September 23, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs place kicker Ryan Succop (6) kicks a field goal to send the game into overtime against the New Orleans Saints in a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Chiefs defeated the Saints 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

I Owe Some Kansas City Chiefs An Apology

Going into this weekend, I was down on the Chiefs. Only two weeks into the season I was already giving up hope, convinced that the offensive and defensive lines were too miserable to give the team a chance at winning. It stunk being in an 0-2 hole, but we now know the season isn’t lost. There’s no reason the Chiefs can’t come back and make a playoff appearance. So here are the individuals/units I owe apologies for writing off and accusing of ruining the season:

To both sets of linemen: I feel like I should apologize for saying you’re awful when you clearly weren’t this week (although you did deserve it before). Ryan Lilja, you demonstrated the toughness I appreciate in battling through back issues to play on Sunday. Everyone pulled together to provide Matt Cassel the protection he needed, even when center Rodney Hudson went down with a knee injury. In fact, the hurting Lilja moved over to take over center duties while rookie Jeff Allen came in at guard. Three sacks and a fumble by Cassel isn’t a good stat line, but the overall play was great on almost every snap. It was the type of protection Cassel needs to stay healthy this year.

And to the pash rush, you made this game work. Drew Brees was flustered all night long. His ability to move around in the pocket to buy time and create plays was squashed by getting in Brees’s face all night long. Brees ended the night scared and unable to find receivers. Stellar job by both Crennel and the D-line.

To Romeo Crennel: I apologize for calling you spineless last week. You went for it on fourth down in overtime. In my opinion, it was an easy call; I’d rather have control of the ball than hand it over to Drew Brees. You still made the call. Kudos.

To Ryan Succop: You went 6-of-6 and nailed the game winner in a hostile environment. I once proclaimed that you looked to be losing your form and was afraid you weren’t able to bring that type of consistency anymore. Then you did.

To Jamaal Charles: I was wrong to question you last week. I blame the line’s inability to create any creases for you to run, but I still acknowledge my mistake. You remain Jamaal Charles, the most dangerous running back in the NFL.

To my carpetbagging high school “friend” who moved to New Orleans and decided to become a Saints fan: I make no apologies for any messages I may have sent you during halftime. I may have been frustrated and mildly out of line, but you shouldn’t post things about supporting the Saints on Facebook.

To Matt Cassel: I offer nothing. I was always in Camp Cassel, and you were just good enough to give achieve victory. You’re still not an elite talent capable of winning games on your own.

To the receivers: I apologize for not criticizing you more. I’ve always described this group as electrifying. It remains physically electrifying. However, it also needs to learn to hold on to the damn ball. Dwayne Bowe, please don’t expect this franchise to pay you top dollar unless you’re prepared to make the the catches top dollar receivers make.

Things to note:

  • The Chiefs still have not led during the regular season this year.
  • The Chiefs finally created a turnover when Stanford Routt intercepted Brees on an underthrown ball (caused because Brees was under pressure!). Only forcing one turnover in three games? This team will never achieve anything unless it starts doing better in the turnover battle.
  • You may have missed it, but the Chiefs hammered the Saints in total yardage – 510 to 288. How does a team gain so many more yards but need overtime to squeak out a victory? Turnovers and special teams. The return game remains impotent, and, as was established before, one interception and no fumble recoveries. San Diego and Baltimore are up next – hoping to outgain them by over 220 yards is a cute goal, but can’t be expected. These issues must be rectified if Kansas City is to make it back to .500.
  • Go Chiefs.

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  • Steve

    I am so tired of reading comments like “You’re still not an elite talent capable of winning games on your own.” No such quarterback exists. Football is the ultimate team game and no one person whether named Brady or Manning can win a game on their own. Worship “elite” quarterbacks if you want but comments like this are just plain silly. If your defense can’t stop anyone, your runners can’t make yardage or the receivers can’t catch, no quarterback alive can counter that. Can they be a part of big plays down the stretch in a tight game? Sure. Where is the legend of Joe Montana without Dwight Clark or Jerry Rice? Unita without Raymond Berry? Len Dawson without Otis Taylor? But no one can win a game on their own.

    • sidibeke

      Okay, how about, “You can barely not cost your team the game while surrounded by elite talent”? Work better for you?

      • KCMikeG

        I am frustrated by Cassel too at times but he went beyond not losing the game. Our average QB threw for 16 of our 27 1st downs. We were 38% on 3rd down and 100% on two 4ths – both by Cassel. Everyone played a part in an all around balanced team win. I’m glad you think Cassel is “surrounded” by elite talent and I am very optimistic too but who do you consider elite on our roster besides Charles? DJ/Hali, Winston and maybe Bowe but when you are #4 in drops over the last three years with 26 (which directly effects Cassel’s stats) and he has only had more than 7 TD’s in a year once – is that really elite? I do believe Bowe still could be and that we have plenty of others who will be Berry, Houston, Flowers, Hillis? Baldwin? Poe?

