cassel, Pioli, and RAC. Scrap it at this point.

  • Roger Mihalko

    RAC with two hats will be what gives, for sure. He needs to hire a DC fast to allow him to focus on the players and managing the team. Hunt likes pioli, mainly because he can be owner out of town. I don’t relish having an owner like dallas or the colts, would rather hunt be like the falcons owner, great nice guy who is there and involved with team, but not an overbearing personality.