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Rodney Hudson Has A Broken Bone In His Leg

It looks as though Kansas City Chiefs center Rodney Hudson suffered a more serious injury than we thought. His season is over.

According to Kansas City Star reporter Adam Teicher, Romeo Crennel has said that Hudson has a broken bone in his leg.

Check it:

The Chiefs have placed Hudson on IR.

Teicher said the Chiefs signed two backup linemen. We know that they inked Russ Hochstein. The team has also signed Bryan Mattison.

We will have more on Mattinson in a bit.

For now, however, what do you think of Lilja continuing to play center?

Jeff Allen, you’re up, son.

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    This is typical Chiefs. Instead of announcing important news on your web site, let Teicher tell us.

    • Patrick Allen

      Crennel announced to all the press at his daily conference. I know is a little slow these days because Looney left. But hey! That is why you come to AA> =)

  • reddog39

    Seems like the Chiefs O-line started making plays when Hudson went down. Or maybe I’m just seeing things. I think we will be ok with the current lineup.

    • thabear04

      Yup seem like the O Line was moving good

  • micah stephenson

    I think R.Lilja is a weak link. I wanted J.Allen to start in place of Lilja. Sad lil ol 5’10 275 lb grampa Lilja still try to compete wit these young 330-350 lb DT/NTs. Chiefs shuda drafted Decastro 1st rd. P.Contz 2nd. NT Alemeda Tau mu 3rd.

    • Tribal Rage

      Cause DeCastro is blowing things up in the league? Oh yea hes on IR…there are no definites in speculation….only hope of a silver lining…we are in our bed, bugs are not…instead of lying in it moping…invite some whores over and have a good time…metaphorically speaking

      • chiefridgy

        Nicely put ;)

  • ArrowFan

    Lilja played great at center, a good read right now would be a break down of the PFF scores of the O line before and after Hudson left. Lander.

  • Calchiefsfan

    The silver lining is Allen at LG. I don’t know about Lilja at center yet. Can somebody who knows tell me, are centers traditionally smaller than guards? Don’t they normally get help? What’s Weigmann up to these days?
    I like Allen at LG because we have struggled against bigger d lines ever since Shields left. Waters handled his side but the other side always got mauled. Lilja has ben okay against the smaller tackles but was a human sled against the likes of the Ravens and Raiders d lines, Chargers too, come to think of it. Cassel was running for his life when playing these teams.

    • KCMikeG

      Casey got it done being undersized and Lilja is smart. Or will his size by too much of an issue vs the monster NT’s playing today?

  • chiefridgy

    Oh snap!