      • Danny W

        I think that sums it up nicely.

  • Derek Hetu

    props for admitting you were wrong on a number of items. Your over reaction after two games is like many KC fans that visit these sites and the KC media. Hopefully all those negative fans and media will take a deep breath before spewing all the negative comments the next time. I highly doubt it though. I believe the Chiefs will defeat the Chargers this Sunday and claim first place in the West. I also believe they will beat the Ravens the following week. Just as I believed they would march down to New Orleans and come out with a W. Come on folks, support your team, believe in your team and stop expecting bad things to happen. GO CHIEFS!!!!

    • KCMikeG

      I’m with you Derek! We went on a 4 game win streak w/o Charles, Berry & Moeaki and all the other talent we added. These guys can get it done. For some reason they just have to get their asses kicked 1st to get motivated. 4-2 at the break with a week off to prepare to get revenge on the faiders – our next Halloween victim. Return of the Zombie Chiefs Paddy?

  • thabear04

    Can we call
    Ryan Succop mr Overtime

    • KCMikeG

      Which is incredibly relevant!

  • ArrowFan

    We had a great punt return called back for a penalty, and teams are defenatly punting away from Arenas. You are right about the turn overs we are way negative.

  • Danny W

    I have to give the defense kudos for stepping up their game but to apologize to them is just nonsense brother. They played like garbage the first two games. Phillip Rivers isn’t going to lay down. As far as apologizing to the rest of the team yeah they stepped up especially Charles, but this was the 32 out of 32 ranked defense in the NFL. Were looking up but I don’t think we are out of the woods yet bro.

  • Kyle

    The reason we can get 500 total yards and still almost lose the game is because we suck in the red zone, mostly because of our passing game. It’s like there is a force field in front of the goal line that we can never get past, hence the 6 field goal attempts. If we convert even 2/3 of those into touchdowns this game would not have been close. Im not a Cassel basher but he is the reason we do not score in the red zone. Hopefully he can get better and stop freaking sailing passes over receivers heads in the back of the end zone or at least make a pass into the end zone instead of a 5 yard checkdown at the 20 yard line. We will not win games kicking field goals all day that i can guarantee. We need Cassel to step it up if not only for 1-2 touchdown passes a game(not in garbage time either because that is where almost all his touchdown passes are this year).

    • ArrowFan

      At least two of the field goals where due to O-line penalties, you know moving before the snap kind of stuff, killing our drives.

      • Danny W

        Dude I’ve watched the game three times know and Cassel didn’t hit one guy in stride the entire game. Not 1. I’m not exaggerating I’m being dead serious. No guy caught the ball while moving fluidly he had to stop, jump, twist around, or dive, sometimes all of them. When you can’t hit your guys in stride on the flats you’ve got a problem. That problem has been lingering around for three plus years. I get what you’re saying about the line jumping but Cassel is terrible at quarterback. Good as a guy and I want him to do better but he is not and four years is enough.

  • Chi-town_chief

    You don’t owe an apology for anything. The first two weeks of the season this team was miserable. Every doubt and concern you had was justified.

    I’m still not convinced this team can make a Playoff run. Especially with Matt cassel as our qb. We we will have to do a lot more than beat an 0-2 team.


    Im not a Cassel basher either but he threw alot of high crappy passes. He is directly responsible for getting Mccluster hurt with wait for it………. another crappy high throw! I mean im not a coach n the nfl but im pretty sure with sum1 as small as Mccluster is, the safest throw to him would be low not high. U just don’t put the ball high on small close to ground recievers.Although he got some ups. Almost every ball he threw was high and wobbily but on the conversions that was needed he threw low with a spiral and velocity which is what we need every time. He about got BOWE injured too with that poor throwing performance. I mean we had over 500 net yards when in reality we could of put close to 700 net yards if Cassel would settle down n play with confidence. Cassel would of had a throwing TD to Bowe wide open down the sideline but couldn’t complete one of the easiest passes in the NFL. I can name alot of QB’S n not all elite or even playing that can make that throw. Manning bros, falco, brady, rothlisberger, fitzpatrick, kolb, all the startin rooks, I have seen kirk (OR HOWEVER ITS SPELLED) cousins, I even seen tanney make a similar throw and the list goes on, so its not a stretch to say cassel has been at it for awhile and should also be able to make them throws. I seen him do it for New England so y can’t he do it for the chiefs? I have always been 100% behind cassel n still think he can lead us to the promised land but first MATT NEEDS TO FIND MATT again and his confidence which i think he is lacking a lil right now but maybe after this come from behind win will help! WE NEED TO BE LIKE A WILDFIRE AND DESTROY ALL IN OUR PATH OF DESTRUCTION. GO CHIEFS GO!!!!